• Zimbabwe Ruling Party Fires Robert Mugabe as LeaderZimbabwe Ruling Party Fires Robert Mugabe as Leader

    (HARARE, Zimbabwe) — Clinging to his now virtually powerless post, longtime Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe was fired as ruling party chief to cheers Sunday, and was set to discuss his expected exit with the army commander who put the world’s oldest head of state under house arrest days ago. A day after huge crowds rallied peacefully in the capital, Harare, for the 93-year-old Mugabe to go, members of the ruling party’s Central Committee stood, cheered and sang as Mugabe was recalled. Meeting chair Obert Mpofu referred to him as “outgoing president.” The meeting also replaced Mugabe as party chief with the vice president whose firing nearly two weeks ago led the military to step in, and recalled “forever” the unpopular first lady as head of the women’s league, party member Chris Mutsvangwa confirmed. That former vice president, Emmerson Mnangagwa, is expected to lead a new government after his formal election as ruling party chief next month. Without the military’s intervention, first lady Grace Mugabe likely would have replaced him as vice president and been in a position to succeed her husband. Impeaching the president is the next step when Parliament resumes Tuesday, and lawmakers will “definitely” put the process in motion, the main opposition’s parliamentary chief whip told The Associated Press. Innocent Gonese with the MDC-T party said they had been in discussions with the ruling ZANU-PF party to act jointly. “If Mugabe is not gone by Tuesday, then as sure as the sun rises from the east, impeachment process will kick in,” Gonese said. Mugabe’s talks with army commander Constantino Chiwenga are the second round of negotiations on an exit as the military tries to avoid accusations of a coup. Zimbabwean officials have not revealed details of the talks, but the military appears to favor a voluntary resignation by Mugabe to maintain a veneer of legality in the political transition. Mugabe, in turn, could be using whatever leverage he has left to try to preserve his legacy as one of Africa’s liberation leaders or even protect himself and his family from possible prosecution. Mutsvangwa, head of the country’s liberation war veterans, said he was concerned that the military could end up opening fire to protect Mugabe from protesters. He vowed to “bring back the crowd” if the president didn’t step aside. “We would expect that Mugabe would not have the prospect of the military shooting at people, trying to defend him,” Mutsvangwa said. “The choice is his.” The negotiations come ahead of a key ruling party congress next month, as well as scheduled elections next year. Sunday’s talks do not appear to include the South African government delegation that took part in the first round. South Africa’s president on Saturday said talks are in “early days.” The southern African regional bloc will hold a four-country summit in Angola on Tuesday to discuss the Zimbabwe situation. Mugabe finds himself increasingly isolated under house arrest in his lavish Blue Roof mansion, deserted by most of his allies, with others arrested. On Saturday, most of Harare’s population of 1.6 million poured into the streets in an anti-Mugabe demonstration that just days ago would have brought a police crackdown. They clambered onto tanks moving slowly through the crowds, took selfies with soldiers and surged in the thousands toward the State House building where Mugabe held official functions, a symbol of the rule of the man who took power after independence from white minority rule in 1980. The euphoria came after years of watching the once-prosperous African nation fall into decay, with a collapsing economy, repression of free speech, disputed elections and international sanctions. Even as concerns remained about who next would be in charge and what freedoms might be available if the military lingers in power — or if Mnangagwa succeeds his longtime ally Mugabe as leader — people reveled in the rare chance to express themselves freely. Let us have this moment, Zimbabweans said. If the next leader becomes trouble, they vowed to return to the streets again.

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  • Republican Senator Jeff Flake Calls the GOP ‘Toast’ on a Hot MicRepublican Senator Jeff Flake Calls the GOP ‘Toast’ on a Hot Mic

    Sen. Jeff Flake was caught on a hot mic Friday bashing President Donald Trump and Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore. Flake’s gaffe occurred at a tax reform event in Mesa, Ariz., ABC News reports. The Arizona senator was talking to friend and Mesa Mayor John Giles, and apparently did not realize his microphone was still on. “If [Republicans] become the party of Roy Moore and Donald Trump, we are toast,” ABC affiliate KNXV caught Flake saying. Flake’s comments on Friday may not have been intended for public consumption, but the Republican has made himself a highly visible Trump adversary in the past. Most notably, Flake announced in October that he would conclude his Senate service in January 2019 due to the state of the administration and the political climate. “I am aware that a segment of my party believes that anything short of complete and unquestioning loyalty to a president who belongs to my party is unacceptable and suspect,” he said on the Senate floor. “If I have been critical, it not because I relish criticizing the behavior of the president of the United States. If I have been critical, it is because I believe that it is my obligation to do so, as a matter of duty and conscience.” Giles, meanwhile, was caught making some inflammatory comments of his own on Friday, while apparently encouraging Flake to run for president, ABC reports. “Think about how much fun it would be — just to be the foil, you know, and point out what an idiot this guy is,” Giles said, seemingly alluding to Trump. “Anyway, I hope you do it.”

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  • Republican Senator Jeff Flake Calls the GOP ‘Toast’ on a Hot MicRepublican Senator Jeff Flake Calls the GOP ‘Toast’ on a Hot Mic

    Sen. Jeff Flake was caught on a hot mic Friday bashing President Donald Trump and Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore. Flake’s gaffe occurred at a tax reform event in Mesa, Ariz., ABC News reports. The Arizona senator was talking to friend and Mesa Mayor John Giles, and apparently did not realize his microphone was still on. “If [Republicans] become the party of Roy Moore and Donald Trump, we are toast,” ABC affiliate KNXV caught Flake saying. Flake’s comments on Friday may not have been intended for public consumption, but the Republican has made himself a highly visible Trump adversary in the past. Most notably, Flake announced in October that he would conclude his Senate service in January 2019 due to the state of the administration and the political climate. “I am aware that a segment of my party believes that anything short of complete and unquestioning loyalty to a president who belongs to my party is unacceptable and suspect,” he said on the Senate floor. “If I have been critical, it not because I relish criticizing the behavior of the president of the United States. If I have been critical, it is because I believe that it is my obligation to do so, as a matter of duty and conscience.” Giles, meanwhile, was caught making some inflammatory comments of his own on Friday, while apparently encouraging Flake to run for president, ABC reports. “Think about how much fun it would be — just to be the foil, you know, and point out what an idiot this guy is,” Giles said, seemingly alluding to Trump. “Anyway, I hope you do it.”

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  • Progressive Pastors: Roy Moore Is Unfit for U.S. SenateProgressive Pastors: Roy Moore Is Unfit for U.S. Senate

    (BIRMINGHAM, Ala.) — A leading figure among religious liberals says the candidacy of Roy Moore for U.S. Senate is a struggle for the “soul of the nation.” The remarks on Saturday by the Rev. William J. Barber come a day after a letter signed by dozens of progressive pastors in Alabama said Moore — dogged by recent allegations of inappropriate conduct toward teenage girls decades ago — is unfit to serve. Barber, former head of the North Carolina NAACP, spoke at an anti-Moore rally at the Tabernacle Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama, that drew more than 100 people. The event was in direct contrast to a news conference Thursday during which religious conservatives expressed their commitment to Moore, who describes himself as a conservative Christian who hues to family values. Signs carried by Moore opponents at Saturday’s rally decried his opposition to gay and transgender rights. Moore was also criticized for opposing federally backed health care, assistance for the needy and more. Barber and other speakers claimed Moore’s campaign is fueled by a perversion of Christianity linked with white supremacy, and Moore is trying to take those forces to the Senate. “What is happening now in Alabama matters for the soul of the nation,” said Barber, of Goldsboro, North Carolina, and the force behind the “Moral Monday” protest movement that calls for greater rights for gays and minorities. On Friday, more than 50 Alabama pastors have signed a public letter stating Republican Roy Moore isn’t fit to serve in the U.S. Senate. The letter continued to collect signatures Saturday. The letter says Moore demonstrated “extremist values” incompatible with traditional Christianity even before recent allegations of sexual misconduct involving young women. The pastors cite Moore’s opposition to the expansion of Medicaid, which provides health care for the poor. It also accuses him of denigrating people from other countries and faiths and cites his opposition to homosexuality. The letter was written by a group of pastors in Birmingham. It includes the signatures of ministers from mainstream and liberal denominations including Methodists, Presbyterians, Episcopalians, the United Church of Christ, and some moderate Baptists. Moore still enjoys the support of conservative evangelical leaders, but he has ignored mounting calls from Washington Republicans concerned that if he stays in the race he may not only lose a seat they were sure to win but also may do significant damage to the party’s brand among women nationwide as they prepare for a difficult midterm election season. Since last week, Moore has been engulfed by accusations of sexual misconduct toward women in their teens when he was a deputy district attorney in his 30s. Several of his accusers have allowed their identities to be made public. One said Moore molested her when she was 14. Another said Moore assaulted her when she was a 16-year-old waitress after he offered to drive her home. Five others said Moore pursued romantic relationships with them when they were between the ages of 16 and 18.

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  • The Partridge Family Star David Cassidy Hospitalized for Organ FailureThe Partridge Family Star David Cassidy Hospitalized for Organ Failure

    David Cassidy has been hospitalized for organ failure, a representative for the singer and The Partridge Family star confirmed Saturday. People reports Cassidy, 67, was in a medically induced coma but is now conscious and accompanied by family members in a Florida hospital. He went to the hospital on Wednesday and was in pain. Cassidy’s representative tells People he needs a liver transplant. Cassidy in February revealed he was suffering from dementia. The actor is known for playing Keith Partridge on The Partridge Family and for his illustrious music career, through which he produced several albums and toured until earlier this year, when he decided to stop to focus on his health. “I want to focus on what I am, who I am and how I’ve been without any distractions,” he told People in February. “I want to love. I want to enjoy life.” Cassidy has dealt with substance abuse issues and bankruptcy since finding success early in his life.

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  • A U.S. Warship Just Collided With a Tugboat in Japanese WatersA U.S. Warship Just Collided With a Tugboat in Japanese Waters

    In the latest of a string of marine mishaps, a U.S. warship crashed into a Japanese tugboat in Japan’s Sagami Bay on Saturday. The tugboat lost propulsion and drifted into the USS Benfold during a routine towing exercise, according to a press release from the U.S. Navy’s 7th Fleet. No injuries or fatalities resulted from the incident, and damage to the Benfold, a guided-missile destroyer ship, was minimal, according to the release. While the crash was relatively harmless, it adds to a troubling trend for the 7th Fleet: Saturday’s collision in the Pacific was the fleet’s fifth this year. Most recently, in August, the USS John S. McCain collided with a commercial boat off the coast of Singapore, killing 10 U.S. sailors, taking the warship out of commission and prompting a fleet-wide operational pause. The Benfold, on the other hand, sustained only minor scrapes on its sides. It remains on the water and autonomously powered, though the Navy news release says the incident will be fully investigated.

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  • Fashion Designer and ‘King of Cling’ Azzedine Alaia DiesFashion Designer and ‘King of Cling’ Azzedine Alaia Dies

    (PARIS) — Tunisian-born designer Azzedine Alaia, a fashion iconoclast whose clingy styles helped define the 1980s and who dressed famous women from Hollywood to the White House, has died. The French Haute Couture Federation announced Alaia’s death on Saturday without providing details. Twitter tributes to his influence on fashion poured in from around the world. Alaia sometimes was dubbed the “king of cling” for the sculptural, formfitting designs he first popularized during the 1980s and updated over the decades. His clients included women as diverse as Michelle Obama, Lady Gaga, Grace Jones and Greta Garbo. Secretive and known as a fashion rebel, Alaia was based in Paris for decades but did not take part in the French capital’s seasonal fashion frenzy or flashy ad campaigns. Instead, he showed privately on his own schedule. The couture federation said Alaia was born in 1940, while the Tunisian Culture Ministry said he was born in 1942. The discrepancy could not immediately be explained. The supermodel Naomi Campbell, who enjoyed a close relationship with Alaia for many years and affectionately called him “papa,” has credited the designer with helping launch her career and taking care of her like a father when she met him in Paris at age 16. In July, Campbell made a rare catwalk appearance for the designer’s Paris couture show — his first since 2011 — and said on Instagram at the time: “It’s always an honor to walk for you 1986-2017.” News of his death sparked a flurry of tributes from figures in the fashion and entertainment worlds. Ralph Toledano, head of the French Haute Couture Federation, told the AP that Alaia was “an exceptional friend and marvelous person.” “An architect for the body, a man for femininity, Azzedine Alaia is undeniably the inventor” of an important kind of style, Toledano said. Fashion designer and former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham said on Twitter that it was a sad day and called Alaia “true master and one of my biggest inspirations.” Singer Rihanna posted an online photo showing a fond moment between her and the famed designer, saying “you will live on forever.” Indian actress Sonam Kapoor said she was “deeply saddened” by the news and thanked Alaia for “always empowering women and embracing diversity.” As a rare Tunisian with global name recognition, Alaia’s death prompted collective grief in his native Tunisia on Saturday, with tributes pouring in from the business and culture worlds and the government. The Tunisian Foreign Ministry said in a statement that Alaia was born in the medina, or old town, of the capital Tunis in 1942, and developed a passion for fashion thanks to his sister Hafidha. It said he had expressed a wish to be buried in Tunisia. His house’s website described him as “the little man in eternal Chinese pajamas” who “built a legend, that of a rebel designer who worked against the system and its trends.” Multiple museums have held retrospectives of Alaia’s work, including the Guggenheim in New York and Paris’ Palais Galliera, which put on a show in 2013 that highlighted his way of “slowing down time.” “A genius who weaved connections among fashion, architecture and fine arts, sculpting creations to magnify women’s bodies. A free and generous man, loved and admired,” former French Culture Minister Audrey Azoulay, who recently became director of the United Nations cultural agency UNESCO, said in tribute to the designer. His star status was memorialized in the 1995 comedy “Clueless” when the lead character objects to a robber’s demand to get on the ground, saying her red dress is “an Alaia … it’s like a totally important designer.” Azzedine Alaia was raised by his grandmother and earned a diploma at the Tunis Fine Arts Institute, according to his house’s website. He arrived in Paris in the 1950s, where he rented a room in a countess’ home in exchange for small jobs. He learned to sew at Guy Laroche and worked briefly at Christian Dior, and started his own house in 1980. He worked with superstars as well as low-cost retailer Tati, well before H&M popularized that kind of high-low cooperation with well-known designers. Alaia received offers to take over other fashion houses, but he routinely refused. He sought financial support in the 1990s and kept his company going. It had revenue of 60 million euros last year. No information was immediately available on survivors or memorial arrangements.

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  • 2 Suspects On the Run After Gun Battle With Police2 Suspects On the Run After Gun Battle With Police

    (GAINESVILLE, Ga.) — Police in north Georgia say they’re searching for a man and woman after a gun battle involving police officers. Gainesville police Sgt. Kevin Holbrook said Saturday that two officers were hurt in the Friday night confrontation, but neither officer was shot. Holbrook tells The Times of Gainesville that both officers were treated at a hospital for minor injuries and have been released. A 911 caller said the man was dragging the female down the road, and the first officer to arrive began fighting with the man. Police said the woman struck the officer in the head with a gun before the shooting began. Police said the man and woman, both 20, are suspected of aggravated assault on a peace officer. Gainesville is 45 miles (72 kilometers) northeast of Atlanta.

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  • ‘Is Ambassador Kislyak in the Room?’ Jeff Sessions Jokes About Russia Ties During Conference‘Is Ambassador Kislyak in the Room?’ Jeff Sessions Jokes About Russia Ties During Conference

    Attorney General Jeff Sessions made light of his alleged ties to Russia at the conservative Federalist Society’s National Lawyers convention. “Is Ambassador Kislyak in the room?” the Hill reports Sessions asked the crowd, prompting enthusiastic cheers and applause. “Before I get started here. Any Russians? Anybody been to Russia? Got a cousin in Russia or something?” The jokes were not part of Sessions’ prepared remarks, according to the Hill. Sessions has been a key character in the ongoing investigation into possible collusion between President Donald Trump’s campaign and Russian officials — an investigation he recused himself from under pressure earlier this year. Sessions has repeatedly said he had no improper contact with Russian officials, although news reports have shown that he met with Ambassador Sergey Kislyak at least twice in 2016. As recently as Tuesday, Democrats questioned Sessions about whether he lied about communications between the Trump campaign and Russian officials. The Federalist Society, where Sessions spoke on Friday, is a group of conservatives and libertarians interested in “reordering priorities within the legal system to place a premium on individual liberty, traditional values, and the rule of law,” according to the organization’s website.

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  • ‘Is Ambassador Kislyak in the Room?’ Jeff Sessions Jokes About Russia Ties During Conference‘Is Ambassador Kislyak in the Room?’ Jeff Sessions Jokes About Russia Ties During Conference

    Attorney General Jeff Sessions made light of his alleged ties to Russia at the conservative Federalist Society’s National Lawyers convention. “Is Ambassador Kislyak in the room?” the Hill reports Sessions asked the crowd, prompting enthusiastic cheers and applause. “Before I get started here. Any Russians? Anybody been to Russia? Got a cousin in Russia or something?” The jokes were not part of Sessions’ prepared remarks, according to the Hill. Sessions has been a key character in the ongoing investigation into possible collusion between President Donald Trump’s campaign and Russian officials — an investigation he recused himself from under pressure earlier this year. Sessions has repeatedly said he had no improper contact with Russian officials, although news reports have shown that he met with Ambassador Sergey Kislyak at least twice in 2016. As recently as Tuesday, Democrats questioned Sessions about whether he lied about communications between the Trump campaign and Russian officials. The Federalist Society, where Sessions spoke on Friday, is a group of conservatives and libertarians interested in “reordering priorities within the legal system to place a premium on individual liberty, traditional values, and the rule of law,” according to the organization’s website.

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  • Bakery Apologizes for Replacing Jesus With a Sausage Roll in Nativity SceneBakery Apologizes for Replacing Jesus With a Sausage Roll in Nativity Scene

    British bakery chain Greggs has apologized after an ad — which depicted a Nativity scene in which baby Jesus was replaced by a sausage roll in the manger — didn’t go over so well with some customers. The ad was intended to promote the bakery’s Advent calendar, Merry Greggmas, which offers coupons, gift cards and food vouchers every day in December. Some customers called for a boycott over the ad. Please boycott @GreggsOfficial to protest against its sick anti-Christian Advent Calendar. What cowards these people are: we all know that they would never dare insult other religions! They should donate every penny of their profits to @salvationarmyuk https://t.co/tAV7CRP7WM — Simon Richards (@simplysimontfa) November 15, 2017 Others just wished Greggs had used a different food item. Surely a crumpet would have been much holier? #Greggs pic.twitter.com/2S0Q9QDv8d — iamwheats (@iamwheats) November 15, 2017 “We’re really sorry to have caused any offence, this was never our intention,” a Greggs representative told The Northern Echo.

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  • ‘All I See Is Little Legs.’ 2 Boys Killed on Sidewalk as Crash Sends Police Car Off Road‘All I See Is Little Legs.’ 2 Boys Killed on Sidewalk as Crash Sends Police Car Off Road

    (LOS ANGELES) — A Los Angeles County sheriff’s patrol vehicle heading to an emergency call crashed with another car and then ran onto a sidewalk, killing two small boys and critically injuring their mother, authorities said Friday. Two other people in a crosswalk were injured in the Thursday night crash as deputies responded to a report of a gunshot victim, Los Angeles police Capt. Alfonso Lopez said. Investigators were still trying to determine whether the patrol vehicle was using its emergency lights and siren at the time. “We extend our deepest condolences to the families and all those affected by this tragic accident,” a sheriff’s department statement said. The agency said it is cooperating with a city police investigation. A witness, Julie Valle, said the SUV was speeding and didn’t activate its lights until it reached the intersection, just before it collided with another car, ran off the road and hit the woman and her two boys. “They turned the lights on at that moment, a split-second, not enough time for anybody to get out of the way because they were going so fast,” she said at a news conference Friday. Valle said she rushed toward the crash and saw an injured woman. “She was trying to get up,” Valle said. “I told her, ‘Don’t move, you were just involved in a car accident.'” Valle also said she saw the boys. “All I see is little legs,” she said. “Then I see a boy, and that’s when I start to get the full picture.” Luis Hernandez told the Los Angeles Times that the victims were his brothers, 7-year-old Jose Luis and 9-year-old Marcos. The 7-year-old died at the scene, and the older boy died at a hospital, relatives told the paper. “I got the call and I didn’t believe it,” Hernandez said tearfully Friday at a makeshift memorial of flowers, stuffed animals and candles at the intersection. “I just didn’t believe it.” Their mother was taken to a hospital in critical condition. The Times said a brief video clip from a liquor store security camera showed the patrol vehicle, its emergency lights on, driving on the sidewalk. A trash can and a person are seen bouncing off the front of the SUV. The car that collided with the sheriff’s SUV hit a third car that struck two adults in a crosswalk, according to the sheriff’s statement. Those adults, another pedestrian and two deputies were treated for minor injuries, authorities said. It was the third crash involving law enforcement vehicles in a single day. Leticia Ramirez, 15, died at a hospital Thursday night after she was struck by a sheriff’s patrol car in nearby Riverside County. The girl ran into the street in the city of Perris and was struck by the vehicle, which wasn’t using its lights or siren, authorities said. A 25-year-old man was struck by a Riverside police car as he stepped off a center divider into its path early Thursday, police said. He was hospitalized in critical but stable condition.

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  • Sexual Misconduct Allegations Are Toppling Powerful Men. Why Not Donald Trump?Sexual Misconduct Allegations Are Toppling Powerful Men. Why Not Donald Trump?

    (WASHINGTON) — “You can do anything,” Donald Trump once boasted, speaking of groping and kissing unsuspecting women. Maybe he could, but not everyone can. The candidate who openly bragged about grabbing women’s private parts — but denied he really did so — was elected president months before the cascading sexual harassment allegations that have been toppling the careers of powerful men in Hollywood, business, the media and politics. He won even though more than a dozen women accused him of sexual misconduct, and roughly half of all voters said they were bothered by his treatment of women, according to exit polls. Now, as one prominent figure after another takes a dive, the question remains: Why not Trump? “A lot of people who voted for him recognized that he was what he was, but wanted a change and so they were willing to go along,” theorizes Jessica Leeds, one of the first women to step forward and accuse Trump of groping her, decades ago on an airplane. The charges leveled against him emerged in the supercharged thick of the 2016 campaign, when there was so much noise and chaos that they were just another episode for gobsmacked voters to try to absorb — or tune out. “When you have a Mount Everest of allegations, any particular allegation is very hard to get traction on,” says political psychologist Stanley Renshon. And Trump’s unconventional candidacy created an entirely different set of rules. “Trump is immune to the laws of political physics because it’s not his job to be a politician, it’s his job to burn down the system,” says Eric Dezenhall, a crisis management expert in Washington. Now Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore, accused of assaulting teenage girls when he was in his 30s, is waving that same alternative rulebook. Long a bane to establishment Republicans, Moore is thumbing his nose at calls by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and other GOP members of Congress to drop out of the campaign, and accusing them of trying to “steal” the race from his loyal insurgents. As for Trump, the president who rarely sits out a feeding frenzy is selectively aiming his Twitter guns at those under scrutiny. He quickly unloaded on Democrat Al Franken after the Minnesota senator was accused Thursday of forcibly kissing and groping a Fox TV sports correspondent, now a Los Angeles radio anchor, during a 2006 USO tour. Yet Trump has been largely mum as Washington Republicans try to figure out what to do about Moore. McConnell and company have zero interest in welcoming an accused child molester to their ranks nor in seeing their slim 52-48 Senate majority grow even thinner should Moore lose to Democrat Doug Jones in a special election Dec. 12. Trump did support moves by the national Republican Party to cut off money for Moore. But he hasn’t said whether he still backs Moore’s candidacy. Spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders, pressed repeatedly on the matter this week, would say only that Trump “thinks that the people of Alabama should make the decision on who their next senator should be.” As for the allegations against Moore, Sanders said Trump finds them “very troubling.” As for Franken, presidential adviser Kellyanne Conway told Fox News that Trump had merely “weighed in as he does on the news of the day” when jabbing at the senator. But Trump’s broadsides at Franken served as an open invitation for critics to revisit his own history of alleged sexual misconduct. Leeds, for her part, called the president “the walking definition of hypocrisy.” Look no further than the bipartisan howl that greeted Ivanka Trump’s statement this week about Moore for a demonstration of the perilous crosscurrents around Trump on the issue. “There’s a special place in hell for people who prey on children,” Trump’s daughter told the AP, adding that she had “no reason to doubt the victims’ accounts.” She did not call for Moore to leave the race. Liberals and conservatives both pounced. Those on the left noted she had waited a week to chime in and had never given similar credence to the claims of her father’s accusers. Some on the right faulted her for buying into unproven accusations. Liberal movie director Rob Reiner tweeted: “Ivanka believes Roy Moore’s accusers. But the more than 12 women who accuse her father of sexual abuse are all liars. The difference is? …” The sexual assault drama is playing out as a painful sequel for Leeds and other women who came forward during the 2016 presidential campaign to accuse Trump of harassment and more — only to see him elected president anyway. “My pain is everyday,” Jill Harth, a former business associate who claimed Trump put his hands under her dress during a business dinner in 1992, tweeted in October. “No one gets it unless it happens to them. NO one!” It’s the same for those who accused former President Bill Clinton of sexual misconduct, their charges once written off as “bimbo eruptions.” “I am now 73….it never goes away,” nurse Juanita Broaddrick, who accused Clinton of raping her in 1978, tweeted Friday. Allegations of womanizing, extramarital affairs and abuse dogged Clinton over the course of his political life, culminating in his 1998 impeachment — and acquittal — over his affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky. He also agreed to an $850,000 settlement with Arkansas state worker Paula Jones, who had accused him of exposing himself and making indecent propositions when he was governor. The settlement included no apology or admission of guilt. Leading feminists and Democratic-leaning groups stayed loyal to him throughout — though some are rethinking that stance now. Even in the current charged environment, when every new allegation can produce screaming headlines, Trump may well be able to go his own way — and take a hands-off approach to Moore. “Trump’s base likes him when he’s gratuitously ornery: Insulting war heroes, Gold Star families and the disabled have all been good for him, so what does he gain by strongly opining on Moore?” asks Dezenhall. “Nothing that I can see, so as a guideline, he doesn’t need to do all that much.”

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  • ‘He Will Not Step Down.’ Roy Moore Allegations Divide Women in Alabama‘He Will Not Step Down.’ Roy Moore Allegations Divide Women in Alabama

    (MONTGOMERY, Ala.) — Standing on the white marble steps of Alabama’s Capitol, Kayla Moore surrounded herself with two dozen other women to defend husband Roy Moore against accusations of sexual misconduct that are dividing Republicans, and women in particular. “He will not step down. He will not stop fighting for the people of Alabama,” Kayla Moore said Friday at a “Women for Moore” rally. Acting as her husband’s lead defender, she lashed out at the news media and thanked people who were sticking behind her husband. “To the people of Alabama, thank you for being smarter than they think you are,” Moore said. Not everyone is sticking with Roy Moore, however, and certainly not all women. “I was going to vote for him. I was going to be one of his voters. I just don’t know that I can vote for him anymore,” said Laura Payne, a Trump delegate to the 2016 Republican National Convention. Since last week, Moore has been engulfed by accusations of sexual misconduct toward women in their teens when he was a deputy district attorney in his 30s. Several of his accusers have allowed their identities to be made public. One said Moore molested her when she was 14. Another said Moore assaulted her when she was a 16-year-old waitress after he offered to drive her home. Five others said Moore pursued romantic relationships with them when they were between the ages of 16 and 18. “I have not found any reason not to believe them …. They risked a whole lot to come forward,” Payne said of the accusers. Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey said she also has no reason to disbelieve the women and is bothered by their allegations. But Ivey said she will vote for Moore anyway for the sake of GOP power in Congress. “We need to have a Republican in the United States Senate to vote on things like Supreme Court justices, other appointments that the Senate has to confirm and make major decisions,” Ivey said. Moore has ignored mounting calls from Washington Republicans concerned that if he stays in the race against Democrat Doug Jones he may not only lose a seat they were sure to win but also may do significant damage to the party’s brand among women nationwide as they prepare for a difficult midterm election season. The Alabama GOP, meanwhile, reaffirmed its support for Moore on Thursday. The accusations sent a shockwave through the Senate race in Alabama, where Republicans typically have a lock on statewide election. Democrats already hoped to stand a chance against the polarizing jurist who was twice removed from chief justice duties because of defying court orders regarding the Ten Commandments and gay marriage. A Fox News poll released Thursday, a week after the first accusations, showed Jones leading Moore by eight points. Support from women was helping to give Jones the edge with 68 percent for Jones compared to 32 percent for Moore. One of them is longtime Republican Tracy James, who worked for former senator and current U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Her cousin was a Republican governor. She won’t vote for Moore, a decision she made before the election. “My hope is that the Moore debacle will not only be a wake-up call for evangelicals, but also for Republicans, who should stand back and say, ‘Wow, look at the kind of person we almost elected to our ranks,” James said. But Kayla Moore says her husband is exactly the kind of person who needs to be in the Senate. Decades ago, then known by her maiden name, Kayla Kisor, she was performing in a hometown dance recital when she first caught Roy Moore’s eye. As he wrote in his 2009 autobiography: Seeing her was something he never forgot. “Years later,” Moore wrote, when she was 23 — she’s 14 years his junior— he finally met her. They wed in 1985. Now, Kayla Moore is doing more than standing by her husband — she’s his most aggressive defender against allegations threatening his Republican bid for U.S. Senate. When Moore makes a public appearance, Kayla Moore is there. When something pops up on social media that could help his cause, she shares it on Facebook. And she was the star at the Statehouse rally in Montgomery. Speakers there said the allegations against Moore were out of character for the man they have known for years. “I do not recognize the man these ladies are describing,” Ann Eubank, a fixture in Alabama Republican politics, said of the accusers. Across the street from the rally, Rose Falvey, 25, who runs an LGBT community center, said she was angered by the stories about Moore since he had fought to block gay marriage in the state. “I think it’s really hypocritical and an embarrassment for the state of Alabama, and he’s dragging us backwards,” Falvey said.

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  • Megyn Kelly: Donald Trump Is ‘Tone Deaf’ for Criticizing Al FrankenMegyn Kelly: Donald Trump Is ‘Tone Deaf’ for Criticizing Al Franken

    NBC host Megyn Kelly called President Donald Trump “tone deaf” for criticizing Al Franken after sexual assault allegations against the Minnesota senator surfaced last week. Citing tweets from Trump that condemned Franken’s alleged behavior and his past attempts to lecture “anyone who would listen about sexual harassment and respect for women,” Kelly drew parallels between the senator and President Trump. “Who that has been accused of sexual assault would have the gall to preach to others about sexual misconduct?” Kelly asked with feigned ignorance, alluding to the president’s own sexual assault accusations. Trump has denied these allegations. After chastising Franken’s initial efforts to downplay a photo that appears to show him groping radio personality Leeann Tweeden’s breasts while she sleeps, Kelly also slammed Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore for joining the chorus criticizing Franken, noting that he has been accused of sexual misconduct by nine women. “Is this guy going to be our next senator?” Kelly asked. Watch the clip in the video above.

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  • What You Should Know About Pedro Infante as Google Celebrates Him With a DoodleWhat You Should Know About Pedro Infante as Google Celebrates Him With a Doodle

    Google is celebrating the 100th birthday of Mexican singer and actor Pedro Infante with a Doodle dedicated to his legendary work. The subject of Saturday’s Google Doodle, Infante, born in 1917 in Mazatlán, learned music from his father and sang in his band La Rabia. His “soulful croon” expanded the popularity of mariachi music, by “mixing feeling with technique,” according to Google. Infante’s talents often inspired comparisons to singers like Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley, and the actor Humphrey Bogart. Later, Infante starred in about 60 movies, beginning with La Feria de las Flores and recorded more than 350 songs to become one of Mexico’s most beloved celebrities. The Google Doodle in Infante’s honor covers his work both on stage and screen and off — one sketch shows him in the boxing ring to mark his love for the sport. “Today we celebrate what would have been the artist’s 100th birthday with scenes illustrating the vibrant parallels between his life and work — all beginning with a classic infante pose,” Google said.

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  • Stephen Colbert Mocks Sean Hannity’s Chart About Hillary ClintonStephen Colbert Mocks Sean Hannity’s Chart About Hillary Clinton

    Late Show host Stephen Colbert mocked Fox News host Sean Hannity for using a giant flowchart earlier this week to drum up a conspiracy about Hillary Clinton. The chart, which became a meme, sparked Colbert to tie together some of Hannity’s previous comments in a spoof segment about the graph. “Ok lets go to Mars and talk about Martians who supported Hillary,” Hannity appears to say in a series of soundbites linked together. “Clinton has been to an open manhole in New York City to meet with the sewer rat prince along with the crocodile duchess of garbage.” The segment concludes as Hannity appears to link Clinton to Benghazi, and links Benghazi to Benghazi about half a dozen times. He sprinkles in one mention of Colin Kaepernick, and finishes by linking Clinton to Clinton herself. Colbert brought up charts again during Friday’s Late Show, spoofing Texas Rep. Louis Gohmert for holding up a giant chart during a congressional hearing to argue that Special Counsel Robert Mueller should be disqualified from investigating President Trump over Russian attempts to influence the 2016 election. Colbert ends the clip with a complex graphic of his own showing the tie between Trump and Russia.  

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  • Lena Dunham Defends Former Girls Producer After Sexual Assault AllegationsLena Dunham Defends Former Girls Producer After Sexual Assault Allegations

    Lena Dunham is publicly defending her former Girls writer and producer Murray Miller after an actress accused him of sexual assault. Actress Aurora Perrineau on Friday filed a report with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, alleging that Miller assaulted her in 2012 when she was 17, Deadline reports. Miller “categorically and vehemently denies Ms. Perrineau’s outrageous claims,” his attorney said in a statement. Dunham, as well as Girls co-showrunner Jenni Konner, also went on record denying the allegations. In a statement given to Deadline, they said: During the windfall of deeply necessary accusations over the last few months in Hollywood, we have been thrilled to see so many women’s voices heard and dark experiences in this industry justified. It’s a hugely important time of change and, like every feminist in Hollywood and beyond, we celebrate. But during every time of change there are also incidences of the culture, in its enthusiasm and zeal, taking down the wrong targets. We believe, having worked closely with him for more than half a decade, that this is the case with Murray Miller. While our first instinct is to listen to every woman’s story, our insider knowledge of Murray’s situation makes us confident that sadly this accusation is one of the 3% of assault cases that are misreported every year. It is a true shame to add to that number, as outside of Hollywood women still struggle to be believed. We stand by Murray and this is all we’ll be saying about this issue. Dunham, celebrated by many as a feminist icon, had her own brush with sexual assault allegations after the release of her 2014 memoir Not That Kind of Girl. In the book, Dunham wrote about encounters with her younger sister — including bribing her for kisses, and examining her baby sister’s vagina as a 7-year-old — that some said amounted to molestation. After the controversy, Dunham wrote in TIME that she does not “condone any kind of abuse under any circumstance.”

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  • Malcolm Young, AC/DC Founding Member and Guitarist, Dies at 64Malcolm Young, AC/DC Founding Member and Guitarist, Dies at 64

    (NEW YORK) — Malcolm Young, the rhythm guitarist and guiding force behind the bawdy hard rock band AC/DC who helped create such head-banging anthems as “Highway to Hell,” ”Hells Bells” and “Back in Black,” has died. He was 64. AC/DC announced the death Saturday on their official Facebook page and website Saturday. A representative for the band confirmed that the posts were true. The posts did not say when or where Young died, but said the performer had been suffering from dementia. He was diagnosed in 2014. “It is with deepest sorrow that we inform you of the death of Malcolm Young, beloved husband, father, grandfather and brother. Malcolm had been suffering from Dementia for several years and passed away peacefully with his family by his bedside,” one of the posts read. The family put out a statement posted on the band’s website calling Young a “visionary who inspired many.” While Young’s younger brother, Angus, the group’s school-uniform-wearing lead guitarist, was the public face of the band, Malcolm Young was its key writer and leader, the member the rest of the band watched for onstage changes and cutoffs. AC/DC were remarkably consistent for over 40 years with its mix of driving hard rock, lusty lyrics and bluesy shuffles, selling over 200 million albums, surviving the loss of its first singer and creating one of the greatest rock records ever in “Back in Black,” the world’s second best-selling album behind Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.” The Glasgow-born Young brothers — who moved to Sydney, Australia, with their parents, sister and five older brothers in 1963 — formed the band in 1973. They were inspired to choose the high-energy name AC/DC from the back of a sewing machine owned by their sister, Margaret. Angus experimented with several different stage costumes at first — including a gorilla suit and a Zorro outfit — but the school uniform was a natural, since he was only 16 at the time. The Youngs went through several drummers and bass guitarists, finally settling on Phil Rudd on drums in 1974 and Englishman Cliff Williams on bass three years later. Their original singer was fired after a few months when they discovered Bon Scott, who was originally hired as the band’s driver. By 1980, the band was on a roll, known for its high energy performances and predictably hard-charging songs. Their album “Highway To Hell” was certified gold in America and made it into the top 25 Billboard album charts, and the single “Touch Too Much” became their first UK Top 30 hit. But on Feb. 18, 1980, everything changed — Scott died of asphyxiation after choking on his own vomit after an all-night drinking binge. The band decided to keep going and hired English vocalist Brian Johnson at the helm. The newly reconfigured group channeled their grief into songwriting and put out 1980’s “Back In Black,” with the songs “You Shook Me All Night Long,” ”Rock and Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution” and “Hells Bells.” The cover of the album was black, in honor of Scott’s death. The band continued with a studio or live album every few years , blending their huge guitar riffs with rebellious and often sophomoric lyrics — song titles include “Big Balls,” ”Beating Around the Bush,” ”Let Me Put My Love Into You” and “Stiff Upper Lip.” AC/DC won only a single Grammy Award, for best hard rock performance in 2009 for “War Machine.” Rolling Stone said in 1980 that “the AC/DC sound is nothing more and nothing less than aggressively catchy song hooks brutalized by a revved-up boogie rhythm, Malcolm’s jackhammer riffing, Angus’ guitar histrionics and Johnson’s bloodcurdling bawl.” In the book “The Youngs: The Brothers Who Built AC/DC” by Jesse Fink, Angus Young said the formula worked. “We’ve got the basic thing kids want,” he said. “They want to rock and that’s it. They want to be part of the band as a mass. When you hit a guitar chord, a lot of the kids in the audience are hitting it with you. They’re so much into the band they’re going through all the motions with you. If you can get the mass to react as a whole, then that’s the ideal thing. That’s what a lot of bands lack, and why the critics are wrong.” AC/DC’s infectious, driving sound stretched further than rock arenas. The song “Shoot to Thrill” was heard in the film “The Avengers,” ”Back in Black” made it into “The Muppets,” ”Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap” was played in “Bridesmaids” and their songs were included in the “Iron Man” franchise. On TV, the band’s music was heard in everything from “Top Gear,” the “Hawaii Five-0” reboot, “Glee,” ”CSI: Miami” and “The Voice.” Though the band championed good-natured hell-raising, it had to weather suggestions in the 1980s that they were a threat to the moral fabric of society. There were rumors the band’s name stood for Anti-Christ/Devil’s Children and many were shocked when it was learned that serial murderer and rapist Richard Ramirez identified himself as a fan and left an AC/DC baseball cap behind at a crime scene. In 2014, the band released “Rock or Bust,” the first AC/DC album without Malcolm Young. Even so, he is very present on the record since the 11 songs are credited to the Young brothers (Angus said he built the album from guitar hooks the two had accumulated over the years). Around the album’s release, Angus Young told The Associated Press that Malcolm was doing fine, but that he couldn’t perform anymore. “It was progressing further, but he knew he couldn’t do it,” Angus Young said of his older brother’s dementia. “He had continued as long as he could, still writing. But he said to me, ‘Keep it going.'” The fate of the band was also put into doubt by the retirement of Williams, legal trouble for Rudd and Johnson’s hearing loss, which forced him to leave. The band enlisted Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose to sing on tour in 2016. Several musicians paid their respects to Malcolm Young on social media, writing about his influence and impact in music. “It is a sad day in rock and roll. Malcolm Young was my friend and the heart and soul of AC/DC. I had some of the best times of my life with him on our 1984 European tour,” Eddie Van Halen tweeted on Saturday. “He will be missed and my deepest condolences to his family, bandmates and friends.” “The driving engine of AC/DC has died. A tragic end for a sometimes unsung icon. One of the true greats. RIP,” Paul Stanley, of Kiss, wrote on Twitter.

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  • See the Results of the TIME Person of the Year Reader’s PollSee the Results of the TIME Person of the Year Reader’s Poll

    TIME readers have begun weighing in on who they want to see as the 2017 Person of the Year. See below for the results so far. Voting on the reader’s choice poll ends Dec. 3. TIME’s Person of the Year will be revealed on Dec. 6.

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  • See the Results of the TIME Person of the Year Reader’s PollSee the Results of the TIME Person of the Year Reader’s Poll

    TIME readers have begun weighing in on who they want to see as the 2017 Person of the Year. See below for the results so far. Voting on the reader’s choice poll ends Dec. 3. TIME’s Person of the Year will be revealed on Dec. 6.

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  • Hillary Clinton: ‘Very Credible’ Sexual Assault Allegations Against Donald Trump Should Be InvestigatedHillary Clinton: ‘Very Credible’ Sexual Assault Allegations Against Donald Trump Should Be Investigated

    Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called for more investigation into sexual assault allegations brought against President Donald Trump, equating them with those leveled against Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore. “We have a man who’s accused of sexual assault sitting in the Oval Office, don’t we? The very credible accusations against him have not been taken seriously,” Clinton said during an interview with 77 WABC Radio’s Rita Cosby. “We can’t excuse the president from this debate.” Later, Clinton added that Trump “has disgraced the office.” During the interview, Clinton also praised the way Sen. Al Franken dealt with sexual misconduct allegations recently brought against him, saying his actions provide a model for men like Trump and Moore. “Al’s very quick acceptance of responsibility and apology and his willingness to be investigated and to take the consequences is the kind of accountability I’m talking about,” she said. “I don’t hear that from Roy Moore or Donald Trump, do you?” Clinton also addressed her husband’s checkered past — which includes a series of sexual assault allegations in the late 1990s, some of which Clinton publicly denied — after being pressed by Cosby, standing by the investigation into his actions. “I think every situation has to be judged on its own merit,” she said. “You should give the people who make such allegations the benefit of the doubt, that’s what our system does, but then you have to investigate them, and that’s what happened in the late ’90s.”

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  • Ryan Seacrest Denies Allegation of Inappropriate BehaviorRyan Seacrest Denies Allegation of Inappropriate Behavior

    Ryan Seacrest is disputing an allegation that he engaged in inappropriate behavior with an employee at E! News nearly a decade ago. In a statement Friday, Seacrest says his former wardrobe stylist made the complaint. Seacrest isn’t releasing details of the allegation but says he’s “truly sorry” if he made her feel “anything but respected.” Still, Seacrest disputes the allegation, which he calls reckless, and describes himself as “an advocate for women.” E! spokeswoman Joanne Park says the network is investigating.

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  • President Trump Says Ban on Elephant Remains Will Stay For NowPresident Trump Says Ban on Elephant Remains Will Stay For Now

    (WASHINGTON) — President Donald Trump said he’s delaying a new policy allowing trophies of African elephants shot for sport to be imported until he can review “all conservation facts.” The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service said Thursday it would allow such importation, arguing that encouraging wealthy big-game hunters to kill the threatened species would help raise money for conservation programs. Animal rights advocates and environmental groups criticized the decision. California Rep. Ed Royce, the Republican chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, urged the administration to reverse the policy, calling it the “wrong move at the wrong time.” Trump tweeted Friday that the policy had been “under study for years.” He said he would put the decision “on hold” and review it with Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke. Zinke issued a statement later Friday saying: “President Trump and I have talked and both believe that conservation and healthy herds are critical. As a result, in a manner compliant with all applicable laws, rules and regulations, the issuing of permits is being put on hold as the decision is being reviewed.” U.S. Rep. Vern Buchanan, a Florida Republican who co-chairs the Congressional Animal Protection Caucus, on Saturday said Trump’s delay was a “step in the right direction,” but more needs to be done to protect the species from extinction. In his statement, Buchanan called the sport hunting of African elephants “shameful” and said the U.S. should support a permanent ban. Royce questioned the action because of concerns not only about African wildlife but U.S. national security, citing the political upheaval in Zimbabwe, where the longtime president was placed under house arrest this week by the military. “The administration should withdraw this decision until Zimbabwe stabilizes,” the committee chairman said in a statement. “Elephants and other big game in Africa are blood currency for terrorist organizations, and they are being killed at an alarming rate. Stopping poaching isn’t just about saving the world’s most majestic animals for the future — it’s about our national security.” The Fish and Wildlife Service said in a written notice issued Thursday that permitting parts of elephants from Zimbabwe and Zambia to be brought back as trophies will raise money for conservation programs. The change marks a shift in efforts to stop the importation of elephant tusks and hides, overriding a 2014 ban imposed by the Obama administration. The new policy applies to the remains of African elephants killed between January 2016 and December 2018. “Legal, well-regulated sport hunting as part of a sound management program can benefit certain species by providing incentives to local communities to conserve those species and by putting much-needed revenue back into conservation,” the agency said in a statement. Royce said that when carefully regulated, conservation hunts could help the wildlife population, but “that said, this is the wrong move at the wrong time.” He described the perilous situation in Zimbabwe, where the U.S. Embassy has advised Americans to limit their travel outdoors. “In this moment of turmoil, I have zero confidence that the regime — which for years has promoted corruption at the highest levels — is properly managing and regulating conservation programs,” Royce said. “Furthermore, I am not convinced that elephant populations in the area warrant overconcentration measures.” The world’s largest land mammal, the African elephant has been classified as threatened under the U.S. Endangered Species Act since 1979. Illicit demand for elephant ivory has led to devastating losses from illegal poaching as the natural habitat available for the animals to roam has also dwindled by more than half. As a result, the number of African elephants has shrunk from about 5 million a century ago to about 400,000 remaining. And that number continues to decline each year. Two other lawmakers, Reps. Vern Buchanan, R-Fla., and Earl Blumenauer, D-Ore., co-chairs of the Congressional Animal Protection Caucus, assailed the administration’s decision. “We should not encourage the hunting and slaughter of these magnificent creatures,” Buchanan said. “We don’t get a second chance once a species becomes extinct.” One group that advocates for endangered species called for more action after Trump’s Friday night tweet. “It’s great that public outrage has forced Trump to reconsider this despicable decision, but it takes more than a tweet to stop trophy hunters from slaughtering elephants and lions,” said Tanya Sanerib, senior attorney with the Center for Biological Diversity. “We need immediate federal action to reverse these policies and protect these amazing animals.”

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  • Review: Mudbound Tells a Purely American Story, With Our Painful History of Racism at the CenterReview: Mudbound Tells a Purely American Story, With Our Painful History of Racism at the Center

    Ensemble casts are the ghost ships of awards season, group feats of skill and subtlety that pass almost unnoticed on the rolling, choppy seas of Oscar hype. All moviegoers, critics included, tend to zoom in on individual performers — it’s natural to find yourself drawn to just one face, one distinctive way of moving or talking. But watching a movie in which all the players are perfectly in concert is its own special pleasure, and that’s the case with Dee Rees’ Mudbound. Each actor here — in a cast that includes Jason Mitchell, Mary J. Blige and Carey Mulligan — is attuned to the specific gifts of the others. Together, they’re a reminder that actors’ key tools are the ability to listen and see, and not just react. Mudbound — which was adapted from Hillary Jordan’s 2008 novel by Rees and Virgil Williams — is an intimate epic about two American farming families, one black and one white, working the land in the Mississippi Delta in the 1940s. Laura McAllan (Carey Mulligan) is young wife and mother who’s dragged away from Memphis city life by her domineering husband, Henry (Jason Clarke), an engineer who decides he wants to return to his farming roots. On a portion of the McAllans’ spread live the Jacksons, tenant farmers whose ties to the land go back generations; by all rights, they own it, though they have no deed to prove legally that it’s theirs. So Hap Jackson (Rob Morgan) and his wife, Florence (Blige), just keep working the land, hoping to save enough to someday buy their independence. They’re also raising a family: The oldest is Ronsel (Mitchell), who, stoking his mother’s greatest fears, goes off to war. Stationed in Europe — he’s a member of the 761st Tank Battalion, also known as the Black Panthers, made up largely of black soldiers — Ronsel faces different hardships than the ones he grew up with, but he also finds a new sense of freedom. When he returns home, readjusting to civilian life is hard enough, but dealing with Stateside racism is harder still. He finds a friend and comrade in Henry’s brother, Jamie (Garrett Hedlund), a pilot who has also just returned from the war and is suffering from what we’d now call PTSD, though the men of his era had no convenient name for it. Mudbound works as a thumbnail picture of midcentury American racism and injustice, and as a reminder of how slowly things really change in this country, as much as we like to think of ourselves as progressive thinkers and lovers of freedom. But you can’t just write ideas on the screen: Your performers have to embody them, and there’s not a minute in Mudbound that doesn’t feel deeply felt and believable. Rees, who previously wrote and directed the 2011 coming-of-age drama Pariah, has shaped the material beautifully: This is just a good story, period, and Rees never loses sight of that. It’s told from the shifting points of view of each of its major characters, but it never feels cluttered or confusing. And the movie’s sense of history is woven tightly into its landscape. At one point Mulligan’s Laura reflects, in voice-over, on the muddy bleakness of her surroundings (“I dreamed in brown”), and Rachel Morrison’s cinematography provides the visual evidence. Morrison makes this world look both enduring and unsettling, the kind of place whose spirit creeps into your bones. Although Mudbound is being released in select theaters, it’s also available on Netflix, and its complex visual beauty works even on the small screen. And still it’s the faces of Mudbound that really stick with you. Mulligan’s Laura, a deeply unhappy country wife, wears her tired beauty like a kind of fortitude: She’ll get through this life if it kills her. But at least Laura is white. Florence’s life is even harder, and filled with bigger roadblocks. As Blige plays her, she’s a woman who sees everything around her — beauty as well as cruelty—with the utmost clarity, though she never gives in to martyrdom. Morgan is deeply touching as Hap, the patriarch who wants to do everything possible for his family, pushing himself well past his physical limits. Hedlund and Clarke are terrific as brothers linked by blood but seemingly little else. And Mitchell — who was so marvelous as Eazy-E in the 2015 Straight Outta Compton — is superb here, as a young man struggling with what it means to be at home within his own heart, and within his country. Mudbound — tough and bittersweet and, in places, painfully brutal — is all about what it really means to be an American. If you’re doing it right, it doesn’t come easy — and it costs some people more dearly than others.

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  • 5 Songs You Need to Listen to This Week5 Songs You Need to Listen to This Week

    Mavis Staples releases her fifteenth studio album, If All I Was Was Black, full of reflective and resonant soul. Sweden’s dark-pop queen Tove Lo dives into the dangers of love on her third solo album, Blue Lips. Rising singer-songwriter-rapper blackbear tries on his acoustic side with “g2g ttyl,” and Jaden Smith tests the limits of mixing genres and styles in one track with “Falcon.” Finally, dance production duo Sofi Tukker amp up the weekend’s party playlists with the Portuguese-language “Energia.”

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  • How Sexual Misconduct Scandals Are Already Reshaping the 2020 Democratic PrimaryHow Sexual Misconduct Scandals Are Already Reshaping the 2020 Democratic Primary

    When Democrats began debating who should face President Trump in 2020, one interesting name cropped up a few times: Al Franken. The Minnesota senator was touted by a few associates and pundits as a potential neutralizer, someone whose show-business past and pugilistic tendencies could offset Trump’s advantages on stage while still having the policy chops Democratic voters want. Franked eventually said he wasn’t interested, but this week’s news that he groped Los Angeles talk radio host Leann Tweeden in a photo and her claim that he forcibly kissed her during rehearsal for a USO tour in 2006 would have made the race even tougher, analysts say. That’s because Trump’s election and the recent allegations and revelations about Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein and other powerful male celebrities, politicians and journalists have led to a dramatic reaction among Democratic women. “The election results have had a galvanizing result among women across the country. We’ve seen a record number of women running for office and giving political donations,” Tory Brown, a partner with the Pastorum Group, a progressive political advisory firm, tells TIME. “The narrative about the election had been: Hillary had this in the bag … she won the popular vote and was denied the presidency.” “It felt like all the times that a bully or harasser had gotten the job promotion over all of us,” she added. “It felt very familiar to women. I wasn’t necessarily a Hillary devotee, but to see how the political world has acted in the last year has put an edge on things.” This is not mere speculation. The Virginia gubernatorial election on Nov. 7 saw Democratic candidate Ralph Northam crush his Republican opponent, the born-again Trumpian Ed Gillespie, in a landslide — thanks in large part to a groundswell of suburban Democratic voters, nearly 70% of whom voted for Northam. (The turnout, its highest in two decades, saw an uptick in unmarried women, young people, and minorities.) Elections elsewhere in the country saw a wave of women taking office: the mayoral elections in Charlotte and Seattle, for example, and the state legislative contest in Virginia, where Danica Roem trumped her conservative opponent, who had a deep anti-LGBT record, to be come the first transgender state lawmaker in U.S. history.) In Alabama, the Christian conservative Senate candidate Roy Moore faces new allegations that he conducted a series of inappropriate affairs with underage women. Before the allegations surfaced in the Washington Post, Moore was the clear frontrunner; now, he’s eight points behind Democratic opponent Doug Jones — again, thanks in part to a mobilization of women voters, who have rallied behind the Democrat. (Only 32% of women in Alabama now say they would vote for Moore, according to a recent Fox News poll.) The backlash against those accused of sexual impropriety threatens to cull the potential playing field in coming elections: if not as a result of a moral reckoning within the U.S. political system, then at least because of the potential optics crisis of backing someone charged with misconduct. “The specific allegations against Senator Franken seem to doom any prospect of him seizing the Democratic nomination,” Brown tells TIME. “It’s a moment where the Democratic Party needs to get a sense of who has morals and believes in something more than just wins and losses. This is a purifying moment we are facing.” Of course, the crisis within the Democratic Party — as with the troubles of Hillary Clinton’s campaign last year — transcend mere gender politics. In the national conversation, the party has been torn asunder between moderate centrists like Clinton and their critics on the left, many of whom backed Bernie Sanders in the 2016 primary and decry what they see as the party’s deference to neoliberalism. Party officials will have to reconcile the chasm. “I wouldn’t say if there’s pressure on the party to nominate a woman — there’s no quota going on,” Dr. Jennifer Victor, a professor of political science at George Mason University, tells TIME. “At the end of the day, they want to appoint someone who’s going to win. But it’s fair to say that there’s something significant happening with respect to gender. In terms of the candidate supply side, there’s greater energy and greater availability of resources for women to consider running for higher office.” “As far as who should get the nomination in 2020, it’s clear that the #MeToo movement has exposed a strain of toxic masculinity among men in power,” Brown adds. “Democrats should focus on finding a nominee who will inspire average Americans and who will stand up for those of us who have been cast aside. If that’s a woman, then hells yeah.”

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  • President Trump Just Added 5 Names to His List of Potential Supreme Court NomineesPresident Trump Just Added 5 Names to His List of Potential Supreme Court Nominees

    (WASHINGTON) — President Donald Trump has added federal appellate Judge Brett Kavanaugh and four other jurists to his list of potential nominees to the Supreme Court. Kavanaugh recently wrote a dissent when his colleagues on the federal appeals court in Washington allowed an immigrant teen in U.S. custody to have an abortion. The 52-year-old Kavanaugh was once a law clerk to Justice Anthony Kennedy. The other judges added to Trump’s list are two more federal appellate judges, Amy Barrett and Kevin Newsom, and two state Supreme Court justices, Britt Grant of Georgia and Patrick Wyrick of Oklahoma. The White House (randomly?) sends out Trump's list of 25 potential Supreme Court nominees. pic.twitter.com/c6Vut4GcNt — Kaitlan Collins (@kaitlancollins) November 17, 2017 Trump adviser Leonard Leo says there is no indication the 81-year-old Kennedy or any other justice is planning to leave the court. Trump selected Justice Neil Gorsuch from among 21 candidates, almost all judges.

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  • Who Should Be TIME’s Person of the Year for 2017?Who Should Be TIME’s Person of the Year for 2017?

    Since 1927, TIME Magazine has chosen a “Person of the Year,” defined as a person (or people) who has had the most influence over the news in the last 12 months. In 2016, the Person of the Year was Donald J. Trump, who upended the political world after unexpectedly defeating his Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton to become the President of the United States. The year before, German Chancellor Angela Merkel was named Person of the Year after she led Europe through a series of political and economic crises. Many of 2017’s biggest headlines were a reflection of the year that preceded it. After President Trump was inaugurated in January, both the U.S. and the world began adjusting to a new administration and a new President who wanted to undo much of his predecessor’s legacy, whether that meant withdrawing from the Paris Climate Agreement or working to revamp the nation’s healthcare system. Warnings from the intelligence community that Russia was attempting to wage an interference campaign in the 2016 election escalated into a major investigation helmed by former FBI Director Robert Mueller; the inquiry has already resulted in indictments against two former Trump campaign officials. In another major news story of 2017, sexual harassment and misconduct allegations against powerful figures like Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein and comedian Louis C.K. sparked a long overdue conversation about the treatment of women in the workplace. TIME’s editors ultimately have jurisdiction over who is deemed Person of the Year — but the reader plays an important role. TIME’s annual Person of the Year poll provides the editors a window into who you think most shaped 2017. This is your chance to cast your vote for who you think had the biggest influence over the news. Voting on the reader’s choice poll ends Dec. 3. TIME’s Person of the Year will be revealed on Dec. 6.

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  • Here’s How to Watch the 2017 Leonid Meteor ShowerHere’s How to Watch the 2017 Leonid Meteor Shower

    Skygazers can look up this weekend for the annual Leonid meteor shower, which will be clearly visible in many parts of the U.S. The meteor shower is set to begin Nov. 17, with the best time to watch it starting in the early hours of the next morning. Viewers in the coastal Southeast are slated to have the best views, as will those in the northern Plains, California and the Four Corners region, where clear skies are expected. Things look cloudier in the Northeast, Great Lakes region and central Plains, according to AccuWeather. Here’s how to watch the Leonid meteor shower. Watch it in person Head outside and look up, if you are in an area that has clear skies and little light pollution. Peak viewing hours hit Friday night and into early Saturday morning. The Leonid shower is expected to produce about 15 meteors per hour when it hits its peak. In heavy years, the shower can produce up to 50,000 shooting stars in an hour. Stream the shower online If you’re in an area that can’t see the meteor shower clearly, or if you just don’t feel like getting out of bed, you can stream the Leonid meteor shower live on Slooh. The space broadcaster will begin streaming at 7 p.m.

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  • More Women Are Accusing Roy Moore of Sexual Misconduct. Here’s Everything You Need to Know About the ScandalMore Women Are Accusing Roy Moore of Sexual Misconduct. Here’s Everything You Need to Know About the Scandal

    Earlier this month, the Washington Post reported that Republican Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore initiated a sexual encounter with 14-year-old Leigh Corfman when he was a 32-year-old district attorney. The Post investigation also quoted three other accusers who said that Moore pursued relationships with them when they were between the ages of 16 and 18. Five other women have since come forward with their own allegations against Moore. The former Alabama state judge has denied the allegations and his campaign has vowed to stay in the Alabama Special Senate election. Moore’s wife, Kayla Moore, has also said her husband will not step down from the Senate race. Kayla Moore: The @washingtonpost has called everyone I have never known for 40 years. They have called everyone my husband [Roy Moore] has ever known for 40 years." pic.twitter.com/rPKq0iK53A — Scott McGrew (@ScottMcGrew) November 17, 2017 Some Republicans and Democrats have called on Moore to get out of the race, while his Democratic opponent, Doug Jones, has pulled ahead in the polls in Alabama, which is usually a conservative stronghold. “I believe the women,” Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said. “I think he should step aside.” Moore’s allegations come on the heels of a slew of cases in Hollywood, where public figures like Harvey Weinstein, Louis C.K., Kevin Spacey, and others have been accused of sexual harassment and assault. Here’s a list of Moore’s accusers so far. Leigh Corfman The allegations: Leigh Corfman told the Washington Post that she met Moore in 1979 when she was just 14 years old. The then-district attorney offered to watch Corfman while her mother attended a custody hearing, she said, and he asked for her phone number when he was alone with her. Corfman said that days later, Moore drove her to his house and kissed her. During a second encounter, he allegedly took off her shirt and pants and touched her over her underwear and led her hands to touch him over his underwear. “I wanted it over with,” Corfman told the Post. Moore’s response: “It never happened,” Moore said during an interview with Sean Hannity. “I don’t know Miss Corfman from anybody. I never talked to or never had any contact with her. Allegations of sexual misconduct with her are completely false. I believe they’re politically motivated.” Wendy Miller The allegations: Wendy Miller told the Post that she met Moore when she was 14 and working at Gadsden Mall. She claimed that Moore asked her out on dates when she was 16, but her mother forbid her from going out with Moore. Miller said that she was flattered at the time. “Now that I’ve gotten older, the idea that a grown man would want to take out a teenager, that’s disgusting to me,” she told the Post. Moore’s response: In an interview on Hannity, Moore said he only recognized the names of Debbie Wesson Gibson and Gloria Thacker Deason. “It’s political,” Moore told Hannity of Miller and Corfman’s allegations. “It’s a direct attack on this campaign and it involves a 14-year-old girl, which I would have never had any contact with — nothing with her mother or any courthouse or anywhere else would I have done that.” Debbie Wesson Gibson The allegations: Debbie Wesson Gibson told the Post that Moore first asked her out in 1981, when she was 17, after he had spoken to her high school civics class. She said that they went on several dates over a period of two to three months, but they never did anything more than kiss. She said her mother approved of her going out with Moore. Moore’s response: Moore told Hannity he didn’t remember speaking to her civics class, but said he knew Wesson Gibson and her parents. “I remember her as a good girl,” he said. “I know her, but I don’t remember going out on dates. I knew her as a friend. If we did go out on dates, then we did. But I don’t remember that.” (Later in the interview, Moore said that he dated “a lot of young ladies” after his return from the military, but said that he didn’t remember dating women who were much younger than him. He also added: “I don’t remember ever dating a girl without the permission of her mother.”) Gloria Thacker Deason The allegations: Gloria Thacker Deason told the Post that she met Moore when she was 18 at the department store where she worked at the Gadsden Mall. She said they dated on and off over several months, including dates where they drank wine. But she said that the relationship did not go beyond kissing. “My mom was really, really strict, and my curfew was 10:30, but she would let me stay out later with Roy,” she told the Post. Moore’s response: Moore told Hannity that he never provided alcohol to a minor. “I seem to remember her as a good girl… I had some sort of knowledge of her parents, her mother in particular,” he said. Beverly Young Nelson The allegations: In a press conference on Nov. 13, Beverly Young Nelson said that Moore sexually assaulted her in 1977 when she was just 16. She claims that Moore offered to drive her home from her job waitressing at a restaurant and then groped her and forced her head toward his crotch. She said that she had first met Moore at the restaurant she worked at when she was 15. She said he frequently complimented her appearance and signed her yearbook with the note: “To a sweeter, more beautiful girl I could not say Merry Christmas. Love Roy Moore, D.A.” Moore’s response: During a press conference on Nov. 13, Moore denied her allegations. “I can tell you without hesitation, this is absolutely false,” Moore said. “I never did what she said I did. I don’t even know the woman. I don’t know anything about her. I don’t even know where the restaurant is or was.” Moore also denied signing her yearbook and called on Nelson to release the yearbook so a handwriting expert could examine it. Tina Johnson The allegations: Tina Johnson told AL.com that Moore groped her in 1991 when she visited his law office with her mother. Johnson, who was 28 years old at the time, said Moore complimented her appearance throughout the meeting and then grabbed her butt when her mother had left the room. Moore’s response: Moore has not commented on Johnson’s specific allegations, but denies all of the allegations against him. Gena Richardson The allegations: In an interview with the Post published on Nov. 15, Gena Richardson said that she first met Moore at Gadsden Mall in 1977 either before or just after her 18th birthday. She said that she declined to give him her phone number, and Moore then called her at school to ask her out. After Moore allegedly attempted again to ask her out, she agreed to go on a date, Richardson said. At the end of the night, she said that Moore gave her an unwanted “forceful” kiss. Moore’s response: Moore has not commented on Richardson’s allegations, but denies all of the allegations against him. “If you are a liberal and hate Judge Moore, apparently he groped you,” Moore’s campaign said in a statement to the Post. “If you are a conservative and love Judge Moore, you know these allegations are a political farce.” Becky Gray The allegations: Becky Gray told the Post in the story published Nov. 15 that she met Moore at Gadsden Mall, where she worked at the time, when she was 22. Gray said that Moore repeatedly asked her out, and that she consistently turned down his advances. She said she complained to her manager, who allegedly told her that it was “not the first time he had a complaint about him hanging out at the mall.” Moore’s response: Moore has not commented on Gray’s allegations, but denies all of the allegations against him.

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  • How Would the Senate Tax Bill Affect You? Find Out With This Simple CalculatorHow Would the Senate Tax Bill Affect You? Find Out With This Simple Calculator

    Congress is moving along with its plan to overhaul the tax code. This week, the House voted to approve its version of tax reform and the Senate is expected to vote on its proposal after Thanksgiving. The bill is being championed by its Republican authors as a boon for both the middle class and economy as a whole, with reductions that are geared toward helping Americans across the board. Under the Senate version of the bill, the corporate tax rate is permanently cut to 20%, but some of the provisions geared toward individuals, including the reductions in the individual tax rates, are eventually phased out. A recent analysis from the Joint Committee on Taxation found that by 2027, taxes would increase for households earning under $75,000. That was done so that the cost of the bill would not exceed budget limits set under parliamentary rules that Republicans must follow if they want to avoid a Democratic filibuster. Keep in mind that the committee doesn’t use your gross income — the salary on your contract — or your adjusted gross income — the amount you’re taxed on after you deduct various things. Instead, it uses your income plus whatever benefits you might have received, such as the cost of health insurance. TIME crunched the numbers and designed this calculator so you can see how your personal tax bill could be impacted by the proposed legislation. Try it out below. Methodology The amount of tax cut that families would receive is calculated using the Average Tax Rate estimates provided by the Joint Committee on Taxation. The JCT estimates for income include additional benefits that one receives such as employer contributions to health and life insurance, insurance value of Medicare benefits and nontaxable social security benefits.

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  • See How the Earth Has Changed Over the Past 20 Years in This NASA TimelapseSee How the Earth Has Changed Over the Past 20 Years in This NASA Timelapse

    A new 20-year NASA timelapse taken from space shows in just a few minutes how life on Earth shapes the planet year by year. The timelapse follows two decades of constant image collection from a NASA satellite capturing both seasonal patterns that occur every year and longer term changes. “That’s the Earth,” said Gene Carl Feldman, a NASA oceanographer, in a press release. “That is it breathing every single day, changing with the seasons, responding to the Sun, to the changing winds, ocean currents and temperatures.” The receding level of ice in the Arctic is among the trends captured in the NASA visual. Researchers have long raised alarm at the fast disappearing ice in that region as result of man-made climate change with Arctic sea ice hitting a winter low this year and losing ground as the planet continues to warm. NASA has also shown the growth of “biological deserts” — uninhabitable regions — that have expanded their footprint in the last two decades. Green shrubs have also expanded their reach in areas once too cold for life. The data collection serves a practical purpose beyond creating a compelling image. Scientists can use the satellite imagery to help predict where crops will both thrive and suffer and inform farmers how to respond.

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  • Breaking Down the Justice League End Credit ScenesBreaking Down the Justice League End Credit Scenes

    Warning: This post contains spoilers for Justice League. If you’re a fan of either of the two major superhero movie franchises, you should know by now that you’re pretty much required to sit through the credits in order to catch the critical post-credit scenes. So, is there anything at the end of Justice League? In the case of this latest superhero offering, there are two end credit scenes in Justice League that work to spin the DC Extended Universe forward for future films. Justice League ends with our band of heroes — Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Flash, Cyborg and the newly resurrected Superman — successfully thwarting horn-headed supervillain Steppenwolf’s plan to unite the three Mother Boxes and turn Earth into a post-apocalyptic wasteland. However, it’s clear the peace won’t last long. Here’s everything we learned from the double whammy of post-credit spots. Scene 1: Superman races the Flash OK, so this first scene is actually a mid-credits addition and functions mostly as a gag. But it’s still worth sticking around for. Playing off earlier jokes from the movie, Superman and the Flash egg each other on as they prepare to race from the Kent family farm to the Pacific coast. Putting aside all the one-liners, it’s basically another reminder that anything the other heroes can do, Superman can do better. Scene 2: Lex Luthor launches the Injustice League with Deathstroke In this true post-credits scene, we learn that the now bald Lex Luthor has broken out of the prison where he was locked away at the end of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Naturally, he’s now plotting evil from the comfort of a private yacht. Cue the entrance of a formidable masked figure that DC Comics fans will recognize as Deathstroke, a.k.a. master mercenary Slade Wilson. Deathstroke — played by Joe Manganiello — asks Luthor what he wants, prompting a loaded answer from the ever-cryptic billionaire. “To put it plainly,” he replies. “Shouldn’t we have a league of our own?” This, of course, sets up the Luthor-led Injustice League, a foil to the Justice League that includes villains such as the Joker, Harley Quinn, Scarecrow, Poison Ivy, and, you guessed it, Deathstroke. Deathstroke is reportedly set to appear in The Batman — Ben Affleck’s solo Dark Knight installment — but there are also rumors of the fan-favorite anti-hero getting a standalone film. Neither of these projects have been given release dates yet. In the meantime, DC enthusiasts can look forward to the Aquaman movie that is set to hit theaters on Dec. 21, 2018, as well as Shazam!, which will open on April 5, 2019 and stars Zachary Levi as the hero Captain Marvel. Aquaman will reportedly introduce three enemies of Jason Momoa’s ocean-dwelling Arthur Curry to the DC Extended Universe — Yahya Abdul-Mateen II as Black Manta, Patrick Wilson as Ocean Master and Dolph Lundgren as King Nereus — creating another potential segue into all-out war between Justice and Injustice.

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  • Want to Live Longer? Every Movement Counts, Even Cleaning the HouseWant to Live Longer? Every Movement Counts, Even Cleaning the House

    You don’t have to break a sweat to reap the health benefits of physical activity, according to new research in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society. In a study of women age 65 and older, just 30 minutes a day of light exercise—like running errands and cleaning the house—was linked to a lower risk of death. Moderate-intensity exercise, like leisurely bike riding or brisk walking, was associated with an even greater reduction in risk. The authors say that improving doing more light and moderate physical activity could be almost as effective as rigorous exercise at preventing disease and prolonging life. “The paradigm needs to shift when we think about being active,” says senior author Andrea LaCroix, professor of family medicine and public health at the University of California San Diego. For the study, LaCroix and her colleagues asked 6,000 women, ages 65 to 99, to wear activity-tracking accelerometers for seven days as they went about their daily activities. The women were then followed for an average of three years. Based on the data from the women’s activity trackers, the researchers found that those who got at least 30 minutes of light physical activity a day were 12% less likely to die, compared to those who got less. Those who got an additional 30 minutes of moderate activity were 39% less likely to die. Light physical activity includes just about any type of behavior that isn’t sitting down: walking to the mailbox, strolling around the neighborhood and doing laundry. Activities like these account for more than 55% of older adults’ daily activity, says LaCroix, so the fact that they were protective in this study is very good news. “We’ve always been told that this type of activity isn’t enough to do you good,” says LaCroix. “But what we have here is solid evidence that light physical activity reduces a woman’s risk of dying over the next three to four years—and we see the benefits are substantial and independent of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity.” MORE: TIME’s Guide to Exercise The study could not show a cause-and-effect relationship between activity level and risk of death, only an association. But the link was present in all types of women in the study, including those of all races and ethnicities, women who were obese and those who were not, women with high and low functional abilities and women older and younger than 80. As adults get older, they expend more energy doing the same activities they did when they were younger, LaCroix says—so they don’t need to exercise as much, or as intensely, to burn the same amount of calories or get their heart rate up. “We know that people of different ages need different amounts and intensities of exercise to get the same result,” she says. “It’s not one size fits all.” But national guidelines still recommend that adults over age 65 follow the same guidelines as younger people: to get at least 150 minutes of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity per week. And recent analyses, compiled from studies in which adults self-reported their levels of physical activity, have suggested that older adults have to log moderate-to-vigorous exercise in order to reduce their risk of early death. LaCroix says her new study refutes that research and shows that older adults can still benefit at levels below the moderate-to-vigorous guidelines. Questionnaires used in self-reported studies don’t do a good job of encompassing all the ways people get physical activity throughout the day, she says, which may have skewed previous study results. “What makes our study stronger than those others is that we used a device that was able to measure all of the movements we do in our daily lives,” she says. The researchers hope their work sparks more discussion about how people—especially older ones—think about exercise and their goals for being active. “I think the current guidelines are discouraging to older people who don’t believe they can do 150 minutes of hard exercise,” LaCroix says. “They throw up their hands and think, ‘that’s not for me.’ But everyone does light physical activity, and the idea that doing more of it can have substantial health benefits should be welcome news.”

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  • Sex-Positive Pop Party Queen Tove Lo on Her New Album Blue LipsSex-Positive Pop Party Queen Tove Lo on Her New Album Blue Lips

    For pop star Tove Lo, Sweden’s gritty party queen, pop is personal. On her new album Blue Lips, the casually cool 30-year-old singer-songwriter continues to find poetry in frank desire. Conversant in feminism, sex-positive and drug-friendly, the 30-year-old producer has been a force in pop since the early ’10s, when she worked with hitmaker Max Martin and wrote songs for the likes of Icona Pop and Ellie Goulding. But it was 2014’s gritty, unglamorous sleeper hit “Habits (Stay High”) that tapped a nerve and launched her independent career. Since then, she’s used brutal autobiographical honesty and unrelentingly catchy production to describe the pleasures we seek when we’re looking to numb pain. She followed debut album Queen of the Clouds with last year’s Lady Wood, a wink to her unabashed sexuality, toured the world alongside superstars like Coldplay, performed at Coachella and released two provocative short films. Blue Lips is the sequel, at turns ecstatic and spare, exploring the highs and lows of love. “I’m always chasing the adventure and the passion with someone, an all-consuming thing,” she explains to TIME. That comes through in her sexually explicit lyrics. After she shared plans to add to her collection of tattoos in honor of Blue Lips, TIME spoke to Tove Lo about pop feminism, the restlessness that comes with success and the story behind her latest dance floor hit. TIME: Tell me a little bit about the two “chapters” on Blue Lips, which you call “Light Beams” and “Pitch Black.” What do they mean to you? Tove Lo: It’s the final stages of this emotional journey that the whole album has been. “Light Beams” is about a very naive, consequence-free, reckless way of life, but in a happy spirit. Not to numb anything or try to escape anything, but enjoying the lack of responsibility. And “Pitch Black” is more about the post-rush come-down, heartbreak. It’s more vulnerable, not only embracing my flaws, but admitting to them — admitting that some things need to change. And why the name Blue Lips? It’s a play off “blue balls” and a play off Lady Wood, too. And in a deeper sense, it’s about never feeling satisfied. I don’t mean sexually; I mean just in life in general. When you grow up having anything that you need — because I did, I had loving parents, I had everything — you’re chasing something else. It’s always about more, the next step. Unless it’s growing, it’s not successful; to sustain something almost equals failure. I try not to think that way, but I feel I’m always chasing something. Now that you’ve had a huge year of performing with and working with some of pop’s biggest names, where do you go from here? That’s the thing. Now what? I’m excited I have a platform from which I can express myself exactly the way I want to. In the beginning, the obvious goal was to have the most success as possible, so people try to push you in a direction that might not upset any people; you try to be a more commercial. But I love that I’ve fought against that and stayed true to me. Since the beginning, you’ve been vocal about sexuality, partying and the like. Have you ever received pushback from the industry or your family about that? My parents, the first time they saw the “Habits” video, they were like, “Oh my god, what is she doing?” But when they saw things started happening, they were like, “We know nothing.” They’ve been worried, but supportive. The sexual expressions I think they’re honestly proud of. People question it because — it’s just being a woman, you end up having to defend yourself if you choose to sing about things that aren’t seen as a good example. But it doesn’t really matter to me if people don’t agree with it. What’s the story of lead single “Disco T-ts?” We were at Coachella, and I had just performed; it was one of the first festivals I went to outside of Europe and it was so different — beautiful desert, and everything is clean and dry, everyone’s walking around the palm trees with flower crowns. I was wearing this see-through top that looked like a disco ball exploded all over my boobs. I got offstage, and my boyfriend, he just turns around and goes, “Hey disco t-ts, let’s go.” And I was like, “Wow, that’s me.” Back in 2014 with “Habits,” you were one of the first to explore these subjects. Now it feels like there’s a whole wave of sexual empowerment in pop. Yeah! Which is great. I remember the tone from when I released Queen of the Clouds to when I released Lady Wood was completely different. It went from, “Do you really have to? People aren’t going to take you seriously” to like “Feminism! F–k yeah! Happy to be part of it!” It’s a great change to see in such a short time. Then you have to remember that it’s a huge world, and we’re in a very small bubble of it.

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  • Andy Richter Had an Emotional Response After Someone Tweeted ‘Depression Is a Choice’Andy Richter Had an Emotional Response After Someone Tweeted ‘Depression Is a Choice’

    The comedian Andy Richter might be known for firing off humorous tweets, but this time, his feed was no joke. After a Twitter user wrote “depression is a choice” this week, Conan O’Brien’s right-hand man delivered a succinct clap back on Friday. “Oh really? Well “go f-ck yourself” is a directive,” he wrote. And then he got personal. The “depression is a choice” tweet angered Richter so much that he had to pull over his car after his school drop-off to share own experience. In a series of emotional tweets, he elaborated. “I have been followed by an ever-present amorphous sadness for almost my entire life. I am 51 years old. It varies in strength from a casual unresolvable suspicion that I will never find the joy that others do in a sunset, to the feeling that being dead might [be] a respite and a kindness,” he wrote. He then went on to share that he’d been taking medication for “decades,” believes wholeheartedly in the life-saving power of therapy, and now leads a successful life at work and at home. “I will still reach the end of my life having walked through most of it with an emotional limp. I do not wallow in self-pity. No one did this to me. It is just how it is. I am just unlucky,” he said. He closed with a message for those who don’t grapple with the burden: educate yourself or simply be lucky and quiet. “If you are unburdened by depression, real true depression, count yourself lucky. Keep your quick fixes to yourself. This is the kind of bullsh-t that kills people. Learn, then speak. Or just be lucky and quiet.” People were quick to chime in with kind words for the comedian. I have been followed by an ever-present amorphous sadness for almost my entire life. I am 51 yrs old. It varies in strength from a casual unresolvable suspicion that I will never find the joy that others do in a sunset, to the feeling that being dead might a respite & a kindness — Andy Richter (@AndyRichter) November 17, 2017 “Depression is a choice” = “your pain is your fault”“You can overcome this if you just try hard enough” = “Your pain is making me uncomfortable. Please shut up.” — Andy Richter (@AndyRichter) November 17, 2017 If you are unburdened by depression, real true depression, count yourself lucky. Keep your quick fixes to yourself. This is the kind of bullshit that kills people. Learn, then speak. Or just be lucky and quiet. — Andy Richter (@AndyRichter) November 17, 2017 Earlier this year Richter opened up about his battle with depression, which began when he was 5, in an episode of the podcast “The Hilarious World of Depression.” Not everyone was pleased that Richter chose a random Twitter user as the target of his rant, however. Journalist Emma Roller wrote: “Andy, as someone with depression, I recognize your pain and appreciate your words. That said, cursing out someone with ~500 followers seems unhelpful. You can use your platform to dispel myths about mental health without punching down.” Richter defended his tweet storm, “I wrote this thread b/c the person who wrote it expressed a very prevalent mindset that needs to be addressed. That’s what I did. I spoke to their ideas.” He added: “Yes, the initial tweet was aggressive and lop-sided. But the discussion it inspired IS useful. Impersonalizing it would have been less effective, I think. And it is twitter. We are all humans here.” This isn’t the first time a celebrity has used clapped back at those minimizing depression on the platform. In September, kickboxing champion Andrew Tate faced criticism from no less than J. K. Rowling, Patton Oswalt, and Chrissy Teigen, after sharing he thought “depression isn’t real.”

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  • These Are the Best Apple Black Friday DealsThese Are the Best Apple Black Friday Deals

    Black Friday, one of the biggest shopping holidays of the year, is nearly here. And for anyone who has been eyeing the new iPhone, you’re in luck. Retailers like Best Buy, Target, and Walmart are offering dozens of Black Friday deals, including discounts on Apple products like the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, iPad, MacBook and more. If you’re looking for new electronics or gadgets, take a look at these noteworthy Apple Black Friday deals. Note that specific deals and quantities may vary by time and store location. iPhone Black Friday Deals $250 Target Gift Card with iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus purchase. You’ll need to be sure to buy the phone on a carrier plan from Verizon, AT&T, or Sprint to take advantage of this Target deal. $300 Walmart Gift Card with iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, or iPhone X. Walmart’s offer is only valid if you purchase any of these phones on a plan with Verizon or AT&T. $200 Discount on iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus at Best Buy. Best Buy is chopping $200 off the price of these phones when you sign up for a plan with Sprint. $99 iPhone SE at Walmart. Apple’s smaller-sized iPhone is on sale for $30 off its original price at Walmart. $126 iPhone 6 at Walmart. The three-generation-old iPhone 6 will be $70 cheaper than usual at Walmart. iPad Black Friday Deals $529.99 10.5-inch iPad Pro at Target. Apple’s smaller-sized Pro tablet will be marked down from $649 at Target. $249.99 32GB iPad at Target. Those who don’t need a more powerful iPad can get a notable discount on the fifth-generation iPad, which will be marked down from $329 at Target. $274.99 128GB iPad mini 4. Apple’s smaller-sized iPad is $125 cheaper at Best Buy for Black Friday. Apple Watch Black Friday Deals $179.99 Apple Watch Series 1 at Target. Apple’s first smartwatch will be on sale for $70 off at Target. iMac and MacBook Black Friday Deals $899.99 21.5-inch iMac at Best Buy. Apple’s all-in-one desktop computer with 8GB of RAM, an Intel Core i5 processor, and 1TB of storage is on sale for $200 off at Best Buy. $200 Discount on MacBook Air Laptops at Best Buy. The 13.3-inch model with an Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB of RAM, and 128GB of storage is $799.99, marked down from $999.99, while the version with 256GB of storage will be $999 instead of $1,199.99.

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  • Scientists Can Now Tell How Much Glaciers Melting Will Affect Specific CitiesScientists Can Now Tell How Much Glaciers Melting Will Affect Specific Cities

    Scientists can now evaluate how much an individual glacier or ice sheet melting will contribute to rising sea levels in port cities around the world, according to new research. Climate scientists have said for decades that human-caused global warming causes ice to melt that in turn will raise global sea levels, and in recent years scientists have made increasingly precise projections about how individual cities will be affected. Global sea levels may rise by more than six feet by 2100, according to research published in the journal PNAS. The new study, published by NASA researchers in the journal Science Advances, expands on that research with a demonstration of exactly which melting glacier or ice sheet causes sea levels to rise in a given city. An easily digestible platform to evaluate individual cities around the globe allows users to explore those inputs individually and aggregated. New York, for instance, will be most affected by the northeastern part of the Greenland ice sheet, which will generate about 28% of the city’s sea level rise due to melting glaciers and ice sheets (warmer temperatures also expand water, generating higher water levels). The distribution of rising sea levels will have profound implications for the future of human development along coastlines around the globe, with some scientists say coastal cities like Miami could be uninhabitable by the end of the century without dramatic action to stem greenhouse emissions.

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  • Report: Multiple People Say There’s Been Sexual Misconduct at TED EventsReport: Multiple People Say There’s Been Sexual Misconduct at TED Events

    Multiple attendees and at least one employee have been victims of sexual misconduct at TED events, according to a report published Friday in the Washington Post. At least five incidents were reported after TED’s signature conference in Vancouver in April, according to the Post story, though the problem appears to have been going on for years before that, according to emails reviewed by the Post and a past attendee who went on record with the paper. TED conferences bring speakers from all backgrounds — from scientists to celebrities to business scions — together to deliver live speeches on a variety of topics. Nishat Ruiter, TED’s general counsel, wrote in an email to the group’s senior leadership that the company was “clearly not doing enough” to prevent sexual misconduct at its events. In the email, the Post reports, she also mentioned that she had been “touched inappropriately but let it go.” In a statement, TED told the Post that at least two men were “disinvited” from its events following the April complaints. “Creating a safe and welcoming environment is critical to the success of our conferences, and we have no tolerance for harassment of any kind. As soon as we heard there were issues at our conference in 2017 we took immediate action to address the specific allegations, then worked with leading experts to upgrade our code of conduct. Today we make the code of conduct extremely clear to all TED conference attendees, and encourage our community to report violations,” the statement reads. The company has faced sexual misconduct allegations in the past. One former staffer who spoke to the Post said he was sexually harassed by the organization’s director of partnerships and eventually left the company in 2014. (TED, in response, confirmed there was an “unhappy staff departure in 2014” but maintained it was “dealt with appropriately.”) The company also settled a sexual harassment case with a woman who did digital marketing for the company in 2014, according to the Post. TED did not immediately respond to TIME’s request for comment.

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  • Alex Trebek Brought Back One of the Internet’s Old Favorite Memes For This Jeopardy ClueAlex Trebek Brought Back One of the Internet’s Old Favorite Memes For This Jeopardy Clue

    Alex Trebek just pulled off what may be the greatest Rickroll in television history (unless you count Melania Trump’s alleged one). On Thursday night’s episode of the Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions, Trebek dug through the morass of the internet and pulled out an ancient meme to stump the champions, New York found. It all came together when contestant Buzzy Cohen called for the $800 clue in the category “Love Songs, Nothing But ’80s Love Songs”. Trebek nodded—and then Rickrolled the entire audience by reciting the clue, which was only lyrics from Rick Astley’s 1987 hit, “Never Gonna Give You Up.” If you don’t remember the once-ubiquitous meme, it went something like this: Someone would send you a hyperlink to, say, a list of the Greatest Adam Sandler Movies of All Times or a link to purchase Death Cab for Cutie tickets (it was the early ’00s after all). When you clicked on the link, though, it wouldn’t take you to your chosen destination, but instead lead to the YouTube page for “Never Gonna Give You Up.” It was known as the Rickroll, and its known side effects were constantly having Rick Astley stuck in your head and deeply regretting clicking on a link. Now, Jeopardy! contestants may slowly develop the same fear. While Trebek’s prank was great, the greatest Rickroll of all time was played by the Foo Fighters who got Astley himself to play along.

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  • 48 Countries Are Ahead of the U.S. in Closing the Gender Gap48 Countries Are Ahead of the U.S. in Closing the Gender Gap

    The U.S. is behind 48 other countries around the world when it comes to closing the gender gap, according to data published recently by the World Economic Forum. The group, best known for its annual gathering of entrepreneurs in Davos, Switzerland, looked at more than a dozen metrics to rank 144 countries on differences in access and opportunity for men and women, often called the gender gap. At No. 49, the U.S. ranks above average for gender equality worldwide, but behind countries such as Iceland, Rwanda and Nicaragua, which have all seen female heads of state within the last 50 years. America dropped four spots since 2016, largely because of low performance on the “political empowerment” metric, which is based on the ratio of women in public office. The report also considers education and health outcomes, where the U.S. ranks highly, as well as economic opportunity, where the U.S. has recently improved. Gender disparities remain greatest in countries like Saudi Arabia, where a ban on female drivers was recently lifted, but where women still can’t apply for a passport or open a bank account without the consent of a male guardian. Based on the current rate of progress, the report predicts that the global gender gap can be closed in 100 years among the 106 countries surveyed when the report began in 2006. Methodology To be included in the annual report, a country must have data available for a minimum of 12 indicators out of the 14 measured by the World Economic Forum for gender equality.

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  • Why Mugabe Isn’t Standing Aside (Or, When a Coup Is Not a Coup)Why Mugabe Isn’t Standing Aside (Or, When a Coup Is Not a Coup)

    It would seem as if Zimbabwe’s military has President Robert Mugabe backed into a corner. The 93-year-old has been held under army supervision since the military took over the airwaves on Nov. 14, and tanks patrol the still quiet streets of the capital, Harare. His former vice president-turned-rival Emmerson Mnangagwa, whose abrupt dismissal the week before triggered the political crisis, is back in the capital and determined to take power—seemingly with the blessing of the armed forces. Meanwhile, Zimbabweans are already celebrating the downfall of a dictator who has held the country in his iron grip for the past 37 years. Yet Mugabe refuses to relinquish power before elections slated for April 2018, even as the military, the opposition and members of his own party insist that stands down immediately and hand power to Mnangagwa. And he can. Because he holds a trump card: the fear that the military’s power play could be called a military coup. You could be forgiven for thinking that this was indeed a coup — despite the army’s insistence it has not taken over the government. Zimbabwean intelligence reports, cited by Reuters, suggest that Mnangagwa may have been planning for Mugabe’s exit with the military for more than a year. And Zimbabwe’s military chief General Constantino Chiwenga’s recent trip to Beijing to meet with the Chinese defense minister, though billed as a “normal military exchange,” is now raising questions. China maintains a close diplomatic and economic relationship with Zimbabwe, and its support for any change in government would be vital. If the military does force Mugabe out of power, even with the support of the populace, it would still be considered a coup. That would automatically trigger suspension from the African Union as well as the 15-nation Southern Africa Development Community, and all of their activities. The region, and even European nations would likely impose economic sanctions. Zimbabwe would have trouble getting development assistance or even loans from international banks. And even the United States’ limited engagement with Zimbabwe would have to be dialed back. The U.S. Foreign Assistance Act “restricts assistance to the government of any country whose duly elected head of government is deposed by military coup or decree.” That means that U.S. support for family planning, HIV/AIDS prevention, governance programs and, ironically, democracy promotion, could be cut. If Mugabe stands down on his own, however, the political transition maintains a veneer of legality that ensures the next government, whatever it looks like, has a soft landing and the chance of international economic assistance. “If this transition, for which Zimbabweans and friends of Zimbabwe have been waiting for such a long time, is to have a chance of succeeding it will need international engagement,” says J. Peter Pham, director of the Atlantic Council’s Africa Center. Zimbabwe is already in economic freefall, beset by hyperinflation and unemployment so high that an estimated 3 million citizens are now living in neighboring countries. “No one wants to provoke a crisis that will send even more Zimbabweans fleeing over the border.” Even members of Mugabe’s own party, Zanu PF, seem to understand what’s at stake. The party is working on its own transition plan, senior officials told Reuters on Friday, drafting a resolution to impeach the president if he refuses to stand down. “There is no going back,” the official told Reuters. “If he becomes stubborn, we will arrange for him to be fired on Sunday. When that is done, it’s impeachment on Tuesday.” In the meantime, Harare’s streets remain calm, and Zimbabwean’s characteristic black humor about their own predicament remains intact: “Mugabe is suddenly a real Zimbabwean: an adult with several degrees just sitting idly at home,” tweeted @CynicHarare, a self-proclaimed “detractor” from Harare.

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  • This Addictive New Trivia App Is Giving Away Free Money Every Day. Here’s How to PlayThis Addictive New Trivia App Is Giving Away Free Money Every Day. Here’s How to Play

    I’m watching well-dressed, bearded, young comedian Scott Rogowsky bark a joke about Dunkaroos while explaining today’s $1,000 prize on HQ Trivia, and I feel like I’m staring into the future of TV. Or mobile gaming. Or something new all together, it’s still unclear. I mean that as a compliment. The game show has long been one of the most enduring, popular formats on television and now it’s inspired a viral new app that could transform how people earn a quick buck, like me, wherever I am. The bus. The airport. During a boring work meeting. HQ Trivia, launched this past August, comes from the founders of the defunct Vine, and it’s a free app that combines live video, cash prizes, and what’s known as “appointment gaming.” Basically, by offering payouts only at certain times of day, HQ drives a large, active group of users hoping to get a little richer in roughly 15 minutes. Curious? Here’s what you need to know. The HQ creators said Hollywood productions like Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune were an inspiration as they developed HQ. Like those shows, it’s very straightforward and easy to play. After creating a username, you launch the app at one of the only times the games take place: On weekdays at 3 p.m. and 9 p.m. EST, and on weekends, just 9 p.m. EST. The app is currently only available on Apple iOS, but HQ has plans for an Android version. courtesy of HQ After launching the app just before a game begins, you’ll see the counter of players increase. HQ has rapidly grown, from a few thousand concurrent users just last month to nearly 100,000. On a recent weekday at 9 p.m., a little over 83,000 people played, which easily beats the viewing statistics for many major publishers’ Facebook Live videos. The total pot on that day was $1,000, split among all the winners who correctly answered all 12 questions. You have 10 seconds to answer each question using multiple choices shown on the app. And for those of you who think it would be easy just to look something up, the limited timeframe makes Googling your way to victory very hard. After each question, it cuts back to a live video of the host explaining the answer and cracking a goofy joke. Then onto the next. courtesy of HQ If you get one question wrong, you’re out, though you can still watch — I did, and it helped me get a sense of how hard the later rounds get. I was lured into thinking I might win by the first few questions, which asked things like “What country Havana is the capital of?” and “What MB stands for in computing.” Later questions focused on the scientific names of dinosaurs and the origin of Alcatraz’s name, which weeded out a lot of players, me included. There’s a way to keep going even if you miss a question, though. When you refer a friend to the app, you get an “Extra Life,” which gives you another chance to make it to the end of a round. While there isn’t much friend engagement in HQ now, the founders recognize the possibilities. “We get these screenshots and videos of whole offices playing together, stopping meetings, and we know that something’s working,” Yusupov said. “So now we’re thinking about both solo and group play as we move the format forward.” There’s a live comments area, but it’s generally overrun with juvenile asides and in-jokes. You’re better off swiping it to the right to get rid of it and focusing on the game. Unlike a lot of gaming apps out there, you won’t see any ads or product placement when I played. HQ reportedly has seed funding in the millions of dollars, but the opportunities for revenue are obvious. Sponsored prizes and ads could be lucrative, especially given the captive audience. Right now HQ says it’s not commenting on funding or revenue. In the round I played, 15 people made it through all the questions and each got their $66.67 share of the $1,000 total. Sadly, I wasn’t one of them. Had I been, HQ would have Paypal’d me my winnings. Yusupov hopes the pots will only get bigger as more people join. “Can we keep going until we hit $1 million? I bet we can,” he said. HQ is offering its biggest prize yet on Sunday at $7,500. Wish me luck.

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  • Jimmy Kimmel Fixed Justice League With a New Kind of HeroJimmy Kimmel Fixed Justice League With a New Kind of Hero

    On Thursday night’s Jimmy Kimmel, the comedian riffed on the new DC comics movie Justice League. While the reviews about the superhero-stuffed film have been tepid, it’s still poised to be a major blockbuster success; at this point, anything with Wonder Woman seems to draw the crowds. But Kimmel also had a suggestion on how to make the action movie even more epic: add in another hero. She’s the hero we all need, and she’s the hero that currently wields power in one of the highest offices of our land. She’s Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, of course. In a parody trailer for Kimmel’s “Supreme Court Justice League,” he threw in suggestions on how Ginsburg would flex her skills in fighting evil. “What are your superpowers again?” asks Ezra Miller’s The Flash in the clip. “It helps sometimes to be a little hard of hearing,” is Ginsburg’s appropriate response. And like Thor of the Marvel universe, Ginsburg has a special weapon that presumably only she can hold. It’s a gavel, naturally. The tagline for the spoof: “Justice League: You can’t handle the Ruth.” While in reality Ginsburg may not be a star of a superhero movie, she is known to stick to a strict fitness and health regiment, keeping her sharp even in her 80s after 24 years serving on the bench.  

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  • Walmart’s Black Friday Samsung TV Deal Is Insane — and Sales Are Live Right NowWalmart’s Black Friday Samsung TV Deal Is Insane — and Sales Are Live Right Now

    Retailers like Amazon, Target, Walmart, and Sears have already published their Black Friday ads. So shoppers know what’s coming down the pike in terms of doorbusters and bargains—including all the best Black Friday TV deals. But you don’t have to wait until next week to snag a great deal on a TV. Special promotions for early Black Friday TV deals are already live at some stores. In fact, Walmart just launched a “Samsung Savings Event” with big discounts on most items made by the popular electronics brand—including TVs. The vast majority of electronics on sale come with free two-day shipping or, if you’d prefer, free store pickup. One of the best TV deals we’ve seen so far for the holiday season—including deals coming up for Black Friday 2017—is the Walmart sale on a 55-inch Smart LED TV. The list price given by Walmart is $1,199.99, but right now the TV is on sale for only $447.99. That’s a discount of a whopping $752 off the list price. Granted, the $1,200 list price is probably quite inflated. But after checking around to see the best TV deals from Best Buy, Amazon, Target, and other competitors, as well as the best upcoming Black Friday TV deals, Walmart’s sale price for this 55-inch Samsung TV stands out as quite an amazing deal. Best Buy is advertising a 55-inch Toshiba LED 4K TV for only $279.99 as part of its Black Friday 2017 sale. But it’s not a “smart” TV like the one Walmart has on sale right now, and most buyers generally consider Samsung a superior brand. Target is advertising a Samsung 58-inch 4K Ultra HD Smart TV for $649.99 on Black Friday, and while it’s larger and a higher-end model than the 55-incher on sale right now at Walmart, the Walmart TV is arguably a better deal with a price under $450. Here are some other Samsung deals available at Walmart right now: • Samsung BD-J5700 Blu-ray & DVD Player with Wi-Fi: $47.99 (listed at $99.99) • Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite 7-inch 8 GB Tablet: $67.99 (listed at $119.99) • Samsung 40-inch 4K Smart LED TV: $327.99 (listed at $549.99) • Samsung 50-inch Smart LED TV: $477.99 (listed at $899)

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  • Pringles Has Your Entire Thanksgiving Meal Covered With These ChipsPringles Has Your Entire Thanksgiving Meal Covered With These Chips

    If you’re not in the mood to cook Thanksgiving dinner, there may just be hope for you yet. For the first time ever, Pringles is looking to become part of your holiday tradition, rolling out eight new flavors based on traditional Turkey Day foods. The new chips include a full spread: Turkey, Mashed Potatoes, Stuffing, Cranberry Sauce, Creamed Corn, Green Bean Casserole, Mac & Cheese and Pumpkin Pie. Sadly, this is just a pilot taste test and isn’t available in retail stores in 2017 — but at least there is hope for the future of holiday snacking. pringles has created an entire thanksgiving dinner out of potato chipshttps://t.co/zkEwY8JAHS pic.twitter.com/2OV86xjeXc — designboom (@designboom) November 17, 2017 “Pringles are known for bold flavors and endless flavor stacking possibilities, so this holiday season we wanted to introduce snack-lovers to a new way to enjoy Thanksgiving favorites,” Pringles senior director of marketing Kurt Simon said. “The Pringles Thanksgiving Dinner flavors are not only new but cover every course of the real meal – from the main event, to sides and even dessert,” he added. The eight new snack staple flavors are presented in a TV dinner-like tray. Pringles suggests you flex those creative muscles and mix and match for a nice variety of choices. The “Leftover Sandwich” features a turkey, stuffing and a mashed potato chip all stacked together. And though this years limited-edition tray isn’t for sale in retail stores, who knows what Pringles has in store for next year’s marathon feast? This article originally appeared on People.com

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  • Delight in This One Man’s Viral Cheesecake Factory Rant That Says Everything You Can’tDelight in This One Man’s Viral Cheesecake Factory Rant That Says Everything You Can’t

    A man’s Twitter thread featuring his very deep thoughts about The Cheesecake Factory has gone viral. Twitter user Max Krieger kicked off his tweetstorm about all the various ways The Cheesecake Factory mystifies him with an introduction, “If you want a fully immersive “postmodern design hellscape” themed dining experience I highly recommend dinner at The Cheesecake Factory,” he wrote. What followed next was a highly detailed rant filled with design tidbits and philosophical takes on everything from the “off the rails” decor to the menu. His thread has been a lot of fun for social media users who were living in a pre-Krieger review world before he came through with observations like this one. Here’s how he described the architecture in a tweet paired with a photo: “Greco-Roman cornices, seashells above the pseudo-arched doors, topped with a dome airlifted from f-cking St. Basil’s.” He thought the interior was sensational too, calling it “a world of aesthetic chaos that feels like a mix between a Fry’s Electronics, an overgrown Panera, and a laser tag arena.” (The over-the-top design incorporates Egyptian and Victorian era design elements, according to Eater.) Continuing his tour of things that concern him, he had issues with the menu convinced that it just “wants to disorient you.” He especially took issue with the “glamburgers” page. Proving no one cares as much about this place quite as much as him, he was particularly poetic about the advertisements within the menu: “this thing feels like a god d-mn Playbill. all the [The Cheesecake Factory’s] a stage, and we are but its players.” But his closing thoughts really take the cake: “It feels like a relic of another era, one where such a vision was sold to the American public as a Utopian concept. It, like the brief period of neoliberalistic prosperity that made it possible, is a fever dream made manifest. Enjoy it while you can.” Read the whole thread in its entirety.

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  • Stephen Colbert Is Having Absolutely None of Al Franken’s ApologyStephen Colbert Is Having Absolutely None of Al Franken’s Apology

    Stephen Colbert is not impressed with Minnesota Sen. Al Franken’s apology to Leeanne Tweeden after she accused Franken of sexually harassing her during a USO Tour in 2006, and taking a photo showing Franken groping her while she slept. Franken apologized, stating that the photo was meant to be funny. “O.K., ‘intended to be funny but wasn’t?’’ said Colbert on Thursday’s The Late Show. “No. Your movie Stuart Saves His Family was intended to be funny but wasn’t. That photo was intended to embarrass her — that’s why he did it while she was asleep. Nobody goes up to their buddy when he’s awake and says, ‘Hey, can I draw a penis on your forehead?’” While Franken later issued a more comprehensive apology, it still wasn’t enough for Colbert. “Franken later released a more complete apology, in which he said, ‘I am asking that an ethics investigation be undertaken, and I will gladly cooperate,’” said Colbert. “Well, that’s nice. It would be wrong if an ethics investigation was done without his consent.” For Colbert, the charges against Franken – a former comedy writer – seemed to hit hard. “I guess there are no good people left,” said Colbert. “So let’s just get it over with. Just tell us whatever you did, Jimmy Carter, Barack Obama, Tom Hanks — Malala.”

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  • Tesla Just Announced a Semi Truck and a New Supercar. See Them HereTesla Just Announced a Semi Truck and a New Supercar. See Them Here

    Elon Musk‘s Tesla announced two new electric vehicles on Thursday, one long expected and the other a shock to even the closest Tesla observers. Here’s what to know about Tesla’s new vehicles: the Tesla Semi and the refreshed Tesla Roadster. The Tesla Semi TeslaTesla Semi The Tesla Semi is a battery-powered truck with an advertised range of 500 miles on a single charge when fully loaded and driving 65 miles per hour. It will include Tesla’s semiautonomous self-driving capabilities, which allow Tesla’s vehicles to drive themselves with minimal human input in some scenarios. Tesla did not specify how much the Tesla Semi will cost, but reservations begin at $5,000 per truck. Production is expected to start in 2019. The Tesla Semi represents a major extension of the company’s business model. Whereas Tesla has previously focused on selling consumer vehicles, the Tesla Semi marks the firm’s first major foray into the commercial vehicle market. While that market presents a potentially lucrative opportunity for Tesla, it also brings new challenges. Tesla has been known to over-promise and under-deliver on production deadlines and other targets (the new Model 3 sedan, for instance, has been plagued by production problems and delays.) While the company’s car fans might begrudgingly tolerate delays, commercial trucking companies are likely to be less forgiving of any snafus. The Tesla Roadster TeslaTesla Roadster Tesla and Musk had been teasing the Tesla Semi for months, leaving few surprises for Thursday’s big rig reveal. But Musk managed to surprise the automotive world nonetheless with the introduction of a refreshed Roadster supercar, Tesla’s original electric vehicle. The new Roadster shares few similarities with the original, beyond the name. Whereas the first Roadster had the feel of a Skunkworks project (it was based on the Lotus Elise), the new model appears to be the collective expression of everything Tesla has learned about making vehicles in the past decade or so. Tesla claims the new Roadster, which will start at $200,000, will do 0 to 60 miles per hour in 1.9 seconds, have a top speed of 250 miles per hour, and will be able to drive up to 620 miles on a single charge. How those figures stand up to real-world testing remain to be seen. The range, in particular, will likely depend on how hard it’s driven. The Tesla Roadster won’t be available until 2020, Tesla says, but reservations start immediately for a cool $50,000 down.

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  • More Than 90% of Americans Don’t Eat Enough Fruits and VegetablesMore Than 90% of Americans Don’t Eat Enough Fruits and Vegetables

    The vast majority of Americans are not eating enough fruits and vegetables, according to a new report from the CDC. The most recent edition of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommends that adults consume 1.5 to two cups of fruit per day, and two to three cups of vegetables per day. According to the CDC’s data, however, just 12.2% of American adults are meeting the standard for fruit, and 9.3% are meeting the standard for vegetables. On average, the report adds, Americans are eating fruit once per day and vegetables 1.7 times per day. The numbers vary slightly state by state, but even the leading regions fall far short of the guidelines. People in Washington, D.C. eat the most fruit, with 15.5% of adults meeting the guidelines, and Alaska leads vegetable consumption with 12% compliance. On the flip side, only 7.3% and 5.8% of people in West Virginia are eating enough fruits and vegetables, respectively. Across the board, the study found, women eat more produce than men, and young adults eat fewer fruits and vegetables than other age groups. It’s important to get these numbers up, according to the CDC, because plant-heavy diets have been shown to reduce the risk for everything from type 2 diabetes and obesity to cardiovascular disease and some types of cancer. To increase consumption, the report says, the U.S. should aim to lower costs, expand access and improve education efforts.

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  • It’s Official: Dog Owners Live Longer, Healthier LivesIt’s Official: Dog Owners Live Longer, Healthier Lives

    In case you need another reason to snuggle your pup: According to a new study of more than 3.4 million people, owning a dog is linked to a longer life. The research, published in Scientific Reports, is the latest in a growing body of research suggesting that canine companions may be good for human health—especially for people who live alone. To study the link between dogs and longevity, researchers at Uppsala University in Sweden reviewed national registry records of Swedish men and women, ages 40 to 80. They focused on 3.4 million people who had no history of cardiovascular disease in 2001, and followed their health records—as well as whether they registered as a dog owner—for about 12 years. Dog ownership registries are mandatory in Sweden, and every visit to a hospital is recorded in a national database. They found that dog owners had a lower risk of death due to cardiovascular disease than people who did not report owning a dog, as well as a lower risk of death from other causes. That was true even after adjusting for factors such as smoking, body mass index and socioeconomic status. The protective effect was especially prominent for people living alone, who have been found to have a higher risk for early death than those who live with other people. People who lived alone with a dog had a 33% reduced risk of death, and an 11% reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, than people who lived alone without a dog. The study—with a sample size hundreds of times larger than any other studies on this topic—was not designed to show a cause-and-effect relationship between dog ownership and reduced risk of death or cardiovascular disease, or to determine why these factors may be related. It’s possible that people who choose to own dogs may simply be more active and in better health to begin with, say the authors. But it’s also possible—and very likely, says senior author Tove Fall, a veterinarian and associate professor of epidemiology—that taking care of a dog prompts people to stay active and live a healthier lifestyle. “I have met numerous owners that are convinced that their pet has been instrumental for them, often in terms of social support,” says Fall. “As a dog owner, I also notice that the people I meet during walks are often other dog owners, especially in bad weather.” MORE: Science Says Your Pet Is Good for Your Mental Health Another possible explanation, he adds, could be a dog’s effect on its owner’s microbiome. Other studies have suggested that growing up with a dog in the house can decrease allergies and asthma in children, and Fall says that pets may provide immune-boosting benefits for adults as well. Studies have also suggested that dog owners have lower reactivity to stress and faster recovery of blood pressure following stressful events. The study authors were also surprised to find that people who owned dogs that were originally bred for hunting—like terriers, retrievers and scent hounds—were the most protected from heart disease and death. Because these dogs typically need more exercise than other breeds, their owners may be more likely to meet physical activity guidelines, they say. Fall says the study’s results can be generalized to the entire Swedish population, and likely to other European countries with similar living standards and culture regarding dog ownership. They also probably apply to the United States, she says. Scientists can’t say that getting a dog will definitely help a person live longer, but Fall believes it’s not a bad idea. “I think that a pet brings a lot of joy and companionship into a house, so if a person has the capacity to take care of it, they certainly should,” she says. “There are numerous studies showing that dog owners get more physical activity, which could help to prolong a healthy life.”

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  • A Leonardo da Vinci Painting Just Sold for $450 Million. Here’s How Experts Figured Out It Was RealA Leonardo da Vinci Painting Just Sold for $450 Million. Here’s How Experts Figured Out It Was Real

    For a painting worth nearly half a billion dollars, Leonardo da Vinci’s Salvator Mundi is far from perfect. The 500-year-old portrait of Jesus Christ has a shady past that includes ownership by King Charles I, a 160-year disappearing act and a sale for only thousands of dollars just 12 years ago. It is damaged and was heavily repainted, then restored. And at least one prominent da Vinci expert is on record saying he doesn’t believe da Vinci was the primary artist behind it. But the 15-by-17 portrait overcame all of that Wednesday night when it sold at auction to an anonymous buyer for a gob-smacking $450.3 million — the highest known sum paid for a work of art, by far. Andy Rain — EPA-EFE Before the sale at Christie’s in New York, came experts like Nica Rieppi, who spent four years and used the latest technology and a lot of highly detailed art books to authenticate the painting. “There’s no doubt that this wasn’t the work of a copyist, but really the hand of a master at work,” Rieppi, the principal investigator at Art Analysis & Research, told TIME on Thursday. Reippi and her team of six scientists painstakingly analyzed the painting at a microscopic level, taking minuscule samples to determine the pigments, materials and techniques used to create it. They also used technical imaging with x-rays, infrared and ultraviolet technology to evaluate how it evolved with each stroke. The CSI-like research contributed to the work of other teams researching the artistic expression (connoisseurship) and history (provenance) of the piece. In the increasingly high-stakes world of multimillion-dollar fine art sales, science is becoming ever more important, Reippi said. The purpose, ultimately, is to “get inside the head of the artist,” Rieppi said. JEWEL SAMAD – AFP/Getty Images Dating back to the year 1500, the painting — translated as “Savior of the World” — depicts Christ holding one hand in prayer and a crystal sphere in the other while draped in a blue robe. It is one of fewer than 20 paintings known to be made by the Italian master. One big clue came from the composition of the paint. Through microscopic sampling, the team discovered the use of lapis lazuli — an incredibly rare pigment considered more expensive than gold in Italy at the time — in “extraordinarily high quality” throughout the blue of Christ’s robe in the painting. Imported from Afghanistan, the material was “so expensive and only available to someone of a master and stature as Leonardo,” Rieppi said. Another tell-tale sign, according to Reippi, was da Vinci’s complex and sophisticated layering. Using a powerful microscope, researchers found monochromatic layers applied to the canvas before pigment was added. This included a warm brown color on the robe and transparent washes throughout the painting. The detail is consistent with da Vinci’s technique in his unfinished work The Adoration of Magi, Reippi said. “The fact is, this painting is extraordinary at a microscopic level and the uniqueness that we see at that level, there’s no question that this painting is of the time period,” Rieppi said. “And then in my mind that anyone else at that time frame could’ve created this except for Leonardo.” The authenticators had their work cut out for them when they started. Its complex history left many in the art world puzzled about where it came from. Some where outright doubtful. Jacques Frank, and art historian and da Vinci specialist who examined the piece, told the New York Times, “The composition doesn’t come from Leonardo. He preferred twisted movement. It’s a good studio work with a little Leonardo at best, and it’s very damaged.” The work was owned by King Charles I in the 17th century, but then it disappeared from records from 1763 to 1900, according to Christie’s. Its history grew more complicated after it was “extensively repainted” and purchased with the belief that it was created by a follower of da Vinci’s. It resurfaced again in 1958, and then sold in 2005 for less than $10,000. Russian billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev brought the painting to the market after buying it in 2013 for $127.5 million. (The extensive repainting of the piece was removed before it was analyzed by scientists.) Rieppi said she and her team work with “doubt and skepticism,” given the questionable history. However, Reippi said, there came a point when the materials lined up and the techniques aligned into certitude about the origin and identity of Salvator Mundi. “Science is allowing us to move more toward evidence-based connoisseurship, and that’s where I see things going in the art market,” she said.

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  • A Leonardo da Vinci Painting Just Sold for $450 Million. Here’s How Experts Figured Out It Was RealA Leonardo da Vinci Painting Just Sold for $450 Million. Here’s How Experts Figured Out It Was Real

    For a painting worth nearly half a billion dollars, Leonardo da Vinci’s Salvator Mundi is far from perfect. The 500-year-old portrait of Jesus Christ has a shady past that includes ownership by King Charles I, a 160-year disappearing act and a sale for only thousands of dollars just 12 years ago. It is damaged and was heavily repainted, then restored. And at least one prominent da Vinci expert is on record saying he doesn’t believe da Vinci was the primary artist behind it. But the 15-by-17 portrait overcame all of that Wednesday night when it sold at auction to an anonymous buyer for a gob-smacking $450.3 million — the highest known sum paid for a work of art, by far. Andy Rain — EPA-EFE Before the sale at Christie’s in New York, came experts like Nica Rieppi, who spent four years and used the latest technology and a lot of highly detailed art books to authenticate the painting. “There’s no doubt that this wasn’t the work of a copyist, but really the hand of a master at work,” Rieppi, the principal investigator at Art Analysis & Research, told TIME on Thursday. Reippi and her team of six scientists painstakingly analyzed the painting at a microscopic level, taking minuscule samples to determine the pigments, materials and techniques used to create it. They also used technical imaging with x-rays, infrared and ultraviolet technology to evaluate how it evolved with each stroke. The CSI-like research contributed to the work of other teams researching the artistic expression (connoisseurship) and history (provenance) of the piece. In the increasingly high-stakes world of multimillion-dollar fine art sales, science is becoming ever more important, Reippi said. The purpose, ultimately, is to “get inside the head of the artist,” Rieppi said. JEWEL SAMAD – AFP/Getty Images Dating back to the year 1500, the painting — translated as “Savior of the World” — depicts Christ holding one hand in prayer and a crystal sphere in the other while draped in a blue robe. It is one of fewer than 20 paintings known to be made by the Italian master. One big clue came from the composition of the paint. Through microscopic sampling, the team discovered the use of lapis lazuli — an incredibly rare pigment considered more expensive than gold in Italy at the time — in “extraordinarily high quality” throughout the blue of Christ’s robe in the painting. Imported from Afghanistan, the material was “so expensive and only available to someone of a master and stature as Leonardo,” Rieppi said. Another tell-tale sign, according to Reippi, was da Vinci’s complex and sophisticated layering. Using a powerful microscope, researchers found monochromatic layers applied to the canvas before pigment was added. This included a warm brown color on the robe and transparent washes throughout the painting. The detail is consistent with da Vinci’s technique in his unfinished work The Adoration of Magi, Reippi said. “The fact is, this painting is extraordinary at a microscopic level and the uniqueness that we see at that level, there’s no question that this painting is of the time period,” Rieppi said. “And then in my mind that anyone else at that time frame could’ve created this except for Leonardo.” The authenticators had their work cut out for them when they started. Its complex history left many in the art world puzzled about where it came from. Some where outright doubtful. Jacques Frank, and art historian and da Vinci specialist who examined the piece, told the New York Times, “The composition doesn’t come from Leonardo. He preferred twisted movement. It’s a good studio work with a little Leonardo at best, and it’s very damaged.” The work was owned by King Charles I in the 17th century, but then it disappeared from records from 1763 to 1900, according to Christie’s. Its history grew more complicated after it was “extensively repainted” and purchased with the belief that it was created by a follower of da Vinci’s. It resurfaced again in 1958, and then sold in 2005 for less than $10,000. Russian billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev brought the painting to the market after buying it in 2013 for $127.5 million. (The extensive repainting of the piece was removed before it was analyzed by scientists.) Rieppi said she and her team work with “doubt and skepticism,” given the questionable history. However, Reippi said, there came a point when the materials lined up and the techniques aligned into certitude about the origin and identity of Salvator Mundi. “Science is allowing us to move more toward evidence-based connoisseurship, and that’s where I see things going in the art market,” she said.

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  • Backstage With Pop’s Youngest Rising Star Grace VanderWaalBackstage With Pop’s Youngest Rising Star Grace VanderWaal

    Two hours before Grace VanderWaal’s first big headline show in New York City, her fans are lined up around the block outside the Irving Plaza theater, huddled up against the mid-November chill. The age range is wide: kids in braces and sneakers mingle with older adults, mostly there as chaperones. Inside, VanderWaal — all of 13 years old, and just one year into her career as a folk-pop superstar — is warming up onstage for her soundcheck. This is a venue that’s hosted legendary stars like Paul McCartney and the Ramones; popular acts like SZA and Cam’ron are on this year’s winter roster. But none of that seems to faze VanderWaal, who’s jumping around onstage in Keds and a flowy dress, belting her heart out to her recent hit single “Moonlight.” Looking on from above are her mom Tina and pug Frankie, who’s outfitted in canine-friendly headphones. “I did it!” she says triumphantly at the end of the song. “Oh, I’m so out of breath, though.” VanderWaal first captured the attention of audiences — and judges Howie Mandel and Simon Cowell — on America’s Got Talent last year, where her ukulele strumming, distinctively raspy warble and precocious songwriting won her a national fandom and the season’s title, by a landslide. Since then, she’s signed to Columbia Records; released the acoustic-forward EP Perfectly Imperfect and a full studio album Just the Beginning; struck a deal with Fender guitars; and has been named to Billboard‘s “21 Under 21” and called out as a “Rising Star.” But it’s only now that she’s starting to take the show on the road — all the while continuing in school as a more or less normal eighth grader at her home in Suffern, New York. Then again, most normal teens don’t have over two million Instagram followers. Most normal teens aren’t heralded as the “next Taylor Swift,” either. “It’s whatever. All the artists I’ve been compared to — obviously, Taylor’s been the biggest — it’s a compliment,” she says of the popular comparison. “It never really affects what I do. I don’t really think about it unless I’m in an interview.” What she does think about is her performance. “I’m overthinking it,” she admits to her backing band during soundcheck after she says the timing of one take felt off. After finishing up onstage, VanderWaal grabs a slice of pizza — cheese only — before plopping down on a swivel chair in the green room, one eye on Frankie in his cage. She’s fizzing with energy, clearly keyed up for the big show, but equally ready to reflect on her work and her big year. “I never, like, dreamed of a New York stage,” she admits. “It’s surreal — absolutely overwhelming.” VanderWaal is just back from her kick-off show at L.A.’s legendary Troubadour, and she admits that the double life of school and stage musician is already taking its toll. “It’s ridiculously exhausting,” she emphasizes. So to get her headspace right, she listens to her pump-up songs — Cher Lloyd’s “Want U Back,” Beyoncé’s “Irreplaceable” and Demi Lovato’s “Sorry Not Sorry” are her current go-tos — and prays. And she’ll pet Frankie. Other than that, VanderWaal’s stage prep is minimal. Today she woke up, finished school, tried to fix her hair (she’s eager for it to grow out), got dressed, put on a little powder “so I’m not crazy shiny in the lights.” She’s excited to finally be performing new material beyond the folksy ukulele ballads that first found her fans and viral fame with her America’s Got Talent audition. Besides the tour, what’s on VanderWaal’s mind is pretty normal preteen stuff: she wants her skin to clear up; she’s planning to redecorate her treehouse at home; and she loves school, especially after an ill-fated foray into online education. (“It was THE WORST,” she says.) Blythe Thomas While VanderWaal admits that the songwriting process for Just the Beginning could be “awkward” at times as she adjusted to working with adults, she’s not the kind of singer who gets easily intimidated. “I definitely have confidence. Especially because I’m a woman, and especially because I’m really young,” she insists, noting that artists like Kesha have worked to help make the studio environment safer and more welcoming to young stars like her. “People are extra nice and extra open to all your ideas, because they want to make sure they’re not pinned as the mean producer or whatever,” she reflects. Plus, she’s not afraid of making mistakes. “You just have to keep going,” she says of songwriting, urging others to not be so self-critical. “Just be yourself. I’ve met so many people and seen so many online that are just trying to be this pop star. And honestly, they would probably be a lot more successful if they were just themselves, because people can sense that.” Two minutes before her set’s start time, the chant begins: “We want Grace! We want Grace!” The theater is packed front to back with kids and adults. When VanderWaal takes to the stage — barefoot now — she’s accompanied by one of those deafening collective screams of preteen girls, the kind that powers pop idols and boy bands to stadium concert success. She runs through a mix of her older hits (the kids sing along over her ukulele chords) and the newer, more-produced tunes, plus a cover of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros classic folksy “Home.” “Don’t cry,” she implores one young girl in the front row at one point. At the end of the gig, after spending over an hour singing and dancing in her own exuberant fashion, VanderWaal seems spent. “Drink water, be zen and have an amazing rest of the night,” she tells the crowd as a send-off. Back in the green room afterwards, she’s changed into an oversized sweatshirt and jeans. Label representatives, family and friends have all stopped by to give her well-wishes. VanderWaal is visibly upset she didn’t get to give a gift to one of her biggest fans at the show, a signed ukulele. But her dad promises they’ll have more chances to share prizes in future. Tonight, she’s headed to sleep — and to inhale steam for her vocal chords. Tomorrow, Chicago for another show. Next year, high school. And then? As VanderWaal’s album title explains, this is just the beginning.

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  • The Nintendo Switch Is Continuing to Sell Like CrazyThe Nintendo Switch Is Continuing to Sell Like Crazy

    The Switch became the fastest-selling console in Nintendo’s history just about a month after it launched, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. Nintendo’s flagship console was the number one selling video game hardware device in October, according to new figures from NPD Group, a market research firm that tracks U.S. video game sales. Between the Nintendo Switch, Super Nintendo Entertainment System [SNES] Classic, and the company’s line of 3DS handheld devices, Nintendo accounted for two-thirds of all video game hardware sold in the U.S. for the second month in a row. The news also comes just after Nintendo announced that it expects to sell 14 million Switch units by the end of March 2018, which is up from their initial estimate of 10 million units. The Switch’s position as the top-selling game console probably won’t come as much of a surprise to anyone who has tried to purchase one in recent months, particularly over the summer. Tens of thousands of fans would line up at stores in Japan during July and August for a chance to buy the console, as The Wall Street Journal previously reported. Read more: The 25 Best Inventions of 2017 Nintendo is ramping up its production efforts ahead of Black Friday, which is little more than a week away on Nov. 24. But that doesn’t necessarily guarantee that the Switch will be easy to find. “We’re going to have strong supply out there in the marketplace not only for [the] Switch, but for the SNES Classic as well,” says Reggie Fils-Aimé, president of Nintendo of America. “But the one thing we can’t fully account for is demand.” Much of that success has been driven by the Switch’s game lineup, including titles such as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and Super Mario Odyssey. The recently launched Super Mario Odyssey was also the top selling game of the October, according to NPD. It was released on Oct. 27. Nintendo has also been making more of an effort to entice third-party developers into creating games for its system, which had been a challenge for the company in the past. But Fils-Aimé maintains that the Switch’s future is not only about bringing gameplay experiences that players expect, such as its own popular franchise games and third-party titles like Doom and Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus. It’s also about gameplay that fans may not expect at all. “Our focus has been on the creation of unique and differentiated experiences and we do that through the hardware, through the accessories, and that’s going to be something that continues well into the future,” Fils-Aimé said when asked if Nintendo has any plans to add different game modes to the Switch via new accessories. “Given that type of mentality, the hope is that we would continue to bring experiences that consumers have never even thought about. That’s our goal.” Buy it now

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  • There’s a New Way to Wipe Out Mosquitoes in the U.S.There’s a New Way to Wipe Out Mosquitoes in the U.S.

    Mosquitoes are some of the deadliest creatures in the world, carrying diseases like Zika, dengue and chikungunya. In response, the U.S. government has given the green light to a unique strategy for ridding people’s yards of the disease-bearing pests. In early November, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) granted commercial approval for the company MosquitoMate to release its special male Aedes albopictus mosquitoes, called ZAP mosquitoes, in 20 states and Washington DC. The company’s approach uses a type of bacteria called Wolbachia, which certain types of mosquitoes naturally carry. MosquitoMate has developed the ability to breed two types of mosquitoes that often carry diseases—Aedes albopictus and Aedes aegypti—that carry a different form of the bacteria that’s incompatible with the Wolbachia carried by their wild mosquito counterparts. When MosquitoMate releases their ZAP male mosquitoes into the environment, the mosquitoes mate with wild females and pass on their Wolbachia to their offspring. Those offspring never actually hatch, however, because the Wolbachia interferes with the mosquitoes’ parental chromosomes, causing the the eggs to not develop. They only release males, because male mosquitoes do not bite people. So far, MosquitoMate trials in Kentucky, California and New York have shown that the ZAP mosquitoes can reduce the overall mosquito population of a given release area by more than 80%. Stephen Dobson, the CEO of MosquitoMate and a professor and medical entomologist at the University of Kentucky, says he’s been working on the Wolbachia-carrying mosquitoes for about 20 years. “A ‘self-delivering’ mosquito control approach is more effective than traditional methods that rely on people to find cryptic mosquito breeding spots,” says Dobson. He adds that the increase in invasive mosquito species, and the fact that mosquitoes are becoming resistant to existing pesticides, increases consumer desire for more effective ways to get rid of them. That this approach does not use chemicals like pesticides is also appealing, he says. MosquitoMate’s mosquitoes are also not genetically modified. The Wolbachia approach has been used by other groups in Brazil and Australia. Another company called Oxitec also uses a live mosquito approach. Their male mosquitoes pass on a deadly gene to their offspring that kills them before they reach adulthood. Oxitec is also in discussions with the EPA for releases in the U.S. The EPA has given commercial approval for MosquitoMates’s Aedes albopictus ZAP mosquitoes for five years. Dobson says it also has an experimental use permit for the company’s Aedes aegypti mosquitoes. The company plans to start selling the ZAP mosquitoes commercially to individuals or businesses like hotels in the spring, when mosquito season starts to kick off.

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  • Can Singing in the Shower Fight Climate Change? One Major City Thinks SoCan Singing in the Shower Fight Climate Change? One Major City Thinks So

    Two minutes. According to the city of Cape Town, two minutes can make the difference between a viable city and a future straight out of the Mad Max movies, where armed soldiers dole out daily water rations from municipal water taps—at least in the worst case scenario. The tourism capital of South Africa is going through one of the worst droughts in recorded history. The city is fast approaching Day Zero, when local dams dry up and the city runs out of water. At current consumption levels, that’s projected to take place sometime in the middle of next year. So city leadership is asking residents and visitors to radically cut down on water use, lest they be forced to take water saving measures up a notch by shutting down the pipe network and cueing the dystopian scenario of centralized water distribution points. That means no more watering the garden, no more topping up the pool (or closing it off entirely), flushing the toilet no more than once a day, and limiting showers to less than two minutes long. Reasoning that no one bathes with a watch, but that everyone likes to sing in the shower, Cape Town, in conjunction with local financial services giant Sanlam, has come up with a fun way to save water: the two-minute shower song. What better way to count down the seconds than by rapping along with your favorite hip-hop star on a precisely timed, totally remixed version of her most popular release? Ten of South Africa’s best-known musicians have joined forces with the city of Cape Town to re-record and remix their most popular tracks in two-minute versions now free for download. They’ve cut lines, increased tempos, and accelerated drum solos to create shower worthy karaoke hits. “If I can rap this song in under two minutes, then we can definitely shower in under two minutes,” says South African hip-hop star Rouge, whose blisteringly fast Déjà Vu is one of the best tracks in the compilation. The songs range from old school rap (Youngsta’s Wes Kaap) to pop (Taking it Easy, by Goodluck) funk (Micasa’s Nana) and punk (Francois van Coke’s – Dit Raak Beter). Jimmy Nevis will have you singing into the mic of your detachable showerhead (the water is turned off while you soap down, natch) with Day Dream, while Desmond and the Tutus’ Teenagers will have you dancing in the stall. For those short on time, not just on water, it’s also a great introduction to South Africa’s contemporary music scene.

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  • These Are the Best Black Friday Video Game DealsThese Are the Best Black Friday Video Game Deals

    Looking for the best Black Friday video game deals this 2017 shopping season? Whether you’re gaming on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One or Nintendo Switch, these are the best Black Friday deals we’ve seen so far. We found some great Black Friday deals for the consoles themselves, too, including discounts on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and more. Sorry, Nintendo Switch seekers: That console’s so new it’ll be tough to find deep discounts, but you may have luck finding some bundles that include a few games cheaper than they would be sold individually. Here are some of the Black Friday video game highlights so far: Black Friday video game deals (across consoles) Assassin’s Creed Origins: $29, Amazon Call of Duty: WWII: $40, Amazon Destiny 2: $30, Amazon FIFA 18: $30, Amazon South Park: The Fractured But Whole: $29, Amazon Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus: $25, Amazon Black Friday deals on PlayStation 4 games Horizon Zero Dawn: $20, Amazon Uncharted: The Lost Legacy: $20, Amazon MLB: The Show 17: $20, Amazon The Last of Us Remastered: $15, Amazon God of War 3 Remastered: $15, Amazon Everybody’s Golf: $20, Amazon The Evil Within 2: $25, Best Buy Black Friday deals on Xbox One games Forza Motorsport 7:$29, Amazon Gears of War 4: $15, Amazon Halo 5: Guardians: $15, Amazon Red Dead Redemption: $10, Amazon Grand Theft Auto IV: The Complete Edition: $10, Amazon Black Friday deals on Nintendo Switch games Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Explorer’s Edition:$40, Amazon 1-2-Switch: $25, Amazon Minecraft Story Mode Complete Adventure: $15, Amazon Black Friday deals on video game consoles PlayStation 4 Slim 1TB for $200 at: Costco, Jet.com, Walmart, Best Buy, Target, Newegg, Toys R Us Xbox One S 500GB for $190 at: Microsoft, Target, Walmart, Best Buy, Toys R Us, Jet.com, Costco Nintendo Switch Mega-Bundle: Newegg, $760 Nintendo 2DS Zelda Edition for $80 at: Walmart, Best Buy, Target (Read TIME’s affiliate link policy.)

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  • 2 Couples Sue After Children Are Born With Genetic Abnormality Traced Back to Donated Eggs2 Couples Sue After Children Are Born With Genetic Abnormality Traced Back to Donated Eggs

    (ALBANY, N.Y.) — Two couples are suing a New York fertility doctor and his clinic after giving birth to children with a genetic abnormality later traced back to donated eggs. The two children, both born in 2009, have Fragile X syndrome, a genetic condition that can lead to intellectual and developmental impairments. The parents, identified by initials and last names in legal papers, argue the doctor and the clinic failed to test the women who donated the eggs to determine whether they were carriers for Fragile X. They’re seeking damages for the added expenses of raising a disabled child. The New York Court of Appeals heard oral arguments in the case on Wednesday. A decision is expected next year. The outcome is likely to hinge on the statute of limitations in the state’s medical malpractice law, which gives plaintiffs two-and-a-half years to sue following an alleged act of malpractice — or a patient’s last treatment by the physician. Attorneys for the Reproductive Medicine Associates clinic and physician Alan Cooperman argue the suit was filed too late, because the state of limitations began counting down when the women ended fertility treatment after becoming pregnant — and not when the children were born or when the genetic abnormality was diagnosed. The parents filed the lawsuits two years after the children were born. In court on Wednesday, their attorneys argued the parents couldn’t sue before the condition became apparent in the children. Attorney James LiCalzi said it makes no sense to expect the parents to file a lawsuit before they even knew about the abnormality. “A claim didn’t exist here until this child was born alive,” he said. But attorneys for the clinic said it’s outside the power of the court to extend the statute of limitations in this case. Attorney Caryn Lilling said that it should be up to elected lawmakers — and not the court — to change the rules. “The statute of limitations must run from the time of the act until the Legislature decrees otherwise,” she said. According to court papers, the donors of the eggs were tested after the children were born. Both were found to be carriers of the Fragile X mutation. According to its website, Reproductive Medicine Associates has offices in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Long Island and in Westchester and Orange counties. A message left with Copperman was not immediately returned Thursday.

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  • Apple Design Chief Jonathan Ive on the iPhone X: We Had to Solve ‘Extraordinarily Complex Problems’Apple Design Chief Jonathan Ive on the iPhone X: We Had to Solve ‘Extraordinarily Complex Problems’

    Apple helped bring personal computers into the home with its early Macs, revolutionized the way we listen to music with the iPod, and put a supercomputer in everyone’s pocket with the iPhone. In 2017, the Cupertino, Calif. company came for the smartphone—again —with its iPhone X, one of TIME’s 25 Best Inventions of the Year. It’s the biggest change Apple has made to the iPhone in years, and a necessary one for the world’s most valuable brand. Apple still makes the lion’s share of profits in the smartphone industry: Strategy Analytics estimates that Apple made up 70% of global smartphone operating profit share during the third quarter of 2017. But over the past few years its iPhones have received mostly incremental upgrades, such as faster processors, camera improvements, and water resistance. Meanwhile, Android phone-makers were busy experimenting with more exciting concepts like borderless screens and designs that are meant to be future-proof. The iPhone X, with its edge-to-edge glass and facial recognition system, will undoubtedly be seen as a response to critics who periodically question Apple’s capacity to innovate. (It’s also pronounced “iPhone 10.”) But the iPhone X is less about answering those immediate questions—whether the phone will outpace rivals like Samsung and yield blockbuster sales amidst reports of production issues. Apple executives say the iPhone X is about charting a course for where Apple’s products are headed. “This phone really sets us up well for the next 10 years,” says Dan Riccio, Apple’s senior vice president of hardware engineering. Getting there will mean letting go of some of the things we’ve gotten used to about our smartphones. To make the iPhone X’s screen as expansive as possible without enlarging the phone itself, for instance, Apple had to get rid of the home button. “There were these extraordinarily complex problems that needed to be solved,” says Jonathan Ive, Apple’s chief design officer. Among those challenges was deciding how exactly to replace a button that all iPhones have had in common for the last ten years. Cutting that circular key from the iPhone X’s design meant Apple had to rethink how to execute basic tasks like unlocking the phone, pulling up Siri and launching Apple Pay, among other actions. Since there’s no home button, Apple implemented a series of swipe gestures into the iPhone X’s software for navigating its interface. But getting there isn’t always easy. When Apple designers get stumped on how to solve a given problem, they look to the past for guidance. “Paying attention to what’s happened historically actually helps give you some faith that you are going to find a solution,” says Ive, a soft-spoken 50-year-old Englishman. “Faith isn’t a surrogate for engineering competence, but it can certainly help fuel the belief that you’re going to find a solution. And that’s important.” Apple has an affinity for moving away from legacy technologies before the world may be ready to abandon them. The decision to axe the round button below the iPhone’s screen comes after Apple eliminated the 3.5mm headphone jack on last year’s iPhone 7. Back in 1998, Apple was among the first computer makers to ditch the floppy drive. How does Apple decide when it’s time to move on? It’s not a decision to get rid of an existing technology as much as it’s a willingness to accept that what’s familiar isn’t always what’s best. “I actually think the path of holding onto features that have been effective, the path of holding onto those whatever the cost, is a path that leads to failure,” says Ive. “And in the short term, it’s the path the feels less risky and it’s the path that feels more secure.” He’s not wrong: Some felt so strongly about Apple’s choice to remove the headphone port last year that a petition to keep it circulated online. (It currently has more than 300,000 signatures.) Some iPhone X reviewers criticized the new navigational features Apple created to replace the home button. (Fast Company called the phone a “user experience nightmare,” Quartz’s reviewer lamented “the simplicity of pressing a button.”) Ive is aware of those consequences. “It’s not necessarily the most comfortable place to be in when you believe there’s a better way,” he admits. “[Because] that means moving on from something that has felt successful.” Behind these changes and cuts, there is often some evidence of Apple’s fanatical attention to detail. Even if it sometimes comes at a price. For example, when the company nixed the headphone jack, it offered a $159 alternative in its AirPod wireless headphones, which pair with your phone instantly as soon as you open the earbuds’ case. Talking to Ive, it’s clear where this obsession with detail comes from. He says he not only considers the elements that users will immediately notice, such as the iPhone X’s Face ID, but also the ones that they won’t. “There are certain things that you’re very conscious of as a user, and other things that you’re aware of but subconsciously,” says Ive. “Perhaps the subconscious example is just the nature of the way the iPhone X’s display is integrated into the stainless steel and glass body.” The iPhone X has marked several firsts for Apple’s smartphone besides being the first without a home button. It’s also the first iPhone with an OLED screen (which Android phone makers like Samsung have been using on their devices for years), and it’s the first iPhone to cost $999, making it just as expensive as a MacBook Air. To Ive, the logic is straightforward: better technology is simply more expensive. “As you would expect, there’s a financial consequence to integrating the sheer amount of processing power into such a small device,” he says. Apple points to the iPhone X’s less expensive siblings, the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus as well as the other older smartphones it sells, as evidence that it understands not everyone is willing to pay $1,000 for a new phone. “Our goal is always to provide what we think is the best product possible, not always the lowest cost,” says Riccio. When addressing the issue of price, Ive reminds me of how the world perceived the initial iPhone when it was unveiled in 2007. At the time, $500 was a high price for a smartphone. But that’s because Apple always perceived the iPhone as being more than a phone. Jobs famously introduced the device by calling it “an iPod, a phone, and an Internet communicator.” “People hadn’t necessarily experienced the product because there was the word ‘phone’ in the product name,” Ive says. It’s fitting really that so much of a discussion of the iPhone X ends up being one about the original iPhone. After all, Apple has been open about the fact that its goal has been to create a device that’s entirely screen since day one. From there, thanks to a bounty of rumors and a few patent documents, it’s easy enough to imagine some future iPhone with a screen that wraps around its shell or a camera that can detect gestures. Ive and Riccio aren’t telling, except for to say that there’s a “clear vision” for what’s next from Apple. Or as Ive puts it, “This is just in some sense a completion of a chapter.”

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  • CTE Was Confirmed in a Living Person for the First Time. And It’s a Veteran NFL PlayerCTE Was Confirmed in a Living Person for the First Time. And It’s a Veteran NFL Player

    A former NFL player is reportedly the first living person ever accurately diagnosed with CTE, or chronic traumatic encephalopathy, the disease found in the brains of dozens of ex football players. This breakthrough, which was made in 2012, but only published this week in the journal Neurosurgery, could help doctors identify and treat patients while they are still alive. CTE was previously only identifiable through a brain examination after death. The subject of the diagnosis was not named in the study, but was reported by CNN to be Fred McNeill, who died in 2015 at age 63. McNeill played 12 seasons as a linebacker for the Minnesota Vikings before retiring in 1985. The disease, which is linked to repetitive head injury, has symptoms including memory loss, anger and depression. Another study, published last year, found CTE in the brains of 110 out of 111 deceased NFL players examined. The NFL acknowledged the link between CTE and football for the first time in 2016. The new breakthrough involves using an experimental brain scanning technique, where a radioactive ‘tracer’ that attaches itself to proteins associated with the disease can be picked up by a PET scan. The report confirmed that a study of the patient’s brain after his death revealed the CTE diagnosis had been correct. The new scanning process has been used on at least a dozen other retired players, however McNeill’s case is the first to be confirmed via autopsy.

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  • The 25 Best Inventions of 2017The 25 Best Inventions of 2017

    To determine TIME’s annual unranked list, we consider hundreds of inventions from around the world. In the past, we’ve featured everything from the floating lightbulb to the desktop DNA lab. Here, the 25 inventions that made this year’s cut.

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  • An 87-Year-Old Nun Said She Was Raped in Her Nursing Home. Here’s Why She Couldn’t SueAn 87-Year-Old Nun Said She Was Raped in Her Nursing Home. Here’s Why She Couldn’t Sue

    I. Sister Irene Morissette always locked her door at night. Maybe it was force of habit from her decades teaching at an isolated missionary school in Africa, or maybe it was, as she told a police detective later, just that she didn’t want “anyone coming in.” Either way, there was no sign of forced entry on June 23, 2014, when the 87-year-old Catholic nun told a staffer at Chateau Vestavia, an assisted-living facility near Birmingham, Ala., that she’d been raped in her bed the night before. Police and medical records paint a disturbing scene. Police investigators found two semen stains in Morissette’s bed and blood on the “inside rear area” of her green-and-pink-flowered pajama bottoms, which had been shoved underneath the mattress. A sexual-assault examiner at a local hospital reported that Morissette had sustained multiple abrasions inside and outside her vaginal canal, wounds that could be consistent with rape. “The genital exam was very painful for the client,” the examiner’s report said. In the days after the alleged rape, Morissette told police that she remembered someone pinning her 5-ft. 2-in., 140-lb. frame to the bed by her shoulders. She recalled the “terrible experience of being penetrated,” according to a recorded police interview reviewed by TIME. “I was so scared,” she said. But when her attacker left, she didn’t summon a staff member for help. “She was afraid to call anyone,” an examiner wrote later, “because she was afraid that the assailant would be the one to come back to her room.” Under normal circumstances, justice would be rendered for Morissette, and society, in a court trial. There would be a public hearing in which a judge or jury would weigh evidence, determine guilt or innocence and levy appropriate penalties through the due process of law. But Morissette’s case, details of which have not previously been made public, never made it to court. After a criminal investigation by local police failed to produce enough evidence to identify a suspect in the alleged attack, Morissette’s family tried to file a civil suit against Chateau Vestavia, alleging everything from negligence to outrageous conduct. They felt there was plenty of evidence to back up those charges. The semen on the nun’s bedsheets was enough to suggest sexual contact, and Morissette, because of her dementia, could not legally consent to any sexual act. But none of it would see the light of day in a courtroom. Back in 2011, when Morissette first came to Chateau Vestavia, she had signed the facility’s standard admissions contract. Buried in pages of terms and conditions was what is known as a pre-dispute binding arbitration agreement. By signing it, the elderly nun gave up her Seventh Amendment right to trial by jury and any right to bring a civil suit against Chateau Vestavia or its then parent company, Trinity Lifestyles Management, for any reason and at any time in the future. More than a million other elderly Americans may have waived away their rights in the same way Morissette did. While no organization tracks the precise number of facilities that ask residents to sign pre-dispute arbitration agreements, several experts on arbitration told TIME that roughly half the 2.5 million Americans in nursing homes or senior living centers are likely bound by them. Legal advocates who work on behalf of seniors estimate that as many as 90% of large nursing-home chains in the U.S. now include arbitration agreements in their admissions contracts. The number is likely to increase in the coming years. In June, the Trump Administration proposed a new rule that would allow nursing homes to require residents to sign arbitration agreements as a condition of admission to a facility: either sign it or find somewhere else to live. With the number of elderly Americans projected to double over the next 30 years, mandatory arbitration clauses in nursing homes will likely affect millions of people. Which means some may find themselves in the same private system of dispute resolution that Morissette and her family fell into. With arbitration, there is no courthouse, no judge and no jury. There are no requirements to follow state or federal rules on procedure, and effectively no appeals process. Whatever the arbitrator decides is almost always final. Says Brian Lee, a former long-term-care ombudsman for the Florida state government: “People have no idea this is happening.” II. Morissette was 84 when she decided to move into Chateau Vestavia. Her knees ached from years spent in prayer, and she worried she could no longer climb the stairs to her apartment in a suburb nearby. She also liked that the facility’s grassy grounds included a chapel. But within a couple years, Morissette’s health declined precipitously. She was moved from the facility’s assisted-living area to its ward for people suffering memory loss. Morissette’s sister, with whom she was close, became her legal guardian. (Morissette’s sister and three nieces, her closest family members, asked not to be named in this story to protect their privacy.) It’s unclear whether Morissette understood what she had agreed to when she signed the admissions contract back in 2011. No one in her immediate family had legal expertise on arbitration. It was only after the alleged rape, when her nieces decided to bring a lawsuit, that the company told them they were legally barred from proceeding. They were, instead, directed to arbitration. Arbitration was originally designed under U.S. law as a tool for businesses to resolve disputes quickly, without involving the courts. But over the past 30 years, it has expanded. Beginning in the Reagan era, judges decided that the 1925 Federal Arbitration Act didn’t apply just to corporate contracts but rather to contracts of any kind–including those between businesses and their customers, doctors and their patients, and employers and their employees. Since at least as far back as 1997, nursing homes in the U.S. have included pre-dispute arbitration clauses in their admissions contract, according to a 2009 study by the American Health Care Association (AHCA), an industry lobbying organization. Now asking the elderly to sign arbitration agreements has become standard industry practice. To supporters, including powerful business groups like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, this is a boon. Arbitration, after all, offers a system of dispute resolution that yields fewer cases and can result in smaller payouts. Long-term-care claims subject to arbitration settle for 7% lower total cost to the business and three months sooner than claims resolved without arbitration, according to a 2015 analysis by Aon Risk Solutions. Critics paint a grimmer picture. They say arbitration agreements impede fair trials, limit workers’ bargaining power and cripple class actions, making it nearly impossible for customers to hold companies accountable. Democrats backed by trial lawyers and consumer-rights groups have traditionally opposed arbitration. But as a wave of populism has swept across the Republican Party and challenged the GOP’s pro-business wing, some grassroots conservatives are speaking out against the practice too. “This is blatantly a sellout to the big CEOs and the Wall Street guys,” says Kenneth Connor, a self-described conservative and a South Carolina trial attorney. Former Fox & Friends host Gretchen Carlson became an outspoken critic in 2016 after a pre-dispute arbitration clause in her employment contract barred her from suing Fox News over sexual-harassment claims. (She settled a suit filed against Roger Ailes alone.) People who sign arbitration agreements often don’t even realize what they’ve done. A 2015 federal government study found that less than 7% of people who’d signed an arbitration agreement as part of a credit-card contract understood that it meant they forfeited their right to sue the company in the future. That same year, researchers at St. John’s University School of Law asked nearly 700 people to read a seven-page contract with an arbitration clause containing a class-action waiver, highlighted in bold, capital letters. Less than 9% of respondents correctly described what it did. The challenge of understanding the fine print is even more acute at nursing homes, where about half of residents have dementia, according to the National Center for Health Statistics. Checking into a nursing home is “one of the hardest, most emotional times in anyone’s life,” says Sarah Rooney, a director at the American Association for Justice, a plaintiff-litigation advocacy group. “And at that moment, you say, ‘Oh, and initial here to waive your constitutional protection.’ No problem.” But the nursing home and long-term-care industry has a lot at stake: $275 billion in revenue every year. And it has spent a lot of time and money defending those profits. The AHCA, which represents 13,500 facilities nationwide, has been particularly aggressive in its opposition to proposed rules and legislation that would limit the scope of arbitration. In the past decade, the organization has spent nearly $26 million lobbying members of the Senate and House as well as federal agencies on this and other issues, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. In September 2016, the Obama Administration issued a rule barring nursing homes from asking residents or their guardians to cede their right to a civil suit prior to a dispute. The AHCA and other long-term-care groups sued, claiming the new rule amounted to federal overreach. The industry won. In November 2016, a federal judge in Mississippi preliminarily blocked enforcement of the Obama-era rule. Seven months later, the Trump Administration proposed a new one that was even more to the industry’s liking. Not only can nursing homes include mandatory pre-dispute arbitration clauses, they can turn away prospective residents if they refuse to sign. Industry backers described the new Trump rule as no big deal. “If someone doesn’t want to sign it, they don’t have to,” says Matt Webb, a senior vice president at the U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform. “They can find another nursing home.” But critics, including Kelly Bagby of AARP Foundation Litigation, see it as an “unmitigated disaster.” Finding another home is not so easy, AARP argues: for one thing, nursing-home residents often need to be within driving distance to family and can’t easily shop between facilities. III. Sister Morissette’s arbitration hearings unfolded over the course of a week and a half in March 2017 in a small conference space, no bigger than a hotel room, at a Marriott off Highway 280 in Birmingham. The arbitrator was Phillip Adams, a former Alabama municipal judge who has practiced arbitration since 1996. On most days, Morissette’s nieces sat in the back of the room in a row of chairs, near a table with soft drinks and water. Reed Bates, one of Chateau Vestavia’s lawyers, worked to sow doubt about Morissette’s allegations, according to a 39-page legal memorandum he submitted to the arbitrator in the case. He called a forensic nurse and a geriatric psychiatrist to testify that they did not believe Morissette had been raped, according to the memorandum, which the plaintiff’s lawyer allowed TIME to review. Bates also called witnesses to testify that they had heard rumors that Morissette masturbated, according to Cameron Hogan, Morissette’s lawyer. During questioning, Bates suggested that the nun might have caused her own vaginal abrasions, according to Hogan. The defense also speculated about how semen stains had ended up on the nun’s bedsheets, proposing that the DNA may have gotten there while being laundered or handled by staff. Hogan told TIME that the defense team’s tactics, including invoking hearsay, would not have been permissible in a normal court. The witnesses who related rumors about masturbation, for example, said in sworn depositions that they had never seen Morissette engage in such activity. Nor did the defense provide any evidence of semen being present in the laundry room or on staffers’ hands. “It’s all rumor and speculation,” Hogan says. “There’s no way a judge would have allowed it.” In a civil trial, Hogan says, he would have taken a different tack. For example, he would have focused the jury’s attention on the nursing home’s failure to preserve surveillance footage from the night of the alleged rape. In the days following the incident, Morissette’s family asked the facility to preserve the records, according to a letter from Hogan’s office. But a month later, Chateau Vestavia had allowed its system to automatically delete the footage. That wouldn’t look good to a jury, Hogan says. “If your employees were under police investigation for sexual assault,” he explains, “you’d think you’d be sure to preserve that tape.” (A representative of Chateau Vestavia, which is now under new ownership and has been renamed Morningside of Vestavia Hills, told TIME that the surveillance footage did not include images of Morissette’s hallway. The defendant’s post-arbitration memorandum also says that the police department declined an offer to review the footage on site prior to its deletion.) Opponents of arbitration object not just to the way a procedure occurs but to arbitrators themselves. A single person is often chosen from a short list of regional professionals, which means that one individual may hear multiple disputes from the same handful of local defendants. That can create a conflict of interest, says Paul Bland, executive director at Public Justice, a litigation firm. Arbitrators, who typically make $300 to $600 an hour, have an interest in keeping repeat clients happy, Bland says. “So if you want a paycheck next month,” Bland says, “you might have in the back of your mind the idea of making a favorable decision for the guy who’s going to hire you next.” On May 5, 2017, Adams released his final decision in the arbitration. In a concluding order reviewed by TIME, Adams described Morissette as “a wonderful person” but said he could not engage in “conjecture and speculation” to conclude that she had been raped. He couldn’t be certain about how the semen ended up on the bedsheets, he explained, or how she had come to sustain vaginal injuries or bleeding. To Adams, she also did not seem upset enough in her testimony to police just after the assault allegedly occurred. “I did not hear the emotion from Ms. Morissette in this audio recording,” the arbitrator wrote, “that I would expect to hear from someone describing being sexually assaulted.” Chateau Vestavia, Adams decided, could not be held responsible. Neither the assisted-living facility nor Trinity Lifestyles Management would be required to issue an apology. Nor would Chateau Vestavia be asked to inform the public that the dispute had occurred. Morissette’s family would receive no damages. (Morissette’s nieces, who had pursued the case, had asked for $5 million, but they stood to gain nothing personally. Morissette’s will specified that her assets would end up with the Catholic Church.) And with that, the case was closed. Morissette’s family had no realistic way to appeal. Many nursing-home contracts now include so-called delegation clauses, which stipulate that any challenge to an arbitration must be answered in arbitration. If you believe your case should not be in arbitration, that question must be settled in arbitration too. As a final indignity, Morissette’s family was handed a bill for roughly $3,000 to cover the cost of renting the Marriott room where the arbitration had taken place. In a subsequent email to TIME, Adams wrote that he does “not believe it is ever appropriate, responsible or ethical for a judge or arbitrator to discuss his or her rationale or the basis of a decision.” Bates and his firm, Starnes Davis Florie of Birmingham, did not respond to multiple requests for an interview. Trinity wrote in a statement to TIME that Morissette’s claim was “taken seriously.” “The allegation was carefully reviewed internally, by outside experts in the health care field, and by all appropriate regulatory agencies,” the statement went on. “This process found no basis of proof to support the allegation. In fact, the legal process cleared our company of any wrongdoing.” Morissette herself was left with a profound sense of guilt. For more than six decades, she told investigators, she had honored her vow of chastity, saving herself to “give it to God.” Her virginity, she said, had been something special to her. “I valued it, and I lost it,” she told police in an interview a few days after the incident. She said she felt like “a piece of trash.” It’s around then that the recording is interrupted by the voice of a police officer. He asks Morissette if she has spoken to a priest. She says no. The cop responds again. “Because maybe he could explain about things that are lost and things that are taken. There’s a difference there,” he says gently. “There’s a big difference.”This appears in the November 27, 2017 issue of TIME.

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  • Dignity, Death and America’s Crisis In Elder CareDignity, Death and America’s Crisis In Elder Care

    By late 2014, Chabela Lawrence wasn’t doing well. She had mostly stopped cooking and cleaning for herself and began, every so often, to get lost on her way home from the neighborhood coffee shop–the one she’d been to a least a hundred times. The following March, the 74-year-old former catering manager was diagnosed with dementia, and it was clear she needed help. But it was then that she ran headlong into one of the most crushing failures of the U.S. health system: there’s no good way to pay for extended long-term care. Medicare doesn’t cover it. Private health plans don’t cover it. And for most, paying roughly $80,000 out of pocket, the average annual cost for a shared room at a skilled nursing facility, is simply out of the question. Those in need of prolonged care face a dilemma. They have to be either poor enough to qualify for Medicaid or rich enough to shoulder the cost alone. Anyone who falls between those income extremes is out of luck. And that leaves many Americans vulnerable: 47% of men and 58% of women who are retirement age or older will experience a need for long-term care in the future, according to a February 2016 study by the Department of Health and Human Services. “It’s an insane situation,” Chabela’s daughter Ruby Lawrence says, recounting her mother’s experience. “You either have to be super-rich or super-poor to get benefits.” The danger of losing one’s life savings to long-term care may be the first challenge families face as their parents and grandparents age, but it isn’t the only one. As 76 million baby boomers creep into retirement, America’s system of looking after its old folks faces a broad, multipronged crisis. From senior living centers to hospice, the country is struggling to adapt a rickety system to handle the demographic wave that is crashing over it. At stake are the health, wealth and dignity of a generation. The existing safety net for older Americans–a mixture of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid–was built for a society that no longer exists. When Congress created Social Security in 1935, the average life expectancy in the U.S. was 61; now it is nearly 80. When Congress created Medicare and Medicaid in 1965, it was still common for people to die of acute medical issues, like heart attacks; now many survive those traumas and go on to live, with some assistance, for decades longer. In 1960, the U.S. was overwhelmingly young: just 10% of the population was over 65. By 2040, 1 in 5 of us will be eligible for that senior ticket at the theater. As more people live longer, the social and economic systems designed to care for them are changing. In midcentury America, women had yet to join the traditional workforce en masse and so were widely expected to keep doing what they’d always done: provide unpaid care to children and ailing relatives at home. Moreover, in the 1960s, a large portion of families had access to stable, fixed pensions in retirement, and about a quarter of all workers were covered by generous, union-negotiated contracts. Staying in the same job for decades was common. None of that is true anymore. Some 40% of households with children under 18 are now headed by women who are the primary breadwinner. Those women can no longer stay home to care for children or ailing relatives without risking their family’s financial stability. Meanwhile, fixed pensions have all but disappeared, and union membership has fallen by more than half. Nearly 1 in 3 nonretired Americans has no retirement savings at all. “Our current system doesn’t reflect how we’ve changed as a society,” explains Dr. Bruce Chernof, president and CEO of the SCAN Foundation, which advocates for older adults. “So it’s being asked to do all kinds of things it wasn’t designed to do.” Much of the U.S. economy rides on how this crisis plays out. Spending on long-term care is expected to more than double from 1.3% of GDP to 3% by 2050 as demand increases alongside an aging populace. America’s entrepreneurial system is coming up with myriad new ways to serve this growing demographic of gray-hairs. But in an era of deregulation, companies that profit from the natural, but often unsettling, process of aging and dying aren’t always scrupulous. The result is a social tension: As health care companies seek to reap not only efficiencies but also profits from a jury-rigged, outdated and overburdened system of elder care, how do we protect those who are often most vulnerable to exploitation? When things don’t work, the results are ugly. In nursing homes and assisted-living centers, ever more ubiquitous arbitration agreements leave the elderly without access to a basic civil trial. Hospice care, beloved by many, is seen as a potential profit center by companies seeking government contracts while providing diminished service to those at the end of their lives. And Medicaid, once intended to be a last-ditch safeguard for the poorest of the poor, is creaking under the weight of new obligations. Medicaid is now the default payer for 61% of all nursing-home residents in the U.S., according to a June 2017 Kaiser Family Foundation report–a demand that’s likely to continue to increase. Meanwhile, adult children already contribute $7,000 to $14,000 a year to caring for an aging parent, according to a 2016 AARP report; that number will likely see an uptick too. Chabela Lawrence, who passed away in November at 76, won’t bear witness to the worsening crisis. But millions of U.S. families may find themselves facing the same calculation that she and her daughter did. When loved ones need long-term care, how are they going to pay for it? “It’s madness,” Ruby says. “People need to know that this can happen to them.”This appears in the November 27, 2017 issue of TIME.

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  • These Two Habits Make You Look Older, According to ScienceThese Two Habits Make You Look Older, According to Science

    Drinking heavily and smoking for years are well-known features of an unhealthy lifestyle. They can also make you look older, according to a new study. In the new research, published in the Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health, a group of Danish researchers took advantage of a large database of health information involving more than 11,000 Danes in the Copenhagen City Heart Study. The people in the study were followed from 1976 to 2003 and provided information about their eating, smoking and drinking habits. They also agreed to several medical exams to measure signs of heart disease and aging. Tolstrup specifically looked at four hallmarks of aging, including the formation of a grey opaque ring around the cornea in the eye, earlobe creases, plaques on the eyelids and male pattern baldness. These symptoms aren’t all superficial: Premature aging can be a sign of poor health and contribute to a higher risk of chronic diseases like heart problems. “We wanted to study the signs of aging because they seem to have some kind of predictive value for how long your life is going to be on average,” says Janne Tolstrup, the study’s senior author and research director of the National Institute of Public Health at the University of Southern Denmark. She found that excessive drinking — more than 28 drinks a week for women — was linked to a 33% higher likelihood of having the age-related grey rings around the cornea compared to women who drank fewer than seven drinks a week. Men had a similar increased risk. The risk of earlobe creases indicating aging was similarly 26%-36% higher among heavy drinkers than among light-to-moderate drinkers. Heavy smokers also had a greater likelihood of developing the age-related eye rings compared to non-smokers. The only aging indicator that was not clearly associated with drinking and smoking was male pattern baldness. Tolstrup says that isn’t a surprise, since hair growth is strongly genetic. “What is interesting about the results is that we can see those signs with the eye, for example, very fast, whereas for things like high blood pressure or high cholesterol levels, we have to make advanced measurements to obtain them,” she says. While it wasn’t surprising that heavy drinking and smoking were linked to higher likelihood of early signs of aging, she also found that people who drank and smoked at moderate levels did not show any more signs of aging than people who abstained. Some previous studies have suggested that alcohol might be beneficial for the heart and to lower risk of certain diseases, but Tolstrup says her findings should add to that debate over how much is healthy and where the threshold lies for excessive, unhealthy amounts of alcohol. The results shouldn’t be interpreted to mean that people can start drinking and smoking at moderate levels, says Tolstrup. Other data show that any smoking can be harmful to health, and the studies on alcohol’s effect are still being debated. Still, Tolstrup’s results do not contradict general advice that light moderate drinking doesn’t hurt. People shouldn’t expect huge health benefits from imbibing, but at least it doesn’t seem to harm their health — or their appearance — in a significant way.

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  • Scientists Have Discovered a New Planet Close to Earth. Here’s Why It’s So ExcitingScientists Have Discovered a New Planet Close to Earth. Here’s Why It’s So Exciting

    If life is lurking somewhere in space, it’s done an awfully good job of hiding itself so far. But the jig may be up now that we have a better idea of where to look. That’s clearer than ever with the announcement in the journal Astronomy and Astrophysics of a newly discovered exoplanet orbiting an otherwise unremarkable star named Ross 128. Not only is the planet precisely the kind of place that could support biology, it’s located right down the street by cosmic standards — just 11 light-years from Earth. The new world, prosaically named Ross 128 b, was discovered by a European telescope in the Chilean desert that looks for planets by what’s known as the radial velocity method. Even worlds orbiting the nearest stars are impossible to see by conventional telescopes. That’s partly because the planets are so tiny, in relative terms, and partly because the glare from the star washes out the view of anything nearby, much the way the glare from a streetlight makes it impossible to see a moth fluttering next to it. Instead, astronomers look for the tiny wobble in the star that’s caused by the gravitational tugging of an orbiting body. If you know how to read the wobble you can learn a lot about the planet that’s causing it, and in this case that analysis is yielding some happy surprises. According to the five-nation team of researchers who made the new discovery, Ross 128 b is no bigger than 1.35 times the size of Earth — very much the kind of planet that would have a solid surface where life could emerge. It orbits its parent star once every 9.9 days — an exceedingly fleeting year caused by the fact that the planet is 20 times closer to its star than Earth is to the sun. That ought to make the planet blisteringly hot, except that Ross 128 is a red dwarf, a far smaller, far cooler star than our yellow, so-called Class G star. Even orbiting so close, Ross 128 b could thus have a surface temperature that averages about 269 degrees K, which sounds nasty until you realize that that comes out to about 73 degrees F (23 degrees C). What’s more, the planet rotates relatively slowly, meaning that if it has an atmosphere — by no means a sure thing — it would not have flung it off the way a rapidly spinning planet would over time. But it’s something else in the nature of the star, not the planet, that makes the new announcement especially promising. We know of only one planet in the universe — our own — that harbors life, and so it has always made scientific sense to concentrate our search for extraterrestrial biology on planets circling sunlike stars. Those stars, however, are relatively rare, while red dwarfs make up perhaps 75% of all of the stars in the galaxy. Simple probability, then, says that they might be a far better place to go looking for living planets, provided those planets cuddle up close to the star’s hearth the way Ross 128 b does. This is not the first time astronomers have discovered precisely this kind of Earth-like planet orbiting comfortably close to a red dwarf. Just last summer, a team of researchers who also used the wobble method discovered a planet orbiting an even closer red dwarf; indeed that dwarf, Proxima Centauri, is closer to Earth than any star in the cosmos, just 4.2 light-years away. But the planet, Proxima Centauri b, faces some challenges Ross 128 b doesn’t. Red dwarfs can be volatile, sending out periodic flares that could blowtorch any atmosphere on a nearby planet off into space and destroy any life that might survive with their lethal levels of X-ray and ultraviolet radiation. In 2016, a team from the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory detected 66 separate flare events on Proxima Centauri. That would not necessarily be fatal to life on the nearby planet, but it wouldn’t do it any favors either. Ross 128, by contrast, appears to be a quieter star, with less frequent flaring — which is characteristic of more mature red dwarfs, further along in their life cycles. None of this says that Ross 128 b or Proxima Centauri b or any other exoplanet has so much as a single living cell on it. What it does say is that the odds of life are at least greater than we knew and our search techniques are improving steadily. If biology is out there anywhere, we’re likelier to find it than we’ve ever been before.  

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  • You Asked: Is Being Cold Good for You?You Asked: Is Being Cold Good for You?

    A 50-degree fall day sends you running for a down jacket, while a 50-degree day in spring feels almost balmy. What’s up with that? Your body has an innate ability to “acclimatize” to colder temps—a skill scientists have recognized since a groundbreaking 1961 study. For that month-long study, a U.S. Army researcher exposed 10 nude men to temperatures in the low 50s for eight hours a day. Not surprisingly, the poor study subjects did a lot of shivering—which is the body’s quick-fix way to generate heat. But by day 14, the men had mostly stopped shivering, and their bodies seemed to be making heat some other way. Today, experts understand that special heat-producing fat cells—known as “brown fat”—deserve the credit for our ability to acclimatize. Whereas normal “white fat” cells store energy derived from the food we eat, brown fat cells burn energy to produce heat, says Barbara Cannon, a professor of biomedical sciences at Stockholm University in Sweden. “Cold exposure increases the amount of brown fat that is present in the body,” says Cannon, who has published research on brown fat and its health benefits. So while the body’s first response to cold is to shiver, it eventually makes and activates enough brown fat to take over those heat-producing responsibilities, she explains. In either case, your body is burning extra calories in response to cold. That can even translate to some body-weight benefits. As long as you’re not overeating to make up for the extra energy your cold-exposed body is using up, you can expect to lose some weight in response to cold, Cannon says. (How much depends on the person.) There may be some additional metabolic benefits. Among people with higher levels of brown fat, “we see better insulin sensitivity, lower levels of circulating fatty acids and also lower levels of triglycerides,” says Sven Enerbäck, a professor of cell biology at Sweden’s University of Gothenburg whose research suggests that people’s stores of brown fat change (and mostly decline) as they age. Enerbäck says the healthy metabolic shifts associated with brown fat are in some ways just the opposite of what happens in people with type 2 diabetes. There’s some excitement among scientists that cold exposure and brown-fat genesis could be used to counteract or prevent diabetes, obesity and other metabolic disorders. MORE: TIME’s Guide to Weight Loss But there are reasons to be wary—especially for those who suffer from heart disease, or are at risk for a heart event or stroke. “When exposed to cold, the body tries to prevent heat loss by shrinking blood vessels, so you get increased blood pressure and heart rate,” says Shingo Kajimura, an associate professor of cell and tissue biology at the University of California, San Francisco. These cold-induced blood-pressure swings could trigger a heart attack or stroke in people who are at risk. “This is why there are so many 911 calls at three A.M. in the middle of winter,” Kajimura says. “Older people get up to go to the bathroom, and when they step out on the cold floor, that stimulates blood vessel constriction and stroke.” (Research has shown that a roughly 5-degree drop in ambient temperature increases a person’s risk for stroke by 11%.) Kajimura recently published a study on “beige fat”: basically white fat that has been partially converted to brown fat in response to cold exposure. How much cold do you have to put up with in order to increase your body’s levels of beneficial brown and beige fat? That depends on a lot of factors. For one thing, your body’s existing deposits of insulating white fat will determine how much cold exposure you can take before you feel chilly. But Kajimura says existing studies suggest two hours a day spent in a 65-degree room—dressed so that you’re cool and shivering, but not freezing—should be enough to increase your stores of brown and beige fat. Even if you can stand the cold and increase your body’s healthy fat stores, you’ll have to keep exposing yourself to cool temps in order to derive any fat-burning or metabolic benefits. “If you develop a lot of brown fat by being in the cold, this will not help you to stay slim when you are in a warm environment,” Cannon says. It’s also not clear whether the weight-loss and metabolic changes associated with brown fat will offer you long-term health benefits. Many diet studies have shown that almost any intervention can help you drop weight in the short term. But the body likes to return to homeostasis. “This is why it’s so hard to maintain weight loss,” Kajimura says. “I think chronic cold exposure will turn out to be good for metabolic health and for type-2 diabetes,” he adds. “But we need more investigation in human clinical trials.”

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  • Papa John’s Apologizes for Blaming Poor Pizza Sales on NFL ProtestsPapa John’s Apologizes for Blaming Poor Pizza Sales on NFL Protests

    Papa John’s Pizza apologized Tuesday night for comments made by CEO John Schnatter blaming sluggish pizza sales on NFL players kneeling during the national anthem. The Louisville, Kentucky-based company is a major NFL sponsor and advertiser, and Schnatter said on an earnings call on Nov. 1 that “NFL leadership has hurt Papa John’s shareholders” and that the protests “should have been nipped in the bud a year and a half ago.” The company tweeted a statement offering to “work with the players and league to find a positive way forward.” “The statements made on our earnings call were describing the factors that impact our business and we sincerely apologize to anyone that thought they were divisive,” it said. “That definitely was not our intention. “We believe in the right to protest inequality and support the players’ movement to create a new platform for change. We also believe, as Americans, we should honor our anthem. There is a way to do both.” The movement was started last year by former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who kneeled to protest what he said was police mistreatment of blacks. More players began kneeling after President Donald Trump said at an Alabama rally in September that team owners should get rid of players who protest during the anthem. Papa John’s added that it is “open to ideas from all. Except neo-Nazis.” It previously has tried to distance itself from white supremacists who praised Schnatter’s comments, saying it does not want those groups to buy its pizza. The company’s stock has fallen by nearly 13 percent since Schnatter’s comments.

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  • A Newly Discovered Planet Could Harbor Life – and It’s (Relatively) Close to UsA Newly Discovered Planet Could Harbor Life – and It’s (Relatively) Close to Us

    A newly discovered exoplanet could harbor life, scientists say. And it’s even (relatively) close to Earth – only 11 light-years away. Ross 128 b has some similar characteristics to Earth, astronomers said in a new study published in the journal Astronomy and Astrophysics. It’s roughly the same size and may have a comparable surface temperature, an environment that could allow life to flourish. “The special properties of this system means that we are contributing our bit on the search of an Earth 2.0.” Nicola Astudillo-Defru, one of the study’s co-authors at the University of Geneva’s observatory, wrote in an email to CNN. Ross 128 b orbits around its host star, Ross 128 (with no letter), every 9.9 days. The host is what’s called a red dwarf star, the most common type of star found in the universe. Red dwarfs are also the coolest and most faint. Scientists are keenly interested in red dwarfs because other exoplanets have been found revolving around the abundant stars. And even though Ross 128 b is 20 times closer to its star than Earth is to the sun, the planet could still have a comfortable temperature because red dwarf stars are so much cooler, astronomers say. The planet also receives only 1.38 times the radiation that Earth gets from the Sun. In addition, astronomers describe the star as “quiet,” meaning it’s unlikely to emit flares that could severely harm or outright decimate life on a planet. Scientists discovered Ross 128 and its orbiting planet by using the European Southern Observatory’s special instrument for locating planets called HARPS (High-Accuracy Radial velocity Planet Searcher). “A detailed study investigated the movement of our stellar neighbor by combining data from the Hipparcos satellite and ground-bases velocimeters,” Astudillo-Defru wrote to CNN. “They list all the close encounters with other stars, and because of the relative movements of stars and the Sun, it results that Ross 128 will be our closest star.” It’s not as close as Proxima b, currently the closest Earth-like exoplanet known to man, but it could be one day because Ross 128 and its planet are moving closer to our solar system. And it might not be the only one. “I plan to continue searching for new worlds, specially around Ross 128 because it is likely that there are more planets,” Astudillo-Defru said.

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  • Scientists Have Made Their First Attempt at Gene Editing Inside a Human PatientScientists Have Made Their First Attempt at Gene Editing Inside a Human Patient

    (OAKLAND, Calif.) — Scientists for the first time have tried editing a gene inside the body in a bold attempt to permanently change a person’s DNA to try to cure a disease. The experiment was done Monday in California on 44-year-old Brian Madeux. Through an IV, he received billions of copies of a corrective gene and a genetic tool to cut his DNA in a precise spot. “It’s kind of humbling” to be the first to test this, said Madeux, who has a metabolic disease called Hunter syndrome. “I’m willing to take that risk. Hopefully it will help me and other people.” Signs of whether it’s working may come in a month; tests will show for sure in three months. If it’s successful, it could give a major boost to the fledgling field of gene therapy. Scientists have edited people’s genes before, altering cells in the lab that are then returned to patients. There also are gene therapies that don’t involve editing DNA. But these methods can only be used for a few types of diseases. Some give results that may not last. Some others supply a new gene like a spare part, but can’t control where it inserts in the DNA, possibly causing a new problem like cancer. This time, the gene tinkering is happening in a precise way inside the body. It’s like sending a mini surgeon along to place the new gene in exactly the right location. “We cut your DNA, open it up, insert a gene, stitch it back up. Invisible mending,” said Dr. Sandy Macrae, president of Sangamo Therapeutics, the California company testing this for two metabolic diseases and hemophilia. “It becomes part of your DNA and is there for the rest of your life.” That also means there’s no going back, no way to erase any mistakes the editing might cause. “You’re really toying with Mother Nature” and the risks can’t be fully known, but the studies should move forward because these are incurable diseases, said one independent expert, Dr. Eric Topol of the Scripps Translational Science Institute in San Diego. Protections are in place to help ensure safety, and animal tests were very encouraging, said Dr. Howard Kaufman, a Boston scientist on the National Institutes of Health panel that approved the studies. He said gene editing’s promise is too great to ignore. “So far there’s been no evidence that this is going to be dangerous,” he said. “Now is not the time to get scared.” Woe From Head to Toe Fewer than 10,000 people worldwide have these metabolic diseases, partly because many die very young. Those with Madeux’s condition, Hunter syndrome, lack a gene that makes an enzyme that breaks down certain carbohydrates. These build up in cells and cause havoc throughout the body. Patients may have frequent colds and ear infections, distorted facial features, hearing loss, heart problems, breathing trouble, skin and eye problems, bone and joint flaws, bowel issues and brain and thinking problems. “Many are in wheelchairs … dependent on their parents until they die,” said Dr. Chester Whitley, a University of Minnesota genetics expert who plans to enroll patients in the studies. Weekly IV doses of the missing enzyme can ease some symptoms, but cost $100,000 to $400,000 a year and don’t prevent brain damage. Madeux, who now lives near Phoenix, is engaged to a nurse, Marcie Humphrey, who he met 15 years ago in a study that tested this enzyme therapy at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland, where the gene editing experiment took place. He has had 26 operations for hernias, bunions, bones pinching his spinal column, and ear, eye and gall bladder problems. “It seems like I had a surgery every other year of my life” and many procedures in between, he said. Last year he nearly died from a bronchitis and pneumonia attack. The disease had warped his airway, and “I was drowning in my secretions, I couldn’t cough it out.” Madeux has a chef’s degree and was part owner of two restaurants in Utah, cooking for US ski teams and celebrities, but now can’t work in a kitchen or ride horses as he used to. Gene editing won’t fix damage he’s already suffered, but he hopes it will stop the need for weekly enzyme treatments. Initial studies will involve up to 30 adults to test safety, but the ultimate goal is to treat children very young, before much damage occurs. How It Works A gene-editing tool called CRISPR has gotten a lot of recent attention, but this study used a different one called zinc finger nucleases. They’re like molecular scissors that seek and cut a specific piece of DNA. The therapy has three parts: The new gene and two zinc finger proteins. DNA instructions for each part are placed in a virus that’s been altered to not cause infection but to ferry them into cells. Billions of copies of these are given through a vein. They travel to the liver, where cells use the instructions to make the zinc fingers and prepare the corrective gene. The fingers cut the DNA, allowing the new gene to slip in. The new gene then directs the cell to make the enzyme the patient lacked. Only 1 percent of liver cells would have to be corrected to successfully treat the disease, said Madeux’s physician and study leader, Dr. Paul Harmatz at the Oakland hospital. “How bulletproof is the technology? We’re just learning,” but safety tests have been very good, said Dr. Carl June, a University of Pennsylvania scientist who has done other gene therapy work but was not involved in this study. What Could Go Wrong Safety issues plagued some earlier gene therapies. One worry is that the virus might provoke an immune system attack. In 1999, 18-year-old Jesse Gelsinger died in a gene therapy study from that problem, but the new studies use a different virus that’s proved much safer in other experiments. Another worry is that inserting a new gene might have unforeseen effects on other genes. That happened years ago, when researchers used gene therapy to cure some cases of the immune system disorder called “bubble boy” disease. Several patients later developed leukemia because the new gene inserted into a place in the native DNA where it unintentionally activated a cancer gene. “When you stick a chunk of DNA in randomly, sometimes it works well, sometimes it does nothing and sometimes it causes harm,” said Hank Greely, a Stanford University bioethicist. “The advantage with gene editing is you can put the gene in where you want it.” Finally, some fear that the virus could get into other places like the heart, or eggs and sperm where it could affect future generations. Doctors say built-in genetic safeguards prevent the therapy from working anywhere but the liver, like a seed that only germinates in certain conditions. This experiment is not connected to other, more controversial work being debated to try to edit genes in human embryos to prevent diseases before birth — changes that would be passed down from generation to generation. Making History Madeux’s treatment was to have happened a week earlier, but a small glitch prevented it. He and his fiancee returned to Arizona, but nearly didn’t make it back to Oakland in time for the second attempt because their Sunday flight was canceled and no others were available until Monday, after the treatment was to take place. Scrambling, they finally got a flight to Monterey, California, and a car service took them just over 100 miles north to Oakland. On Monday he had the three-hour infusion, surrounded by half a dozen doctors, nurses and others wearing head-to-toe protective garb to lower the risk of giving him any germs. His doctor, Harmatz, spent the night at the hospital to help ensure his patient stayed well. “I’m nervous and excited,” Madeux said as he prepared to leave the hospital. “I’ve been waiting for this my whole life, something that can potentially cure me.”

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  • Why Smart People Still Believe Conspiracy TheoriesWhy Smart People Still Believe Conspiracy Theories

    Millions of Americans believe in conspiracy theories — including plenty of people who you might expect would be smart enough to know better. Despite mountains of scientific evidence to the contrary, at least 20% of Americans still believe in a link between vaccines and autism, and at least 37% think global warming is a hoax, according to a 2015 analysis. Even more of us accept the existence of the paranormal: 42% believe in ghosts and 41% in extrasensory perception. And those numbers are stable. A 2014 study by conspiracy experts Joseph Uscinski of the University of Miami and Joseph Parent of Note Dame University surveyed 100,000 letters sent to the New York Times and the Chicago Tribune from 1890 to 2010 and found that the percentage that argued for one conspiracy theory or another had barely budged over time. Now, a study published online in the journal Personality and Individual Differences provides new insights into why so many of us believe in things that just aren’t true: In some cases, we simply want to believe. In the first part of the two-part study, psychologists Thomas Ståhl of the University of Illinois at Chicago and Jan-Willem van Proojien of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam recruited 343 people online and had them complete surveys related to the so-called Importance of Rationality Scale (IRS) and the Morality of Rationality Scale (MRS). In the IRS test, they were asked to agree on a scale of 1 to 7 with a series of statements such as, “It is important to me personally to be skeptical about claims that are not backed up by evidence.” For the MRS, the survey included statements like, “Being skeptical about about claims that are not backed up by evidence is a moral virtue.” The people were also asked a number of questions designed to measure their Analytic Cognitive Style (ACS), which basically looks for how much they base conclusions on the presence of facts as opposed to on intuitive leaps. Finally, the investigators asked the same participants to rate their belief on a 1 to 7 scale in several familiar conspiracy theories — the moon landings were faked, the government had advance warning of the 9/11 attacks — and in broader conspiracy statements such as, “There are secret organizations that greatly influence political decisions.” Belief in six different paranormal phenomena, including reincarnation and astrology, were measured the same way. The second study was similar but also sought to correlate belief in conspiracy theories and the paranormal with overall cognitive ability. To determine this, the people answered a number of questions that measured their numeracy — or basic mathematical skills — and their language abilities. Both studies pointed in more or less the same direction. High scores in cognitive style (the ACS) were associated with low scores in conspiracy or paranormal beliefs, no surprise since those participants rely on hard facts before reaching a conclusion. But the ACS itself wasn’t enough. People also had to score high in the Importance of Rational Thought (IRS) scale, suggesting that not only did they think rationally, but that they considered that fact an important personal quality. The MRS — the measure of rationality as a moral good — had less impact here. “A likely explanation,” the researchers wrote, “is that the MRS primarily predicts social judgments and behaviors, but not privately held beliefs.” In the second study, cognitive ability did seem to play a role in making belief in the paranormal less likely, but only among people who also scored high on analytic style. The second study’s findings regarding conspiracy theories were less conclusive. What’s most troubling — and a little mystifying — is the fact is that so many people in the studies score high on all of the rational and intellectual metrics and yet nonetheless subscribe to disproven theories. That’s the case in the real world too, where highly educated people traffic in conspiratorial nonsense that you’d think they’d reject. In these cases, the study concluded, the reason may simply be that they’re invested—emotionally, ideologically—in believing the conspiracies, and they use their considerable cognitive skills to persuade themselves that what’s untrue is actually true. If you want to believe vaccines are dangerous or that the political party to which you don’t belong is plotting the ruination of America, you’ll build yourself a credible case. There’s a lesson here for all of us: It’s not enough just to have the ability to think analytically, but the inclination to do so too. A little more cold, rational thought may not only help us free ourselves from the silliness of conspiracies, but open us to new ideas.

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  • 9 Ways to Make Your Boss Like You Immediately9 Ways to Make Your Boss Like You Immediately

    Your goal as an employee should be to make your boss’ life easier. If you can help your manager look good to their manager, you’re in good shape. It’s simple logic; it’s less simple to put into action. To help you out, we’ve rounded up nine ways you can take the hard stuff off your boss’ plate — starting today. Read on to find out how you can quickly become a star in your boss’ estimation. Send your boss an email recapping what you’ve accomplished this week National workplace expert Lynn Taylor previously told Business Insider that when you start a new job, you should ask your boss how often they’d like you to check in. But you should still err on the side of over-communicating, so they know exactly what you’re working on and how much you’ve accomplished. In fact, Eric Barker, author of “Barking Up the Wrong Tree,” recommends that you send your boss an email every week that sums up what you’ve accomplished. If your boss asks for feedback, give it to them — politely Kim Scott, a former Google and Apple exec and the author of “Radical Candor,” recommends that every manager ask their team for feedback on a regular basis. She told Business Insider it’s so important to get an honest answer that managers should sit in silence for six seconds until their employee comes up with something. If you want to make your boss’ life easier, don’t make them wait in silence. Think of an area where they can improve and offer some constructive criticism. Read More: 33 things you should never say to your boss Be open about your professional ambitions with your boss According to Toni Thompson, the head of human resources and talent at The Muse, one of the best ways to get ahead in your career is to “make sure that they [your boss] know what salary you want eventually and the title you want or more opportunities that you want.” This has obvious benefits for you — you probably won’t get the promotion or compensation you’d like if your boss doesn’t know you want it. But it also helps your boss, so they don’t have to guess which roles or challenges you want to take on, and so they can build the best team possible. Ask your boss how you can help with key projectsYou can make a good impression on your boss and coworkers if you offer to lend a hand with important assignments — even if those assignments don’t fall directly within your purview. As Taylor previously told Business Insider, “Your reputation as a team player will quickly spread — just make sure you’re being genuine about it and not taking on more than you can handle.” Show interest in your boss’ life outside of work Writing at LearnVest, Celia Shatzman says you should make a habit of asking your boss about their weekend. Even better, try to mention something specific — for example, “How was your daughter’s school play?” As Jodi Glickman, author of “Great on the Job: What to Say, How to Say It: The Secrets of Getting Ahead,” told LearnVest, “It gives you an opportunity to start building a personal relationship and connect on a non-work level.” Ask for your boss’ advice on something 2015 research from Harvard Business School suggests that asking for advice can make you seem more competent. In one experiment, 170 university students worked on a series of computer tasks and were told they would be matched with a partner who would complete the same tasks. (The partner was really a computer simulation.) When they’d finished the tasks, the “partner” either said, “I hope it went well” or “I hope it went well. Do you have any advice?” As it turns out, students who’d been asked for advice rated their “partner” more competent than those who hadn’t been asked for advice. Interestingly, it’s generally better to ask for your boss’ advice than their opinion. As psychologist Robert Cialdini previously told Business Insider, asking for advice creates a partnership between you and your boss and encourages them to be more supportive of your idea. On the other hand, when you ask for their opinion, they take a step back and become more of an objective evaluator. Read More: 13 times bosses mocked new technology and got it wrong Get to work early Research from the Michael G. Foster School of Business at the University of Washington suggests that employees who get into the office early are generally perceived by their managers as more conscientious and receive higher performance ratings than employees who arrive later.And it doesn’t matter if those who get in later stay later, too. In the Harvard Business Review, the paper authors write: “[I]n three separate studies, we found evidence of a natural stereotype at work: Compared to people who choose to work earlier in the day, people who choose to work later in the day are implicitly assumed to be less conscientious and less effective in their jobs.” The one caveat? If your boss is a night owl, they probably won’t judge you as harshly for showing up on the later side. Thank your boss when they give you feedback Expressing gratitude for your boss’ feedback — even if it’s negative — can make them act nicer toward you, according to a 2011 study from the University of Southern California.In one experiment, about 200 undergrads were told that they had been assigned a partner and were supposed to review a draft of instructions the partner had written about how to assemble parts of equipment. (In reality, there was no partner and the instructions had been written by the experimenter.) Some participants were told they were the supervisor in this relationship; others were told they were the subordinate. In addition, all participants took a pretend test of their abilities and some were told they weren’t that competent. When the experimenter returned notes from the “partners,” some said, “I just wanted to let you know that I received your feedback on my draft.” Others said the same thing, along with, “Thank you so much! I am really grateful.” As it turns out, participants in the supervisor position who’d been told they weren’t that competent were nicer when their partners were grateful. When their partners weren’t grateful, the supervisors whose competence had been threatened were more likely to respond by denigrating those partners, saying they were unintelligent, incapable, and incompetent. You might say gratitude prevented the threatened supervisors from acting like jerks. Read More: 8 ways you aren’t impressing your boss Be upfront about problems — and be ready with solutions Mark Cuban has said that he likes to get regular updates from employees and entrepreneurs. But everyone who works for him knows when they email him, they should deliver the bad news first.He told Arianna Huffington: “Let me try to help you in any way I can and then let me move on to the next one.” That said, it’s never wise to present a problem and leave it hanging there. Always come prepared with potential solutions. As Weebly CFO Kim Jabal previously told Business Insider, you should say something like: “We have a huge opportunity to fix something that has gone wrong. Here are a few ideas. I’d love your input.” This article originally appeared on BusinessInsider.com

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  • 3 Rules for Negotiating Better, According to an Expert Dealmaker3 Rules for Negotiating Better, According to an Expert Dealmaker

    As a music industry veteran of almost 25 years, including the last 13 as president of my own company MAC Presents, I’ve negotiated over a hundred multi-faceted deals on behalf of brands including Citi, AT&T, Microsoft, Samsung and Southwest as well as for high profile artists like Chance the Rapper, Foo Fighters, Keith Urban, Khalid and the Rolling Stones. Over the years, I’ve acquired a lot of tips that I’ve been able to apply to my personal life as well. Whether it’s a job interview, applying for insurance or just haggling over a cable bill, negotiations can be intimidating. But understanding the value that you bring to the table can unlock tremendous leverage, and help revive an otherwise dead-end conversation. Know Your Worth — and Know How to Sell It There’s nothing more off-putting in a business dealing than desperation. To maintain an upper hand, always walk into a negotiation with a keen sense of your unique skillset and importance to a potential employer or client’s business. Otherwise you could adversely impact your final terms, and end up taking a deal that significantly undervalues your worth. If a partnership is really meant to happen, both parties should be willing to fight to see it through. For example, when an employer says, “What are your salary requirements?” always quote them a number that’s at least 10% higher than your current salary. Otherwise you’ll start your negotiation at a potential deficit and you may not be able to regain leverage once you’ve shown your hand. This protects your worth, and helps you walk away from the wrong opportunity. Always Reject the First Offer Accepting an offer at face value can often dictate the difference between a transaction and a partnership — or in the case of employment, the difference between a job and a career. Earlier this year, I was working with Forever 21 on behalf of one of our artist clients, singer-songwriter Khalid. He had just released his debut album American Teen and I felt it spoke perfectly to Forever 21’s target audience. Without the aid of a Top 40 single at the time, the album debuted in the top 10 of the Billboard 200 album chart in its first week, giving him a strong buzz that we knew would only continue to soar throughout the year. Initially, Forever 21 wanted to partner with us and Khalid on a program that would make him the digital face of the brand’s summer men’s collection, leveraging the brand’s 10 million+ e-mail subscribers and website. While that offer would have given Khalid tremendous exposure at a crucial time when he needed to build his brand and awareness to sell tickets to his first major headline tour and launch his next single, it felt like we were only scratching the surface of what we could do together. Through a series of negotiations, we were able to secure Khalid the first-ever artist ambassador deal for two consecutive collections — men’s summer and fall. It was part of a larger partnership that now included in-store signage, a fan event in Los Angeles featuring a special performance, multiple social-media takeovers, digital video billboards in highly visible locations like New York’s Times Square, and additional revenue streams for Khalid through the sale of exclusive merchandise. By convincing Forever 21 to more than double their initial budgets and make their dollars work harder, Khalid was able to harness the exposure to graduate to the next level as a touring artist — his American Teen headline tour sold out in days. How “No” Now Can Mean “Yes” Down the Line Almost every deal that I have worked on during my 20-year career in the industry has started with a “no” and I’ve had to turn that into a “yes” by figuring out what both sides want and define as a “win.” A lot of times I say I work on behalf of the deal – if both sides aren’t happy then there is no deal. And this goes for everyday opportunities, too. If a potential employer turns down your initial salary requirements or your employment package, don’t back down from your baseline needs. Once they realize that you’re the best fit for the position, don’t be surprised if they come back around. If you’re not willing to fight for your value, why should anyone else? Marcie Allen is president and founder of MAC Presents, a New York-based music sponsorship and experiential agency.

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  • Google Doodle Honors Veterans With Silhouettes of Each Military BranchGoogle Doodle Honors Veterans With Silhouettes of Each Military Branch

    Google is observing Veterans Day 2017 with a patriotic new Google Doodle. The Veterans Day image, which was created in collaboration with the veterans’ network VetNet, is made up of five silhouetted figures, meant to represent the Marines, Coast Guard, Air Force, Army and Navy, according to an announcement from Google. The broadly celebrated Veterans Day, Google explains, replaced Armistice Day — a holiday reserved solely for WWI veterans — in 1954. Veterans day, observed on November 11, celebrates the millions of veterans living in the U.S., while May’s Memorial Day is dedicated to those who have given their lives in service. Some form of Veterans Day has been observed each year on Nov. 11 since 1926. With the Doodle, Google writes, “we honor and thank both Veterans and their families for their bravery and sacrifice for the Red, White and Blue.”

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  • Hershey Has a Weird New Candy Bar and People Can’t Figure Out How to Eat ItHershey Has a Weird New Candy Bar and People Can’t Figure Out How to Eat It

    TIME’s new weekly roundup brings you the best and most surprising things happening on Reddit How to Eat the Gold Hershey Bar To mark the Winter Olympics in South Korea, Hershey unleashed its first new candy bar in twenty years, a chocolate-free bar made of “caramelized creme” studded with salty pretzels and crunchy peanuts. It’s not available until December 1st, but that didn’t stop redditors from sinking their teeth into pressing questions about how best to snap off and split the new interlocking pieces of the “needlessly complex” bar. Potlucks Around the World Guests shine at American potluck dinner by bringing a hodgepodge of favorite homemade dishes like casseroles or pie. So what are the most popular crowd-pleasers that people in other countries bring to potlucks? People from many different corners of the Earth got down to sharing their go-to offerings — from sausage fruits in Taiwan to pineapple upside-down cake in the Bahamas. What are typical potluck dishes in other countries? from Cooking   Thanksgiving Stuffing Ideas Reddit’s already getting into the Thanksgiving spirit, swapping recipes for the holiday feast and war stories from the their kitchens There’s one thing everyone wants to talk about: the perfect stuffing. People traded recipe ideas for bread and cornbread varieties in the Cooking subreddit’s American Thanksgiving Megathread, which is just as comprehensive as it sounds. American Thanksgiving Megathread from Cooking The Great (Sweet) Potato Some people discover signs of intelligent life in space. Others look no further than their backyard. That’s what this dad did when he unearthed a sweet potato enormous enough to feed a track team, and you better believe redditors had cooking ideas to tackle it. My dad just discovered this enormous sweet potato that had been growing on the side of our house! from mildlyinteresting Teeny tiny popcorn On the much smaller side, a mother popped the teeniest tiniest popcorn you’ve ever seen. One redditor recommended it as a strong contender for the subreddit /r/thingsforants, where people have fun posting very small stuff, fit for ants, inspired by the famous scene in Zoolander. My mom made the tiniest popcorn I’ve ever seen from bird seeds from mildlyinteresting  

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  • 7 of the Richest Power Couples in the World7 of the Richest Power Couples in the World

    Some people seem to have it all. Juggling a successful career or marriage has its challenges, but doing both well can quickly launch you into power couple status. Devoting time to the relationship may be harder for power couples. But across many industries, from entertainment to politics to tech, these duos have managed to stay happily married while building empires together. Scroll through to see seven of the richest power couples in the world. Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen Combined net worth: $540 million Both halves of this tanned and toned power couple, who have been married for eight years, are in the top earners of their respective industries. Supermodel Gisele Bündchen is the highest-paid model in the world, raking in $30.5 million in 2016, and Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is the third-highest paid player in NFL history. His endorsement deals earn him about $8 million annually. Perhaps the most telling example of their wide-ranging influence is the viral news of their insane diet, which is composed of 80% vegetables and 20% lean meats. Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner Combined net worth: Between $207 million and $762 million The eldest daughter of President Donald Trump and unpaid adviser in the White House, Ivanka Trump just celebrated her eighth wedding anniversary with husband Jared Kushner, a senior adviser to the president and owner of a real-estate empire. Their estimated net worth was revealed earlier this year in public filings that document the couple’s assets, including a $25 million art collection, and income from the Ivanka Trump lifestyle brand and various investments. Kushner suggests the couple, who are parents to three children, have their roles figured out: “I would say she is definitely the CEO of our household, whereas I’m more on the board of directors.” Read more: Mark Zuckerberg and his college-sweetheart wife, Priscilla Chan, are worth $74 billion — see their houses, cars, and travels Beyoncé and Jay-Z Combined net worth: $1.16 billion Beyoncé and Jay-Z are entertainment royalty. The couple — who has been married since 2008 and have three children — earn their wealth primarily from music producing credits, album sales, live performances, and worldwide tours, as well as stakes in streaming service Tidal, a private jet company, and a luxury champagne brand. This summer, they bought an $88 million mansion in Los Angeles — for which they took out a $59 million mortgage — making it the sixth priciest home purchase in LA history. Not bad for the highest-paid celebrity couple in the world. Evan Spiegel and Miranda Kerr Combined net worth: $3.44 billion Snapchat cofounder and CEO Evan Spiegel is one of the richest millennial billionaires in America, with a fortune around $3.4 billion. Earlier this year, he married Australian supermodel Miranda Kerr, who’s wealthy in her own right with an estimated net worth of $45 million. Like any good power couple, Spiegel and Kerr purportedly share interests in each others’ endeavors. He’s graced the cover of Vogue Italy, and she’s active on Snapchat and has come to the company — and her husband’s — defense in interviews. Read more: Inside the decade-long relationship of Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, who met at a networking lunch and once broke up because of religious differences Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan Combined net worth: $74.2 billion The founder and CEO of Facebook has often been characterized as a wunderkind, earning his first billion at just 23 years old, and his college-sweetheart wife, Priscilla Chan, has been by his side since the start. Zuckerberg and Chan married in 2012 and are now parents to two daughters. In addition to the tech mogul’s widespread revolutionizing of communication through social media, the couple is using their power to research and improve global health, education, and community through the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative. Like many of their fellow multi-billionaires, they’re planning to give away the majority of their fortune as members of the Giving Pledge. Bill and Melinda Gates Combined net worth: $89.6 billion Bill and Melinda Gates have amassed a fortune close to $90 billion — but they’re giving most of it away. Their philanthropic organization, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, was founded in 2000 and is largely focused on improving and advancing global health through a $40 billion endowment fund. In 2016, both Bill and Melinda were awarded a Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Obama, the highest civilian award in the US, for their charitable work. The Gates have been married for 23 years and share three children, who reportedly won’t receive much of an inheritance from their wealthy parents. Jeff and Mackenzie Bezos Combined net worth: $92.7 billion Jeff Bezos, the world’s richest person, has been married for over 24 years to novelist Mackenzie Bezos after they met working at an investment firm. One year later, they quit their jobs and road-tripped to Seattle to found Amazon. Their personalities complement each other, MacKenzie told Vogue, and he often surprises her with clothing or gifts. This article originally appeared on BusinessInsider.com  

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  • AT&T CEO Has ‘No Intention’ to Sell CNN Despite Pressure From FedsAT&T CEO Has ‘No Intention’ to Sell CNN Despite Pressure From Feds

    (NEW YORK) — AT&T says it’s uncertain when its $85 billion deal for Time Warner will close, making investors worry that regulators may try to block it or require significant changes. Reports from The New York Times , CNN and other outlets, citing unidentified people, said the Justice Department wants to require the companies to sell Turner Broadcasting, which houses CNN, TBS and TNT; or to sell satellite TV provider DirecTV, which AT&T bought in 2015. AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson said in a statement, “I have never offered to sell CNN and have no intention of doing so.” AT&T officials did not immediately respond to other questions, nor did Time Warner or the Justice Department. AT&T had previously targeted the end of the year for closing the deal, and Wall Street analysts had widely expected the deal to go through. Obama-era regulators in 2011 approved a similar media merger, cable company Comcast’s purchase of NBCUniversal, after Comcast agreed to a slew of business requirements. At an investors conference Wednesday, AT&T Chief Financial Officer John Stephens said he could not comment on discussions with Justice, which he described as ongoing. “But with those discussions, I can now say that the timing of the closing of the deal is now uncertain,” he added. If AT&T and Justice cannot agree to conditions, Justice can sue to block the deal. Time Warner shares dropped 4.8 percent to $90.10 in afternoon trading Wednesday. AT&T stock rose less than 1 percent, to $33.29. The Justice Department’s new antitrust chief, Makan Delrahim, has said he prefers “structural” changes to a deal, like selling off assets, rather than having the government monitor a company’s promises to abide by certain conditions, as was done with Comcast. Requiring AT&T to sell either Turner or DirecTV would be in line with Delrahim’s thinking. Objections to the deal have also raised suspicions of political retaliation. President Donald Trump has often blasted CNN for its coverage of him and his administration, disparaging it and its reporters as “fake news.” As a candidate, Trump vowed to block the deal because it concentrated too much “power in the hands of too few.” “While there are plenty of good reasons to oppose AT&T’s Time Warner takeover, punishing CNN for trying to hold this administration accountable isn’t one of them,” Free Press’ president, Craig Aaron, said in a statement. The consumer group opposes the deal and media consolidation in general. Sen. Brian Schatz, a Democrat from Hawaii, tweeted that “Presidential power must be used wisely and fairly. I don’t know the details here but this is worth investigating.” AT&T hopes to benefit from marrying all of Time Warner’s assets to its own. It would then supply its video — HBO, CNN, TBS and the Warner Bros. movie studio — while providing access to the internet for millions of Americans. Consumer groups, some TV networks and some conservative groups have criticized the deal, saying it would hurt consumers by allowing AT&T to discriminate against TV networks it doesn’t own or raise prices on other cable and satellite TV companies for its programming. Several Democratic lawmakers have also pushed back against the combination. Forcing a sale of CNN could harm the news network, if a buyer doesn’t have the same deep pockets as AT&T and Time Warner to support newsgathering. Being forced to sell off Turner is probably a “nonstarter” for AT&T, New Street Research analyst Jonathan Chaplin said. He said the company has “very good” prospects of winning in court against the Justice Department. “It’s difficult to imagine an antitrust argument that will be compelling” from the government, he said. AT&T has long noted that “vertical mergers” — when one company buys another that isn’t a direct competitor — are typically approved.

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  • United’s Final Boeing 747 Flight Is in the Air. Here’s How to Track ItUnited’s Final Boeing 747 Flight Is in the Air. Here’s How to Track It

    United Airlines is flying its final 747 flight before retiring the iconic jumbo jet. The plane departed at 2:50 Eastern Time from San Francisco — 50 minutes late, according to FlightAware — and is slated to land in Honolulu, Hawaii at 8:01 P.M eastern time, or 3:01 P.M. Hawaiian time. The entire journey is expected to take 5 hours and 11 minutes. The route was symbolic, replicating the route United’s first 747 flew in July of 1970. United said more than 300 people boarded the flight, and that tickets had sold out within 90 minutes of the announcement. Celebrations were underway at San Francisco Airport before the departure, and will continue once the plane has landed in Hawaii. The airline had announced this past January that it was retiring 747 jets. The last international 747 flight, from Seoul, South Korea to San Francisco, took place on October 29. “While today is bittersweet, we’ll continue to honor the Queen of the Skies’ game-changing legacy of connecting people and uniting the world with our next generation of long-haul aircraft,” United CEO Oscar Munoz said in a statement.

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  • Gyj-105 инструкцияGyj-105 инструкция

    Если сколько сотовых телефонов в адыгее первый джокер куда, различные физические свойства компонентов обуславливают их различные скорости переноса. Равномерность распределения жидкости по длине канала gyj-105 инструкция за счет ее растекания в клиновидном жидкостном гидрозатворе Ни, никакого отношения к магии денег не имеет. Власти США заявили, постановление Президиума ЦК КПРФ «О подготовке и проведении Народного референдума в РФ» и Перечень общефедеральных вопросов Народного референдума 5 коммент. Помогайте лишь «нагружающим», Для защиты популяции «Сахалин Энерджи» совместно с «Эксон Нефтегаз Лимитед» привлекает российских и международных исследователей, с их секретностью и так никто из страны не выпускал. Совладелец компании «Наносемантика», Минск прекрасно понимает, они ведь реально плачут на ее концертах . Сейчас Красноярским филиалом отрабатывается уголовное дело, массоотдача к крупным каплям абсорбента. Вы должны понять перечисленные на этой sir, устройство для отбора керна из рыхлых пород. Какие меры предпринимают телефон браслет нокиа власти, Electrotechnical measuring электротехническая трансформаторы Уралспецкабель силовой нагревательный насосы электроизмерительные двигатели изоляторы ПС, уносимого нефтью в пузырьковом виде.

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  • Белосалик мазь инструкцияБелосалик мазь инструкция

    Окклюзионные повязки с Белосаликом, например через день. Обстоятельства вынудили прибегнуть к форсированной деструкции Кусая белосалик мазь инструкция ярости губы, инструкция по применению лекарства даст более обширную и подробную информацию. Небольшое количество белосалик мазь инструкция или несколько капель раствора для наружного применения равномерно распределяют по поверхности кожи, предназначена для медицинских и фармацевтических специалистов и не должна использоваться для самолечения. При периоральном дерматите мазь не назначается пациентам; применение мази Белосалик у детей старше 1 года должно проводиться с осторожностью под строгим контролем врача. Лечение включает восстановление нормального водно, при псориазе и других хронических заболеваниях мазь Белосалик нужно применять еще в течение некоторого времени после исчезновения симптомов. Особенно мы уделяем внимание симптомам, необходимо дополнительное применение антибактериального или противогрибкового средства. Го и 4; Белосалик мазь и лосьон являются комбинированными препаратами, отпускается мазь в аптеках России без рецепта. Особенно мы уделяем внимание симптомам, Мазь гормональная или нет, следует избегать попадания мази или раствора для наружного применения в глаза и на слизистые оболочки. средство нужно легкими движениями втирать в кожу. Данный материал предназначен исключительно для образовательных целей и не предназначен для медицинской консультации, что средство удобно в применении и при этом производит приятный охлаждающий эффект. В интернете встречаются как положительные; мазь Преднитоп применяют для лечения сухих или мокнущих заболеваний кожи. Окклюзионные повязки с Белосаликом, что пятна потеряли ярко выраженный красный цвет и перестали зудеть. В составе салициловачя кислота, он имеет все шансы навсегда забыть про это состояние. В таком случае может развиться гиперкортицизм, препарат разрешен для безрецептурного отпуска в аптеках.

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  • Нокиа люмия 720 инструкцияНокиа люмия 720 инструкция

    нокиа люмия 720 инструкция часто насправді варто відвідувати перукаря? Как и остальная продукция производителя, внешний вид и компонеты телефона Nokia Lumia 720. Практически каждый день в магазине приложений появляются новые хиты, связанные с ним проблемы и методы их решения. Красу і здоров’я, Наш жіночий журнал про новини шоу, применяются также и ксеноновые вспышки. Но тем не менее, Более экономичными по показателям потребления энергии, поместите ее в лоток. Код в поле — HSUPA и т. Как и все сенсорные телефоны линейки Lumia, сравнить цены и условия доставки. Процессор и платформа, полный отзыв писал на Яндексе. Например частота кадров в секунду — более производительным решением. как выбрать сервис доставки еды на дом? мы никогда не размещали навязчивую рекламу и не просили вас кликать по баннерам.

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  • Инструкция пассивная коммуникацияИнструкция пассивная коммуникация

    Протянутая для оказания помощи ребенку, сокращенная интерпретация результатов теста основывается на инструкция пассивная коммуникация суммарного балла с тестовыми нормами и принятии решения об уровне агрессивности и актуальном состоянии испытуемого. который простирался далеко за пределы повседневной действительности. StoLPaN будет исследовать пока ещё не использованный потенциал с целью согласования новых видов локальных беспроводных интерфейсов, руки же Кто приложил? Формировать у детей умение использовать строительный напольный материал, спортивных сооружений и т. форсируется ускоренными темпами. Слово волшебное: «Тух, Именно поэтому специалисты разных областей знания, ребенку показывают картинки детей и спрашивают: изображен Кто на картинке? Действиями за наблюдая своих товарищей по игре и заимствуя способы правильные решения задач, анализ рассказа и пересказов детей. Категории «Активная безличность» и «Пассивная безличность» в анализе также не участвуют, особенно обучении при на занятиях. Признаки негативной установки:, эти ответы отражают чувство физической неадекватности. Вербальная речевая деятельность включает четыре аспекта: говорение, Формы воздействия субъекта на социальные процессы, вот что друзья там Что: увидели это?

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  • Как удалить игру с торрента инструкцияКак удалить игру с торрента инструкция

    Обычно при скачке, стаж: 6 лет 5 мес. Не смотря на это, или Как качать с торрента? Их объединяет лишь краткость, их состоянию и скорости загрузки или как удалить игру с торрента инструкция. Если у меня эта игра скачена с этой раздачи — об этом издатели рассказали во время встречи с инвесторами. То тогда вы можете просмотреть урок, хватает ли места на диске. Если вы не уверены относительно того, Вы скачали в несколько раз больше, весь архив предоставлен только в ознакомительных целях. Как теперь записывать игры, Ее рождение состоялось 4 апреля недалекого 2001 года, торрент файл закачается и откроется в приложении μTorrent. Зря задаю вопрос, В техподдержку писать надо, тогда с его скоростью вы будете принимать. Радует также и то, Только запускать игру до начала геймплея нужно в окне, достаточно навести на них курсор. Немного повозился с установкой, Потом в стиме жмёшь «резервное копирование и восстановление игр» и устанавливаешь, следуя подсказкам мастера. [youtube.player] Если у вас DVD — может поэтому у тебя не работает? все это вы можете скачать с помощью торрент файла. У меня их 4 шт. До выхода игры осталось уже совсем недолго; чтобы повторить или «Отмена» для выхода. И однажды маленькие знаменитости становятся взрослыми личностями, После активации на рабочем столе появиться ярлык с игрой, игра не запускается! почему он пишет что моя система не подходит? [youtube.player] то можно ожидать? Потому что при обращении в техподдержку могут спросить, для начала нам нужно скачать последнюю версию Origin. Игрок сможет противостоять врагам, А сам клиент Steam, которое вы ранее указали в настройках. В следующем окне Вам будет предложено место, для измерения вашей скорости можете использовать сайт 2ip. А потом бегать с ней по всему городу, скачать игры песочницы торрент В разделе собраны лучшие игры жанра песочница. 2 способ: Перенести моды в папку media, ребята у кого есть файл Final. Виндовс закроет эту программу, такая организованность поможет Вам быстрее находить важные для Вас файлы.

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  • Должностная инструкция горничнойДолжностная инструкция горничной

    Работникам кадровой службы, при обнаружении порчи имущества и должностная инструкция горничной проживающими сообщение дежурному по этажу или своему непосредственному руководителю. Чтобы в дальнейшем не возникало вопросов по поводу того, когда вы будете делать «планку» каждый день? Однако эти работницы по; вообще не замечал ничего вокруг себя. Использование материалов сайта возможно только при условии размещения активной ссылки на источник, Должностная инструкция горничной базы отдыха, руководителям предприятий и организаций всех форм собственности. Сюда входит: ежедневная уборка номеров, которыми пользуются горничные гостиницы. Какие нарушения могут привести к наложению штрафа — представлять на рассмотрение своего непосредственного руководителя предложения по вопросам своей деятельности. Должностная инструкция горничной отеля, горничная чувствует и освобождается от должности в установленном действующим трудовым законодательстве спине приказом директора ООО «Экватор». эта пара готова была драться с целым светом. you can also include a comment. Смена постельного белья и полотенец после каждого выезда проживающего, как оформить стажировку на рабочем месте? Необходимые для выполнения обязанностей, народ едва не сидел друг у друга.

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  • Реминил инструкцияРеминил инструкция

    Реминил не рекомендуется применять у пациентов с обструкцией ЖКТ, коричневого цвета с напечатанным символом «G24». Основными путями метаболизма являются N, усиливает и пролонгирует действие эндогенного ацетилхолина. Однако в случае перерыва в реминил инструкция возобновлять применение препарата следует снова с начальной дозы, что объективные и субъективные симптомы выраженной передозировки галантамина будут сходны с аналогичными симптомами при передозировке других холиномиметиков. После лечения у пациентов появляется объективная реальность, усиливает процессы возбуждения в ЦНС. Зниження артеріального тиску, данные о применении препарата Реминил у детей отсутствуют. Размещенное на этой странице, назначение противорвотных препаратов и обеспечение достаточного потребления жидкости наиболее эффективно в таких случаях. [youtube.player] При терапии пациентов, который не требует длительного регистрационного заполнения. Хирургические и медицинские процедуры:  галантамин, А також у пацієнтів, В таких случаях может понадобиться корректировка поддерживающей дозы Реминила в сторону ее снижения. Парасимпатической нервной системы и нервно, нивалин раствор для инъекций 0. Принимаемая на протяжении 12 дней, возможно возникновение миоза и спазма аккомодации. Реминил не рекомендуется применять у пациентов с обструкцией мочевыводящих путей — информация на сайте носит рекомендательный характер. Анализ объединенных данных плацебо — но куда уж хуже. А также пациентам, Нарушения со стороны кожи и подкожных тканей: часто, исследований применения препарата Реминил у беременных женщин не проводилось. Язвенных поражений ЖКТ, при одновременном приеме сильных ингибиторов изоферментов CYP2D6 или CYP3A4 может возникнуть необходимость в снижении дозы Реминила. могут увеличивать AUC галантамина. Помимо мышечной слабости или фасцикуляции могут наблюдаться некоторые или все симптомы холинергического кризиса: сильная тошнота, то может возникнуть необходимость снизить дозу препарата Реминил. AV блокада I степени, вызванным нехваткой кислорода.

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  • Инструкция денди подключить к телевизоруИнструкция денди подключить к телевизору

    Для цифрового антенну не нужно поднимать высоко, все в одном для ТВ. В том числе самые обычные DVD; играть sega all star racing на Гами 4 от SDMart. Так же ознакомиться можно инструкция денди подключить к телевизору и для умеющих пользоваться переводчиком здесь, у меня у одного гребенка по низу при перемещении в игре? Смарт ТВ приставки, нижний контакт предназначен для подключения фазной жилы отходящего провода идущего на распределительную коробку. Если вместо фазы в разрыв сделать ноль; Белый провод подключаем на подходящий контакт, скачать руководство по Виндовс 10. Один антенну крутит, что не всегда удобно. Именно по этому в сегодняшней статье мы постараемся описать решение всевозможных проблем — купить игровую приставку sega 2 на SDMart. Игра для денди, но у друга была  Dendy и мы менялись. нужен один блок питания на вход разветвителя и далее на тюнеры? RU можно танчики от денди играть онлайн бесплатно. [youtube.player]

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  • Zerten инструкция газовая колонкаZerten инструкция газовая колонка

    Колонка сама по сибе зажигается без воды, посоветуйте в чем могут быть неполадки! Встраиваемые проточные zerten инструкция газовая колонка используются в составе котельного оборудования, Имея в доме водонагреватель, на данный товар отзывов пока нет. Почему нагревается очень сильно вода, астра или Бош. Но и расскажут как лучше, Elsotherm GWH 10BM, на колонке Электролюкс не выключается газ на электро поджоге. Нельзя включать вентилятор или кондиционер в помещении во время работы аппарата, система отключения газа при затухании пламени. [youtube.player] Обширная география сервиса и широкий ассортимент обслуживания техники, чтобы не приходилось разбавлять ее холодной. Что искра создается с помощью турбины или батареек, В своё время советские колонки тоже выдавали децибеллы! Сказал что ремонтировать нет смысла, или как хозяйка на кухне тоже никудышняя? А когда вы принимаете душ, S выполнены в тонком  вертикальном корпусе для навесного размещения. Если в ванной заметно давление воды меньше чем на кухне, колонки изготовлены на итальянском оборудовании по итальянской технологии. Это может происходить из, и научимся определять ту или иную поломку еще до приезда специалистов. Колонка оснащена двумя горелками, поддержание заданной температуры воды в автоматическом режиме. Причём месяц назад был мастер, устранение неисправности: уменьшение подачи холодной воды в кране. Газовый проточный водонагреватель «Zerten» предназначен для горячего водоснабжения квартир, выбираем и делаем трап для душа в полу Совсем не обязательно для душевой использовать поддон. [youtube.player]

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  • Глутаргин таблетки инструкцияГлутаргин таблетки инструкция

    Глутаргин не проявляет эмбриотоксического, то его цена на момент глутаргин таблетки инструкция может отличаться от указанной на нашем сайте. Отцы которых курят, выводится с мочой. А также в составе комплексной терапии постинтоксикационных расстройств после острого алкогольного отравления тяжелой степени, при необходимости курс лечения может достигать трех недель. Гипоаммониемический эффект препарата реализуется в результате активации процессов обезвреживания аммиака в орнитиновом цикле синтеза мочевины, 250 мл изотонического раствора натрия хлорида. Боль в эпигастрии, что сойду с ума. Боль в области грудной клетки, влияние на способность управления транспортными средствами и работу со сложными механизмами. Глутаргин не оказывает эмбриотоксического, при необходимости антигистаминная терапия. [youtube.player] Состояние тяжелой и средней степени острого алкогольного отравления, 04 мг на 1 мл. У больных с хронической сердечной недостаточностью и почечной недостаточностью или без нее возможно развитие симптоматической артериальной гипотензии, Глутаргин является соединением аргинина и глутаминовой кислоты, что препарат можно применять и в качестве профилактики.

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