• Benefits Of Eating Mushrooms Why I Can’t Eat EnoughBenefits Of Eating Mushrooms Why I Can’t Eat Enough

    Benefits Of Eating Mushrooms Why I Can’t Eat Enough Questioning the benefits of eating mushrooms? I did, and now I am convinced eating more of them is the way to go. My daughter loves them, and I find myself buying a big bag of them every time I do the shopping. Every week I look for a creative way to cook them up so the... [Read More] The post Benefits Of Eating Mushrooms Why I Can’t Eat Enough appeared first on Aging Naturally.

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  • “Trumping Democracy” -- New Documentary Traces Trump's Election Win“Trumping Democracy” -- New Documentary Traces Trump's Election Win

    When Donald Trump lost the popular vote by 3 million but won the Electoral College, the debate about our electoral system

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  • 6-Figure Spiritual Business Plan! Thanks & Giving Gratitude Sale for YOU6-Figure Spiritual Business Plan! Thanks & Giving Gratitude Sale for YOU

    Instead of another black Friday TV sale, take advantage of this spiritual business plan and Thanksgiving Sale. Invest in yourself, your family and your business. What is going to make the difference for you in this year being different from next year? Yipppppeeee!! Thank you for being a member of my tribe. Thank you for wanting to improve your life. Thank you for stepping up for YOU. Click here to skip to my Spiritpreneur Thanks and Giving Sale... Hey Gorgeous! Yippppeee~ As I promised yesterday, I am opening the doors early on my THANKS & GIVING SALE… Thank you, thank you, thank you for being a member of my tribe. Presenting… THE 6-FIGURE SPIRITPRENEUR PLAN — [link] https://ownyourpower.lpages.co/6-figure-spiritpren… Take advantage of this 89% OFF offer!!   And if you get in the door before Thursday, American Thank You Day, I have 2 BONUSES for YOU!! Everyone who registers BEFORE Thursday gets a bonus deck of my African Goddess Affirmation Cards. AND if you pay in FULL by WEDNESDAY at MIDNIGHT, you get a BONUS 1:1 session with ME. ::::Click here to learn more now…     Spiritual Business Plan: HERE’S WHAT YOU GET INSIDE Take a look at how YOU will FINALLY start to create real results… The Spiritpreneur Warrior Business Sisterhood Coaching Business in a Box Course + Kit Author in a Weekend Course + Kit Speaking on Stage for Spiritpreneurs Money Mindset Reset Camp Sacred Fearless Selling Podcasting in a Box Kit Sacred Self-Love Journaling Cards AND MORE!! ::::Click here to take advantage of my gratitude sale.   Let me know if you have any questions! Love and magic, Abiola P.S. You ROCK — check it out now: https://ownyourpower.lpages.co/6-figure-spiritpren… The post 6-Figure Spiritual Business Plan! Thanks & Giving Gratitude Sale for YOU appeared first on Abiola's Guide to Womanifesting Your Power.

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  • You’ve Never Seen a City Hall Wedding This BeautifulYou’ve Never Seen a City Hall Wedding This Beautiful

    Forget everything you know about City Hall weddings and feast your eyes on this magic captured by Elizabeth Messina. It takes city chic to a whole new level of glamour and elegance designed by Simone Lennon Events, with florals by Kathleen Deery Design and the stunning backdrop of San Francisco City Hall. From Monique Lhuillier gown to Rolls Royce getaway, you won't want to miss a single second of this gorgeous black-tie affair.Continue reading on Style Me Pretty

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  • How to prepare for Black Friday 2017How to prepare for Black Friday 2017

    Happy Thanksgiving to our American divinistas! We know how crazy your days can get, especially with Black Friday right around the corner. Christmas gifts, house appliances, or simply me-to-me presents, we wouldn’t be surprised if you had a long, long shopping list prepared for the weekend. Now that the beloved shopping holiday has found its way here in Canada too, we’re as excited to take the weekend off. Make the best out of your day – and your time – with our tips on how to prepare for Black Friday. Prep a meal Depending on what time you are planning to hit the stores, you should plan the meals for the day ahead. You may think that you’ll have time to grab something to eat on the way, but so will everyone else. Prepare a protein-loaded dish the night before that can be easily reheated. Then, you’ll feel sustained until the end of your shopping spree – where you’ll be able to eat out without feeling rushed! Oh, and pack a water bottle, of course. Try on sizes beforehand You still have a few days to visit the stores you are planning on shopping at to try on their sizes – for tops, bottoms, shoes, and outerwear! That way, on the day of Black Friday (or even Cyber Monday), you’ll be able to grab things off the hook and purchase them right away, avoiding the line. If you’re unsure how specific pieces will fit (frills, peplum, etc.), try on those specifically a few days before. Map it out… My friends have called me crazy for doing this, but I promise it works! I print out a map of the mall or area I am planning on going to, and draw out my itinerary with a red pen. That allows you to have a visual representation of the area so you don’t constantly have to take out your phone. Plus, that helps you choose a parking spot (so you can go in and out to leave bags in the trunk, of course!). …and plan ahead To have an itinerary, you would then obviously have to have a list of the stores you are planning on visiting. Instead, write down a list of items you need and items you want. Then, choose the stores accordingly, so you don’t waste time walking around aimlessly! Stay tuned to find out where the best deals are! Dress accordingly It’s most likely going to be cold and unbearable, especially if you go in the morning. Bundle up, but if you are planning on trying clothes, not too much! We recommend a light turtleneck sweater with a tight tank top underneath, leggings, and flat boots. Lighten up as much as possible so you don’t find yourself carrying scarves and hats everywhere. Split up if needed If you and your friends can’t seem to come to an agreement on where to go first, there’s nothing wrong with splitting up. Nothing’s worse than missing out on deals you were looking forward to because other people wanted to go somewhere else! You can plan out meeting points and check up on each other every once in a while.  

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  • Top Five Drives for Affordable Luxury in 2017Top Five Drives for Affordable Luxury in 2017

    Life sometimes seems to be full of compromises and trade offs. Something healthy for lunch or something that tastes good? The latest smartphone with all the toys or a basic one for a quarter of the money? When it comes to choosing a car, there are even more factors to consider. We would all like […]

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  • A Woman’s Guide to PowerliftingA Woman’s Guide to Powerlifting

    For years, the scene at the gym has been the same: Men hit the big weight racks while women gravitated toward cardio machines and light weights. The female population was sold this magical idea of “toning” and warned against getting bulky. Luckily, the times are changing. In recent years there has been a shift away […]

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  • Why Are So Many Media Men … Shitty?Why Are So Many Media Men … Shitty?

    Tags: The War on Women They flirt with you as you pitch your stories. Your meetings feel like dates. How can a female journalist feel good about her work when newsrooms are predominantly controlled by men? By Tricia Romano

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  • How to Create a Loyalist Team in 8 Easy StepsHow to Create a Loyalist Team in 8 Easy Steps

    Teams work, or they fail to work. And often, the people on them can’t give specific reasons for either outcome. When teams fail, they often dissolve into cliques riddled with blame or confusion. You see it everywhere: The offensive line blames the quarterback for a late throw; the quarterback points to the wide receiver who bobbled the ball, and the receiver looks back to the linemen who let the opponent run free and interfere with the pass. Everyone sees fault and assigns blame from their vantage point. In the world of business, nearly all work is done in teams. Ask anyone, and they’ll tell you most of the teams they’ve been on our average or mediocre, or good but not great. However, some have experienced an extraordinary team – a Loyalist Team – the kind that makes a lasting impact and sets the bar for what greatness looks and feels like. And sadly, many can tell you in detail about the toxic teams they were on where gossip, sabotage, and finger-pointing was the norm – they too made a lasting impact – a very negative one.   As my partners and I studied team after team, year after year, we collected the dimensions of each type of team and stored them in a database. Once we’d worked with enough teams to have a meaningful sample size, we analyzed the data and looked for patterns. We parsed the mountains in detail and read the message hidden there. And the message was clear: there are clear actions, behaviors, and mindsets that set great teams apart. If you want to create and maintain a high-performing Loyalist Team that delivers results, focus on these eight steps: 1. Trust your teammates unconditionally. On Loyalist Teams, team members extend trust to one another without demanding that anyone prove their loyalty. They trust each other through the good times and the bad. Start by asking everyone on the team to address any lingering trust issues with other team members. 2. Assume positive intent. On Loyalist Teams, team members give each other the benefit of the doubt. They check their judgments and set aside their assumptions about each other’s motivations or intent. If a member of a Loyalist Team can’t understand another member’s behavior, they talk with that person directly instead of making assumptions or grousing to someone else.  Start by asking the team to practice assuming positive intent with everyone on the team. 3. Talk to your teammates, not about them. On Loyalist Teams, team members discuss challenges directly. They don’t engage in gossip and instead choose to work out differences in a respectful and timely manner. Every member demonstrates loyalty to all the other team members. To start, ask your team to address issues directly with each other as they arise. Credit: Climate Kic 4. Care about your teammates’ success. On Loyalist Teams, team members take the time to support each other. They step in when there is a problem or challenge that someone can’t solve on their own. Each person makes personal sacrifices to help others and gives candid guidance to help a teammate learn and grow. Start by taking an interest in your teammates’ success. Ask questions about their concerns and be a good listener. 5. Put the team’s agenda ahead of your own. On Loyalist Teams, team members sacrifice resources and personal recognition to ensure the team can reach the most important goals. Everyone keeps her ego in check and focuses on a broader view of targets so the whole team can see how each part fits into the greater whole. Start by clarifying the shared goals with everyone on the team. 6. Push your teammates to do their best work and vice versa. On Loyalist Teams, team members challenge each other to reach shared goals. No one wants to let a teammate down, so they work harder and try more. Loyalists don’t spend energy watching their backs, so they can take risks and reach higher. Start by asking your teammates to challenge and push you to reach new heights. Credit: Raw Pixel 7. Discuss the toughest issues facing the team. On Loyalist Teams, team members engage in rigorous debate. They discuss the toughest business and team issues by voicing and discussing conflicting opinions. Start by bringing up potentially divisive issues and explain what you are doing and why. 8. Give your teammates feedback, even when it’s hard. On Loyalist Teams, team members provide direct feedback to each other. Everyone agrees to tell each other the terrible messages so that everyone can correct mistakes and improve their performance. Start by asking your teammates how you can improve. Does this sound like the team you’re on? If not, why are you settling for anything less? If you work on a team—and nearly all of us do – why not start with these eight steps and create a Loyalist Team? The post How to Create a Loyalist Team in 8 Easy Steps appeared first on Miss Millennia Magazine - Big Sister Advice for Millennials.

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  • Planning a Southern Wedding? This Charleston Soiree is a MUST-See.Planning a Southern Wedding? This Charleston Soiree is a MUST-See.

    If an elegant Souther soiree is what you're after, look no further, darlings. Planned by Samantha Anderson, it is dripping in charm—from the oak trees adorned with Spanish moss, touches of French Blue and an al fresco reception to-die-for. I dare you not to spend an hour poring over the images captured by Sawyer Baird, it's a doozy.Continue reading on Style Me Pretty

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  • Investments in social entrepreneurship should have returns as part of the thesisInvestments in social entrepreneurship should have returns as part of the thesis

    I was asked to be on a panel this past week that was put on by Accion.  They asked me because of my connection to female entrepreneurs.  Before the panel, Accion gave this years Claugus Award to Mike Quinn.  The award is in honor of Edward Claugus, a skilled investor who was passionate about social change.  Mike Quinn is the founder of Zoona, an African Fintech business that helps communities in Zambia and Malawi through mobile money transfers, savings accounts, electronic and agent payments.  Essentially giving the poor communities in these two countries the ability to use a bank.  The “bankers” are agents of the Zooma kiosks that allow let’s say the local tomato farmer to take her 30 cents that she made at the end of the day and deposit it into her account and then wire the money to her child’s school at the end of the month.  That is one example but essentially as the kiosks agents succeed they get opportunities to open more kiosks and in turn, these agents become entrepreneurial business owners.  Most of the agents are women, most of the people that agents hire are women and they are all roughly under 25 years old. The long tail of Zooma is that families see women being business people, people ( mostly men ) can make money in the community so they don’t have to leave to go to the cities for jobs, and the families remain intact and the responsibility of both parents is shared.  What Mike Quinn has built is incredible.  He is changing the country and hopefully, this will bleed into the other countries around Zambia and Malawi.  The downside is that the currencies in these countries are volatile but with cryptocurrencies, the impact could be even larger.  Over $1 billion transactions have now taken place with 1400 agents and an active customer base of 1.5 million consumers.  This customer base never had this opportunity before. Accion is a non-profit that make investments, like Venture Capitalists, in social entrepreneurs who they believe are making a change, people like Mike.  They operate globally and that means here in the US too.  The other people on the panel were Deborah Drake, who is the VP of the Center for Financial Inclusion that leads the Africa Board Fellowship Program which is dedicated to strengthening governance and strategies for CEO’s and board directors in African financial institutions by teaching best practices.  Also, Kojo Appenteng, who is the Director of Credit Suisse that leaves teams on micro-financing, he also grew up in Ghana but has lived here for 20 years. There are many stories to Mike including that he had almost zero in his bank account, like most founders do at one point, and got his parents, two teachers, to mortgage their house and send him the capital to forge onward.  His parents raised an incredible human and so they knew that they were making a good bet.  Seriously impressive.  What I like about these investments in social good is that the founders behind them are also Capitalists at heart.  They are building companies in the land of opportunity that will change their country for the better and with success put capital into their own pockets.  I would think that with that success they will give back as others have done before them to continue to support change.  These businesses are not being run as non-profits but profit businesses and that makes all the difference in the world.  

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  • Your Loved One Will Adore These Apple-Inspired GiftsYour Loved One Will Adore These Apple-Inspired Gifts

    The iPhone X was launched just in time to make it to the top of holiday wish lists around the world, but Apple addicts hoping to find this premium handset under the tree are going to be disappointed. The basic 64GB model starts at $999. As the most expensive iPhone ever, it’s not exactly something the average gift-giver can afford. Your heart may want to spoil the Apple lover on your list, but your wallet stops you from making the budget-busting purchase. That doesn’t mean you’re stuck being you a Scrooge this year. There are plenty of ways to impress the iPhone addict on your list without spending a grand on gifts. Take a look at this guide to satisfy every Apple fan and budget. Touchscreen Gloves Credit: mujjo.com The holidays arrive on the winds of Old Man Winter, which can make it difficult for even the most persistent texter to send off their intended message. Save your loved one from frozen fingers by giving them a pair of Mujjo Double Layer Touchscreen Gloves. They pull double-duty as a functional pair of cold-weather gloves and an accessory that works with the capactive touch tech in every iPhone, including the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. On the inside, fleece lining guaranteed to keep their fingies warm. On the outside, silicone dots to improve grip and work magic on the touchscreen. They’re designed to work under every wintertime condition, including rain and snow, so they’ll keep your loved one warm without compromising their ability to text or play a round of Words with Friends. iPhone Decal Credit: dbrand.com For some people, the minimalist design shared by billions of people around the world is part of the appeal of owning an iPhone. For others, it can be a frustrating concession to get the UI and OS they want. Variety is the spice of life, and now it’s a gift you can give them during the holidays when you design a customized iPhone decal in premium colors and textures. It’s a relatively thin accessory that won’t upset the sleek lines of the handset, but it will most definitely shake up the typical iPhone look when you opt for decals like bright carbon fiber, Game of Thrones-inspired dragon skin, and rustic mahogany. Once you see how easy it is to customize, you’ll want to make your iPhone 7 Plus unique with a personalized decal, too. This kind of style is exclusive to the folks behind dbrand, the same people who created the first-ever skin compatible Grip case, a carbon composite attachment. Should you upgrade your customized iPhone decal, its patented impact tech and unparalleled tech means their iPhone will stay safe in their hands, even as they text with their gloves in the snow. A Power Bank Credit: aukey.com For every person who obsessively charges their iPhone, there’s another who never checks their battery levels until it’s too late. If your loved one has a guilty habit of leaving the house with just 1% battery, they could do with a portable power bank they can pop into their bag, purse, or pocket. These devices can store enough juice to recharge several iPhones depending on their output abilities, size, and price. While you can spend a pretty penny on the largest, most powerful of backup batteries, sticking to a modest power bank doesn’t mean you’ll skip on quality too. You’ll have to shop around to see which one fits their habits the best, but the Aukey 20 000 mAh Portable Power Bank is inexpensive and comes with enough power to charge the iPhone 7 4.5 times. It also comes with dual USB ports, so your loved one can charge two devices simultaneously without seeing a drop in speed. iPhone Dock Whether they’re an inspiring baker who tests out recipes they find online, or they’re a workaholic who needs their phone at hand whenever they’re at the computer, your loved one will appreciate the practicality of an iPhone dock. It props up the handset at a convenient angle, so its screen is easy to read, all while charging its batteries. An iPhone dock — like the power bank above — comes in a variety of designs and budgets, so take a look at reasonable options that offer functionality without a huge price tag. Earlier this year, MacWorld made a list of the best iPhone docks on the market. Their top marks went to Apple’s own Lightning Dock, but you’re sure to find inspiration in their guide if you prefer to steer iPhone 7 Air Pod strap Credit: Robert Bodley Now that Apple has embraced wireless headphone technology, there’s no turning back. Both the iPhone 8 and X have this design feature (or flaw, depending on who you talk to). While another win for those who love the Cupertino-based company’s streamlined design style, it’s a loss for the absent minded and clumsy, as these wireless Air Pods are incredibly easy to misplace. The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus Air Pod strap will keep these tiny ear buds safe. Operating much like the chain that holds eye glasses around your neck, these straps fasten to the pods and keep them secure around your loved one’s neck, so they never accidentally lose them again.   Conclusion Tim Cook may think the iPhone X warrants its $999 price tag, but few budget-wise shoppers agree with the CEO. If Apple’s flagship handset is out of your means this holiday season, don’t worry. You don’t need to get your loved one the most expensive phone in the world. You can show them you care by leaving a practical, stylish gift under the tree. The post Your Loved One Will Adore These Apple-Inspired Gifts appeared first on Miss Millennia Magazine - Big Sister Advice for Millennials.

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  • How to Develop Unstoppable Confidence with Shannon Boodram (Video)How to Develop Unstoppable Confidence with Shannon Boodram (Video)

    Confidence is key to our growth and personal evolution. Shannon Boodram aka Shan Boody shares her advice on being unstoppable and confident. This week on my Essence column, I interview the courageous and bold Shan about stepping into your power. Come hang in my Facebook Sister Circle and let’s chat about it at iManifestMagic.com. Watch! Unapologetic Confidence with Shannon Boodram [YouTube Video Link]   I love this conversation! Step into Your Confidence Get LAID, Shan Boody’s bestselling book   The post How to Develop Unstoppable Confidence with Shannon Boodram (Video) appeared first on Abiola's Guide to Womanifesting Your Power.

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  • 100 Things To Be Thankful For This Thanksgiving100 Things To Be Thankful For This Thanksgiving

    The holidays are fast approaching and for our friends in the United States, it’s that time of year when families sit down, have a wonderful dinner, enjoy some turkey and be thankful for all the things that have happened throughout the year. There are a million things to be thankful for, and below we list our top 100 things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. Is your favorite on this list? 1. Family Family is the foundation. Grandparents, parents, uncles, aunts, cousins, nephews, nieces and grandkids. Russian model Irina Shayk once said “Nothing is better than going home to family and eating good food and relaxing”. 2. Clean Air The air we breathe every day. We can live without food and water for a while, but without air we wouldn’t survive beyond a few minutes. 3. Children Children bring such love and light to your life. It might be your kids, nieces, nephews, or grandkids. There would be no tight hugs, no surprises, endless love and chaos without kids. Enjoy them while they are young. 4. Parents Without our parents, we would not be here! Our parents have sacrificed a lot to make our lives as comfortable and loving as possible. If you are lucky enough to have your parents still with you, thank them and take care of them as much as possible because they will not be around forever. 5. Moms Thank you for all the moms around the world for loving us unconditionally without any questions. They are a source of comfort, a beacon of safety and a positive influence in our lives. 6. Dads Thank you for all the dads that taught us to be strong-willed, to be fighters, to be gentlemen and to have honor in life.  Thank you for treating all mothers and daughters like queens and princesses. 7. Water An adult human body is about 50%-65% water, while infants are around 75%-78% water. We need water in all its forms because it keeps us alive. Rain, seawater, lakes, rivers, sweat and tears. Having access to clean water is a privilege – if you have it, be thankful, much of the world does not. 8. Friends What is life without friends who will stick with you through thick and thin? Friends who will go with you for scooter rides, parties, going to movies and laughing at you whenever you’re being silly. 9. Being Mobile Imagine not being able to move whenever we want or being able to move from one place to another. Let’s be thankful for the invention of the bike, motorcycle, skateboard, scooter, train, car, plane or wheelchair, which enable us all to move around. 10.  A Great Home Decoration Give yourself a pat on the shoulder if you have decorated your home perfectly as you’ve wanted and family and friends complimented you for it.  Yay you! Be thankful for your creativeness and home organization skills. 11.  Love Love is all you need. Enough said! 12. Books For some, books are a guilty pleasure, for others a daily necessity. Books bring joy and receiving a book that you’ve always wanted as a gift and reading it non-stop gets you feeling pretty happy! 13. Music Music breaks barriers and is very good at making people relax or jump, cry or think. Music truly is a universal language.   14. Pie Leftover pies for breakfast is one of the best things in life. Same goes with leftover turkey or ham. In fact, leftover anything is pretty good… 15. Desserts We all know (or are) a sweet tooth who can’t say no to desserts. Blueberry cheesecakes, chocolate cakes, apple pies, pumpkin pies, chocolate fondues, candied fruits and other desserts are always highlights of any occasion. 16. Pay Day Checking your account during pay day is always a treat. Who doesn’t feel great on pay day!  Think about your budget, utility bills and other expenses later. 17. Your Job Be thankful for having a job that will earn you money and put food on the table for your family. Find a good balance between yourself, your family and your job. 18. The Sun and The Moon Witnessing a sunrise and lovely sunsets is always incredible. Full moons at night always bring in the romantic mood. It also makes you think how small we are in the grand scheme of things. 19. A Good Laugh It could be a joke you’ve heard, something silly that happened or a good comedy movie. A good and hearty laugh is always welcome. When was the last time you had a good belly laugh? 20. Mistakes Admit it or not, the mistakes you’ve made served a huge purpose in your development and maturity. According to author/writer Phyllis Theroux, “Mistakes are the usual bridge between inexperience and wisdom”. Learn from your mistakes and share the gained wisdom with your friends and family. 21. Health Sometimes it’s not until we get sick that we realize how important health is. Look after your mind, body and spirit and be thankful for good health days. 22. Healthcare Hopefully, you have access to good healthcare. During times when you are not feeling your best, be thankful that the investment you make in healthcare will carry you through tough times. 23. That Special Someone Your person. That person who just gets you. It might be your partner, your sister, your childhood friend. Be thankful to have at least one person in your life who knows the real you (and loves you anyway!). 24. Healthy Relationships Be thankful for healthy relationships that help you grow and become and a better person. This might be a relationship with your family, your boss, your local store owner. 25. Home Grown Food Who’s lucky enough to grow their own food? Often it’s not about economics, rather than the joy of planting seeds, nurturing it, watching it grow and then savouring the taste. 26. Sunshine Depending on where you live, there might be an abundance of sunshine (hello to our Australian members) or periods of less sunny days (hello to our UK members). A lack of vitamin D can lead to depression so be thankful for what you can get and safely immerse yourself in the ‘sunshine vitamin’. 27. Hot Showers Whether it’s a wake-up call in the morning, or washing away the day, having a warm shower is the best! 28. Service Businesses Thanks to all the small service business owners who offer to iron our clothes, mow our lawns, wax our bodies, paint our nails, service our cars, fix our ovens, deliver meals to the elderly and walk our dogs. 29. Online Shopping Thanks to the wonderful world of technology that allows us to order items online and have them delivered straight to our door! 30. Reciprocated Love Never a better feeling! 31. Hugs Hugs come in all forms, but I’m thankful for those hugs that envelop you with comfort and warmth and make you feel special. 32. Walking Two perfectly healthy legs that help us get around each day. 33. Curiosity The world is a wondrous place, and thanks to curious people there are inventions that delight, entertain and make our every-day living easier. 34. Netflix We all love Netflix after long days and on rainy afternoons. 35. Medicine The science world continues to work at a high pace to eradicate illnesses and make our bodies function effectively. 36. Food Home Delivery Thank you to that pizza delivery boy or girl who delivers piping hot pizza to your door. 37. Coffee A liquid hug for your brain. 38. Wine *See Coffee 39. Vacations Whether it’s a family holiday or a romantic getaway, a holiday should be on everyone’s to-do list! 40. Rainy Days Rainy days soothe the soul and nourish the garden. Rainy days rock. 41. Flowers Used for celebrating and commiserating, the purpose is to make you feel special. Good job flowers! 42. Brownies Nom nom nom 43. Daylight Savings Time More time to get things done (or more time to relax)! 44. Sunday Sleep-Ins Well, not every Sunday, but when it happens, it’s the best! 45. Bunny Rabbits Why not, they’re cute! 46. Critiques There are few people that are brutally honest about your faults. True, they may seem rude at first but these criticisms are showing your faults which you can correct and ultimately make yourself stronger and more self aware. 47. Catching Up With Old Friends It’s always good to catch up with old friends that you haven’t seen in years. Meet them in a restaurant or set up a small party with good food and drinks. 48. Wifi You have to appreciate that you can connect anywhere in the house without any cables. There used to be a time when you would get disconnected when someone picked up the phone! 49. A Good Champagne Bubbles for a celebration or just for fun! 50. Colors The holidays would be very boring without them. Mother Earth would be a boring place to live in if everything was in monochrome. 51. Pets Aside from your kids, your pets are the next big bundle of joy. Dogs and puppies are always pleasers, cats are prima donnas, but still, we love ‘em all. 52. Food Food is sustenance …  food is love. 53. Inspirations and Influences Everyone has looked up to someone as inspiration or as an influence. It can be your parents, relatives, professor, teacher, coach, a band, a scientist or anyone that made a difference in your life. They inspired you to reach your goal and to be what you are today. 54. Vacations Waking up and doing nothing and not thinking about work. You can stay at home, read a book, watch a movie or go to the beach, have a barbecue and surf. 55. Kindness Kindness still works, especially random kindness. You don’t need to post about it on Facebook because it defeats the purpose. True kindness encourages hope for humanity. 56. Binge watching If you haven’t caught up on “Game Of Thrones, The Big Bang Theory, Stranger Things, Narcos The Flash, Gotham” and other TV series, this is the time. This goes for movies as well! 57. Binge Reading After finishing off the series or movies, you can read the books that inspired them! The books are in many cases much better. 58. Simple Comforts A warm blanket, soft pillows, a comfortable bed, clean water are just some of the simple comforts that many take for granted. 59. Freedom You’re lucky that you have the freedom to choose what life you want to have. 60. Modern Technology Modern technology has made our lives easy. Modern technology has also made the world smaller by providing mobile and smart devices that anyone can use to talk to family and friends on the other side of the world. 61. A Warm and Hearty Meal In a Comfortable Place If it’s raining or snowing heavy, a warm and hearty meal will be perfect and that perfect place is your house, your parent’s house or your grandparent’s house. A bowl of hot beef stew and slices of bread will always make you feel better and fuller. 62. Falling Leaves It’s always good to dive in on raked leaves. Just make sure that there are enough leaves to cushion your fall though, or just let your kids or pets enjoy them. 63. Waking Up to Another Day Be thankful that you wake up to another day and to fulfil your goal for yourself and your family. Although days may seem faster when you get older, be thankful that you can spend them with your friends and love ones. 64. Weekends Ah yes, weekends are just like mini vacations every week ….. unless you work on weekends that is. 65. Google During the 90s, “Netscape” was king and Yahoo ruled over the internet search engines. Now, Google is king and it’s a household word. Whenever you want to find something on the internet, just Google it. 66. Great Co-workers Good and authentic friendship can happen in a workplace and if you’ve good friends at work, then be thankful. It makes your work hours bearable and fun. 67. Naps Finding some time to take a nap is like finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. Naps are refreshing and cosy. 68. Forgiveness Giving and receiving forgiveness is one of the best feelings a human can get. Dump your pride and ego, give forgiveness and you shall also receive it when you need it. 69. Your Blanket It can be your old blanket or a new one, a nice blanket to wrap yourself into is like a warm hug to comfort you while binge watching Game of Thrones. 70. Holiday Sales Holiday sales are everywhere and it’s fun to hunt the best deals for a toy, a tech gadget, a power tool, clothes, shoes and food. Just don’t overdo it and blow your budget. 71. The Internet Without the internet communications would be slower and expensive. Information would not be available 24/7 and you would not be able to Facetime your loved ones. 72. Candles That Smells Like The Holidays Candles that smell like Christmas adds to the festive mood during the holidays, plus the candlelight twinkles like fairies during the night. 73. Politicians Just kidding   Although it is good to be thankful for the politicians out there doing the right thing and listening to their people. 74. Your Favorite Hot Drink Warm milk, cocoa, brandy in your coffee or a warm sake while wrapped in your warm blanket reading a book or watching a movie at home with your girlfriend, boyfriend, family or best friends. 75. Making It Through The Semester With Your Sanity School is always a challenge, a learning battle that needs to be won!  76. Graduating School Elementary, high school or college, when you graduate you move up to another world where there are challenges that need to be conquered and goals to reach. See #74. 77. Massages After having a hot shower a good whole body massage is always a treat. 78. The Smell of Newborn Babies The smell of newborn babies, because they smell good and science has backed up why we like it. 79. Long Walks Long walks on the beach, park or anywhere you feel like walking, watching people go, feeling the sun, the wind or the moonlight. It’s just wonderful. 80. Receiving a Handwritten Note or Letter Everyone’s into e-mail, texts or private messages today and receiving a handwritten letter really warms the heart. It’s more personal and you know that person took the time to write something wonderful about you. 81. The Freedom of Who You Want To Be Being yourself without anyone questioning you and everyone accepting you because you’re just being you. 82. Baby Giggles Thinking of your kids laughing when they were young puts a smile on your face. 83. Chocolates Dark, White or Milk, chocolate is chocolate and no one can say no to chocolate. 84. A Full Pot of Coffee In The Morning Nothing beats a pot of hot coffee the morning after Thanksgiving with lots of leftover pies, desserts and turkey for breakfast. 85. Watching Children Play and Have Fun Children playing and having fun is happiness in its purest form. 86. A New Pillow The smell and the feel of a new pillow is just heaven. 87. The Smell and Feel of Books eBooks aren’t for everyone and most people are still old school when it comes to reading. The smell of a new book and the feel of paper whenever you turn a page is the best part. Can you put a wonderfully crafted book marker on your tablet or computer screen? NO! 88. Silmarillion, The Hobbit and The Lord Of The Rings Thank you JRR Tolkien. Holiday or no holiday, these books are always tops. If you haven’t read them yet, you should! 89. Amazon The convenience of shopping for something without leaving your house and getting the delivery a day or a few days after is like Christmas. 90. The Opportunity to Learn Something New Everyday It’s always good to learn something new everyday, a new hobby or a new skill will always enrich you as a person and can give balance to a hectic work week. 91. Grandparents Besides delicious food and the extra money they give   grandparents are a wealth of knowledge and want the best for their family. 92. Best Friends My best friend died in a motorcycle accident 5 years ago. We were thick as thieves since our elementary days and he’s the one who convinced me to form our own high school band and play music and impress girls. Happy times and I’m still so thankful for all the time we spent together, as you should be with your best friends! 93. In-ear Headphones If you want to be isolated and not listen to the buzz around you, in-ear headphones are there to help! 94. Quiet Time Just doing nothing without all the noisy distractions around you. Makes you think of life and what you’ve done to all the people around you. Positive or not. 95. Understanding That You Can’t Control Everything The realization that you cannot control everything and can just let things run their course. 96. End Results That it still worked out in the end. See #98 97. Hearing Your Favourite Song You’re walking through the shopping mall or listening to the radio and your favourite song comes on! There’s no better feeling. This one is an instant mood lifter. 98. Unexpected Surprises When someone has been thinking of you and gives you a present or does something nice for you, and you never expected it! It makes you feel happy and thankful for that person. 99. The First Signs of Spring Hearing the birds start to chirp, new flowers growing and a fresh change in the air. That’s when you know spring is coming, and it’s always welcome! 100. To Be Alive Nothing compares to being alive and sharing it with the people you love. Check out some other wonderful lists below: http://www.spatiallyrelevant.org/2007/11/22/100-things-i-am-thankful-for/ https://www.theodysseyonline.com/40-things-to-be-thankful-for-this-thanksgiving http://www.dailycal.org/2016/11/07/thanksgiving-countdown-things-thankful/ https://wearyourlabel.com/blogs/community/20-things-to-be-thankful-for-even-when-youre-struggling-with-your-mental-health https://www.collegemagazine.com/20-things-college-students-are-thankful-for/ https://fabfitfun.com/magazine/things-to-be-thankful-for-thanksgiving/

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    If your dreams of sailing down the aisle in an elaborate tulle ball gown sort of went to the wayside the minute you picked that relaxed garden locale as your celebration spot: don't worry. We're here to help with a little guide on just how to find your venue appropriate gown. From casual shindigs to modern penthouse parties, we promise you can still find "the one" that will wow your guests AND work well with your overall theme and look.Continue reading on Style Me Pretty

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    Usually when we think of colorful, it goes hand in hand with whimsical or modern affairs but this inspiration is showcasing a different side to bold, bright hues. Backed by a dream team of vendors including design by Brooke Keegan, florals by Oak & The Owl and romantic gowns with a bit of an edge by Rime Arodaky, this shoot is showing just how elegant and classic a little pop of color can be. Get lost in Greg Finck's gorgeous imagery plus a film by La Boheme Life below.Continue reading on Style Me Pretty

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  • Abortion Is the Only Issue the GOP Has. And They’ll Never Stop Using ItAbortion Is the Only Issue the GOP Has. And They’ll Never Stop Using It

    Tags: Access Denied Republicans don't have a platform. But they do know how to unify their base: Portray every Democrat as a baby killer. And support all pro-life candidates—even sexual predators like Roy Moore. By Robin Marty

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  • We’ve Come A Long WayWe’ve Come A Long Way

    This blog was cross-posted from Medium. Earlier this month, more than 200 sexual and reproductive health (SRH) professionals — from 50 countries and 100 agencies — gathered in Athens, Greece, for the 17th Meeting of the Inter-Agency Working Group (IAWG) on Reproductive Health in Crises. By contrast, my first IAWG meeting, in 2013, was so small that we opened the meeting by having each attendee stand up and introduce themselves and their respective agencies. IAWG has come a long way in the last four years alone, and as I stood in front of 220 SRH colleagues, champions, advocates, and allies at the opening of this year’s meeting, its transformation could not have been more apparent.

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  • The Power of Intuition in Building Your Spiritual Business with Rachel Fishman (Audio)The Power of Intuition in Building Your Spiritual Business with Rachel Fishman (Audio)

    The Power of Intuition in Building Your Spiritual Business with Rachel Fishman Ready to create a coaching, healing or spiritual business brand that makes money? You are in the right place to step into your abundance! Rachel is a Process/Progress Branding Expert. As a heart-centered entrepreneur, you are no longer allowing scarcity and lack to control your life. It is time for you to let go of fear and step into your power and abundance.  Rachel Fishman is a Master Coach in my Rich Goddess Spiritpreneur Accelerator. If you want to stay in the loop for this program, definitely take my free Spiritual Business Success Camp.   Listen Now! Rachel on Intuition in Business [Soundcloud Audio Link]   Who is Rachel Fishman? Rachel helps passionate creative and spiritual Entrepreneurs clarify and express their vision through a brand foundation and a visual brand identity. She helps them create and implement a brand strategy that communicates their gifts and strengthens their connection to their audience. She supports her clients align their visual presence with their mission, intention and purpose. Working with others in a way that is both collaborative and intimate, tuning into their truth, and encouraging them to share their creative input. Working together in this way, we are able to see the bigger picture, and are intuitively lead to fill in the missing pieces of a strong and cohesive brand presence.   Ready to stop letting your fears hold you back? Click here for the Spiritual Business Success Camp The post The Power of Intuition in Building Your Spiritual Business with Rachel Fishman (Audio) appeared first on Abiola's Guide to Womanifesting Your Power.

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  • Don’t Miss Your Chance To Enter THE Giveaway Of The SeasonDon’t Miss Your Chance To Enter THE Giveaway Of The Season

    Have you guys entered the Allure Bridals' giveaway yet? You know - your chance to win a bridal gown  + attire for your entire bridal party from the design powerhouse we all know and love, plus cinematography? Yep, it's a giveaway that is running NOW... and if you haven't taken the time to enter, trust on this one: do it now. It's the ultimate way to wrap up your holiday season. What: The Allure Ultimate Sweepstakes: one (1) bridal gown from any of the Allure Bridals’ family of brands, up to five (5) bridesmaids gowns, up to five (5) tuxedo rentals and videography for your wedding day from 31 Films. Who: One lucky bride-to-be! Entry Dates: November 15, 2017 - February 14, 2018 To Enter & Official Rules: Click HereContinue reading on Style Me Pretty

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    Get more Clients with Sales Funnels with Heather Christian Ready to create a coaching, healing or spiritual business that makes money with online sales? You are in the right place to step into your abundance! Heather is a Process Success Coach. As a heart-centered entrepreneur, you are no longer allowing scarcity and lack to control your life. It is time for you to let go of fear and step into your power and abundance.  Heather Christian is a Master Coach in my Rich Goddess Spiritpreneur Accelerator. If you want to stay in the loop for this program, definitely take my free Spiritual Business Success Camp.   Listen Now! Heather on Getting Clients [Soundcloud Audio Link]   Who is Heather Christian? With over 20 years of business process work for Fortune 500 companies, Heather is a freelancer, coach, writer, and speaker who helps busy 9-5’ers setup systems and relationships to start and grow their side hustle without stress, all-nighters or spending all day on social media. By working through limited beliefs and mindset she has helped her clients create systems to make 1200% returns and secure customers with $5k monthly retainers. She has a passion for helping 9-5’ers create a business that brings freedom and flexibility.   ::: Heather has a free gift for you!  10 Tips to Webinar Success   Ready to stop letting your fears hold you back? Click here for the Spiritual Business Success Camp The post Get more Clients with Sales Funnels with Heather Christian (Audio) appeared first on Abiola's Guide to Womanifesting Your Power.

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    Despite its glamorous allure, it is no secret that the Hollywood world still suffers from severe flaws; underrepresentation of women in the industry is just one of them. But it seems that there is something shifting lately even in this slow-moving old-fashioned universe of studio head executives and blockbusters – the rise of a talented […]

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    Is it a crime to be a flirt? Should you be ashamed of being shameless on occasion? If you think the answer is no, you’re not alone. More and more people all across the world are waking up, slowly but surely, to the realization that a bit of shameless flirting can do you – and […]

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    The holiday season officially begins this week in the United States and you know what that means, so many thoughts of ‘Where else can I go this year?’ Fortunately, Marriott Hotels has cooked up some exclusive rates that will be available only from Thanksgiving day through Cyber Monday, November 23-27, 2017. During that time, over… Read the rest

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  • 9 lingerie finds you can wear on the street9 lingerie finds you can wear on the street

    Yes, you read that well, lingerie no longer has its place only under our clothes. The trend started a few years ago, and is still very present this Fall. So, how do you wear lingerie during the day? Here are our suggestions! Over a white T-shirt:   Green and red strapless bra, $39.95 at La Vie en Rose. Gigi bra from Alice Kass, $125 online and in stores. Over a black shirt: Sokoloff Zoé barrette, $56 online. Under an unbuttoned shirt:   Grace bra from Sokoloff, $70 online. Mesh bra from Wonderbra, price upon request. Purple top from La Vie en Rose, $49.99 (with bottom) in stores. With high-waisted pants: Lace Aubade bodysuit, price upon request at Lingerie Emma. Victoria’s Secret Chantilly bodysuit, $78 in stores. And if you have a bit of imagination: Satin corset from Victoria’s Secret, $78 in stores. Mesh kimono from Victoria’s Secret, $58 in stores.   Do you already wear this trend?

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  • Jaclyn Friedman Wants to 'Unscrew' Systemic SexismJaclyn Friedman Wants to 'Unscrew' Systemic Sexism

    Tags: Q&A The 'Unscrewed' author talks with DAME about "fauxpowerment" and Hugh Hefner, the fate of Roe v. Wade, and the inevitability of the current brutal backlash. By Kate Tuttle

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  • Five Tips for Better Dating Profile ScreeningFive Tips for Better Dating Profile Screening

    Have you been on bad first dates? I’ve been on more than I care to tell you, but I’ve gotten light years better at narrowing the field. Now I only meet guys with a decent chance of becoming friends or partners.  I’m living proof that proper screening can save you from terrible dates. How do you rule a guy in or out? Criteria are personal, but here are a few hard-learned tips to help you set yours and stick to them. I hope the wisdom derived from my suffering will save you some pain. 1. Look for profiles where the guy put in some effort. Incomplete profiles, super-short narratives, lots of “I’ll tell ya later” can be a red flag for someone who isn’t serious about finding a relationship. It’s also important that the profile actually says something meaningful. Lots of profiles look like they came from a template. The vast majority of profiles I read have the words “laid back” within the first two sentences. It’s pretty meaningless, especially given that 95% of men are apparently laid back. I’m also rankled by “I’m comfortable dressing up for a nice dinner or hanging out at home in jeans.”  So what?  Who isn’t? That tells me nothing more than that the person doesn’t seem to have an extreme aversion to clothing variety (and that he’s a bit lazy and unimaginative in his writing).  Good profiles written by sincere, authentic men will tell you something real and unique about them. * Bonus tip: you can copy a chunk of text from a profile and paste it into Google to see if the profile is plagiarized.  I discovered this one day when I noticed two guys with the same narrative paragraph. When I pasted a chunk into Google, I found that men all over the internet were using it! 2. Create a list of automatic disqualifiers. These are personal turn-offs that you will honor even if the guy is cute. They may be things like “no shirtless bathroom selfies,” “no motorcycles,” “no ‘I’ll treat you like a lady.’” I rule out men for saying they want their partner to be fashionable. Not that I have anything against fashion, it just strikes me as a really odd and somewhat meaningless criterion. To me, that signals a man who isn’t as thoughtful as I’d like. One of my friends rules out any man who says he’s chivalrous because she sees that as shorthand for sexist. I’m not a big fan of listing disqualifiers on my profile, but if something is very important to you, you may want to say so in your profile. If your criteria are for men over six feet and you mention in your profile that you want to date tall men, then you will quickly know that any short guy who sends you a message either didn’t read your profile or doesn’t care about your preferences.  I recently saw a profile that ended “Trump voters move along—go on now git!” Whatever your politics, if they’re important to you, you can say so, and certainly, create an automatic disqualifier for someone who lists beliefs that are contrary to yours. 3. Watch out for men who appear to be looking for perfection. If they say, “My perfect date will be gorgeous as a model, smart like a rocket scientist, and sweet like candy,” you can expect to be held to unreasonable standards, or feel like you can’t live up. You want a realistic guy who’s open to getting to know you and finding out your unique and wonderful qualities, not trying to fit you into an unrealistic fantasy. 4. Hold out for a decent note. Set guidelines for yourself on how you’ll determine if a guy is actually making a real effort to communicate with you. Does he write a note that makes it clear he’s read your profile? Does he write more than a sentence?  I don’t respond to anyone who sends less than two sentences that clearly reference something in my profile. When I see “you’re wild and sweet like blackberries in summer,” I figure that’s gone out to dozens of women in the hope that one bites. 5. Trust your gut. We process information on many levels. Just because you can’t intellectually identify what seems wrong with a profile or a communication, doesn’t mean everything’s fine. Save yourself the pain of dating the wrong person by honoring your instincts. The overarching theme of a good screening is that you need to be very picky. Rule out guys in the “maybe” category and only pursue those that you are certain to meet your criteria. The “maybe’s” always turn out to be “no’s,” so save yourself the trouble.   Nobody wants to suffer through more bad first dates.  Creating a set of guidelines for yourself, being discriminating about email communication, and trusting your intuition will go a long way toward saving you from painful mistakes. The screening will never be perfect, so when you do go on dates with poor matches, take time afterward to think about whether there are ways you can improve your screening criteria. Over time you’ll find that refining your screening process will make the online dating experience more enjoyable. Good luck and happy dating!   The post Five Tips for Better Dating Profile Screening appeared first on Miss Millennia Magazine - Big Sister Advice for Millennials.

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  • Arugula Salad with California Prunes and Strawberries RecipeArugula Salad with California Prunes and Strawberries Recipe

    SALAD 1 package (142 g/5 oz) fresh arugula or mixed greens 1 cup (250 mL) sliced fresh strawberries 10 to 12 California prunes, quartered ¼ cup (50 mL) pepitas VINAIGRETTE 1 large clove of garlic, minced 1 Tbsp. (15 mL) Dijon-style mustard 1 tsp. (5 mL) granulated sugar ½ tsp. (2.5 mL) dried basil or tarragon ¼ cup (50 mL) rice or white wine vinegar ½ cup (125 mL) olive or sunflower oil salt and pepper Makes 4 servings DIRECTIONS In a medium bowl, combine salad ingredients. Set aside. In a small bowl, combine all of the vinaigrette ingredients, except for the oil. Whisk oil into the vinaigrette. Add salt and pepper to taste. Drizzle salad with vinaigrette, toss to coat and serve.   *RECIPE COURTESY CALIFORNIA PRUNES  

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  • The Charm in this English Cotswolds Wedding is Next LevelThe Charm in this English Cotswolds Wedding is Next Level

    Gorgeous venue, check. Stunning dress, check. Incredible vendor team, check. The charm? Off the charts. This Cotswolds wedding makes me want to get married all over again. Taylor & Porter's imagery is the kind you'll want to show your grand-children and maybe even, great-grandchildren—and this timeless fete would still be all the heart eyes, or whatever phrase the kids are saying then. Join us in the gallery for more.Continue reading on Style Me Pretty

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    This week features the Co-Founders and farmers of Amber Waves Farm, Amanda Merrow, and Katie Baldwin. Located in Amagansett, NY, their mission is to bring sustainability, education, and a highly curated food experience to the farm to table market. Amanda & Katie’s story takes us from their first connection during a farming apprenticeship to opening their own, one-of-a-kind, grocery store.

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  • How Lisa Nichols Got Over Her Fear of Being a Millionaire & Abundance (Video)How Lisa Nichols Got Over Her Fear of Being a Millionaire & Abundance (Video)

    How Lisa Nichols Got Over Her Fear of Being a Millionaire – and found her abundance – with the amazing Charreah Jackson! This abundance conversation is transformative and healing, and so are our weekly Goddess Temple Sundays. Join me every Sunday at 10 AM EST on Facebook.com/abiolaTV for our weekly 20 minute blast of inspiration and love. Then discuss with us in my Facebook Goddess Circle at iManifestMagic.com. For text reminders whenever I am going LIVE, text GODDESSTEMPLE to 43506.     Watch! Lisa Nichols on Becoming Aligned with Abundance [YouTube Video Link] Click here to learn more about Abundance Now, the inspirational book   New York Times bestselling author, Personal Transformation guru, and life coach for the Steve Harvey Show and Today, Lisa Nichols shares her journey from scarcity to abundance, outlining steps everyone can take to create abundance in career, relationships, self, and finances—while creating a legacy for others to follow. Twenty years ago, Lisa Nichols was a single mother dependent on public assistance and jumping from one dead end job to the next. Determined to break out of the defeatist mindset, negative behavior, and bad habits that were holding her back from success, she resolved to change her life. Today, she leads the life of her dreams. In Abundance Now, this icon in the field of personal transformation shares her secrets to creating a life that is rich in every way possible. Focusing on the four areas of life that must be refined to bring true abundance, or the 4 E’s—Enrichment, Enchantment, Engagement, Endowment—Nichols identifies the framework upon which a fulfilled existence is built. Abundance Now offers provocative lessons, actionable plans and real-life case-studies, and makes clear what we must do every day to attract abundance, how to act as if we are already leading abundant lives, and how to open the door to a life of richness in our work, our relationships, our finances, and in our view of ourselves. Click here now to learn more about Abundance Now by Lisa Nichols     The post How Lisa Nichols Got Over Her Fear of Being a Millionaire & Abundance (Video) appeared first on Abiola's Guide to Womanifesting Your Power.

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    Empaths, Highly Sensitive People and Overwhelm! Goddess Temple Sundays This week on Goddess Temple Sundays…. Be sure to join us every week on Facebook.com/abiolaTV at 10am EST. For live alerts whenever I’m going live, text GODDESSTEMPLE to 43506. Thanks!! Join Spiritual Business Success Camp FREE at UnblockMyBusiness.com.     Watch! Empaths, Highly Sensitive People and Overwhelm on Goddess Temple Sunday [YouTube Video Link]   If you enjoy meditation, then I suggest you try visualization. Here are the cards we pulled today in Goddess Temple Sunday!! Mami Wata from the Womanifesting deck (www.Womanifesting.cards), Self-Love Journal Cards (www.SelfLove.cards) and Audacity card from VickyAyala.com.   xoxxo, Abiola   The post Empaths, Highly Sensitive People and Overwhelm! Goddess Temple Sundays appeared first on Abiola's Guide to Womanifesting Your Power.

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    Visualization – A Powerful Technique For Reprogramming Your Subconscious Mind This week on Goddess Temple Sundays…. Be sure to join us every week on Facebook.com/abiolaTV at 10am EST. For live alerts whenever I’m going live, text GODDESSTEMPLE to 43506. Thanks!! Join Spiritual Business Success Camp FREE at UnblockMyBusiness.com.     Watch! Visualization on Goddess Temple Sunday [YouTube Video Link]   If you enjoy meditation, then I suggest you try visualization. Here are the cards we pulled today in Goddess Temple Sunday!! Mami Wata from the Womanifesting deck (www.Womanifesting.cards), Self-Love Journal Cards (www.SelfLove.cards) and Audacity card from VickyAyala.com.   xoxxo, Abiola   The post Visualization! Reprogramming Your Mind: Goddess Temple Sunday (Video) appeared first on Abiola's Guide to Womanifesting Your Power.

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  • While He Was Tweeting: The Glass White House Edition, Week 44While He Was Tweeting: The Glass White House Edition, Week 44

    Tags: Distractor-In-Chief Trump and GOP hypocrisy sunk to new depths this week. While we were grappling with the news about Al Franken, the administration continued to push their craven policies. Here's what you missed. By Lisa Needham

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  • Student Entrepreneur: How to Balance College and BusinessStudent Entrepreneur: How to Balance College and Business

    Attending college and running a business can seem like an impossible task. How can you keep up your grades, make money, and make the most of your college years without hitting burnout? It sounds impossible, but you can do it. Here’s how to balance college and business, and get the most out of both. Make a schedule The most important thing you’ll have to do is make a schedule. Make a list of what your priorities are, and create that schedule with these priorities in mind. Stick to the schedule, too. If you don’t, you can make life harder for yourself in the long run. Having a good schedule in place can help you get everything done, and still have a life. Use the resources available to you At university and college, you’ll find that there are actually many resources available to you. Don’t waste this opportunity, and make the most of them while you still can. For example, many colleges will hold competitions for young entrepreneurs, so take part in them, and you could make some new connections or some cash for your next venture. As well as this, many offer help to help you through the academic portions of your life. You can visit tutors to assist you or visit State Of Writing or other writing assistance sites to get help. Take advantage of student discounts Student discounts will help you get money off all kinds of things, which is great for day to day living. However, don’t forget that they can be used for equipment for your business, too. For example, you can get sizable discounts on essential software such as Microsoft Office, as well as computer equipment at certain times of the year. Make the most of them, and you can use them well after you graduate. Listen to advice You’re already halfway there, as you’re here reading this guide. However, seek out advice as you’ll still be new to the business, and there’ll be plenty available to you. Listen to what experts have to say, and act on the advice they give you. They’ve been in your position before, so you’ll be able to avoid many of the pitfalls that befell them in the past. Learn to delegate You’re busy enough as it is, so remember that you just can’t do everything. If you can, delegate tasks to others to help you free up some time. For example, you may not be able to handle all your assignments on top of your work commitments. When this happens, you can turn to writers at UK Top Writers and Best Australian Writers to help you get those assignments done on time. If you know who to delegate to, you can save a lot of time and avoid burnout. Maintain your social life No matter how busy you are, make sure that you’re setting some time aside to see your friends and get out and about. ‘I made sure that I got out and saw my friends at least once a week’ says graduate Jessica Vine. ‘I may have had to send my assignments to Write my essay to get them done, or stay up slightly later putting orders together the next day, but it was worth it.’ It helps you unwind, and as well as this, you can still network while you’re out and about. Take some classes in your business Who says your business and college have to stay totally separate? You may be taking a course that directly benefits you as a business, so take advantage of this. Take classes in subjects that will be helpful to you, either now or later. For example, if you’re in the business of creating websites, then take some classes in programming while you’re there. Take advantage of the opportunities while they’re available to you. Talk to your professors No good business person can make it on their own. It’s a good idea to talk to your professors and pick their brains about balancing both business and college. They’ll be glad to see that you’re applying what you learn in school to your business and that you’re already getting ahead by creating your own work opportunities. They can also connect you with others too, helping you network and find opportunities before you graduate. Build a team You’ll need help to get that business off the ground, and that goes double if you’re balancing school as well. The best thing to do is to build a good team around you that can take on specific tasks. The faster you can do this, the faster you can grow as a business and get ahead. Use these tips to get started with college and business, and balance the two. It is possible to become a business owner while you’re still studying, so take advantage of the opportunities that are available to you. The post Student Entrepreneur: How to Balance College and Business appeared first on Miss Millennia Magazine - Big Sister Advice for Millennials.

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  • Septime and Chez La VielleSeptime and Chez La Vielle

    These are the two last meals we had.  Septime’s setting is beautiful.  It is warm and inviting.  It is a set meal so whatever the chef is preparing at that time.  Heavy on the vegetables.  I didn’t capture everything but certainly hit some high notes.  It is far from a large meal but a variety of small plates with loads of flavor. You begin with a whipped fetalike cheese and thin crispy breadsticks. This is raw scallops in an apple cider vinegar topped with burnt toast and elderflowers. Next was marinated acorn squash that had been peeled with creme fraiche on the side.  This was the roasted beets covered with a leaf dressing. I missed a photo of the roasted endive with mushrooms and horseradish.  My favorite dish was the venison.  Venison with bone marrow with green peppercorns and quince puree. We had a cheese plate (extra) before having the mushroom pannacotta.   This was the second dessert and final dish of chestnuts, goat cheese, and caramelized walnuts. The following night we went to the bar at Chez La Vielle, Daniel Rose’s restaurant.  The bar is definitely more lively than the seating upstairs.  The man who runs this room and picks all the wines is an ex-pat who has been in Paris for 8 years.  The food here is very French and very rich.  Possibly too rich but oh so good.  We polished off the duck terrine. The lentils with foie gras on top is so insane. This veals brains had been slow roasted with vegetables and a very buttery rich sauce served with rice to mop that up on the side.  It was over the top delicious.  We ate it to the last drop. We could barely get past a few bites of this chocolate tart.  As always, eating our way through Paris is a treat.  The food scene has changed dramatically over the past 5 years.  There are new places continuing to open up whereas years ago it was just the old guard who stressed over the Michelin star.  Not so much anymore.  I get the feeling that the young chefs are having fun and pushing their dishes in new ways.  Many of the trends we see in NYC start here from the natural wines to the small plates.  I can hardly wait to come back.      

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  • The 6 palettes you need in your makeup collection right nowThe 6 palettes you need in your makeup collection right now

    It seems like makeup palettes are the one thing we can’t get enough of (aside from lipsticks, of course). Beauty brands are constantly releasing new editions of old favorites – think Urban Decay’s Naked palettes collections. But because the industry is constantly changing and influenced by high fashion, it isn’t unusual to want to reach for new shades. This fall, these are the palettes you need. Quo – All About Eye Shadow Palette This new Quo release is neutrals heaven, with its combination of mattes and shimmers and just enough taupe colors to get you through the fall. The beautiful harmonies of the darker colors can help transition an eyeshadow-less day look to a night look with just a few strokes. L’Oréal Paris — Infallible Concealing & Contour Kit ($19.49 at Jean-Coutu) Many wonder why concealing palettes are so popular, because only one shade is the right one. I’ve learned to use the darker shades in concealing palettes as cream bronzer, or as a primer for powders (both eyeshadow and bronzers)! They are longer-lasting than actual primers because they are made to last, and really help bring out the shade applied on top. Physicians Formula – Bronze Booster Highlight & Contour Palette ($14.95 online) The Physicians Formula butter bronzers are well-known across the beauty community, but the brand’s powder cheek products are some of the best on the market for the price. The palette comes in two tones, one lighter version for whoever wishes to highlight a lighter complexion. I have to admit that they look better when applied with your finger, because the product gets picked up easier!   Make Up Forever – Flash Color Palette ($110 at Sephora) These cream palettes have stirred up quite a bit of controversy, mostly because people can’t figure out how to use them. I’m not a pro myself, but I do love cream multi-use palettes. They serve as a light tint when used on the lips and help bring out powder blushes when you use these as a ‘primer’ for your blush! Dior – Eyes & Lips Palette ($98 at Sephora) Perfect for your purse, this small but mighty palette has everything you need to transition from a day look to a night look – including lip products. The neutral shimmery shades can be blended together for a stunning gradient, or simply used on their own. If you’re lucky enough, that brown shade is your eyebrow shade, so you don’t even need to bring a brow product! Studio Makeup – On The Go Eyeshadow Palette in Warm Up ($39 online) A good makeup palette usually has a matte black, a matte brown, and a copper shade. Guess which one has all three? For the price, you get amazing quality shadows in a compact palette that you can easily work with to achieve the look you are going for. These warm tones are perfect for fall. I use the third color on the top row all over my lid and the black shade as eyeliner on lazy days!      

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  • How Sleeping Apart Can Save your MarriageHow Sleeping Apart Can Save your Marriage

    When you get married, it is considered that you two sleep together in the same bed. If for some reason, you decide to sleep separately, many people would think that something is wrong in your marriage. Some researchers have proved that this is not true and that, in fact, it is not desirable for a husband and wife to sleep in the same bed. Some people are quite restless in bed, some of them are snoring, and the digital era has brought smartphones and tablets in our bed. Separate sleeping helps marriages remain happy and stable, and that both persons have some rest and sleep as much as they need. Some people try to keep their intimacy in all other ways, such as cuddling on the sofa, holding hands when they go out and having fun in bed, and that has nothing to do with a joint sleep. Smartphone and TV Have you ever had a problem to fall asleep because your partner is on the telephone in bed, or likes to talk to his friends until late at night? Does your partner check social networks over the phone before bedtime? Unfortunately, these habits can bring more harm than use in a mutual bed. Using your smartphones before the bedtime, or even worse while you are in bed, may lead to a change of your biological rhythm. This means that it may happen that you cannot sleep until later than usual. If you get up early every day, the quality of sleep will be getting worse. These gadget activities can stimulate the brain to be alert even when it should actually have some rest. When your brain is in a state of activity, it takes much more time to recognize and realize that it is time to sleep. Using the phone during sleep does not only affect the one who uses it but also affects the partner who wants to sleep. The sound and light coming from the phone irritate and annoy the person who wants to sleep. Because of these things, life becomes much more difficult; there is a fighting all the time and discussion, which can lead to bigger problems, such as divorce. TV in the room also has a great influence on the dream of both partners. Just like with smartphones, late watching TV at the time of sleep negatively influences the relationship of the partner. There are people who love and enjoy watching movies from bed, and it gives them great pleasure especially when getting ready for sleep. In those moments they feel calm and only then are they ready to separate the time for what they want. Because of that, there are some huge problems with the partner, who after a certain effort during the day, simply wants to sleep, because he/she feels that it is a time to go to bed. No one wants to cope with it; so many couples choose to sleep in a separate room. For them, this is the only solution for a quiet dream and a peaceful marriage. Snoring and teeth grinding Snoring affects the sleep of both people sleeping together, and that affects your relationship. Because of the exhaustion, people are nervous and quarrelsome. Snoring is a type of respiratory disorder during sleep that affects the quality and quantity of the sleeper and the person he/she sleeps with. Poor quality of sleep influences thinking and reasoning. The lack of sleep can make us irritable. But if you sleep in separate beds, it doesn’t have to mean that your relationship or marriage came to an end. On the contrary, you will be happier. Life will again be beautiful as the beginnings of your relationship. A third of people are snoring, and it’s equally disturbingly teasing your teeth. People who are prone to teeth grinding while sleeping, usually suffer from other sleep disorders, such as apnea and snoring. If teeth grinding is mild, then the treatment is not necessary. However, if teeth grinding is often and strong, it can cause jaw dysfunction, tooth damage, headaches and other problems.  If the teeth grinding becomes a real problem, the dentist can make you a splint that protects your teeth and prevents gnawing. Most often, a person cannot register his night teeth grinding, but is warned by a partner who cannot sleep because of this. In addition to these health problems, there is a problem with the partner. Snoring and teeth grinding affect the dream of a person who sleeps beside us. As we know, sleep is a very important factor in the functioning of one person, so when we are sleepless, we are nervous and irritable. This affects marriage and the relationship between partners. So it’s better to sleep separately when or if you have these troubles. Restless sleeping When we put the elbow under our ribs, it may be very uncomfortable, especially when sleeping. While we sleep, the brain calms our muscles, in order not to react physically to what we dream. Many doctors describe this as a kind of protection. However, sometimes in the dream, there is a twitching and unconscious kicking of the partner while we sleep. Sometimes, it may happen that our reflexes are stronger while sleeping so we can actually kick our partner very hard. Such phenomena can often happen due to poor dreaming and also due to the lack of Ferrum in the body. via GIPHY You’ve been bothering to fall asleep for some time. Does it sometimes happen that you find yourself uncovered while sleeping with your partner? Maybe it’s warm when your partner hugs you when you are in bed, so you cannot sleep? Changing the temperature in bed, from warm to cold, makes you to turn from one side to another constantly. You hope to find the perfect position where you will fall asleep like a baby, but your partner does not help you much when it comes to this. Fighting for a blanket or a cover, while you are sleeping, is common in marriage, and it happens to many people. One partner sleeps firmly, turns around, and then pulls a blanket with him/her, so the other partner feels cold, especially in the winter. Because of that, sleeping is bad, and it creates nervousness. On the other hand, many people are bothered by the heat, and there are people who like to sleep without covering because they feel so peaceful. Some couples use two blankets, but there is a problem when partners turn to each other. The heat is even bigger, and there is no sleep. Some use simple sheets to cover, because of the heat, and then it happens that one of the partners pulls the sheet on his/her side, so the other one feels cold. All these problems are difficult to solve because many people who have them are not aware of these problems. Some couples were looking for experts who could help them. Many couples solve it differently, and one of the ways is considering sleeping in separate rooms. Because if you are satisfied with your sleeping, it will be easier for you to spend your day at work which is full of obligations, and therefore marriage will remain beautiful. As we can conclude, there are many reasons for you to have a good, quality and healthy sleep. And if somebody disturbs you when you sleep, you need to solve these problems. Many of us are different, we have our own habits, and we are hard on giving up on them, so, this occasionally may disturb others. However, when we sleep well, everything is so easy. We will be in a good mood to handle our problems and obligations, and that is the same feeling our partner should have. This doesn’t mean that your intimate life will suffer and that your love will dry. You will be able to please your partner, but isn’t it easier when you are happy and in the mood? That is why sleeping in separate rooms is one of the quick and easy solutions for people who are in a relationship or marriage and deal with the above-mentioned problems. Enjoy your marriage the way you should – without quarrels and calmly. The post How Sleeping Apart Can Save your Marriage appeared first on Miss Millennia Magazine - Big Sister Advice for Millennials.

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  • MOMA at Louis Vuitton Foundation…and of course more foodMOMA at Louis Vuitton Foundation…and of course more food

    The current exhibit at the Louis Vuitton Foundation is an installation called Being Modern, MOMA in Paris.  It is really well done.  It features a wide range of art that has been collected by the MOMA since 1929 starting with minimalism to pop art.  Each piece is tagged with the name of the artist, when it was done, why the MOMA collected it and what was happening at that time that made them collect it.  Extremely educational and beautiful at the same time.  We spent almost three hours there. Edward Hopper. Gustav Klimt Piet Mondrian Rene Magritte Frida Kahlo Walt Disney Mark Rothko Georgia O’Keefe Frank Stella United Nations Headquarters Windows, Le Corbusier and Oscar Niemeyer Ellsworth Kelly Andy Warhol, the entire soup collection. Roy Lichenstein Jeff Wall Yayoi Kusama Gerhard Richter Roman Onak, Measuring the Universe.  You go into this room and someone measures your height and pens in your name and the date.  Really quite interesting in regards to the average height. The MOMA began collecting icons.  This is obviously the Google Map location icon. Kerry James Marshall Ian Cheng Mark Bradford This waterfall outside flows into the pools surrounding the building.  Quite beautiful Frank Gehry building.   We were hungry and made our way back to the 6th to have a bite at L’Avant Comptoir.  It was quite packed for the afternoon.  Had been there this past summer and wasn’t as good as last time we were there.  The tuna tartare was my favorite dish of the few we had. Home for a few before dinner.  Incredible art day.    

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  • How to Get Your Ex Back After BetrayalHow to Get Your Ex Back After Betrayal

    To make an obvious understatement, relationships are hard. Sometimes you start to grow apart, not due to the lack of love but as a result of being complacent. Your relationship can be negatively impacted by external factors– financial implications, familial expectations, and various obligations. That’s when betrayals happen. It can be hard to imagine that […]

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  • 5 Practical Ways Women Can Boost Their Confidence5 Practical Ways Women Can Boost Their Confidence

    Women and confidence are two words that should be used together more often than they do. Confidence is a big part of success, so it makes sense we should exude it every day. The opportunities we get, the accomplishments we make and the interesting people we meet are often the product of our confidence and […]

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  • Which app will be the next Amazon? Six innovative shopping apps reviewed.Which app will be the next Amazon? Six innovative shopping apps reviewed.

    Whenever anyone thinks of “success” the mega-brand, Amazon should come to mind. Last year, Amazon net worth hit more than $29 billion.The free Amazon app gives you access to the largest Internet shop on the planet. But with new apps cropping up every minute, there are always retail challengers potentially nipping at the heels of […]

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  • Because I’m Happy! 33 Happy Inspirational QuotesBecause I’m Happy! 33 Happy Inspirational Quotes

    Happy inspirational quotes are only one part of your personal happiness strategy, but we all need motivation time to time, right?   Calm Coach Jamie presents 33 happy inspirational quotes to rock your beautiful day. If you enjoy these spirited quotes, you may also enjoy my free Spiritual Business Success Camp. Join the Spiritpreneur movement at UnblockMyBusiness.com. Happy Inspirational Quotes from Calm Coach Jamie  Happiness. It’s something we all want, but many of us tend to see it as something that will happen “one day,” at some point in the future. We think we’ll be happy when we reach “that goal,” get “that job,” or find “the one.” Well, I have some good news for you: You can — and should — choose joy and happiness right now! It’s so important that you learn how to enjoy wherever you are in your life on the way to where you’re going. Here are 33 happy inspirational quotes to rock your beautiful day. for you to start being happy now! “Decide to be happy, knowing it’s an attitude, a habit gained from daily practice, and not a result or payoff.” – Denis Waitley “Happiness is intrinsic, it’s an internal thing. When you build it into yourself, no external circumstances can take it away.” – Leo Buscaglia “Joy does not simply happen to us. We have to choose joy and keep choosing it every day.” – Henri Nouwen “The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts.”  – Marcus Aurelius “The key to being happy is knowing you have the power to choose what to accept and what to let go.” – Dodinsky “Happiness is the consequence of personal effort. You fight for it, strive for it, insist upon it, and sometimes even travel around the world looking for it. You have to participate relentlessly in the manifestation of your own blessings.” – Elizabeth Gilbert “If you want to be happy, do not dwell in the past, do not worry about the future, focus on living fully in the present.” – Roy T. Bennett “Happiness depends upon ourselves.” – Aristotle “The present moment is filled with joy and happiness. If you are attentive, you will see it.” – Thich Nhat Hanh “Optimism is a happiness magnet. If you stay positive, good things and good people will be drawn to you.” – Mary Lou Retton “When one door of happiness closes, another opens, but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one that has been opened for us.” – Helen Keller “In our daily lives, we must see that it is not happiness that makes us grateful, but the gratefulness that makes us happy.” – Albert Clarke “Happiness is there for the taking — and the making.”– Oprah Winfrey “Life is to be enjoyed, not simply endured. Pleasure and goodness and joy support the pursuit of survival.” – Willard Gaylin “Joy is what happens to us when we allow ourselves to recognize how good things really are.” – Marianne Williamson “There is no happiness on a layaway plan. You will not be happy ‘one day.’ ” – Abiola Abrams “Find ecstasy in life; the mere sense of living is joy enough.”                       – Emily Dickinson “Joy is the most magnetic force in the Universe.” – Danielle LaPorte “Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present.” – Jim Rohn “The place to be happy is here. The time to be happy is now.” – Robert G. Ingersoll “Plenty of people miss their share of happiness, not because they never found it, but because they didn’t stop to enjoy it.” – William Feather “Joy is not in things…it is in us.” – Richard Wagner “Be happy now — right in this big, bright, juicy minute — or you will never be.” – Abiola Abrams “Happiness is not the absence of problems, it’s the ability to deal with them.” – Steve Maraboli “Find joy in everything you choose to do. Every job, relationship, home…it’s your responsibility to love it, or change it.” – Chuck Palahniuk “Let your joy be in your journey — not in some distant goal.” – Tim Cook “Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn, or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude.” – Denis Waitley “The art of being happy lies in the power of extracting happiness from common things.” – Henry Ward Beecher “Joy is a decision, a really brave one, about how you are going to respond to life.”  – Wess Stafford “Happiness is letting go of what you think your life is supposed to look like and enjoying it for everything that it is.” – Mandy Hale “Joy comes to us in ordinary moments. We risk missing out when we get too busy chasing down the extraordinary.” – Brene Brown “Happiness is a choice, not a result. Nothing will make you happy until you choose to be happy. No person will make you happy unless you decide to be happy. Your happiness will not come to you. It can only come from you.” – Ralph Marston “Don’t put your happiness on hold by giving it conditions such as: ‘I’ll be happy when…’ Choose to feel positive now, and enjoy the journey.”           – Mario Cortes   Create more happiness (and calm) in your life with Calm Coach Jamie’s Find Your Calm Affirmation Cards. Go here to learn more.   The post Because I’m Happy! 33 Happy Inspirational Quotes appeared first on Abiola's Guide to Womanifesting Your Power.

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  • Find the Perfect Spot to Make Your Vacation AmazingFind the Perfect Spot to Make Your Vacation Amazing

    So, you finally landed that awesome job in your field, and you’ve been working your butt off all year. Or, maybe you’re taking a break after graduating before diving into the real world, and you need to make it count. To celebrate, you want to take your first big vacation—but to where? Picking a vacation destination is hard. If you’re like most people, you only get a limited amount of time off every year. You don’t want to waste it. You want the trip to be fun, memorable, and feel like it was worthwhile. It’s probably also a good idea to do most of your traveling while you’re young, especially if you’re going overseas or to an exotic place. Adding kids and increased responsibilities at home can make these types of trips harder. Credit: Shutterstock Start with the basics To get started, answer some simple questions that can help point you in the right direction. This is particularly helpful if you have no idea where you want to go. And let’s face it, that’s an easy spot to end up in with so many amazing places in the world to see and such limited time to see them. It’s easy to get overwhelmed! What sort of locale do you want to visit? Are you a beach bum? Or have you always wanted to see the mountains? Maybe the hustle and bustle of a big city are more appealing. Decide what environment you want to spend your time in. What kind of climate do you like? Depending on the time of year, you might have a choice between sunny and mild or all-out blizzard—if you aren’t into snow, you don’t want to plan a vacation somewhere that might have it on the forecast. Who will be coming? Is this a solo adventure, or are you bringing someone special? All-inclusive trip or DIY? Do you want a resort and guided tours, or do you want to go it alone and find your own way? What’s your budget? Money is, of course, a factor. Don’t let the price deter you from a destination, though—there’s almost always a way to go somewhere on the cheap. How much time do you have? If you only get a couple of days, a city like Rome or Paris with tons of stuff to see and do might not make as much sense as a simple beach town.  Armed with these answers, it’s time to hit the web and make use of some handy tools and the advice of others to further refine your choice and discover your best travel experience. Use a vacation matchmaker These days, there’s an app for everything. It should come as no surprise, then, that there are a handful of online tools designed to help folks choose the absolute best vacation spots. One example is Jauntaroo’s Vacation Finder tool. Jauntaroo bills itself as the “vacation matchmaker,” and seems to do a great job. You just select the vibe, activities, landscape, and budget you like, and it’ll recommend some great spots. Credit: Shutterstock Another tool with an interesting twist comes from HSI. While structured for living and working remotely, this destination tool is neat because it adds info about average internet speeds of different cities and locales. This is perfect for those of us that have a hard time getting away from work and may need to check in while we’re gone. Read up on reviews We check out reviews for everything else we buy—why not vacations, too? For hotels and accommodations, you can use sites like TripAdvisor and KAYAK to check out reviews of accommodations in destinations around the world. If you find something you like, you can book it right there. For reviews of the destinations themselves, try one of the many great travel blogs out there. Adventurous Kate is a great one that’s perfect for the adventurous millennial. The Blonde Abroad is specifically targeted towards young, solo females traveling the world. A Bird in the Hand Travel is well-designed and features excellent photos, so you can feel like you’re there before you ever step foot on a plane. And there are countless others. Spend some quality time with them and get some ideas! Consider your interests  Credit: Shutterstock If you’re not into hiking, it probably doesn’t make sense to choose a town known for its hiking trails as a vacation spot. Consider your hobbies and interests when looking at destinations. Creating a list of your favorite activities and matching destinations to them could work. If you’re into outdoor adventures, New York City might not be the best choice. But if you’re a shopper at heart, it might be perfect. Pinterest could also be a great way to visualize this. In the end, you want to choose a destination that matches how you want to spend your time. On the safe choice vs. the adventurous one Safe choices can still be fun, memorable choices—they’re “safe” because you know that’s what you’ll get! Choosing a destination off the beaten path can lead to some great adventures, but it could also end up being a total disaster. That’s OK if you get several weeks of vacation a year, but if your time is limited, it might be better to go with a tried-and-true destination. Paris, Rome, Dubai, the Grand Canyon—they are all popular for a reason. That reason is reliable fun. But that small town in the middle of Amish Country that your cousin swears is a blast? Maybe, maybe not. Whatever the occasion for your celebration, you want to be sure you make good use of your time and money and make memories that will last a lifetime. After all, when it comes down to it, it’s the places we go, the people we go with, and the things we do that we’ll remember one day. Use these tips to pick the perfect spot, then get out there and make it awesome! The post Find the Perfect Spot to Make Your Vacation Amazing appeared first on Miss Millennia Magazine - Big Sister Advice for Millennials.

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  • How To Create a Spiritual Business That Makes Money 24/7 with LaShanda HenryHow To Create a Spiritual Business That Makes Money 24/7 with LaShanda Henry

    Ready to create a coaching, healing or spiritual business that makes money with online sales? You are in the right place to step into your abundance! LaShanda Henry is a web designer and mentor to aspiring women entrepreneurs. As a heart-centered entrepreneur, you are no longer allowing scarcity and lack to control your life. It is time for you to let go of fear and step into your power and abundance.  Lashanda Henry is a Master Coach in my Rich Goddess Spiritpreneur Accelerator. If you want to stay in the loop for this program, definitely take my free Spiritual Business Success Camp.   Listen Now! LaShanda on Creating an Online Sales Biz [Soundcloud Audio Link]   “My life’s mission is to motivate, inform, inspire and connect. With my mother in mind, I do what I do for parents looking to better their children’s lives and for women striving to live their dreams. I love to share information and build communities online. It’s what I do and who I am.” Who is Lashanda Henry? LaShanda Henry is the founder of SistaSense.com Online business training, mentorship and networking community for women entrepreneurs. With a degree in Computer Science from Columbia University, LaShanda has had a long standing love of all things tech. She has been featured in Essence, BlackEnterprise.com and UNC TV for her expertise in blogging and social media. Over the past 15 years Ms. Henry has reached thousands of people online through her work as both a web designer and mentor to start-up entrepreneurs. Her mission is to inspire others to actualize their personal dreams and business goals through the use of technology. Today her desire to connect with other like-minded women has turned into a thriving community of successful business owners reaching, teaching and empowering others to live their best lives. ::: LaShanda has a free gift for you! Free Webclass: Discover 15 Things Messing With Your Money and Killing Your Online Sales   Ready to stop letting your fears hold you back? Click here for the Spiritual Business Success Camp The post How To Create a Spiritual Business That Makes Money 24/7 with LaShanda Henry appeared first on Abiola's Guide to Womanifesting Your Power.

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  • Mac Problems You May Encounter + SolutionsMac Problems You May Encounter + Solutions

    Are you thinking of buying a new Mac? Before you do that you need to understand the reasons why your Mac may have slowed down. Even a brand new machine after a few years will give you trouble with similar performance issues. Hence, it is important to understand the core Mac problems you may face […]

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  • Naaree Interviews Riticka Srivastav Of Book ThelaNaaree Interviews Riticka Srivastav Of Book Thela

    New graduate, Riticka Srivastav is an inspiring example of a successful woman entrepreneur in India. Her online bookstore, Book Thela, offers both new and pre-owned books at throwaway prices all over India. Book Thela has a huge collection of books of different categories ranging from fiction, non-fiction, children’s books, featured library editions, 49 club, bestsellers and will soon be adding entrance exam books as well. Riticka always had a passion for entrepreneurship and has worked with many startups in the past for her internships. The main purpose behind starting the venture was to spread happiness by uniting bibliophiles with their favourite reads at affordable prices. Naaree caught up with this young entrepreneur to find out what drives her to do what she does. What inspired you to become an entrepreneur? Did you always love it or was it something you got into? After doing a side entrepreneurship stint in college where I was selling packaged food products to hostel students (who had no access to food at night except the mess), my passion for entrepreneurship deepened and that’s when I realized that I wanted to start something on my own one day. Also, coming from an entrepreneurial family, my parents always encouraged me to follow my dreams and passions and therefore I started my own company, Book Thela. When do you know that it is no longer just an idea in your mind, and that you can really turn it into a lucrative business? Research plays a very important role to understand if the business will be profitable and sustainable or not. Before starting any business, proper research and analysis should be done to understand the target market, the profitability of the business model, the feasibility of the product/service and other major aspects of the business. I did a thorough research and analysis about the business before starting my venture. It helped me in making a lot of tough decisions like outsourcing shipping, the supply-chain of the business etc. What inspired you to start out on your own or with your partners? What learning lessons can you share from your startup experience? I was in my last semester of college and was actively looking for internships for my training period when my father, Dr. Niraj Srivastav, who is an International Award winning author for the book “Daggers of Treason”, suggested the brilliant idea of selling used and second-hand books online. He knew about my passion for books and entrepreneurship and encouraged me to follow my dreams. Whenever I was in doubt of whether I should go for a job instead of starting my own venture so soon, he always used to tell me that stating my own venture is not going to be easy but it will be worth it and he’s absolutely right about that. I did a lot of research after that to ensure that Book Thela becomes a sustainable business and officially launched it on 22nd March, 2017.  The main aim of starting the venture was to unite broke bibliophiles like me with their favourite reads without the hassle of travelling to far off places to buy cheap books. As a college student with a limited budget, I had to travel a lot to different places to buy cheap second-hand books. This is when I realized that I could mold my business idea around this problem and provide a solution for the same. The learning lessons from my startup experience are: Always be prepared to face challenges Innovation is an integral part for running a business Age is just a number. All you need is determination and perseverance to run a start-up. Having the right team is really important What are some challenges that you faced initially when you started out? Do you have some examples to share and advice to women entrepreneurs on overcoming them? The major challenge which we faced was getting the shipping done on time to create a pleasant experience for the customer. As logistics is the backbone for any e-commerce company, we decided to outsource our logistics to different courier partners like FedEx, Delhivery, Holisol etc. to ensure that shipping is carried out smoothly without any delays. And now we are happy to say that Book Thela was able to achieve its break- even point within the first month itself. My advice for women entrepreneurs: Have a support system in place whether it’s your family, your friends or even your colleagues. Always believe in yourself and your business and don’t get knocked down by criticism. Innovation is necessary to compete in the market. What are all the things that an entrepreneur needs to keep in mind? I.e. apart from your great idea, what do you need to be armed with? I would say apart from a great idea, you need to be armed with the following things: Determination and Perseverance Passion for entrepreneurship Support system with people who believe in you and your idea Do women entrepreneurs find it tougher to get funding for businesses? If yes, why do you think that is? I personally don’t think that gender has anything to do with getting funding. Investors mainly look at your idea and its profitability and also whether you have the skills to carry out the business while investing. Once you’re able to convince them about the idea, it doesn’t really matter if you’re a man or a woman. Is it beneficial to have a mentor when you’re starting out on your own? What does a mentor bring to the table? Absolutely.  Having a mentor not just initially, but through all stages is very important as they help you in making important decisions which would impact the business. I would say, for me my parents and my friend Akshay, have been my mentors as they’ve helped me in making a lot of tough decisions related to the venture. Having a mentor brings a lot to the table, as they are able to provide a new perspective of looking at things. How did you recruit your first team? How difficult was it to get people on board during the initial stages? I haven’t recruited a team till now but will be expanding soon. What are 3 key things that you have learned as an entrepreneur? I have learned that each day will have a new challenge and you will get to learn new things every day. Making mistakes is important as you get to learn from them. Understanding the market and their requirements is of utmost important for your business. What would you describe as your biggest moments of success in your business? The journey of a start-up is filled with moments of success as you are achieving something new each day whether it’s getting new customers on-board or even getting good reviews from the customer. All of them add together to make the journey memorable. But one of the biggest moments of success for Book Thela was achieving the break-even point within the first month of starting the business. You can connect with Book Thela at @book_thela   The post Naaree Interviews Riticka Srivastav Of Book Thela appeared first on Naaree.com - Women At Work | Indian Woman's Magazine.

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  • Dior ShowDior Show

    I have been to Frenchie’s for dinner a few times but have yet to get to Frenchie’s To Go.  They are located almost next to each other on a small narrow street in the 2nd that has a few shops frequented by chefs for their daily supplies.  The street was just waking up when we got to Frenchie’s To Go for breakfast. We had yogurt, honey, and granola with fresh squeezed orange juice. Loved their Instagram count This is the vegetable store on the street. and the Butcher. Had to fuel up for the Christian Dior show at the Musee des Decoratifs.  The show is absolutely incredible.  Whoever curated it did an amazing job.  The history, the pieces and all the designers who were part of the CD label.  The quotes from Christian Dior throughout the show are worth noting.  He came from a wealthy family and his first step into the world of art was opening an art gallery.  His father gave him some cash to begin as long as he did not use the family name.  Dior said of his gallery “We were just a simple group of painters, writers, musicians, and designers, under the aegis of Jean Cocteau and Max Jacob.” Dior’s gallery, like his fashion house, was an absolute success where he represented some of the known artists of that time.  It was the financial crash that forced him to close shop and begin again in the fashion world. In the exhibition, there was an entire wall of the inside of his gallery including some of the pieces that were sold there.  Whoever hunted them down is genius. This dress is the one that Richard Avedon shot in front of elephants in 1955. Galliano 1999 evening gown when he headed up CD. There is a section done by color.  Each section has everything from shoes to small renderings of clothes that span decades.  It was overwhelming.  Dior said, “Color may be used in touches if you wish to change the look of your clothes.  An emerald scarf…one brilliant red rose…a sunshine yellow stole…royal blue gloves.” Loved this.  He said “Paris is couture. Couture is Paris.” Flowers and color are key.  This is by Maria Grazia Chiuri, 2017, who runs the house today.  He said, “After women, flowers are the most divine of creations.” John Galliano 2010. “Perfume is the finishing touch to any dress”.  Dior understood that fashion was not simply the dress but the shoes, the perfumes, the bags and the brand.  He was a pioneer. When you are finished with one side, you walk across to the other and enter this room.  Each of these pieces is from designers who at one time or another were part of Christian Dior. Then you go through a series of rooms with pieces from designers who led Dior for years.  This is YSL. Galliano Raf Simmons Maria Grazia Chiuri. This room is the Ateliers.  There is even a woman with a sewing machine in one corner A long corridor with some classic pieces.  Love this hat. This last room is over the top.  Filled with pieces from the years.  Each designer who had led the house has been true to the brand.  That is what is so incredible.  You can see the influences of his early work on each of them.  Nobody went off on their own but kept to the core of what makes Dior, Dior and all of the designers went on to create their own successful brands. This quote certainly defined the room, ” My dresses make a princess of every woman.” We spent almost 3 hours there.  It was breathtaking but also full of information.  Lunch was certainly in order.  Close to the museum is an area that is filled with Asian restaurants from Japanese to Vietnamese.  We went to Chez Miki.  Everything was so good but the top of the charts was the foie gras sushi. There are two different rooms that are not connected.  One is more of a bar and the other is the restaurant.  We went to the bar because the restaurant was full.  When we went to pay our bill I noticed that this is an all women owned and operated restaurant.  I mentioned it to the chef and the manager, they smiled and said: “So cool, right?”. We left the 2nd and went over to the 10th to the Du Pain et des Idees.  I loved this guy in front who had set up shop as there is always a line at this bakery, selling his meats. I have been to this bakery before and it is well worth going  This soft yet crusty brioche was made with marrons.  Never had anything quite like it.  We got a few other things that they are known for but this was calling out our name.  It was warm when we got it and we had what was left of it the next morning for breakfast.  Divine.  Keep in mind the bakery is closed on the weekends  We continued through the neighborhood before heading back for just a short rest pre-dinner.    

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  • How to Look On Point in a CasinoHow to Look On Point in a Casino

    Whether you’ve been asked to go on a date to a casino or you’re heading there with the girls for a night out, your first thought will be probably be – “What the heck do I wear?” With so many dos and don’ts surrounding a casino dress code, it can be difficult to know how […]

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  • DIY Flower Crown TutorialDIY Flower Crown Tutorial

    Inspiring Pretty As you may have seen on the Inspiring Pretty Instagram in April, I got engaged to my fiance, Max! We just hit the first milestone of our engagement: our engagement photos. As someone who has written about weddings (including engagement photo ideas) over the past eight years, I have been looking forward to this for a very long time. I wanted to capture our personalities and dynamic (obviously), and I wanted them to be full of rich, vibrant, natural colors. We accomplished that partly by taking our engagement photos in the blooming gardens of Bishop’s Garden at the Washington DC National Cathedral and partly by incorporating a colorful DIY flower crown and bouquet. I just love these colors. To make the DIY flower crown, I bought flowers the day before the engagement photo shoot and crafted the crown that night. This ensured the freshest look and feel for the look without the stress of having to put it together on the day of. For this DIY flower crown, you will need the following supplies: A floral arrangement tool kit Floral tape Floral wire Wire cutter Strong, heavy duty tape Scissors fresh flowers + filler greenery (I used approximately 18 flowers, but the number will vary depending on the size of your flowers and the density of your flower crown). DIY Flower Crown Tutorial Before cutting the wire, wrap it around your head following the placement where you would like the crown to sit on top of your head four to eight times (with a little bit of wiggle room) depending on how light or heavy your flower are. The weight of the flowers will most likely weigh down the crown, which can make the finished crown uncomfortable. I did the classic 45° angle, which makes the DIY flower crown sit comfortably outlining the crown of your head. Be sure that the wire is not too tight on your head. Cut the wire using your wire cutters. Don’t worry about bending the ends of the wire to keep the shape of the flower crown. The tape will keep the shape once you start wrapping. Plus, the bent wires may jab into your head. Place the flowers around the flower crown in the pattern that you plan on arranging them. I found it helpful to take a photo looking down on the placement of the flowers to reference when arranging them. If you’re having trouble arranging all of the flowers, cut the stems to the halfway point, but don’t cut them to the arrangement length yet, just in case you need to make adjustments later. Like a wedding dress, you can always remove more, but you can’t add to it once it’s gone. Remove the flower arrangement from the crown and choose a few flowers for where you plan to begin. Cut the first flower and place it where plan to begin. First, wrap the floral tape around the wire a few times to secure the end and then begin wrapping the stem of the first flower near it. Be sure to wrap the flower and wire tightly. Wrap the flower stem a few times over and from different angles as needed. Use the heavy duty tape to secure the floral tape as needed. Continue this with the rest of the flowers and greenery cutting each as you place it to ensure that you use the correct stem length for the positioning in the crown. You can either use one strip of floral tape throughout or cut and tape as needed. Continue using the heavy duty tape to secure the flower stems as needed. To maximize the volume of the flower crown, you can arrange the flowers on top of below the wiring on the crown. Just make sure that the flowers placed underneath the wiring are light enough to be supported by the floral tape alone. Once you reach the end of the flower crown, wrap the floral tape around the first and last flowers, securing them together tightly. Use the heavy duty tape to secure the end of the floral tape roll to the flower crown. To keep the beautiful DIY flower crown that you just made looking beautiful, hang it on the back of a chair at a 45° angle or on top of an upside down bowl. You want to prevent the flowers on the bottom of the crown from being smashed from sitting flat on the table or from falling off from being hung at a 180° angle on a door knob or a coat hook. If you place the crown on a bowl, then you can put it in the fridge and potentially make your flowers last longer. As you can see from the engagement photos, the DIY flower crown turned out beautifully. The flowers added vibrant color and softness to the photos. I think that the end result made it worth the effort. Let us know what you think in the comments! DIY Flower Crown Tutorial

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  • Should We Scrutinize Our Allies the Same As Our Enemies?Should We Scrutinize Our Allies the Same As Our Enemies?

    Tags: Access Denied If we are to believe that all sexes and genders deserve equality, then we must hold the Al Frankens of the world to account as much as the Roy Moores. By Robin Marty

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  • Signs you deserve to go into the medical lineSigns you deserve to go into the medical line

    The Medical Line When it comes to becoming a doctor or a nurse or a pharmacist or a veterinarian, there are so many things that you have to be prepared for. As a medical person, you have to make a lot of sacrifices. “But what kind of sacrifices when you are just a pharmacist?” you […]

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  • Cocooning essentials that don’t suck + our picksCocooning essentials that don’t suck + our picks

    By now, we’re all aware that a good cocooning session involves blankets, Netflix, warm tea or coffee, and rainy weather. If cocooning is synonymous with staying in bed to you, I have news –you’re missing out! Cozying it up at home doesn’t have to mean hibernating in bed (although it could, I’m guilty of that), and it especially doesn’t have to feel unproductive. Here are our best tips for turning a cocooning session into more than just a nap, but awake (unless that’s what you want). Body oils and scrubs You can skip this step if you’ve already mastered the skincare routine, or add it to your current skincare routine if you’re just getting started. Body oils are especially nice in the colder weather because it keeps your skin moisturized naturally and relaxes the body gently. After all, what’s a cozy night in if you’re not relaxed to begin with? Our pick: Soap & Glory Smoothie Star Breakfast Scrub, $18 at Shoppers Drug Mart. Mani/Pedi This is where the ‘productivity’ kicks in. Taking time off for a mani/pedi will keep you busy and allow you to watch your favorite show at the same time. Start with hand and cuticle cream, then apply a nice base coat (they make all the difference, trust us!), and whichever mani look you’re dying to try. Doing your nails is more relaxing than you think, and when else do you get to pamper yourself? Our picks: Soi-Bio Hand Repair Cream, $18 online. Sally Hansen Miracle Gel nail polish in 159 Spice Age, $9.97 online and in drugstores. Puzzled? Nothing better to bring a group of people together for a relaxing night of chatter than a puzzle. Whether you prefer the thousands of pieces or the uniquely shaped ones, puzzles are by far a better way to engage in conversation than board games. They don’t take away from the conversation but you also get to do something as a group. Our pick: Aurora Borealis 1000 pc Puzzle, $19.95 at Indigo. The right throw The material of a throw blanket is a game-changer, and as pretty as the inexpensive are, it is always better to invest in nicer throws in the long run. We recommend getting smaller ones, because you can bring them around the house and use them as more than a blanket! Our pick: Pom-pom Colourblock Knit Sherpa Throw in Red, $79.50 at Indigo. Alright, hot chocolate We were planning on leaving the hot chocolate out but what would a cocooning session be without everyone’s favorite winter drink. Instead, turn it into a baking session! Many recipes involve hot cocoa powder, and it’s a great way to spend time with loved ones – plus the sweet reward. Our pick: Cacao 70 Sesame Hot Cocoa Powder, prices vary.   Sweet or salty We can’t possibly forget the snacks! The perfect pairing for a good movie or TV show is the one you can munch on. If you tend to feel bloated but like to continually munch on something, lighter and crunchy snacks make up for better pairings than decadent sweets. Our pick: President’s Choice Sweet & Heat Popcorn, $2.99 in supermarkets. Sheet masks Another obvious essential is the sheet masks. We’ve talked about them a lot in the past, but that’s because we can’t get enough of them! From high-end brand ones to everyday inexpensive ones, there’s one on the market for each and every one of us, and again, you can always do something else while pampering your face! Our pick: For Beloved One Extreme Hydration Bio-Cellulose Mask 3pcs, $63 at Sephora      

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  • Seeking Spiritual Freedom through Yoga PracticeSeeking Spiritual Freedom through Yoga Practice

    The practice of yoga has a profound effect on our daily lives. It can do wonders for our physical well-being, but it also has a definite influence on our spiritual freedom. Yoga can help us liberate the mind and elevate the spirit. What Is Spiritual Freedom? There is something within all of us that wants to become boundless. That is what we call the spirit. But being spiritual isn’t related to looking up at the heavens or pondering our navel. And it goes beyond praying or attending a religious service. To be spiritual means to enter into an experience beyond the physical. Spiritual freedom implies moving beyond our physical limitation and into a boundless space. This longing is what makes us human and helps us achieve a closer understanding of who we are. The Practice of Yoga Yoga comes from the Sanskrit yup, which means to yoke, join, or apply. It is literally translated as “union.” This millennial practice optimizes the health of the body and quiets the mind. It achieves it via asanas or postures, pranayama – which are breathing techniques – and dhyana or meditation. The essence of yoga is exactly that: the union of body, mind, and spirit. Our thoughts, beliefs, and emotions influence everything we do. But through conscious breathing, movement, and attention to the postures in yoga, we can achieve a state of body-centered awareness. How to Achieve Spiritual Freedom? First, we must understand that our body is itself a limitation. Our mind is a limitation. Even our emotions are limitations. However, they can also be possibilities. Think of them as ropes that bind you. Until you see them as what they are, you cannot begin to release yourself from them. This is what yoga can help you achieve. Through daily practice, you will come into contact with your body, your mind, and your emotions. With each pose, you enter and each breath you release, yoga will allow you to see what binds you. Then, you can slowly grow past those limitations towards spiritual freedom. Yoga Poses – daily yoga practice While the holistic practice of yoga can help you achieve spiritual freedom, there are some specific poses that can aid you in your journey: Tadasana or Mountain Pose: This pose helps us to take in the power of the earth and focus on ourselves by holding our palms together at the heart. Sirsasana or Headstand: This pose cultivates poise, focus, and strength, and will help to awaken these qualities inside you as well. Garudasana or Eagle: This pose aims to cultivate grace, surrender, and grounding. It helps us to seek balance and establish our foundations with the earth. Balasana or Child’s Pose: A pose that cultivates surrender and faith. The relaxed position of our bowed head and compressed belly offers relief from stress or fear. Parivrtta Parsvakonasana or Revolved Side Angle Pose: This deep twist will stimulate the Manipura chakra and ignite your inner fire. It can help increase confidence and promote a new sense of self. Urdhva Hastasana or Upward Salute: This pose will help to open your heart chakra and receive the grace of the divine. Astanga Pranam or Knees-Chest-Chin Pose: By prostrating yourself to the earth in full pranams, you harmonize your earthly body with our living planet. Bhujangasana or Cobra Pose: In this pose, you will receive the radiant light of the sun. Anjaneyasana or Low Lunge: This pose allows your lower chakras to be closer to the earth, while your upper chakras can aspire toward the heavens. Ustrasana or Camel Pose: This backbend is both energizing and uplifting. It will help you achieve the right attitude to overcome challenges and free space in the mind. Body and Mind Something that is often overlooked in our yoga practice is how our outer reality can affect our inner reality. For example, the right yoga wear can help us move freely and wick away sweat. In turn, this lets us focus more deeply on our yoga practice. By eliminating possible distractions, we can move deeper into our poses and harmonize body and mind. The right clothes and a proper yoga mat will help out with this. Achieve Freedom With Yoga Yoga is a practice that empowers and guides. Every individual is different and finds themselves in a different dimension of growth. Through yoga, each one of us can find the inspiration we need to achieve spiritual freedom. Yoga shows us a path into the timeless world of the spirit. It gives us the gift of the calm mind in the midst of chaos. It can help us bring awareness to every moment. By reaching for this expanded state of consciousness, you will experience spiritual freedom and make life more joyful, meaningful, and carefree. In our daily lives, meditation is very helpful on the part of overcoming physical and psychological problems. Always stay in the motion, let your body try it in different positions and find its mental balance. Let the yoga be the language of your physical and mental inner world. Namaste. Author Bio: Emily Adams is a marketing specialist at YogiWear having a main focus on development and implementation of marketing ideas. Her primary talking points are yoga life, benefits of yoga, yogi lifestyle and yoga wear. The post Seeking Spiritual Freedom through Yoga Practice appeared first on Miss Millennia Magazine - Big Sister Advice for Millennials.

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  • Paris Photo Show and moreParis Photo Show and more

      Three years ago I went to the Paris Photo Show for the first time.  I have wanted to return since.  I hope to go again next year too.  It is one of the best art shows that I have gone too.  I went with my daughter Emily and between the two of us, we were on the go constantly and probably could have done more.  She summed up what makes the show so unique, the galleries only show one medium at this show so in many ways it is more interesting and easier to take in.   Also, taking place at the Grand Palais certainly adds to the atmosphere. Here are some of the highlights.  I am drawn to birds these days.  These are Birds of New England by CIG Harvey from Robert Klein Gallery in Boston. Sunset Blvd by Matthew Porter at Xippas Gallery in Paris We own a large and very small James Casabere, this is his new work which we talked about for days.  An ode to Luis Barragan, the Mexican architect at Templon Gallery in Paris. There is mostly new work at this show but I’d say about 20% is older work.  Thought this was perfect for these times although it was done in 1964 by Dennis Hopper at Galerie Johannes Faber. The Silk Road Gallery from Teheran had this from Jalal Sepehr of his Red Zone Series. Morning Rain by Wolfgang Tillmans is so simple and beautiful at the Galeria Juana de Aizpuru. Daniel Blaufuks at Jean Kenta Gauthier. Have seen this before and still love it.  Abelardo Morell at Edwynn Houk Gallery. Sory Sanle at Yossi Milo. Loved this vintage group at Bruce Wasserstein Gallery from Aaron Siskind. Christiane Feser at Galerie Anita Beckers Sharon Core at Yancey Richardson. After we left the show, we headed over to Collette, who will have made their mark in retail history creating one of the first concept shops.  They will be closing on December 1, at the top of their game, even though so many more have entered this picture.  I will be insanely sad to see the doors close  There is not a trip to Paris where I do not stop by Collette to see what the two women behind it (mother and daughter) have done.  They added this blue burger to the menu at the Water Bar downstairs to say goodbye. We soldiered on for drinks before dinner at Buvette in the 11th.  Another pioneer but here in the natural wine world.  A small bar with tiny plates that you must order a few if you want to sit with wines galore.  Woman owner who is quite the badass.  We had two delicious glasses of wine and a plate of white beans with lemon zest and another of andouille sausage.  These white beans are up there on one of the better dishes of the year. After we walked down the street to Servan.  Both of us have eaten there before and I am sure both of us will eat there again. The black pudding fried wontons with spicy chili sauce is so damn good and the spicy cockles and roasted cauliflower with sesame is high up there too. Ending in a Paris Brest is a nice way to end a meal in Paris.  A full day for sure but there is always tomorrow.        

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  • 6 Weight Loss Mistakes that’s Setting you up for Failure6 Weight Loss Mistakes that’s Setting you up for Failure

    If you have been trying to lose weight, but you do not see the results you had hoped for, it could be because you are committing a critical weight loss mistake without realizing it. This is no surprise when you consider the number of weight loss myths that are flooding the Internet these days. With that in mind, this article aims to debunk some of the most common weight loss myths that could be setting you up for failure. Read on to find out everything you need to know. 1. Going gluten-free is good for everyone There seems to be a gluten-free craze at the moment. A lot of people assume that this is the best way to get healthy and lose weight, yet that is not necessarily the case. Gluten is only an issue for a small percentage of people that are diagnosed with a wheat allergy, celiac disease, or non-celiac gluten sensitivity. You may end up with deficiencies in calcium, B12, and vitamin D if you eliminate gluten from your diet without a professional diagnosis. 2. All weight loss products and diets are bad for you Yes, a lot of weight loss products and fad diets have got a bad reputation, and rightly so. However, this does not mean that you should not have any assistance along the way. Products like those from IsaElite are great for achieving your health and wellness goals. Such products have wholesome ingredients and are produced to high ethical standards. This is the sort of thing you should be looking for. The key is to assess the ingredients that are included in weight loss products, and the food that is recommended in a particular diet. You should be able to figure out yourself whether something is good or bad for you. You can also read reviews online from other customers for some assistance. 3. All calories are created equal This is one of the most common weight loss myths out there. When trying to lose weight, a lot of people simply count calories as their method. However, it is essential to recognize that not all calories are created equal when it comes to weight loss. Some calories, for example, those from protein and high-fiber foods such as lentils, nuts, and broccoli, are proven to boost your metabolism. Plus, some foods will keep you fuller for longer, for example, whole grains, milk, and low-glycemic index (GI) carbohydrates. It is essential to keep this in mind when counting calories. 4. Foods labeled ‘reduced fat’ or ‘low fat’ are always a good choice You need to be cautious about food with this labeling. Firstly, these foods contain no more than a specific amount of fat that is required to use that label legally. In basic terms, ‘low fat’ labeled food contains less fat than the full-fat version. Sounds good, right? This does not mean it is the healthier choice. Low-fat foods can often contain a lot of sugar, so it is a balancing act. The key is to read all of the labels before you make your decision. 5. Losing weight is a linear process A lot of people assume that losing weight is a linear process, which is why they get demotivated and upset when they gain weight some weeks. However, weight loss is not a linear process. While you should lose weight most weeks if you are doing everything right, there are going to be weeks when you gain a little bit too. This should not be a cause for concern. Body weight fluctuates up and down by a few pounds – this is entirely normal. For example, women are known to experience weight fluctuations during their menstrual cycle. As long as the general trends is a downward one, don’t let a little bit of weight gain here and there get to you. 6. There is a single best diet When your friend has lost weight by following a specific diet, and then you don’t lose much weight when developing it yourself, it can be easy to assume that it is impossible for you to lose weight. However, there is no single best diet. People are different, and while one weight loss program may work for you, another application may be effective for someone else. It is important to find a plan that suits you and your lifestyle. You can do things differently yet achieve the same results. There is no magic formula to follow, unfortunately; after all, it would make life a lot easier if there was! The post 6 Weight Loss Mistakes that’s Setting you up for Failure appeared first on Miss Millennia Magazine - Big Sister Advice for Millennials.

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  • 10 Cool Tech Gifts for the Geek in Your Life10 Cool Tech Gifts for the Geek in Your Life

    This one is for the geeks! Ok so no you don’t have to be a geek to receive any of these gifts. We all like a beautiful tech gift every now and again don’t we?  We have everything from tech gifts for the adventurer to the latest tech in Apple. Check out our list of tech gift ideas. This article contains affiliate links, and we will be compensated for any purchase made by clicking on them. Thank you for supporting Miss Millennia Magazine! PRO HD 1080P Action Sports Camera If you have a friend who enjoys an excellent adventure, Action Sports camera may be right up their alley.  This camera featured on Open Sky with a wide angled lens, a waterproof case, a self-timer and recording time for up to 3 hours! My favorite part is that this camera is only $29.99. Just because it’s a tech gift does not mean it has to break the bank. It comes in several colors so you can pick the one that best fits your friend’s personality. Learn more about the Action Sports Camera here   A Smart Water Bottle Before you think a water bottle may not be a great gift, think again. This Hydra Smartbottle does a little bit of everything on top of holding your water that is. Its a Bluetooth speaker, a hand’s free speakerphone, an FM radio, a power bank, hidden storage, a carabiner, bottle opener and a free app to use it. This is perfect for your friend who is always at the gym or doing outdoor activities. This piece of technology will take their whole water drinking experience to a whole other level. Learn more about the Hydra Smartbottle here   Tile Tracker Tool If you have a friend who seems to lose their stuff pretty often, the Tile may be a wonderful gift to give. Tile is a tool that makes it easy to track a lost item. Whether it be a phone, wallet, bag, keys, anything that may become lost pretty often. Get a combo pack just in case they lose more than one thing quite often. It’s not sexy, but it will save them so much time they don’t have to worry about looking for things and money not having to replace all the things they lose. Learn more about Tile here   VR Headset Virtual Reality is so popular now. Especially when it comes to having a VR experience at home. Why not gift a friend of yours some of the latest technology when it comes to exploring a virtual reality experience. The Google Daydream view is a perfect gift. The fabric headset is comfortable enough to wear with your favorite VR ready phone. They have a variety of phones that work well with it. You can see the selections for that here. Just make sure your friend you buy this for already has a phone that is compatible for this to be used! Learn more about the Google Daydream view here. A Home Virtual Assistant We could all use a little helping hand at home. If such is the case for a friend of yours, why not get them the all-new echo spot. It has the capabilities of the original Amazon echo such as controlling the lights and updating you on the weather. But it has the added benefit of having a small screen you can use to see the weather, make video calls and even has a Bluetooth speaker. Anyone would be delighted to get this as a gift this year! Learn more about the echo spot here.   A Mini CampStove   If you have a friend who enjoys camping, this nifty gadget is going to rock their world. The Biolite Campstove makes small smokeless fires so you can cook your meals easily. But one of the coolest features is that it is also a battery pack and charge your phone for you, even out in the wilderness! If you want to go all in, there are other devices sold separately with this that make for an amazing tool to have in the wilderness like a grill attachment. If anyone has ever spent the night in the woods before, they will love this gift. Learn more about the Biolite Campstove here.   A Car Virtual Assistant If your friend already has Alexa at home, why not give them Alexa for their car. This Garmin speak with Alexa makes it easy for you to get around with turn by turn navigation, and many of the same features you would get with an Amazon Echo, but in your car. No more wasted commutes home. Instead, you can check your to-do list, play games or check your calendar all hands-free. This is a perfect gift who already has a house full of Amazon Echos. Learn more about the Garmin speak with Alexa.   Apple Watch Series 3 Ok so, this would not be an official tech list without the latest Apple gear! The new Apple Watch series 3 is pretty amazing. The significant changes made this year is that has cellular so you can go and take phones calls on your watch without having your phone nearby. It is waterproof, and you can download songs to your watch to listen to while you are on the go since it had 16GB of storage! It’s pretty much a smartphone, in watch form. It is still an activity tracker that even allows you to swim with it! It does not matter who you give this to; they will love it…period. Learn more about the Apple Watch series 3 here.   Xbox One X 1TB Console If your friend is a gamer and has been drooling over the new Xbox One X for some time, this is a great gift to give. The Xbox One X has 40% more power than any other console and a  4K Blu-ray player. If they are team Xbox and do not already have one of these babies, they will love it!  Learn more about the XboxOne X here.   Robot Vacuum This one is for your busy friends, especially the ones with pets. If they do not have as much tie to clean, why not get a robot to do it for them? I mean a robot vacuum of course! The iRobot Rumba is pretty, pretty, cool It has an app where you can control the settings for it and even press a button for it to start cleaning at that very moment. It has iAdapt 2.0 Navigation with Visual Localization which means it tracks where it’s cleaned and makes a point to cover the entire area of your home. And if you have an Amazon echo at home, you can even have Alexa control it hands-free. Learn more about the iRobot Roomba here. There you have it! 10 Fantastic tech gifts that any Geek would love. Just try not to geek out too much yourself when you are buying your gifts for everyone else. Or maybe you should and get a little something-something for yourself while you’re at it. What is on your tech wish list this year? Let us know in the comments so we know what else we should be geeking out on this year! The post 10 Cool Tech Gifts for the Geek in Your Life appeared first on Miss Millennia Magazine - Big Sister Advice for Millennials.

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  • Have You Got Your Priorities Straight?Have You Got Your Priorities Straight?

    When you think about how you want to live your life, what comes to mind? Do you see yourself: having your own home securing a well paid job traveling the world having your own business, or writing your own book? It’s important to identify what’s important and valuable to you. This is not always easy to figure out, especially if you feel the pressure (or burden) of dependants or other family and friends who occupy a lot of your time and energy. Most people don’t make enough time to check their personal to-do list. You might have an everyday to-do list, but it’s either related to home, work or school. A personal to-do list will put more focus on yourself, highlighting what will make you grow, be happy and fulfilled – your personal to-do list should not have a deadline. Ask yourself “why” about everything that you do. Once you understand what you really want or need you’ll be able to understand what is really important to you. Your priorities may also shift once you understand your “whys”. Priorities – Why You Need Them When you focus on a goal or priority, you tend to move towards it; consciously and subconsciously developing the needed behaviors to reach that goal. It’s like standing up and saying “I want to get that”, and giving your time and focus to that above everything else. If you don’t have priorities, then you’ll probably find that things will just come together by chance and you may never have real control of anything in your life.  Common Mistakes People Make When Planning Priorities Mistake No. 1:  Everything is a Priority Lesson one is simple. Everything is NOT a priority! You might need to: exercise lose weight build a house get a better job learn a new language go skydiving and so on. Tip: don’t spread yourself thin. You will never have the momentum to start and finish anything if everything is a priority. Mistake No. 2:  You Have One, Single Priority Now we go to the other end of the spectrum, where some people focus entirely on one single thing at the expense of the rest of their life. Family, friendships, relationships, work, utility bills, your personal hygiene; basically your whole life goes into imbalance and chaos as you focus on one single priority. The trick is to find a more balanced approach to your priorities without overloading yourself. We cover this next. How You Can Set Your Priorities Remember, you can’t do everything at once. You have to prioritize and focus on completing one to three things before you move on to the other things on your list. This way, you will not lose momentum and suddenly lose interest and waste precious time. 1. Setting Your Priorities Deciding on your priorities consists of two parts. The first part is deciding what you want to achieve. The second part is deciding how fast or for how long you want to achieve your goal. After you have decided what you want and the amount of time you want to spend on it, you’re now ready to align your priorities and focus on your goal. Think of your goals as short, medium or long term. The trick here is to establish actions and arrange your life around those actions to succeed. Once you have a timeline, it’s important to commit yourself to achieving your goals and stick to your plan as closely as possible. 2. Balance is Everything There should be a balance with everything in life. Try setting a separate list of work and non-work related priorities. Your personal priorities should be balanced with your work priorities. Some people just tend to focus on their careers and leave out their personal or family priorities. Some just tend to focus on personal priorities, leaving their work out. Personal and work-related goals should not affect each other and with your limited time, you should use it as efficiently as possible. 3. There Will Be Sacrifices When it comes to reaching a goal, more often than not there will be sacrifices. For example, if you want to be successful at work, you might have to sacrifice some personal time.  In the end, you have to remember that priorities can change so if you realize that the road you’re taking is not for you, then stop, reassess and start again. Don’t be afraid to make changes and adapt to new things.

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  • Why Are Democrats Pandering to White Voters?Why Are Democrats Pandering to White Voters?

    Tags: State of Disunion As the Dems continue to hand-wring over what their "message" should be, all exit polls are pointing to the fact that they're ignoring their most loyal constituents. By Maya Francis

    Dame Magazine / 6 d. 7 h. 20 min. ago
  • Words Matter Everywhere: At Home, Work and in the WorldWords Matter Everywhere: At Home, Work and in the World

    Words have the power to engender trust, ignite passion, heal a broken heart and/or cause a broken heart. They can help people rise or contribute to a person’s fall. They can help save relationships or end them. They even have the power to start wars or end wars—in the home and in the world at […] The post Words Matter Everywhere: At Home, Work and in the World appeared first on Lisa Merlo-Booth.

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  • Energy Balls RecipeEnergy Balls Recipe

    INGREDIENTS ¾ cup (175 mL) almonds and walnuts mix 1 cup (250 mL) California prunes ¼ cup ( 50 mL) chia seeds 2 Tbsp. (30 mL) cocoa powder 2 Tbsp. (30 mL) smooth nut butter coconut oil, to blend cup (75 mL) desiccated coconut DIRECTIONS Place nuts in bowl of a food processor with knife blade and blitz for 10 seconds. Add California prunes, chia, cocoa and nut butter and blend well until smooth. Add a small amount of coconut oil, a few drops at a time, until the mixture is sticky, and holds its shape when you roll a small amount between your fingers. Take a tablespoon (15mL) of the mixture and roll into a ball. Continue creating balls until mixture is all gone. Place coconut onto a small plate and roll balls in the coconut, to coat. Place balls in an air-tight container in the fridge. They will keep for up to a week. Makes approximately 15 to 20 balls   *RECIPE COURTESY CALIFORNIA PRUNES  

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  • 5 Must-Have Steps on How to Start a Good Career Right after College5 Must-Have Steps on How to Start a Good Career Right after College

    Becoming a professional in your field after graduating from college is going to take some time and effort. Many college students stumble after graduating because they have been fed false information about how the world works and what they will be expected to do – career counseling will only help so much. Hunting for your first job will be a relentless battle of patience and stress-management, but you will always come out on top in the end. So what are some of the essential steps in starting a good career right after graduating from college? 1. Establishing an online presence Before applying for any sort of job or an interview, you should establish your online persona. Interviewers are likely to search for you online and see who you are before deciding to call you for an interview. Creating and filling a profile on platforms such as LinkedIn, Behance, DeviantArt, etc. will help you better define yourself. Choose your online platforms of choice depending on the type of job you are looking for. Business-oriented people will likely find better success on LinkedIn than designers would – their playground should be Behance or Pinterest. Making sure that you are clearly defined online is essential in today’s digital world. A job for a college graduate is still a job someone else could have gotten – do everything you can to justify your application by giving the interviewer something to work with. 2. Set goals and expectations The truth of the matter is that starting a career means looking for a job in your desired niche. Be realistic when it comes to your goals and expectations moving forward. Your grades just might not be good enough to land an office job that you have always wanted. The amount of work and effort you put into your college degree will start to show when you begin applying for your first jobs. Seeing that young graduate have very little or no experience to display on their applications, they tend to rely on their grades and volunteer work – you should do the same. You can do a simple career test on yourself by writing a cover letter and thinking about what motivates you to move forward. What is it that you want to achieve in your career and where do you see yourself in five years? Five years is a very short span of time (as you will soon find out), so it shouldn’t be too much of a challenge for a young graduate. Don’t aim for the stars when it comes to your first job applications. Aim for moving out of your parent’s house and becoming independent. 3. Looking for internships There is an abundance of internships available for college seniors and graduates all over the world, not just in your country. The secret to finding an internship once you have graduated is lowering your expectations and looking for paid internships first and foremost. No one wants to say that they have graduated only to end up volunteering and being broke. You can easily look for internships online or on platforms on which you have established your profile beforehand. Applying for an internship is easier than applying for a job, but it can be just as stressful. Internships can lead to full employments and very useful references down the line. The problem is that companies would rather hire an intern who is still a college student and then train him or her to employ them down the line. College graduates are expected to have some kind of working experience already, making it a bit harder to land an internship outright. Regardless of any difficulties, internships in right places can lead to very fruitful careers down the line. 4. Don’t stop trying The worst thing that can happen to a college graduate when applying for jobs is to get burned out easily. There will be employers who will tell you “No, thank you.” There will be interviewers who never get back to you after talking to you for two hours. The most important part of the process to consider is that all of it is a learning experience. Even simple entry-level jobs will require some form of professionalism and behavior on your part – no one will hire you out of pity. Do everything you can to stay motivated and keep applying for any job position that might seem interesting to you. It’s not a mistake to apply for something you haven’t studied in college but feel passionate about to try out. The secret of landing a job that can kick-start your career is to give it everything you have. Make the employer feel your energy and in turn, show them what they are missing out on if they don’t hire you. Being passionate and energetic is exactly what today’s interviewers are looking for. 5. Settle for long-term plans Accepting a job that may keep you employed for a couple of weeks is a good way to get some experience and a new entry in your resume. However, settling for anything less than a yearlong contract is shooting you in the proverbial foot. What will you do after your three-month trial period is over? Starting a career and getting some mileage in an area you are interested in takes more time than that. Do some career counseling and figure out a way to communicate your long-term career plans to the interviewer. Many employers are willing to hire college graduates who want to start a career and dedicate themselves to their company. This is because young students have a far shorter attention span than experienced workers and will rather quit and look for a different job that settles for a secure, long-term career job. Future steps Following these essential steps to starting a career is an effort in itself. The focus and dedication required of a young individual is something that no one can prepare for. No one can live their entire life just by cashing in on their college diploma. While graduating should be a number one priority of every student, preparing for what comes afterward is just as important.   Sources: https://www.pexels.com/search/job/ https://www.thebalance.com/success-in-first-job-after-college-2059871 https://www.roberthalf.com/blog/understanding-the-hiring-process-5-things-new-grads-need-to-know https://www.levo.com/posts/what-these-9-millennials-did-after-college-instead-of-starting-a-full-time-job-right-away https://www.adeccousa.com/resources/job-hunting-guide-for-graduates/ http://www.businessinsider.com/how-to-get-a-job-after-college-2014-1   Author Bio: Veronica Wright, career coach, and employment advisor from Resumes Centre, a pro with the stories of customers’ success in more than 80 countries of the world. LinkedIn,  Twitter,  Facebook   The post 5 Must-Have Steps on How to Start a Good Career Right after College appeared first on Miss Millennia Magazine - Big Sister Advice for Millennials.

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  • 3 Reasons Why you should Invest in Real Estate now3 Reasons Why you should Invest in Real Estate now

    Well, there are multiple reasons why you should decide to invest in real estate, some which can be found here https://www.investopedia.com. It is one of the most popular area to invest in, and for a few good reasons. You don’t have to be an expert to do it, and you don’t necessarily have to have a lot of money. As long as you have a base level knowledge of real estate and how to manage money, you could be a big player in the game. You don’t even have to invest in real estate to resell. You could purchase a holiday home and rent it out every so often to bring in some extra income. If real estate tickles your fancy, then have a look at a few reasons why you should invest. Low Competition Unlike with say, a new business, you’re not in competition with anyone. You’re investing just to give yourself a nice return. There’s no competing as everyone is always going to be looking for a house to buy, or rent. It’s such a relaxed market to enter into and compared to other investment areas, is pretty relaxed. The only competition you’ll really have is against professional realtors who are established with their own company, and are selling properties in the same area. They’ll know how to talk the talk, hence why it is important to do a little bit of research before you enter into real estate. High Returns Real estate always offers a good return. Unless you go for entirely the wrong property that’s never going to sell, you’re always going to get a decent return. There are companies out there that specialize in high return investments. If you’re interested, take a look at websites such as https://highreturnrealestate.com/real-estate-investment-group/. One of the best ways to get a higher return is to flip properties. You can get properties that go through housing auctions. They’ll most likely need a bit of work doing to them. Once you’ve transformed the house, you can resell at a higher price, potentially making a hell of a lot of profit. Variety There’s so much variety in the housing market; it’s easy to find something you’re interested in if you’re just going to rent out the property. As said in the opening paragraph, you don’t just have to be buying and selling the property to be in the real estate game. You can only as quickly buy a holiday home and rent it out during the times you’re not there. This can, in the long run, can bring in a much higher return than if you’re just buying and selling. Once you get to that point where the rent has covered the total cost of the original purchase, everything you make on top will just be profit that you can pocket. You can then start again and purchase another holiday home until you have a collection. There are a few things to consider before renting out your property, however, take a look at this post.  You’ll then have multiple different places to enjoy yourself as well! Real estate has always been an exciting market to get into, so if you don’t already do it, it’s worth doing some research into. The post 3 Reasons Why you should Invest in Real Estate now appeared first on Miss Millennia Magazine - Big Sister Advice for Millennials.

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  • Let’s hold hands — all the way to your Core Desired Feelings. The Desire Map ONLINE VIDEO COURSE is finally realLet’s hold hands — all the way to your Core Desired Feelings. The Desire Map ONLINE VIDEO COURSE is finally real

    I’ve tried to make The Desire Map into a video course on numerous occasions. We scrapped hours and hours of footage, more than once. (Ouch.) And then I took a year to concentrate on writing another book, and in the meanwhile, there are now about 200,000 copies of The Desire Map book in circulation. And that means I’ve gotten a boatload of requests for a video course from y’all who are visual learners (and multitaskers, and group leaders, and book club facilitators of all kinds). HERE IT IS! AN ONLINE VIDEO COURSE. WE DESIRE MAP TOGETHER. I got together with Cody App to produce this and it’s beautifully and logically laid out. Every module is accompanied by printable worksheets. You can go through the course on your own, or with a group of friends. You can do it in a weekend, or you can meander with it over a few weeks. Your call. I take you through five “lifestyle areas” (for example, Livelihood, Body + Wellness, Creativity…) and we make our way to identifying your Core Desired Feelings. Then we use those Core Desired Feelings as the basis of creating some goals — with soul. So good. Let me rewind… Here’s the Guiding Premise of Desire Mapping: Achievement Autopilot is a cultural default. We take on ambitions from The Joneses, our parents, and the imaginary “they” in our minds who we are always trying to impress. And as we pursue these goals that don’t match our spirit, we twist up our identity, we burn out, and we forget who we are — which is exactly the opposite of how we want to feel. Every craving, aspiration, or goal you have is driven by an innate desire to feel a certain way. So what if we first got clear on how we want to feel, and THEN we designed our goals and to-do lists to align with who we truly are? This leads to the potentially paradigm-shifting question: How do you WANT to feel? Knowing how you actually want to feel is the most potent form of clarity that you can have, and generating those feelings is the most powerfully creative thing you can do with your life. The Desire Map Online Video Course includes eight video modules that guide you to discover your Core Desired Feelings. And with these CDFs as your North Star, we identify what you want to do, have, and experience in the five areas of your life. This is the groundwork to create goals with soul — the only kind of goals worth going after. A few of my current CDFs are: Beautiful. Light. Team. Bliss. (And one more that I keep to myself.) I write out my Core Desired Feelings in my Day Planner every single week. They guide my Yes decisions and my No, Thank Yous. What will I do that week to feel Light? What kind of weekend plans would bring me Bliss? How will I create the feeling of Team in my career and home? The answers are always clear to me. And my Core Desired Feelings help me ask the most important question: How do I want to feel? All intentional creation happens from there. This work works. I really hope you’ll get into it. And…the end of the year is a great time to Desire Map. Set yourself up for 2018 with some powerful clarity. We’re running a really great launch offer for the next few weeks. You can get the course HERE. All Love always, Danielle   The post Let’s hold hands — all the way to your Core Desired Feelings. The Desire Map ONLINE VIDEO COURSE is finally real appeared first on Danielle LaPorte: white hot truth + sermons on life.

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  • Paris with EmilyParis with Emily

    Emily arrived and we went directly to lunch at Mokonuts.  Mokonuts is a tiny adorable bakery/cafe with insanely good food run by an ex-Pat who went to NYU and landed in Paris years ago.  She couldn’t be nicer.  We got there around 130 and here is the kitchen after the constant of the day. Started with this hot lemon honey thyme drink that her Grandmother used to make to cure all ills.  Might make this one at home. The white fish crudo with olive oil and sumac was the perfect starter.  Sumac changes the entire taste of the dish. Labneh with small pieces of black olive on top to lather on bread. We also had lamb chops with greens.  The dishes are small which is another thing I love about Paris.  The portion size is what it should be. Chocolate chip and sesame cookie (I need to figure out how to make this cookie) and ricotta cheesecake for dessert. And then we walked.  Alain Ducasse started his own chocolate shops a few years ago so he could make his own chocolates for his restaurants.  This store is where they make the chocolates.  I do wish I could capture the aroma of this store.  We knew we were coming upon it before it was there.  The smell of pure chocolate bliss is wafting out of this place. We passed this seriously old-school barbershop.  This photo does not really capture the scene as tucked behind is the gentlemen having his haircuts wife, watching patiently. Went to a few stores around the Marais.  One of the main streets, Rue de Bretagne, had multiple singular food shops from a charcuterie to a bakery to even one that sells basically smoked fish and foie gras. Aperol Spritz was the drink of the summer so seeing it bottled was great.  Picked up a few for drinks later. We had dinner at Huiteries Regis, where they take no reservations, so we could stop in, have dinner and get to bed early.  One of my favorite spots in Paris.    

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  • Would Life Be Better Without Twitter?Would Life Be Better Without Twitter?

    Tags: WTF Is Wrong With Twitter? The unprofitable social-media giant—a bot-and-troll-infested hellscape—has changed the way we disseminate and digest our information. Is the platform worth defending? By Andrea Grimes

    Dame Magazine / 7 d. 2 h. 8 min. ago
  • How to Create a Bomb DIY Ugly Sweater For The HolidaysHow to Create a Bomb DIY Ugly Sweater For The Holidays

    The holiday season is here! That means gallons of eggnog and endless shopping. But more importantly, Christmas parties! Christmas parties that will require you to be donned in your tackiest of ugly sweaters. Don’t have one? Well, have no fears! You can make one from your very own home. I was inspired by Kelley Blue Book to make my own DIY ugly sweater and I’ll show you how you can make your own too! “This post is sponsored by Kelley Blue Book; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.” Kelley Blue Book is also hosting a #GiveYourselfABlueBook where 50 entrants will win a KBB holiday sweater and 1 lucky winner will get a BRAND NEW CAR!!! All you have to do is take the quiz about the annual Kelley Blue Book Best Buy Awards to enter! Hurry up and go now because sweepstakes end November 27th! Click here to take the quiz! The post How to Create a Bomb DIY Ugly Sweater For The Holidays appeared first on Miss Millennia Magazine - Big Sister Advice for Millennials.

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  • Amopé Pedi Perfect + CONTEST!Amopé Pedi Perfect + CONTEST!

    Who has time to get a pedicure in a salon every month? Certainly not me! So what to do between our appointments? Enter the Amope Pedi Perfect, ideal for smoothing our heels and keeping our feet pretty between appointments. This electronic file works perfectly on our heels that become even drier when winter settles. Interested in testing it yourself? We’re giving away an Amopé gift set, just in time for the Holidays! To participate, comment below by telling us if you prefer to do your pedicure at home or in the salon. The contest ends on Wednesday November 22nd and is open to residents of Canada only. Good luck to all of you! Amopé Pedi Perfect, starting from $49.99 at Walmart and Amazon. YOU COULD WIN THIS!

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  • 6 Secrets to Healthy, Vibrant Hair All Winter Long6 Secrets to Healthy, Vibrant Hair All Winter Long

    The cold, dry weather of winter is the bane of anyone who struggles with dry, chapped skin. But it’s not only your hands, lips and cheeks that bear the brunt of this harsh weather change. Our hair can also suffer damage during winter and become dry, brittle and frizzy instead of soft and luxurious. Our scalps can also become flaky and itchy, adding insult to injury. Even if your hair seems generally low-maintenance, you’ll find these winter hair care tips indispensable. Use a Hair Dryer on the Cool Setting It’s vital to dry your hair before you go outside in cold, dry weather. Even if you plan to put your hair up and hide it under a hat, damp hair exposed to cold conditions can become more susceptible to breakage, resulting in split ends and flyaway hairs. But blasting your hair with hot air from the hair dryer also has some disadvantages. When the air is already dry and un-humid, using a hair dryer on the hottest setting will not only dry your hair, it will dry out your hair, robbing it of the essential moisture that keeps it protected all day. And you can also forget about rubbing your hair dry with a towel; that friction is another source of split ends. Instead, the best way to dry your hair is to take your time. First, squeeze the excess water out of your hair, and then use your hair dryer on the cool setting to gently dry it. If your hair dryer only has one setting (hot), be sure to hold it as far away from your hair as possible, but the best hair dryers will allow you to control the heat (or lack thereof). Reach for the Conditioner Because our hair is at such a high risk for damage during the winter, it’s more important than ever to reach for the conditioner. To avoid split ends and breakage from brittle hair, develop a conditioning routine that works best for your hair type. Some people use conditioner during every shower, whereas others will use a nightly leave-in serum to nourish the scalp. Yet another option is a weekly deep conditioner. The products you use and timeline you follow are entirely up to you, but don’t skip this important step this winter. It’s virtually the only way to ensure your hair stays soft and healthy! Add Some Humidity to Your Home Have you ever noticed that your hands and lips get easily chapped during winter? Or that you tend to cough more? It’s easy to blame the outdoor weather conditions for this, but in reality, we spend a lot of time indoors in air that is just as dry as outside. Buy a humidifier or boil a large pot of water on the stove in order to add moisture to the air. Your entire body will thank you, including your scalp and hair! Likewise, make sure to drink plenty of water throughout winter. Use the vulnerable skin on your hands and lips as a guide; if they are chapped, chances are your hair is suffering too, and you need more humidity in your home, more water in your diet or more protection in the form of lotions and conditioners. Use a Heat Protectant Spray If part of your regular hair care maintenance involves using a curling or flat iron, or if your blow dryer does not have a cool setting, use a heat protectant spray before you use these tools. The spray will prevent heat-induced damage, which could make your hair weaker, duller and more brittle. Hair that is exposed to too much heat looks lifeless and tends to have split ends or a lot of frizz. As a result, you’ll want to use the same tools to mask the problem, creating a harmful cycle. Heat protectant spray is the easiest way to have the best of both worlds, especially when the risk for damage increases in the winter. Try Not to Over-Wash Your Hair Your scalp’s natural oils come in extra handy during the winter, but over-washing your hair can strip these oils away and cause your scalp to become especially dry, flaky and itchy. Try to wash your hair every other day, or perhaps even every three days, and to focus on brushing your hair with a boar bristle brush to sweep those oils through each strand of hair for the ultimate protective effect. Avoid Hat Hair Finally, we should mention another source of damage-inducing friction that is unique to winter: hats! If you wouldn’t rub your hair in a towel to dry it, you don’t want it being rubbed by a hat during your commute or night on the town. Fortunately, there’s a simple solution: wrap a silk scarf around your hair before putting on your warm wooly hat. That’s all it takes to prevent hat hair! The post 6 Secrets to Healthy, Vibrant Hair All Winter Long appeared first on Miss Millennia Magazine - Big Sister Advice for Millennials.

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  • RIDM : Montreal’s documentary festival’s unforgettable 20th anniversaryRIDM : Montreal’s documentary festival’s unforgettable 20th anniversary

    As we wrap up another year of film festivals and cultural celebrations, the RIDM celebrates its 20th anniversary with what seems to be the best edition of the fest so far. With over 140 documentaries from 47 countries, including many homegrown and ‘Québécois’ pieces, this year’s Rencontres Internationales du Documentaire de Montréal is Montrealers’ chance to dive into a world of realism. From November 9th to 19th, movie theatres across the city will be showcasing international documentaries and are completely open to the public. From sociopolitical commentaries to a range of stunning cinéma vérité pieces, both heart wrenching and family-friendly screenings feature on this year’s lineup. Bande-annonce RIDM 2017 / RIDM 2017 Teaser from RIDM on Vimeo. For cinephiles, the RIDM is also a way to connect with their favorite artists. Through master classes and discussions organized by the board, audiences are given the chance to meet the filmmakers behind their new favorite films. The interactive activities allow for a better understanding of the compelling films, especially with the rise of films inspired by political conditions across the world. The documentary genre is in constant renewal, and the RIDM has captured its evolution throughout the years. For its 20th anniversary, the festival will be showing a free film a day, commemorating some of its history’s best hidden gems. Leviathan (2012) and S.P.I.T. (2001) are among many other films that will be shown at venues across the city, free of charge. For more information and a list of the schedule and the screenings, visit the RIDM website.

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  • Killer Gifts For The Traveler In Your LifeKiller Gifts For The Traveler In Your Life

    Oh, the travelers! Travelers will always have a special place in our hearts because they have the courage to pick up and go on a whim. No place can keep hold of them because they must follow their wanderlust. But their love for constantly moving makes gift giving a bit difficult. As with anyone, you want to gift something that will actually be used/ useful. So what do you give a person that is always on the move to far off lands? Well, have no worries! Here is a list of gifts you can give this holiday season to the traveler in your life. This article contains affiliate links, and we will be compensated for any purchase made by clicking on them. Thank you for supporting Miss Millennia Magazine! Antique Map Printed Italian Leather Journal So I will admit that I am a bit of a traveler. As I am writing this, I am sitting in my apartment in Ireland. I left my friends and family back in May to move here just because. So you could say I too am a bit of a traveler. Nothing frustrates me more than going on a trip and not documenting the experience. I mean even though the memories of it now may be fresh, it won’t be that way forever. Having something like a journal to archive my trips is SOOOO beneficial. So why not gift the traveler in your life a journal for all of their adventures? And not just any journal, but one with an antique map printed to make them look even more legit. Get Your Travel Journal Here   Some Quality Luggage Having the perfect luggage is essential to any adventure! There is nothing worse than having unreliable luggage that will crap out on you during a trip. Plus, even if you’re careful with it, you cant always trust that the baggage crew may be handling it properly. So any traveler is going to want luggage that is sturdy and dependable. That is exactly what the Omni 20″ Hardside Spinner can give you. If you’re hung up that luggage may not seem like such a cool gift just trust me on this. I have never seen a traveler, including myself, that has not cried when they received new luggage. You will definitely be the hero of the holidays. Learn more about the Omni Hardside spinner here   A Portable Charger There is nothing more annoying than being in the middle of taking a beautiful photo on your phone and “low battery pops up.”  You quickly fumble for a charger but realize you are out in the middle of nowhere and will not be at an outlet anytime soon. Portable chargers come very in handy when traveling because it lets you stay in the moment without having to worry about a dead phone. But what is so nice is that the Mophie Portable Charger is not just any portable charger. It will charge your phone back up quickly and keep you on the go. I have had some pretty crappy portable chargers that either take a long time to charge the phone or cant hold a charge for long itself. So you can rest assured that the traveler in your life is getting the best. Get the Mophie Charger here   Handpresso Outdoor Set In case the traveler happens to be outdoorsy and a coffee lover, this is an amazing travel gift. Who says you cant have gourmet coffee on the road? Not the Handpresso Espresso maker. It comes fully equipped with a case, cups, and other espresso accessories to make a perfect cup. If they love to travel and coffee, they will also love you for buying this gift for them. Check out the Handpresso here.   A Cell Phone Lens Set While most travelers would LOVE to have a nice fancy camera to take beautiful pictures of our adventures, it is not necessarily affordable or practical space wise. The bigger cameras can be much more expensive and take up too much space in your luggage. Nowadays, most smartphones are equipped with high tech cameras that take beautiful shots. So why not work with that? You could gift your traveler with an Olloclip Lens Set that pops right over an iPhone camera. These lenses can do pretty much the same effects a fancy camera could and their so small they could be kept right in their pocket. This would be a practical gift that I see your traveler using forever. Get this Lens Set here   An Airbnb Gift Card If you don’t want to send them any tangible gifts, stick with something you know they will need — accommodations. While traveling is so satisfying and exciting, finding a place to stat can be the hardest (and most expensive). But with Airbnb, you are almost guaranteed to find a place to stay for an affordable price. It is also a great option because they get to interact with their hosts that know much about the area they are visiting. So an Airbnb gift card would go a long way for the traveler in your life and is guaranteed to be used almost anywhere they go. Plus, you don’t have to worry about sending them anything. The gift card can be delivered electronically through email. Get an Airbnb Gift Card Here   A Cool Tripod for Cell Phones   What good is all the travel if you have no proof you’ve been there. You have got to get great photos of yourself in the action! And what better way to do that than with a flexible and magnetic tripod with a wireless Bluetooth camera shutter. Now you don’t have to worry about running and being on time for a camera timer or having that goofy selfie stick in the shot. Take photos that are as awesome as you are with the full shot of your amazing experience in full view. Learn more about this tripod here   Vintage Travel Poster  For whenever your traveler is ready to settle down, you could gift them with a cool vintage travel poster from a place they have been. This could become a yearly tradition for every Christmas you give them a new poster. Boom just planned Christmas gifts for you for the next few years! But really this would be a fun nifty idea for them to collect or hangup in their home after their many adventures. Check out the vintage posters here Logitech Wireless Keyboard and Tablet Yes, Yes, Yes, forget everything else. THIS would be the best gift to give the traveler in your life. The Apple iPad and Logitech Wireless Keyboard is so compact and easy to manipulate that it will definitely help to keep your traveler in communication. When you are constantly in and out of airports, you want something easy and light to travel with you and there is no better item than this one. Plus you win a bit because you have a guaranteed way to keep your traveler in contact with you. I remember when I left, my mother gave me a tablet so that I could be reached by her. It is definitely working because I still talk to her at least twice a week. Get the tablet here And the keyboard here. Shopping for the traveler in your life does not need to be hard this holiday season. These are a list of amazing options you could gift. So get out there and get buying before they’re all gone! Happy Holidays! Resources: Antique Map Printed Italian Leather Journal Omni 20″ Hardside Spinner Luggage Mophie – Powerstation 20,000 mAh Portable Charger  CORE LENS SET for iPhone 8/8 Plus & iPhone 7/7 Plus — FISHEYE, SUPER-WIDE and MACRO 15x Premium Glass Lenses Airbnb Gift Cards Vintage Travel Poster  Logitech Wireless Keyboard  Apple iPad The post Killer Gifts For The Traveler In Your Life appeared first on Miss Millennia Magazine - Big Sister Advice for Millennials.

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  • Twitter, I Just Can't Quit YouTwitter, I Just Can't Quit You

    Tags: WTF Is Wrong With Twitter? While it may be a haven for trolls, the social-media platform also provides many people of color a big, supportive community—and a means to find work. By Keah Brown

    Dame Magazine / 7 d. 12 h. 39 min. ago
  • Our Waking Nightmare Has Made 'American Horror Story' Great AgainOur Waking Nightmare Has Made 'American Horror Story' Great Again

    Tags: Culture The harrowing post–Election 2016 tale about a Trumpist cult leader who’s seduced, then betrayed, people from the margins is the kind of cathartic story we need to process right now. By Laura Bogart

    Dame Magazine / 7 d. 14 h. 16 min. ago
  • On the roadOn the road

    I spent the last 10 days traveling starting with someone’s birthday weekend in Harbor Island, located in the Bahamas.  Never been a huge fan of the island vacations and we have gone on a few but this two day weekend couldn’t have been better.  We stayed at Ocean View Hotel and between the staff, the food (off the charts), the accommodations, the ocean and the sand, it was like heaven on earth.  I am a big fan of celebrating mitzvahs, and to be able to have all your closest friends with you for a weekend to celebrate your birthday is pretty sweet especially when most of us have met each other over the years.  It was the perfect kick-off to a week of travel. I landed at JFK, made the bag hand-off with my beyond trusty assistant, and headed to Paris.  I just love Paris.  Next, to NYC, it is my favorite city.  I came for two reasons.  One to work on a few projects and most important to go to the Paris Photo Show.  All of it was a huge success especially spending four days with my daughter doing the show and hitting up our some of our favorite activities; food, art and shopping. Before she arrived I went to one of my standby restaurants in the 6th.  Wajda, where I will return again and again.  The place is owned by a family and the vibe is local.  This mushroom soup with shavings of cheese on top was delicious. This Dover sole tasted as good as it looks. Cheese with quince paste for dessert But also a lemon tart. The next day was activities at some of the shops in the 6th.  One of my favorite affordable galleries in Paris is Galerie Geraldine Banier.  Geraldine is wonderful and I have purchased more than a few things there.  Here is one of the latest pieces she had. Stopped into Muriel Grateau where I have been going for almost 20 years. Picked up this painting of Jean Cocteau. I got a lot done.  Love a productive two days particularly in Paris working with someone who I enjoy and trust.  Can’t beat that.  Walking home and just seeing this magnificent building is what makes Paris, Paris.  

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  • Snail Cream Benefits Seems A Little Far Fetched For Great SkinSnail Cream Benefits Seems A Little Far Fetched For Great Skin

    Snail Cream Benefits Seems A Little Far Fetched For Great Skin Snail cream benefits are pretty huge, and it seems I am behind the eight ball on this one. This is nothing new, apparently, it has been around for a few years now. Snail extract is unmistakably gaining a huge following when it comes to skin care. If you haven’t heard of it before, it is... [Read More] The post Snail Cream Benefits Seems A Little Far Fetched For Great Skin appeared first on Aging Naturally.

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  • Passion SmoothiePassion Smoothie

    You like smoothies, but taking the time to prepare the whole thing in the morning seems impossible to you? We’ve got the solution to your morning dilemma: Enter the InBalance smoothies cubes. Just add them to milk or water, shake, and voila! We also like to put them in the blender along with bananas and yogurt, in order to make it more consistent. Made of real pressed fruit, these frozen cubes are tasty and represent a healthy snack option. We love the coconut, pineapple and mango flavour. A must-try! InBalance Smoothie Cubes, starting from $3.99 in groceries.

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  • Sheet masks explained + our top 5 picks!Sheet masks explained + our top 5 picks!

    The latest Instagram trend to gain more and more attention with beautistas? The sheet mask. The trend comes from the Asian beauty routine, and is currently the hottest skincare product everybody is talking about. Let’s see what it is exactly. Credit: JCI Institute   Moisturizing, brightening, eliminating brown spots or wrinkles: the sheet masks are not done reinventing themselves. Already popular in the Asian beauty industry for several years now, they made their appearance here about two years ago. A crucial part of the Korean skincare routine – which has more than 10 steps! – the sheet masks have long been ravaging in this corner of the world. It is only when celebrities have popularized the trend here – we think of Lady Gaga, among others – that we have opened our eyes to this new product. And since then, many YouTubers and beauty bloggers have taken pictures with these masks, now normal and even indispensable to our skincare routine. Sheet masks are mostly sold separately, or in packs, and are for one use only. Equipped with holes for the eyes, mouth and nostrils, they sometimes also have tabs that can be attached to the ears. They therefore encompass the entire surface of the face, thus making it possible to treat the skin effectively. Some even have drawings of animal faces to make it more fun. There are also versions to treat the thin skin of the breasts, firm the belly, or moisturize the lips. Otherwise, there are masks to moisturize and soften the hands and feet with mittens or slippers filled with paraffin. As the exposure time varies between 10 and 30 minutes, this treatment is ideal to be combined while doing something else – a manicure, for example!   Crédit: Vogue UK   Made of cotton, resistant fabric or silicone, these masks are soaked with a gel formula that, in contact with the skin, does not evaporate. Result? The skin absorbs the product much more intensely, giving it radiance in only a few minutes. Take advantage of the product and make it properly penetrate the skin when removing the mask. These products all have a short-term goal – boost, anti-fatigue, firming, etc. – so it’s easy to choose from different versions depending on the needs of the skin and the treated area. Little trick: keep it cool in the fridge – for example, a radiance or an eye one. This will act as a refreshing boost on the skin! Many pharmacy brands offer these individual masks for just a few dollars, but more and more top-of-the-line beauty companies are entering the trend too. Here are our top 5 favorites of the moment: For Beloved One, Hyaluronic Acid – $62.99 for 3 at YesStyle. This label comes from Taiwan and makes amazing quality sheet masks. These are also my favorites when my skin needs to be refreshed and revitalized. It revitalizes the skin’s moisture and gives it an unbelievable shine. SK-II Facial Mask, $22 at Sephora and on Amazon. This cotton mask is packed with vitamins, amino acids and minerals, giving the skin a boost of radiance and hydration. Shiseido Shiseido Power Brightening Mask, $76 for 6 at The Bay. This brightening mask is activated by Ion Force technology, which promises the skin to absorb the ingredients at a deep level. The skin is bright, clear and even firmer. Sephora Lotus Sheet Mask, $8 in stores and online. If you are looking for an inexpensive option, Sephora masks have several offers on this side, all with different properties. I particularly like the Lotus version, which works to make your skin feel better, erasing any sign of tension or stress in less than 10 minutes! Clarins Super Restorative Instant Lit Serum Mask, $22 at counters. This regenerating and moisturizing mask acts as a tightening agent in 10 minutes, instantly restoring radiance and brightness to the skin.

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  • Promoting Your Spiritual Business & Girl Boss Brand! Marketing with Ari Squires [Audio]Promoting Your Spiritual Business & Girl Boss Brand! Marketing with Ari Squires [Audio]

    Marketing and promoting is really about a powerful ongoing conversation between you and your soul mate client. That’s what I teach in my Spiritpreneur Coaching Programs and spiritual business classes. Ari Squires is a business strategist and marketing and promotion guru after my own heart and mission. You will find so many gems in this incredible podcast conversation we recently shared.  Ari Squires a Master Coach in my Rich Goddess Spiritpreneur Accelerator. If you want to stay in the loop for this program, definitely take my free Spiritual Business Success Camp.   LISTEN: Ari on Marketing Your Magic [Soundcloud Audio Link]   Who is Marketing Coach Ari Squires? THE SHEEO Ari Squires is a success coach using her soul-based mindset mastery and unique business success approach to help women who are in transition create the lives and businesses that they love. Ari, SheEO of Aspire with Ari Professional Coaching & Seminars is on a heart-filled mission to empower women, teens and entrepreneurs to do what they love and live their best life. She is an author, success coach and an advocate for youth leadership, who empowers people all over the country to move beyond their fears, get clear on what they truly want and carve out a life they love. Ari knows the struggle of being unhappy and wanting more. Due to this unease and feeling the pull of wanting to create her own life instead of settling for what someone handed to her, she courageously opened a Dance & Performing Arts School to fill a void in her community of helping girls build confidence, and quickly built her brand in no time by what she titles “consistency”. Consistency in branding, marketing and live event promotions. Ari’s unique style of branding and positioning put her and her business on the map and generated six-figures in revenue within its first year and beyond. Today, as a Success Coach, Ari assists her clients in identifying what they truly want in their lives and businesses. She takes a strengths based approach to help women own and grow in their greatness, focusing on each client’s unique “gifts” to help them understand what is and isn’t lining up with those gifts, then teaches them how to train themselves to attract abundance and wealth into their lives. Through a series of highly customized educational, empowering e-courses and business workshops, speaking engagements and sold out live events that are dedicated to the training and development of people in pursuit of excellence, Ari’s efforts continue to yield incredible results. Having formally lived on hard times, incarceration and homelessness, Ari developed a mindset that even through the toughest storms, you must still see the rainbow. Because of her past, Ari has dedicated her life to helping and empowering a growing number of people get out of their comfort-zones, tap into their glorious gifts and release the chains from the prison of their minds, so that they take control, and become the CEO’s of their lives and not the employees to their circumstances, and make massive strides towards their dreams to profit abundantly in life and business. Ari’s mantra is, “All I See Is Possibility”. Some of her clients include CVS Pharmacy, Mary Washington Hospital, Spotsylvania County Schools, Chicago City Public Schools, and several sororities and local youth organizations, along with appearing on various TV and radio media outlets sharing her expertise. In addition, Ari is Author of Release The Chains – A Woman’s Roadmap for Finding The Strength to Reclaim Her Destiny (www.ReleaseTheChains.com), the founder of Elevate Her Teen Club for Girls (www.elevatehergirlsclub.org), and President of A Polished Presence Etiquette & Leadership Institute (www.APolishedPresence.com). When she is not traveling across the U.S. training and speaking, or working with phenomenal women, you will find her reading books on business wealth consciousness.   ::: Ari has a free gift for you! Create Marketing Magic    Ready to stop letting your fears hold you back? Click here for the Spiritual Business Success Camp The post Promoting Your Spiritual Business & Girl Boss Brand! Marketing with Ari Squires [Audio] appeared first on Abiola's Guide to Womanifesting Your Power.

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  • My commit-phobia + Meditation. Relate? (and last call…meditation class starts Nov 15.)My commit-phobia + Meditation. Relate? (and last call…meditation class starts Nov 15.)

    You know those people who say they’re not into a committed relationship? And then the right person comes along and boom boom…they’re soooo into it. That pretty much sums up my relationship with meditation. Meditation was my version of the “commitment-phobic then fell in love” story. And now, like all converts, I’m love-drunk and righteous. I was in. I was out. I thought maybe I should just pray. Maybe I could get what I needed in the last five minutes of yoga class breathing in the savasana fumes. But after my year of New Age Girl rebellion and adamantly not meditating, my brain and heart felt thirsty and I was longing to get back into the sacred waters. Time to meditate. Now when someone asks me, how I stay creative or healthy? I say: I meditate. What’s the best way to get unstuck in your life? Meditate. How do you know when to walk away? Meditate. Best piece of advice for someone just getting started in their career?…yup…Meditate. I’m clearer, calmer, more creative, loving, and I hope, much more useful on the planet because I sit down most days of the week to give my mind a rinse and tap into my Soul. I’m committed. With a full heart, I invite you to join me for THE CREATION SPACE Meditation. 5 call-in sessions for some connection and devotion. I’ll guide you through a different visualization, meditation, mantra, or prayer each morning (and for one evening), in a live phone class. Class starts Wednesday, so today is the last day to register. Register right HERE. Fall in love or just explore your commitment…to your Soul. Either way, love is waiting. Danielle   The post My commit-phobia + Meditation. Relate? (and last call…meditation class starts Nov 15.) appeared first on Danielle LaPorte: white hot truth + sermons on life.

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  • The Tax Bill That Doesn't Even Pretend to Help the Middle ClassThe Tax Bill That Doesn't Even Pretend to Help the Middle Class

    Tags: Explain This Trump's tax plan was as expected. But the Senate's, which some assumed would be less egregious, is even worse: as rewarding to the rich as it is punitive to the poor and middle classes. By Lisa Needham

    Dame Magazine / 8 d. 9 h. 11 min. ago
  • The Payoff that Comes with Starting Small, Jessica Banks, RockPaperRobot, Podcast #42The Payoff that Comes with Starting Small, Jessica Banks, RockPaperRobot, Podcast #42

    Jessica Banks has a career path that did not go the way she thought it would — after having to abandon her dreams of becoming an astronaut, it took this Founder & CEO of RockPaperRobot awhile to find the right place to put her feet on the ground. But once she did, she took off. Jessica’s plan of honing in on one product before expanding her business has paid off big-time and is definitely an idea we can all find use from.

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  • Millennial SpeechMillennial Speech

    A friend sent this to me last week.  Worth watching.  Certainly some of this millennial behavior is everyone’s behavior due to the ability to connect all the time.

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  • Make Your Holiday Season Better, Brighter, and Easier with These Here We Are Tips, Recipes, and How-To's  Make Your Holiday Season Better, Brighter, and Easier with These "Here We Are" Tips, Recipes, and How-To's

      Hello Here We Are readers, listeners, and video watchers... Oh my gosh, another year has gone by and we are back to the holiday season. I've gotten a number of emails about preparing for the holidays, and I took a look at what people are recently searching and finding on HWA... Thought I'd combine those topics and put them all together to help make your holidays Better, Brighter, and Easier!   This is not an exhaustive list but I think it's one that everyone can find something new to try or do again. Let's get started by setting the table because Thanksgiving is only two weeks away!  Working from the top down, if you are thinking of getting a new chandelier, read Chandelier Lighting, Bright Light, Right Light so you can measure the correct size for your dining room, and then hang it at the optimum level over the table. So now that the lights are sparkling, it may be time for a new tablecloth... Save yourself some money and DIY, Dress The Table With an EASY to Make NO-SEW Tablecloth. You can create any vision for your dinner party table using this technique. I am not a sewer, if I can do this, anyone can! Use this extensive Table Setting Chart Fit For A Queen to set your china upon your newly made tablecloth. It shows a lot more dining pieces than most of us will ever need (or have dish service for), but it is a good guide to follow when setting your table. Who can remember what spoon goes where? Polish any silver using Cape Cod Metal Polishing Clothes, I think it's the least offensive product of this kind when it comes to doing this tedious task. Do yourself a favor and pull out the crystal stemware early to get it ready by using these tips for Sparkling Stemware. Plan ahead, no one wants to do this chore the day you are also cooking. Fill those sparkling glasses with your favorite blend of Spa Water. AHA! I fooled you! You thought I was going to say, "Wine." Well you were almost right, now I'm going to say, "Corkscrew!" ... Get yours out, line up the wine, and be ready to uncork the red, white, and rosé bottles after watching my One By One video on How To Open A Wine Bottle The Quick & EASY Way. Next, plan to keep your guests busy nibbling before dinner, drinks in hand, by putting out the best Fruit and Cheese Party Platter ever (this was my grandmother's trick and it is soooo EASY to make, plus, it looks great while buying you time to do other things - brilliant!). It is the season, so think red, as in Cranberry Sauce, my tried and true go-to recipe every year; this recipe never lets me down. Extra cranberries? Whip up some Cranberry Butter, a sweet treat for after the holiday weekend. And if you are at all curious, or want a better way to Seed A Pomegranate, then watch my video for an easy, cleaner way to do this otherwise messy task. The seeds are perfect on salad or dessert, and worth the few minutes it takes to extract them.  And if you are not hosting, but want to bring something impressive and very tasty? Then learn How To Make and Bake NO KNEAD Bread. Who doesn't like homemade bread? Watch for my hostess idea at the end of this video... 2 ideas, one loaf of bread! ("Bird" didn't work here. Okay, besides not being a sewer, I'm also not a comedienne! But give a girl a nod for trying to make you laugh ;)) Tired of pie? Then consider making good use of all the different apples that are in season and bake up an EASY Apple Tart Recipe. You can choose the correct apple by taking my handy Shopping List of The Best Baking Apples to the store. Hey, I think it's time to make this tart again, I forget about my own recipe! There is a lot more info to be found on HWA, but I hope this list will get you going. And now we must discuss YOU, YOU, and YOU... And ALL YOU DO during the holiday season. Here is my suggestion, listen to the podcast Loving Yourself, Pt. 3: HO HO HO, NO NO NO... Holiday Time Management Tips. Give yourself the gift of the 30 minutes to listen, you will come away with at least one useful tip, if not more, I promise! Did you miss Part 1 or 2 of the "Loving Yourself" podcast series? These podcasts are also very helpful for busy women who have a lot on their plate during the holidays OR any time of the year. You can find the articles with podcast player under the Women's Inspiration/Live Your Life Out Loud category, along with other articles to support you on your journey called life. And in the end, every thing, person, meal, experience, is made better with accompanying Gratitude: A Word That Makes The World Go 'Round. Thank you, dear HWA friends, family, and followers, please know that every word I write, speak, and tape I share with you with a heart filled with gratitude. ~ Luci  

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  • Dear Natalie: How Do You Deal With Overwhelm?Dear Natalie: How Do You Deal With Overwhelm?

    Emails piling up. Back-to-back calls that barely leave you time for a cup of soup. Clients making “small requests” that require huge effort on your end. Team members missing deadlines, or needing piles of feedback, outlines, and notes. Loved ones asking for your time and attention when you’ve barely had a moment to shower, let alone do laundry. When you’re running a business: overwhelm happens. On any given day there are so many things on our to-do lists – from client and team support, to everyday errands and chores, it can be easy to feel like we’re stuck in the quicksand. That’s why in today’s Dear Natalie episode, I want to talk a bit about: How I approach overwhelm, because as my friend Danielle LaPorte says: “Whatever is on your plate is there because you put it there.” A few quick strategies to stay on top of your schedule and to-do’s, and avoid that sinking spread-too-thin feeling A meditation I do every morning to help me feel centered and grounded (instead of totally overloaded – especially during launch season, which is well under way for us right now) And check out a few questions we answered on Facebook LIVE while filming this episode. Ever wanted to see how She Takes on the World TV episodes get made? I went live on Facebook to let people give me a topic and watch me film this impromptu episode. Check it out: Want to submit your own question for Dear Natalie? Drop me a line at DearNatalie@shetakesontheworld.com, and I just might answer it here on the blog. And before I go, I’d love to hear from you in the comments: How do you deal with day-to-day overwhelm in your business? Do you have a go-to strategy, or do you find you’re still figuring it out? Drop what’s working for you (or what’s not) below! I read every single reply, and would love to hear a few of your strategies – as will the rest of our community! P.S. In case you haven’t heard, my year-long business accelerator for women entrepreneurs, The Conquer Club Incubator, is back open for enrollment but only until November 16th! Click here to read all about it, and join us in 2018.

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  • Improve Your Sleep – And Win In Life!Improve Your Sleep – And Win In Life!

    There are so many things that we should not take for granted to lead a happy and healthy life, and sleep is one of them. Your parents always told you to take a nap when you were young, but you would resist because you always wanted to play. It’s the same in your teen years, where you need more sleep, but because you’re always out with your friends sleep is not a priority. As you get older, less time is spent sleeping. Work and having a family have changed your sleeping patterns and often you’re not getting enough rest to recover and be refreshed. Work and having a family have changed your sleeping patterns – often you’re not getting enough rest to recover and be refreshed. You can take power naps when you take your break from work, family or school. It helps a lot, but an 8-hour sleep will let your body repair and fully recharge. Why is Sleep Important? Sleep plays an important role in good health and well-being all throughout everyone’s life. Getting enough quality sleep, especially at the right times can help enhance mental health, physical health, safety and overall quality of life. The way you feel physically and mentally depends on how much sleep you get. During sleep, your body is working to repair damaged cells, support brain function and maintain physical health. In children and teens, sleep also helps in growth and development. Sleep deprivation can raise numerous risk for a number of chronic diseases. It can also affect how you think, react, learn, work and get along with other people. Lack of sleep can make you a “zombie” and in extreme instances, can also cause death. Understanding The Sleep Cycle Understanding the how sleep works also means understanding the sleep cycle. The sleep cycle consists of two recurring phrases: Rapid eye movement (REM) generally consists of 20%-25% of total sleep each night. REM is when your dream happens. This is also the stage where the mind is processing and consolidating emotions, memories and battle stress. It’s also thought to be important for learning, stimulating the brain regions used in learning and developing new skills. Non-rapid eye movement (NREM) consist of 75%-80% of a person’s total sleep each night. Many of the health benefits happens during NREM including tissue repair, regeneration and growth, cell repair, hormone and energy restoration for normal growth and development. If your REM and NREM are interrupted every night, your body misses on vital body processes and can affect your well-being the next day of your health in the long term. If your REM and NREM are interrupted every night, your body misses on vital body processes and can affect your well-being the next day of your health in the long term. How Much Sleep Do You Need? According to a 2-year international study by the National Sleep Foundation, the sleep requirements according to age are as follows: New born babies – 14 to 17 hours Infants – 12 to 15 hours Toddlers – 11 to 14 hours Preschoolers – 10 to 13 hours School-aged children – 9 to 11 hours Teens – 8 to 10 hours Young adults – 7 to 9 hours Adults – 7 to 8 hours Click here to download the recommended sleep times chart. How to Improve Your Sleep Some people are having a hard time sleeping at night and then zonk out during the day, but as you know, a good sleep is more under your control than you might think. Although this may not work for everybody, it’s a good start to your sleeping bliss. Below are some tips you can do to improve your sleep. 1. No Alcohol, Caffeine, Nicotine and Other Substances Caffeine and nicotine are stimulants, so try to avoid tea, coffee, cola, chocolate o some pain relievers before going to bed. Smoking can also affect your sleeping cycle, so avoid it before bedtime. Alcohol can also help you sleep deeply for the first few hours, but then the quality of your sleep  diminishes rapidly as the alcohol affects your REM.  2. Your Bedroom is for Sleep and Sex, Nothing Else All your take home work or homework should be done in the study or the dining table or somewhere else inside the house. Make your bedroom a quiet, dark and cool environment that will encourage a good night’s sleep. Block outside noises, use heavy curtains to block outside light, keep the room well-ventilated, and have comfortable pillows and mattresses. Again, limit your bedroom activities to sleep and sex only. Any work and school materials should be out of the room. 3. Go To Sleep Whenever You’re Truly Tired Fumbling and struggling to fall asleep is really frustrating. If you can’t sleep after 20 minutes of twisting and turning, get out of bed and do something relaxing. A warm milk and an interesting book are a good start. 4. Develop a “Before Sleep Ritual” Take a warm shower, read a book, drink warm milk, do some meditation, listen to soothing music, you know whichever that will make you relax. Avoid any stressful discussion or some stimulating activities that will make your blood run. Any stressful activity makes your body secrete cortisol, a stress hormone that will increase your level of alertness. 5. Avoid Long Naps in The Afternoon If you can, don’t take long naps in the afternoon because it will affect your sleep at night. If it can’t be prevented do something that will make you relax and be ready for sleep in a few hours. 6. Finish All Work-related Things Before Bedtime Send out your last email, upload the documents in the team drive, save your power point presentation, print your research paper, and finish your homework before going to bed. If you’re already in bed, limit your browsing because it will take your sleep away and you’ll end up watching cat videos in YouTube until 4am. Turn off your computer and smartphone. Invest in a real alarm clock instead of using your phone as your alarm. If you can think of any other things that can help you sleep, do so and follow through on these tips to help you sleep and wake up refreshed.  

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  • Toxic Masculinity and the Cost: What Men Don’t Speak AboutToxic Masculinity and the Cost: What Men Don’t Speak About

    Toxic masculinity has done a number on men. It teaches them to shut down, toughen up and don’t talk. As a result, many men . . . don’t talk. They don’t talk to their wives. They don’t talk to their friends. They keep things superficial with their family. In parenting, they can give their children […] The post Toxic Masculinity and the Cost: What Men Don’t Speak About appeared first on Lisa Merlo-Booth.

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  • Spiritual mutts and quilts of devotion. Can you relate?Spiritual mutts and quilts of devotion. Can you relate?

    I’m a spiritual mutt. I’m a bit Catholic. Plenty Buddhist. A touch Sikh-Pagan-Tantric. A whole lot metaphysical. Organized religion never worked for me but neither did a lot of meditation practices. So I’ve done with my spiritual practice what I’ve done with most things in my life: I made it up, until it fit just right. Some days, I work with prayer. My esoteric learning has me feeling at ease to invoke and evoke support from Higher Beings — from the Supreme God to my personal cosmic crew. And sometimes, I just riff on an old Hail Mary because it’s a comforting memory from growing up Catholic, and it’s my way of calling on the Divine Feminine that day. Hail Mary, Full of grace… Some evenings I’ll silently chant a single mantra, 108 times. Most mornings I do some form of meditation-visualization…5 minutes, 60 minutes. Depends. Somedays devotion looks like 10km on a rowing machine, and with every stroke I incant power words…clarity, pull, stamina, pull, luminous, pull, love, pull. Works for me. And that’s the point…creating a spiritual practice that WORKS FOR YOU. Because too heavy, joyless, overly strict, boring — those are not the ways to higher consciousness. I think enlightenment is mostly about figuring out who we are as individuals. You are the mystery to solve — not how life works necessarily but how YOU work. Some of us will find a singular faith practice that suits us perfectly. But a lot of us will need to stitch together our own quilt of devotion. We will cut the patches with non-conformity and thread them with resonance. And it will look funky and beautiful, rebellious and worshipful. It will resemble loneliness and community, certainty and longing. It will fit just…righteous.     Calling all spiritual mutts…registration for my CREATION SPACE Meditation Class is open right now and closes very soon! You call in. And I walk you through the path less travelled. Join me for this 5-session meditation class. Register right HERE. Love, Danielle   The post Spiritual mutts and quilts of devotion. Can you relate? appeared first on Danielle LaPorte: white hot truth + sermons on life.

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  • What Marrakech Taught Me About My ColorWhat Marrakech Taught Me About My Color

    After months of pinning destination pictures on my Pinterest board for my birthday trip, waking up to calls for prayer in a magnolia-filled Moroccan riad was a dream come true. My travel buddy, Ashley, and I took an overnight flight, and arrived in Marrakech before sunrise. I couldn’t wait to walk to the medina by… Read the rest

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  • Your pleasure is your power…here’s how to get there, a few hours at a time.Your pleasure is your power…here’s how to get there, a few hours at a time.

    Do less of what you don’t like to do, and more of what you love. That’s it. Every self-help book ever written, mine included, can be summed up in that simple direction. Less heavy, more Light. Less drama, more calm. Less “should”, more shine. MORE PLEASURE. When you’re in your pleasure you think more clearly, you’re more efficient, you’re most certainly more creative, and you’re more loving. Your pleasure states are good for your immune system. Mmmhmm. It can be really difficult to make pleasure a priority when we’ve got so many ingrained habits based on distraction (numbing out) and performance (pleasing others). For a lot of us, choosing pleasure would be a major life turn around. I get it. So for inspiration I’ll say this: A WHOLE AND JUICY LIFE (not without its pain and trials, but still, so abundant and REAL). OR… a life half-lived. In grey. Trapped in Pleasantville. This is where pleasure defines your life on the planet. Choose it. Choose it in micro-bits and sweeping moves. But first, let’s imagine it and then go from there. In the book Ask and It Is Given, Abraham-Hicks suggests a beautiful exercise whereby you envision your ideal twelve hours. I’m adding another layer to this, so that we envision an ideal “Home Day” (a slightly more down-to-earth scenario), and an ideal “Away Day” (a more fantastical scenario). This is an exercise I do for myself about once a year (and I wrote about it in The Fire Starter Sessions). It’s important to imagine both a doable day and a fantastical day because we want to create images for ourselves that feel resonant and reachable, AND, we want to loosen up some bigger possibility-thinking. Naturally, the whole point of this “ideal 12 hours exercise” is to actually create those ideal twelve hours — or as close to it, even if it’s just fifteen minutes, as frequently as possible until that idealism becomes your lifestyle. Day to day makes up a lifetime. Your pleasure is your power. Get out your journal to do the exercises below. Or download your PRIORITIZING PLEASURE worksheet HERE.    HOME DAY IDEAL 12 HOURS Keep your vision within the confines of space and time. Let your imagination and idealism unfurl, but… save the really impractical things like, “I wake up in Athens, lunch in Manhattan, and smoke a bedtime hookah in Rajasthan”, for your Away Day fantasy. In everyday life, where would you be, what would you be doing, who would you be with, what would you be eating, how would you be earning, helping, creating, living, loving in a span of twelve hours? Walk through everything that would go into the waking hours of blissdom for you. Focus on ideal and don’t worry about how you’re going to make it happen. If bliss would be “I’m working in my jammies from home,” and presently you’re commuting three hours to the office, write it down anyway.  AWAY DAY IDEAL 12 HOURS In an extravagant or time-bending day, where would you be, what would you be doing, whom would you be with, what would you be eating, how would you be earning, helping, creating, living, loving in a span of twelve hours? We’re going to jam on this together. Live TODAY! HERE on Facebook at [12pm PST/ 3pm EST]. We’ll get into pain motivation vs. pleasure motivation, leaving you inspired to let your pleasure guide your choices as get you closer to…Free & Clear.   Thank you. This is the final Free & Clear module. I’ve really, really loved creating this. I didn’t see it when I started this project, but after I laid everything out it was obvious that these questions and exercises are what you should do before you jump into Desire Mapping. You clear the space and give yourself permission to move into your Core Desired Feelings. I made a prequel. Surprise. All things Desire Map live HERE. And The Desire Map Day Planner (which I think is the best tool for staying free and clear) lives HERE. To all that we can be, when we’re free and clear. Blessings, blessings, love, and more blessings,       Before you go… Tunes: Some tunes for your contemplations…  Loving You, Paolo Nutini Wake Up In Paris, The Hot Sardines 32 Flavors, Ani Difranco Everything She Wants, WHAM I’ll Take You There, Mavis Staples Back To Life, Soul II Soul Lose Yourself to Dance, Daft Punk Beloved (Thievery Corporation remix), Anoushka Shankar LISTEN ON SPOTIFY HERE: NOT SO GUILTY PLEASURES   The post Your pleasure is your power…here’s how to get there, a few hours at a time. appeared first on Danielle LaPorte: white hot truth + sermons on life.

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  • How To Get Rid Of Facial Hair For Beautiful Clear SkinHow To Get Rid Of Facial Hair For Beautiful Clear Skin

    How To Get Rid Of Facial Hair For Beautiful Clear Skin How to get rid of facial hair is one of the most searched body problems on the internet. Women all over the world are struggling with finding permanent ways to stop the growth of face hair. Some women are fortunate to get away with having very fine light coloured hair on their faces it is... [Read More] The post How To Get Rid Of Facial Hair For Beautiful Clear Skin appeared first on Aging Naturally.

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  • Get Organized With This FREE Christmas Planners PackGet Organized With This FREE Christmas Planners Pack

    Want to get organized for Christmas and the holidays? Then you’ll love our Christmas Planners Pack course! Click Here to Access the Free Christmas Planners It includes 21 downloadable, interactive, printable worksheets to help you get organized. What’s Included In The Christmas Planners Pack? Whatever you need help with, we have it covered with these worksheets: Christmas Gift Ideas Christmas Gifts Given Christmas Gifts Received Christmas Gifts Budget Planner Christmas Card/Call List Christmas Cards Received/Update information Christmas To-Do List Gift Wish List Gifts Received & Thank-You Log Family New Year’s Resolutions Christmas Entertaining And Parties Christmas Dinner Party Planner Christmas Luncheon Planner Christmas Party Guest List Christmas Party RSVP List Party Music PlayList Party Planner Party Budget Planner Children’s Party Planner Children’s Party Schedule Children’s Party Budget Planner Caterer Contact List Here’s what people say about our Christmas Planners:   ‘Thank you so much Michele – these are really well planned, designed and delivered.’ ~ Pat ‘Oh my golly, this planner is so comprehensive! THANK YOU!’ ~ Lisa How To Get Your FREE Christmas Planners Pack To access the Christmas Planners Pack simply click the button below – you’ll be taken to the Get Organized Gal site. From there, simply Sign Up (or login if you are already a member) and you can access the downloads right away. Click Here to Access the Free Christmas Planners Have fun getting organized for Christmas and the festive season. You’ll be so much relaxed to enjoy the season to its fullest! Happy Holidays!

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  • How to Upgrade to Get Organized GalHow to Upgrade to Get Organized Gal

    This week we announced the Get Organized Wizard changes, including upgrading to a brand new site: Get Organized Gal. There’s a long, detailed blog post with all the details here. Existing Customer Upgrade Steps If you’re an existing customer, here’s how to upgrade for free: Step 1: Log into your existing account on Get Organized Wizard Log in here: https://www.getorganizedwizard.com/my-account/ (Note: If you’ve forgotten your password, there is a ‘Lost your password?’ password reset link at the bottom of the login page) Step 2: Access the upgrade page Once you’ve logged in, visit the Upgrade links page: Step 3: You’ll see a list of the programs you’ve previously purchased Each of them has an upgrade link. Click the upgrade link You’ll be taken to the Get Organized Gal site, and be able to Enroll in the course for free Click ‘Enroll in course for Free’ Step 4: Create an account on Get Organized Gal Since Get Organized Gal is a brand new site and a brand new system, you need to create an account (ie Sign Up). (Note: your existing Get Organized Wizard login won’t work on Get Organized Gal) Create a new account by entering your details and creating a password. Step 5: Enroll in the course Once you’ve created an account on Get Organized Gal, you’ll be Enrolled in the course. Step 6: Repeat for each of your previous purchases Return to the Upgrade Links page and repeat the process for each of your other previous purchases. Note: if you are Premium Subscriber you only have to upgrade once – to the All Courses course. No need to upgrade each individual program. Step 7: View your Courses on Get Organized Gal You can view all the courses you are enrolled in from the My Courses menu item: Need Help? If you are having any issues please contact our friendly support team and we’ll get you sorted in asap.

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  • Slippery Elm Bark Powder Benefits A Miracle Healing HerbSlippery Elm Bark Powder Benefits A Miracle Healing Herb

    Slippery Elm Bark Powder Benefits A Miracle Healing Herb Slippery elm bark powder benefits are one herb I am never without, there is always a container in the cupboard. Healing the body naturally with herbs is using natures gift to us. This wonderful herb has been a lifesaver for so many reasons, even my cat benefits from it. In fact, if you have a... [Read More] The post Slippery Elm Bark Powder Benefits A Miracle Healing Herb appeared first on Aging Naturally.

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  • Awesome Subscription Boxes To Add To Your Christmas ListAwesome Subscription Boxes To Add To Your Christmas List

    What’s on your Christmas List this year? Have you ever thought about adding one or two subscription boxes to your wish list? While you’re planning and shopping for everyone else to make their Christmas fabulous, what fun and interesting things do you want for yourself? Every year when my husband asks me what I would like for Christmas, I struggle with an answer.  Of course, there are all sorts of things I would love to have but how many gifts will be given and forgotten or set aside a month or two after the holidays? Subscription Boxes are a great gift to put on your list.  They are a fun treat you will receive in the mail well beyond Christmas. Why not ask for something from the guy in your life that you will look forward to getting month after month?  It’s quite literally, the gift that keeps on giving. If your husband signs you up for a subscription box, he would never have to think about it again.  It will be new every time it arrives and you will thank them over and over again.  It’s a Win-Win for both of you. I’ve tried several subscription boxes and there are few I have stayed with and continue to enjoy all year long. Awesome subscription boxes to add to your Christmas List: Birchbox is inexpensive and perfect if you love trying new beauty products.  For $10 a month, you’ll receive at least 5 good sized samples of new products like shampoo, skin care, or makeup.  If you love any of the brands that come in your monthly box, you can order the full-sized products on their website.  At this price, if you don’t love it all, you’re only out the cost of a bottle of nail polish.  I’ve found some of the best new brands from Birchbox  The variety and the cost make this a really fun surprise every month. If you run, work out or attend an exercise class, Fabletics has great quality workout clothing.  You start with Fabletics by taking advantage of their Introductory Offer.  Usually, the Intro Offer is 2 pair of their high-quality leggings for $24.  Not a bad price.  They have a really nice selection.  After the Introductory Offer, it’s $49 a month.  You can skip a month anytime you want.  They have leggings, tops, jackets, sports bras, and other fun items for your workout.  At the beginning of each month, you’ll receive an email reminding you it’s time to pick out something (your choice) for the next shipment or skip the month all together. Stitch Fix is one of my favorite subscription boxes.  I’ve used Stitch Fix for several years and love it.  If you’ve never used, or never heard of Stitch Fix, it’a monthly clothing subscription box.  They have everything from pants, sweaters, jewelry, shoes, purses, coats, and they carry some designer brands as well.  You can read how it works here.  Stitch Fix is perfect for you if you hate or have no time to shop, or you’re ready to get out of your clothing rut.  You never have to buy anything you don’t like and you decide how often you receive a box from Stitch Fix.  The cost will vary based on your preferences and the items included in your box.  Here are my two big pieces of advice before you try Stitch Fix.  First, be honest when you fill out your personal profile.  Second, give it a few months before you decide whether or not Stitch Fix is for you.  It usually takes a few months for them to figure out your preferences and personal style. Box Of Style is a quarterly box that includes products handpicked from Fashion Designer Rachel Zoe.  Every 3 months you receive a variety of the seasons hottest trendy accessories and full-sized beauty products from companies like Beauty Counter and Oribe.  The cost is $99 and the box is valued at approx $400.  If you like to be trendy but have no idea where to shop for the newest pieces, this subscription can keep you current, without the guesswork or the hassle of driving all over town. If I were to add another subscription box to my list this year it would be FabFitFun.  I’ve heard such good things about this one.  It’s $99 for one box every 3 months.  You can do some customizing, but it’s full-sized items of every variety.  The FabFitFun box looks so fun.  I may need to talk to Santa about this one. You take care of your family at Christmas and take pride in making sure every gift is perfect.  This year, put something fun on your list.  Ask for one or two subscription boxes that will put a smile on your face month after month.           This post contains affiliate links.  If you click a link, it’s possible I could receive some compensation.  All the opinions are completely my own and I only recommend products I love and use myself.  Thank you for your support. The post Awesome Subscription Boxes To Add To Your Christmas List appeared first on justdoingmybest.

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  • 4 Things I’ve Done To Simplify My Life4 Things I’ve Done To Simplify My Life

    There used to be days where I felt like I was on a hamster wheel. I was rushing. I was stressed. I was tired. And I wasn’t having fun. The death of a family member knocked the wind out of my sails. It was unexpected. And it really made me stop and think about what my purpose in life was. I decided that: I wanted to be a good Mom. I wanted to earn enough money to make sure my family enjoyed life. I wanted to have free time to be able to enjoy the things I crave in life. I wanted to eliminate the stress from my life and stop running in that hamster wheel. So what did that mean? It meant: I found out what my kids wanted me to do with them, and I did it. I found a job that paid the money I needed to enjoy the lifestyle we wanted. I like to read, I’m crafty and I’m sporty, so I found time to allocate these activities into my weekly schedule. I thought about who and what causes me stress and reduced the amount of time I felt I had to spend in those areas. After tackling these things, it made me happier. I have more energy. And I enjoy life so much more. So let’s dig deeper, and more importantly show you the steps to HOW I did this. Top 4 things I did to simplify my life. You can to. 1. Work Out My Priorities With A Planner Using a weekly/hourly planner, I shaded out the areas of priority. For example, I cannot function well without 8-hours sleep. 10pm-6am as shaded as sleep time. I like to go for a walk in the morning. So I shaded between 6.15-7am as walking time. I prepare dinner from 6pm, eat and clean up by 7.15pm. I work between 9am-5.00pm. You get the idea. Once you have shaded your hours in, you can visually see where you have gaps and start planning where you can add more priorities. 2. Learn To Say No This becomes so much easier if you have done step 1. You will already have a good idea of what time you have free, so saying a simple “thanks but I can’t come to little Johnny’s playdate”, or “no, I can’t do that job for you this week” makes the decision swift and painless. You get to be in control without agonizing indecision or guilt creeping in. 3. Simplify Your Wardrobe This has been so life-changing, I can’t tell you enough! I have a standard color collection, that allows me to mix and match a variety of clothes. It’s so easy to coordinate these colors, and it makes everything more streamlined. I also streamlined the choice of clothes. For example, I always wear a dress to work, and I always wear shorts, pants or jeans for the days I’m on a school run. It makes the clothing choice decision so much easier when you have given yourself guidelines. You can always change your mind of course, but on those days when you’re having trouble deciding what to wear, you have a no-nonsense fallback plan and an easy go-to outfit. 4. Turn Off Notifications They simply drive me mad. Whether it’s for games or work, I turned all notifications off. The constant ‘ping’ of a notification meant I stopped concentrating on what I was doing. I don’t need my phone for work, so I don’t have notifications coming through for email or other communication tools. It helps keep me focused and it’s one less distraction to deal with. There are loads of other things you can do to simply your life, but it’s hard to make big changes at once. Now that I’ve got a handle on these four things, I can start working on other ways to simplify my life. Being able to regain control and be productive is proof that small changes can work. If you need a little help in simplifying your life, take a look at our next online program: 21 Days Simplify Your Life Challenge.  

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  • Call me. Let’s meditate. For the seasoned, the newbies, the devoted, and the meditation-curious.Call me. Let’s meditate. For the seasoned, the newbies, the devoted, and the meditation-curious.

    I asked a few friends to test-run a meditation practice of mine and one of them said, “This was way more fun than what I ‘thought’ meditation was supposed to be.” Sweet yes. It’s not all stoic mind-decluttering. Meditation, especially when you bring in visualization, can be lush and sensual. In fact, that’s precisely the kind of energy that can make some meditation practices so healing and effective. I’ve been working with a specific meditation this year that I credit with some deep healing. It’s called The Creation Space. It comes from my collaboration with a beloved friend, V.S., who is a highly skilled and devout spiritual practitioner. (V.S. prefers anonymity, so I’m the front person — just the singer for someone else’s mystical lyrics.) THE CREATION SPACE MEDITATION Here’s the vibe: Emerald green flowing nutrients. Lavish healing. Gracefully forming and effortlessly growing. Luminous. The intention is to bring the supple and generous energy of creation into your being. The Creation Space Meditation helps you tap into that Divine Feminine principle that is eternally generating nourishment. Physiologically, this meditation helps to vitalize your Central Nervous System (CNS) — the pathway that carries signals between your brain and your spinal cord. The CNS influences thought processes, body sensations, and movement. Psychologically, the Creation Space Meditation is for stabilizing yourself in disruptive times. In this space, you will be fully supported by the Sacred Divine Feminine Principle. So despite all that’s falling apart in the outer world, you are creating an energetic sanctuary that you can rest in. You’ll be finding equanimity while being nourished at the same time. Esoterically, this is a sacred instrument for enlivening all the elements that constitute your “energy bodies” that co-exist with your physical body: the etheric body (the blueprint/foundation), the astral body (water), the mental body (fire), and the intuitional body (air). I always practice The Creation Space Meditation when I want to make something new happen — a better way of being, an idea that I want to bring into form, and when my loyal body needs some healing. So, I invite you to connect with me and experience The Creation Space Meditation in a live, 5 session meditation class. This 5-day class will be a combination of visualization, meditation, mantra, and prayer. We begin Wednesday, Nov. 15 and run through Sunday, Nov. 19.  View the full class schedule and REGISTER HERE. DIAL IN. LISTEN. BREATHE. Call me. Class will be over the phone so you can be in your jammies or hiding under your desk at work. You just dial in and listen, breathe, and I’ll take you into it.   THE MEDITATION KIT As a participant in this meditation class you will also receive The Creation Space Meditation Kit, which includes 10 and 20-minute audio versions of the creation meditation, along with written formats and theory, a meditation cue card, and suggested body postures. The cost of the live meditation class + meditation kit is $50 USD ($10 USD of that is going to charity*). The Creation Space Meditation has taught me how to “bask”. And like, basking wasn’t on my list of “things to master”. But here’s the revelation: the Divine Feminine — that juicy, generative, healing energy — is waiting patiently (eternally) for us to just stop and RECEIVE. And a lot of us (women) need to learn to receive. That’s where the healing is. Ring, ring, it’s The Divine Feminine Principle. You there? Let’s meditate. And pray. And visualize. I’ve got you covered, and we’ve got each other. One Love, *charity donation: $10 USD from every experience sold is shared with three charitable causes: 1. Eve Ensler’s VDay, a global movement to end violence against women and girls. 2. Charity Water, to bring safe drinking water to everyone in the world. 3. A disaster relief fund. We set aside one third of the monies raised to be disbursed to local relief efforts if/when major natural disasters occur.   The post Call me. Let’s meditate. For the seasoned, the newbies, the devoted, and the meditation-curious. appeared first on Danielle LaPorte: white hot truth + sermons on life.

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  • CONSCIOUS gratitude (as in SMART gratitude. Rather than the spiritual bypassing kind of gratitude that can actually screw you up).CONSCIOUS gratitude (as in SMART gratitude. Rather than the spiritual bypassing kind of gratitude that can actually screw you up).

    Gratitude changes your brain chemistry. Proven. Happy brain chemicals mean that you’ve got more clarity and courage. Proven. There are zero downsides to making gratitude part of your wellness practice. As with all “inner world” practices, we need to apply some intelligence to this. Because sometimes, that How-to or 7-Steps, or “I’m so thankful” process, can create even more illusions and stuckness. This is an exercise in CONSCIOUS GRATITUDE. Smart gratitude. Discerning gratitude. We’re not going to sugarcoat the tough stuff and automatically say “There’s a gift in the pain.” Pain is only a gift if you do the emotional and mental work to transform the pain into power. That’s the discerning, conscientious part. Conscious gratitude has been one of the most healing and creative practices in my life. It gets me out of my funk EVERY TIME. And it’s the source of a lot of my productivity. Conscious gratitude is incredibly empowering — it heals you, and it’s generative — it creates additional positive emotions. The intention with this Free & Clear exercise is to transform gratitude from a sweet and moderately useful practice, to a life elixir. We’re going to get alchemical. Download your CONSCIOUS GRATITUDE worksheet HERE. Or get out your journal to do the exercises below. You can skip the following short read and go straight to the worksheet, but here’s an excerpt from my last book, White Hot Truth, that’s about examining and refining our gratitude.   WHITE HOT TRUTH : CHAPTER 16 REGARDING SUFFERING: Soul, pain, perspective What exactly to be grateful for… I am not grateful for being ousted from a company that I co-founded. I am not grateful for losing $90,000 on a business idea gone south. I am not thankful for the Spirit-crushing ramifications of one particular relationship. And I really could have done without that two-year bout of a mystery illness. There have been losses. And trials that wore me down until I begged for a break. But holy hell, am I profoundly grateful for everything that I learned from those challenges. I’m with Maya Angelou: “Wouldn’t take nothing for my journey now.” I would not turn back the clock, or take back one tear, tremor, or dollar. All those moments that I had to quell the adrenaline with the power of my mind, or carry buckets of integrity back from the well when I thought it might be dry — that was some serious training. All those revelations of responsibility! So many illusions that got burned down! The flames that scarred me are the flames that purified and lifted me up — because I gave myself over to the fire, willing to learn, wanting to know. I got down on my knees, peered under the clouds of smoke and fear, and said, “Let me see what’s really going on here.” And when I thank Life for what those challenges provided me with, I say, Thank you for helping me see clearly. For helping me see where I can grow and how I can get there. Thank you for helping me see where Love is and where fear lurks, and where the Truth has always been. There’s no need to be grateful for your hardships and for the perpetrators themselves. Because, remember: the Universe brings you more of what you are grateful for. So be grateful for the Faith and the friends that held you when it all fell apart. Be grateful that you have the capacity to transform suffering into learning, and brokenness into resilience. Be grateful for your strength to handle the challenge. Here are a few principles for conscious gratitude. The idea here is to shake up the New Age default attitude of “it’s all good”, so that we can feel experiences more deeply, and then, be clear on exactly why and what we’re grateful for. And then… we can really absorb that thankfulness and let it expand and strengthen us — and light the way for people around us. We get real, we get specific, we expand. 1. Only express gratitude if it’s genuine. Name a few things/situations that you “think” you should be incredibly grateful for — but they’re actually not that important or thrilling to you. You may feel pressured to be grateful because it would be “very spiritual of you” to be that way. Or someone expects you to be grateful for it, or because your situation is enviable by a lot of people. 2. Don’t take the “basics” for granted. So many of us have systems of privilege and care that underpin our lives. We all have infrastructures and people, known and unknown, who keep our life running. (Teachers, caregivers, clean water and transit systems, community leaders…) What are 5 or more really “seemingly basic” things you’re immensely grateful for? 3. When you specify what you’re grateful for, it gives it a more sensual, and visceral power. And when you feel appreciation more deeply you will become more emotive — and what you emote, you attract. Gratitude creates more gratitude. Name 3 things you’re really grateful for. And next to each one, describe WHY you’re grateful for it. For example: I’m thankful for my home. Because…It’s where I’m creative. It’s where I experience safety. It’s where the people I love the most in the world are with me. 4. Pain is only a gift if you do the emotional and mental work to transform the pain into power. Take a breather and really think about (and write about) what moved you the most, lit you up, felt like forward progress, delighted you, made you proud, thrilled, and really mattered the most in terms of your joy and growth in your past year or season. We’re going to jam on this together. Live TODAY! HERE on Facebook at [12pm PST/ 3pm EST]. We’ll shake up the New Age default attitude of “it’s all good”, so that we can feel experiences more deeply, and then, be clear on exactly why and what we’re grateful for. Gratitude. It’s sweet and uplifting and it’s proven to be good for our brain chemistry. Always Grateful,         Book recos: Anne Lamott’s Help, Thanks, Wow: The Three Essential Prayers Quick Watch: Need a good cry? This #TellThemNow video on expressing gratitude to our fathers will do it for you. More to say on the topic: My post: When gratitude is harmful. Tunes: Crank it. And sing your Thank Yous.   Thank You, Alanis Morrisette Just Like Heaven, Kate Melua Lovely Day, Bill Withers The Luckiest, Ben Folds Love Is Here Where I Live, Everything But The Girl Gratitude, Earth Wind & Fire Ain’t Nobody, Chaka Khan We Found Love, Rhianna Thank You, Michael Franti LISTEN ON SPOTIFY HERE: SERIOUSLY THANKFUL   The post CONSCIOUS gratitude (as in SMART gratitude. Rather than the spiritual bypassing kind of gratitude that can actually screw you up). appeared first on Danielle LaPorte: white hot truth + sermons on life.

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  • 8 Habits For A Successful Marriage When You’re Busy Being Parents8 Habits For A Successful Marriage When You’re Busy Being Parents

    Being a parent takes a lot of time and energy. It’s worth every single second, and there will be just as many laughs and moments of joy as there will be frustrations along the way. But let’s be honest, sometimes your marriage takes a backseat to your kids. By the time you’re both done with work and childcare, plus school meetings, sporting events, lessons, summer camp, and selling girl scout cookies, there’s not always a lot of time left over for your marriage. It’s not uncommon for couples to drift apart as every conversation becomes about family and kids and your relationship gets less and less attention. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Having a successful marriage when you’re busy being parents is possible, and that’s better for everyone. You and your partner will feel closer and happier, and your kids will benefit from being brought up by close, committed parents. Try to inculcate these eight habits for balancing parenthood and marriage. 1. Make Touch A Part Of Your Day If you’ve ever spent time with a newlywed couple, you know that touch is a big part of their love language. Couples who are still in the honeymoon phase frequently hold hands, put arms round each other, or sit close together. As your relationship matures and you get busy being parents, these little daily touches are often forgotten. Try bringing them back – regular touch builds intimacy with your partner. Make time daily to hug. Hold their hand when you’re out together, or just relaxing on the couch. Put your arm around them. Regular touch is a mood booster for both of you and cements your bond. 2. Don’t Neglect Date Night Dates can soon become a thing of the past when you’re both busy being parents. Time together as a family is vital of course. Family meals and family days out bring you all closer and give you and your kids regular quality time together. But what about you and your partner? You need regular quality time together too if your marriage is to thrive. Make date night a regular event, and stick to it. Get a sitter or enlist a willing family member to take care of the kids at home, or even take them for the night. You and your partner can get dressed up and go out to eat like you used to do, or even enjoy a home cooked meal and a relaxing bubble bath at home. Nurture your marriage by spending time on it. 3. Make Time To Talk Adult conversation sometimes goes by the wayside when you become parents! Can you remember the last time you had a conversation that wasn’t about school, outings, how to referee a fight between your kids or maybe, sometimes, about work? Make time every day to talk about everything else in your lives. Just ten minutes over coffee or while cleaning up the dinner things is enough. Find out what’s going on with each other. Talk about your hopes and dreams and worries and plans. When you can, make time for a longer conversation. Regular talks keep you close and connected. 4. Stay In Touch Throughout The Day Remember when you were dating and you would text or FaceTime regularly? You don’t have to stop that just because you’re married with kids. Take time every day to leave your partner little messages. You can text, call, video chat, or even post on their Facebook timeline (don’t post anything you wouldn’t want your mother to see!) A quick love note, a “hey how are you doing?” or sharing an interesting article, funny story, or video you think they’ll love will keep you in their mind and recapture some romance, too. 5. Look After Each Other It’s really easy to get caught up in the stress of parenting, work, and daily life. Before long, your partner becomes someone you take for granted or someone you mostly communicate with about who’s picking the kids up from football practice this week. Put a little energy back into your marriage by taking the time to look after each other. After all, you’re a team, and more than that, you’ve chosen to share your lie and raise children together. Show each other a little appreciation through simple gestures. Maybe make your partner a cup of coffee, or take them up on the offer of a foot rub. 6. Give Each Other Space Sometimes looking after your marriage means giving each other a break from it! When you become parents, self care often goes out the window. But if you put your kids and spouse first all the time, you’ll eventually drain your own battery and feel tired and irritable. Being worn out doesn’t do anyone any good – you or your kids and spouse. Give each other the gift of a little me-time by taking turns to look after the kids alone for an afternoon or evening. That way you each get time to do something just for you, whether that’s seeing friends, going for a spa day, or just taking a book to the local park for some quiet time. 7. Make Sure You’re On The Same Page Having a happy marriage while parenting isn’t just about making time for the two of you. It’s about how you are when you’re actively parenting, too. Disagreements about child raising and discipline are a sure fire way to put your marriage under stress. If you don’t agree on topics such as discipline, they’ll be more tension between the two of you. In addition, kids pick up on discord and might even try to play you off against each other (knowing that if one parent says no, the other will say yes, for example). Sit down and agree on ground rules for discipline. Decide on guidelines for every aspect of parenting, from bedtimes to pocket money to TV time. When an unexpected situation comes up, make time to sit and discuss it together and reach an agreement before taking action. 8. Look For The Good In Each Other It’s natural to get a bit stressed when you’re both busy being parents, especially as one or both of you will most likely have job stress to deal with too. Add in family issues, illness, or even fun things like a full social calendar, and it’s normal to feel a bit frazzled. And when you feel frazzled, it’s easy to snipe at each other. Looking for the good is a simple way to make your marriage happier. Take time every day to find things you love about your partner. Notice all the things they do that remind you why you love them. Maybe they’re amazing with the kids, or full of fun ideas for family days out, or always ready to support you. Perhaps they took care of a couple of your chores or cooked everyone a fabulous meal. Look for the good, and you’ll find more of it. Your focus will shift from all the things that are stressing you out and you’ll be reminded why you love being married to this person. Even better, tell them! Giving each other regular compliments is a fantastic self-esteem boost and brings you closer, too. You can be busy parents and still have a vibrant marriage, too. Remember, your kids benefit too if both their parents are happy. By having a healthy, fulfilling marriage, you’re modeling good relationships for your children and setting up healthy but realistic expectations for their future. Try out our tips and enjoy feeling closer than ever – and enjoy a more harmonious and happy home, too. Author Bio: Rachel Pace is a relationship expert with years of experience in training and helping couples. She has helped countless individuals and organizations around the world, offering effective and efficient solutions for healthy and successful relationships. Her mission is to provide inspiration, support, and empowerment to everyone on their journey to a great marriage. She is a featured writer for Marriage.com, a reliable resource to support healthy happy marriages. 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  • An Open Letter to Men About Sexual Harassment/Assault/RapeAn Open Letter to Men About Sexual Harassment/Assault/Rape

    Dear Men, As you know, countless women are coming out and talking openly about their experiences with sexual harassment, assault and rape (#MeToo). They’re speaking out in growing numbers against men who mis-use power—and for the first time in history, our world is hearing the women. For the first time in history, powerful men are […] The post An Open Letter to Men About Sexual Harassment/Assault/Rape appeared first on Lisa Merlo-Booth.

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  • Important Changes to Get Organized WizardImportant Changes to Get Organized Wizard

    There’s exciting changes happening at Get Organized Wizard! [UPDATE Oct 31 2017]: Quick reminder for existing customers – you’re existing Get Organized Wizard login won’t work on Get Organized Gal. You’ll need to create a new account on Get Organized Gal as part of the upgrade process (full details here). If you have any questions please contact support at any time. We’re Upgrading the Get Organized Wizard Platform Quick summary Here’s a quick summary of all the exciting changes: We’re upgrading the way we deliver our  programs We’re moving them over to a new platform on a new site: Get Organized Gal It is a much nicer user experience, it remembers your progress, and works better on mobile All existing customers get complimentary upgrades to their matching new platform courses All existing Premium Subscribers will get complimentary lifetime All Access upgrades Special interim pricing for new customers We’re getting rid of recurring payment subscription options Read on for the full details: Overview Introducing Get Organized Gal Technical Details What happens to the Get Organized Wizard site? I sometimes see Happiness Strategies mentioned – what is that? Benefits of the new platform It Keeps Track of your Progress iPhone App Quizzes Affiliate System (Optional) What’s New? What’s Coming? No More Recurring Payment Options What’s Missing? Email Reminders Downloads Interim Introductory Pricing How Will This Affect Existing Customers? Free Upgrades How to get the free upgrade What About Premium Subscription Customers? Grandfathered into new platform Access to 52 Weight Loss Missions program No More Recurring Payments Cancelling your recurring payment subscription How Will This Affect New Customers? Introductory Pricing Timeframe for the upgrade Anything Else? Back to top Overview The Get Organized Wizard site is coming up to its 10 year anniversary soon – how time flies! Over the past decade the site has served millions of visitors. 100s of thousands of people have downloaded the free resources, and 10s of thousands of customers have uses Michele’s programs and products to help organize their lives. During that time we’ve used a number of different software platforms to deliver the content. The current iteration of the site has used a membership model for approximately the past 3 years. It’s been working well, but there’s always room for improvement. One of the exciting aspects of providing online content is that the tools available are constantly improving. There are fantastic new options now for delivering courses that weren’t available 3 years ago. We’ve researched the best available options and chosen one to build out the next iteration of Get Organized Wizard. Back to top Introducing Get Organized Gal Upgrading a website is always tricky. Instead of attempting to upgrade the current site (and potentially disrupting visitors and customers), we’ve built the new platform on a completely new site. The site is called Get Organized Gal, and it is available here. From 1st November 2017, we’ll disable purchases on the Get Organized Wizard site, and instead direct everyone over to to the Get Organized Gal site. Back to top Technical Details If you’re not interested in the technical details, you can skip this part… But for the technically minded, please read on. The current Get Organized Wizard site is built using WordPress, with a ton of plugins including WooCommerce and various membership tools. We’re moving over to using the Teachable platform. The new Get Organized Gal site is built using Teachable platform. Back to top What happens to the Get Organized Wizard site? The Get Organized Wizard site will still remain – it will continue to be our source for the blog and free resources. Thus, the current Get Organized Wizard site will remain eg for the blog and free items, but we’re going to move all the program/content delivery over to our new site at Get Organized Gal. Back to top I sometimes see Happiness Strategies mentioned – what is that? Happiness Strategies is the name of the company that owns Get Organized Wizard, and Get Organized Gal. In summary: Get Organized Wizard =  blog, free content, free resources Get Organized Gal = paid courses and programs Happiness Strategies Pty Ltd = company that owns the Get Organized Wizard and Get Organized Gal sites Back to top Benefits of the new platform There are a number of benefits to moving over to the new platform. The main benefit is that the Teachable platform is built specifically for online courses and learning. As such, it’s a beautiful experience for learning. The interface is simple and intuitive and a joy to use. When we were first building the Get Organized Wizard site we had to pull together a number of different plugins and add-ons to enable it all. We’ve been able to get it to work reasonably well over the years, but it has always a bit of headache to maintain. Things have improved greatly since then, and platforms like Teachable now provide a much better experience for users, as well as a much easier-to-main site. Back to top It Keeps Track of your Progress One of the nice, simple improvements is keeping track of your progress. After you log in, you can easily pick up where you left off. You can easily see all your purchased programs (courses) and how far you’ve progressed. This is not only helpful, but it’s quite motivating as well. Back to top iPhone App There’s also a beautiful mobile app for iPhone, with an Android App coming in the future. On the iPhone app you can access all your courses and even download them for viewing offline. See this help doc for further details. Your progress is always synced as well eg if you progress on a course on your iPhone app, it is immediately updated when accessed from the web site as well. Back to top Quizzes The platform has tools for easily adding quizzes and certifications. Although we haven’t enabled these yet, they are one of the key priorities for the coming months. Back to top Affiliate System (Optional) We’ve tried numerous affiliate systems over the years on the Get Organized Wizard site, and have run into a host of problems – everything from updates breaking the site to security issues to slow performance. With the new platform the affiliate system is all built in and automated – it even takes care of payments (one less thing for us to organize). This means that as a customer and supporter of the site you can easily get your affiliate link and earn commissions recommending the courses to others. Further details here. Back to top What’s New? As part of moving the programs over to the new platform, we’ve been reviewing the content, updating where appropriate and planning new resources to be added. For now however, the main process has been to get the existing content moved over. We’ve also brought over our popular 52 Weight Loss Missions program from 52wlm.com and made this available on the Get Organized Gal site as well. Back to top What’s Coming? Over the coming months we’ll be adding a bunch of new features including: Additional downloads Video content in some courses Quizzes Certificates of completion Back to top No More Recurring Payment Options We thought long and hard about this one. We’ve decided to remove the subscription model from the new platform. Instead everything will be a one-time enrollment fee. Although this likely results in less income for us, we felt it was fairer for customers. We found that a few customers were confused by the monthly and annual payments, and were surprised when they were charged again. Although this was clear on our site (and is common for many online program sites), we felt that it could be an unpleasant surprise for customers at times. So we’ve gotten rid of the recurring payment options. For existing Premium Subscribers, we’re going to be cancelling your recurring payment subscriptions, and grandfathering you into a Lifetime All Courses access. Yes, we’re really looking after our loyal Premium Subscribers. Plus we’re extending this to any customers who have been a Premium Subscriber in the past 6 months. Yes, even if you cancelled your Premium Subscription 5 months ago, we’ll still be grandfathering you into our new All Courses lifetime access. It’s our way of saying thanks for being a Premium Subscriber. Back to top What’s Missing? At this stage, we’ve moved over most of the course content. However, there’s still parts to be completed. For example: Back to top Email Reminders We don’t yet have the email reminders moved over to the new platform – that will come in the next two months. Back to top Downloads In some of our current programs, and particularly for Premium Subscribers, we’ve provided access to a library of 100s of to-do lists and smart goal templates, plus additional downloads. These aren’t yet over on the new platform. We’ll be refreshing these and adding them in batches. However, we’ll still have these available on the current site for at least the next 3 months so that you continue to have access. Back to top Interim Introductory Pricing Because this is a new platform, and we’re essentially in a beta testing period, we’re putting introductory pricing in place for new customers. This will be temporary until we’ve ironed out any issues, and completed bringing over all the outstanding items including emails and downloads. Plus, we have a special further discount for readers who are reading this – details of how to get the discounted introductory pricing are below. (Note: existing customers are getting free access upgrades – also noted below) Back to top How Will This Affect Existing Customers? Back to top Free Upgrades If you’re an existing customer, we’ll be giving you complimentary upgrades (ie free of charge) to the matching courses on the new platform at Get Organized Gal. Note: because it is a completely new platform you’ll need to create a brand new account. Your existing login details on Get Organized Wizard won’t work. Back to top How to get the free upgrade To gain access to the new platform, log into your existing My Account area on Get Organized Wizard and access the upgrade page – in the protected area of each program there will be instructions on how to upgrade for free onto the new Get Organized Gal platform. Back to top What About Premium Subscription Customers? Back to top Grandfathered into new platform Existing Premium Subscribers will be upgraded free of charge to our All Courses option on the new site. This is lifetime access (ie no further charges) to get access to everything on the new platform, including all new courses that we add in the future. You can access your upgrade link from here. Back to top Access to 52 Weight Loss Missions program We’ve brought over the 52 Weight Loss Missions program and made it available at Get Organized Gal as well. Premium Subscribers now get access to this as well (for no extra charge). Back to top No More Recurring Payments As per our earlier note, we’re removing the recurring payment model, and instead everything will be a single one-off charge. Back to top Cancelling your recurring payment subscription As part of this process we’ll be cancelling existing payment subscriptions (either via Credit Card or PayPal). You can expect this to happen during early November, with all cancellations complete by mid-November. Even though your subscription payment will be cancelled, you’ll still have full access to your My Account area on the existing Get Organized Wizard site, plus full access to the new Get Organized Gal site. (Note: if you happen to get charged a recurring payment in early November before we’ve had a chance to cancel your subscription, we’ll refund that for you as well.) It’s our way of saying thank you to our loyal Premium Subscribers. Back to top How Will This Affect New Customers? If you’re not yet a customer, then now’s a good time to join up. Since we’re in a beta testing period, we’re providing a 50% reduction in pricing until everything is finalised. The only downside is that there may be a few bugs we’re still ironing out. But if you can handle that for a few weeks, then the 50% discount is a very worthwhile saving. Back to top Introductory Pricing To get access to the special pricing you must use a special coupon code on the Checkout page. >> Click Here To Access the Site 

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  • Mango Ice Made EasyMango Ice Made Easy

    When I say "mango ice made easy," I mean EEEEAAASY! This recipe serves up a tasty, full of flavor, sweet, refreshing treat. You'll wonder why you haven't made it before, I know I did!   While mangoes aren't something I usually buy or cook with, I had a mango salsa over mahi-mahi recently that reminded me of the rich flavor of this tropical fruit. I bought one the next time I was at the supermarket, not sure how I would use it. Then I came upon a similar dessert idea on Instagram (join me there!). Since I had that mango sitting on my counter waiting for me to decide what to do with it... The decision was as simple as this better, brighter, easier recipe.  You may remember the Here We Are article, Lemon Ice, Sorbet, Granita, Sorbetto Recipe: A Refreshing EASY Treat By Any Name Would Still Taste As Sweet, where I used an ice cream maker to create that summertime cooler. WELL, this mango ice is even easier and no ice cream maker needed! It took me a total of 10 minutes, and most of that time was just gathering up the items and peeling the mango. Bonus: This satisfies a sweet tooth and is so much healthier than consuming the fat in ice cream. INGREDIENTS Mango(es) - I only had one so that is what I used Water Sugar Lime juice (optional) Alcohol: Vodka, Rum, or Tequila will do - did I mention this is probably an adult dessert? The alcohol helps prevent crystallization. TIP: You can also use Corn Syrup instead of alcohol (NOTE: I didn't try this, but I found it as an alternative suggestion for you because the kids will definitely want a taste of this dessert). Mint Leaves for garnish (optional)  INSTRUCTIONS Peel the mango and cube/cut the flesh off the flat pit (discard), put the flesh into a measuring cup to measure the yield. Add the mango and all ingredients to the blender. Add water in approximately a quarter of the amount of mango. I had about a cup and a quarter of mango, so I used a third of a cup of water (I think you could even use a 1/4 cup of water per mango and be fine). Add 1 tablespoon of lime juice per mango (this adds a hint of flavor giving the sorbet more definition). Add 2 tablespoons (one jigger) of alcohol per mango. I used vodka and it is undetectable in this amount. (Use the same amount with the corn syrup version.) Add 1/4 cup of sugar per mango (a lot of recipes call for 1 cup of sugar BUT the fruit is so flavorful that I don't think you need much sugar at all, I'll probably try this soon without any sugar and I'll update this recipe for you).  Blend until smooth. Pour mixture into a freezer-safe bowl, cover, and freeze overnight.  TIP: You may have to shave the ice a bit if you don't let it sit out for a few minutes to soften, but either way it is goooooood!  BONUS: The color of the ice is beautiful from the natural mango... NO food dyes, preservatives, or additives. Serve in a martini glass garnished with mint leaves, and ENJOY!  

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  • Resist and Rise 5 Years After Hurricane SandyResist and Rise 5 Years After Hurricane Sandy

    It’s five years post-Sandy. Expectations and high hopes for forward movement on protecting our children from the effects

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  • Outfit Inspiration Black Couture SweatshirtOutfit Inspiration Black Couture Sweatshirt

    What on earth is a “Couture Sweatshirt“? It sounds like an oxymoron.  Isn’t a sweatshirt, something you wear at home when it’s cold and damp outside and you’re watching Netflix? When I was putting my Fall Capsule Wardrobe together I saw this on the Banana Republic website and thought, “I have no idea what a couture sweatshirt is, but I want one”.  When I received it in the mail, I was pleasantly surprised. What I needed was a “Netflix and popcorn” kind of sweatshirt.  That is definitely NOT what I got. This is the coolest and most versatile shirt ever! The fabric is a little shiny.  So, automatically, it’s a little dressy.  The fabric is a nylon/rayon blend.  I can’t even hardly describe it.  But, suffice it to say, it’s anything BUT your megastore sweatshirt. The pictures and description on the website don’t do it justice. I want to wear this all the time with jeans, skirts, everything.  And, I want one in every style.  I’m telling you, it’s the coolest Fall/Winter top ever!!!!  They have several different styles.  Even some with bows.  I want them all.  “Dear Santa Clause, ………” I paired my “couture sweatshirt” with skinny jeans and tall ankle boots.  (Or, as I like to call them, “sitting” boots, NOT walking boots.) Booties Banana Republic rarely disappoints.  We don’t have a store near us so I have to order online.  Their sizing is generally true to size.  I usually wear a 4/6 and have good luck figuring out what size I should order.  Their website is easy to navigate and fairly easy to search. I love Banana Republic because they have a great selection, very good quality, and they have terrific sales.  If you get on their email list, you won’t be disappointed. Booties   These pictures were taken on the campus of University of the South, in Sewanee, TN.  It’s absolutely gorgeous.  Don’t be surprised if you see more pictures in the future from this gorgeous area.  We are always looking for an excuse to drive there just to look around and admire the buildings.           This post contains affiliate links.  That means if you click on them, I could receive some compensation.  I only recommend products I love and use myself.  Thank you for your support. The post Outfit Inspiration Black Couture Sweatshirt appeared first on justdoingmybest.

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  • Our Detention System Is Broken.Our Detention System Is Broken.

    This blog was cross-posted from Medium. “…I know I lost all my rights when I arrived to this country. … It does not seem right to me that, knowing if a person is returned, she will be killed, that the U.S. returns the person anyway.” Rosa, Detained in El Paso It does not seem right to us at the Women’s Refugee Commission (WRC) either. The United States should be a country where rights are protected, not taken away.

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  • Recommitting to sisterly love. (Because women wounding other women won’t get us where we need to go.)Recommitting to sisterly love. (Because women wounding other women won’t get us where we need to go.)

    CLICK TO WATCH (1:19 minutes) We’re all looking for places to put our pain. I mean, where are you going to put your societally-induced agony? Who can you take THAT out on? You can’t march everyday or sit with your support group. You can only rile so much on social media about topics that seem mostly out of individual control — political barbarism, racial divides, leaking nuclear reactors, exploitation of all the beautiful things. Who can you yell at for that? Directly. Then there are the personal wounds that mark each of us. The #metoo wounds. The family of origin fractures. The karma. Scars from other dimensions. Those you can get a lawyer for (if that’s your style), or heal with therapy, and days in the desert, and all the ways that we take back our power through pleasure. But if your life’s wounds have not been anointed, and if, on top of those gashes, you’re feeling the pain of the world, then you will most certainly need your cries to be heard. And chances are, you will turn to the tribe or the person who actually feels “safe” to share your fury with. “Safe” as in within proximity and familiar-looking. And in that safety, you may unleash.   I’ve seen some brutal behaviour online in the last few months, between women. It’s been saddening, shocking, clarifying. It’s made me examine my own beliefs around “women sticking together“, “energy over gender”, where kindness dances with discernment. Here’s where I’ve landed: I’m recommitting to sisterly love. I’ve got to go deeper with it. I won’t get it right all of the time. My love won’t always look like love, and sometimes I will fool myself. I have my own wounds. And discernment is a lifelong workshop. But if I can’t have compassion with my familiars, then how can I hope to know the best of myself? And them?   The post Recommitting to sisterly love. (Because women wounding other women won’t get us where we need to go.) appeared first on Danielle LaPorte: white hot truth + sermons on life.

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  • 4 Productivity Tips For Home-Based Businesses4 Productivity Tips For Home-Based Businesses

    One of the great things about being your own boss is that you can determine your own pace and schedule. But individuals who are working from home for the first time often find themselves facing obstacles that they wouldn’t encounter when working at someone else’s company. In particular, as a home-based businessperson, you may feel overwhelmed when contemplating the tasks ahead of you every day. It’s not uncommon for entrepreneurs in your situation to realize that there just isn’t enough time to get everything done that they set out to complete. But the problem may not be a lack of time so much as a lack of preparation. The idea is that if you manage to make more efficient use of your work hours, you’ll be able to accomplish the high-priority tasks on your to-do list. With that in mind, here are four tricks to help you work more productively from home. 4 Tips to Help You Work Productively From Home 1. Set Where Your Time Needs to Be Running your own business from the same building as where your family lives can get complicated, especially when you don’t establish clear boundaries between work and home. It can be tricky to maintain a realistic work/life balance, to be sure. Assuming you’ve already established a separate work space, such as a home office or an assembly line and storage setup in your garage-based business, make it clear to your family and visitors what your working hours are. That way, they won’t be confused about when it’s appropriate to make a demand on your time. It can be as simple as posting hours on the outside of your office door, which ideally you will keep closed when working, unless this is not a practical option for your household. But establishing a clear schedule with your family can help ensure that they respect your time at work and will know when you will be available, outside of emergencies. When raising a family at the same time as running your company, your schedule will likely be more fluid than that of a traditional business. For example, you might be working around the sleeping schedule of your baby. During naptime, you take care of conference calls or intensive work that requires the most focus. Or, you are responsible for caring for an elderly member of your family, and the nuts and bolts of keeping your business running take place in between trips to the doctor. As long as you devise a schedule (even if it keeps changing week to week), you’ll have a better chance of maintaining a harmonious balance between work and the time when you are completely off the clock. 2. Share Your Calendar With Your Partner A calendar that’s imprisoned in paper doesn’t do you much good when you’re out and about, only to realize your schedule is on the wall above your computer monitor. Naturally, most savvy business owners rely on some kind of a calendar that they access and update using their smartphone. To work more productively, it makes sense to share your calendar with your partner. And rather than getting bogged down with software that works on just one platform, consider using a calendar sharing app that works on both Android and Apple, such as Google Calendar. Now, when you update your calendar, such as to include details about a last-minute minute meeting, your partner will not be surprised because the notification will appear immediately. You can also see at a glance when your partner and you will both be available later in the week to make a presentation to a new client, and so on, all because of the efficiencies that come with using a shared calendar on your mobile device. 3. Learn to Say No (Nicely) While it’s important to be positive in business, there are definitely times when it’s best to say “No.” Of course, you’ll want to reply in the negative in the nicest possible way whenever you need to rebuff a request for your time. For example, let’s say you are running a business out of your garage and are assembling boxes to fulfill the latest batch of orders. The items must be ready by the time your delivery service arrives at 5 p.m. and you have hours to go before everything is packed. But you happen to have a neighbor with only the vaguest understanding that you work at home. There’s nothing so time-draining as a well-meaning neighbor who wants to come over and hang out, assuming that because you work from home, you can indulge in casual conversation. Even worse is when a neighbor assumes that you are available to baby-sit her child at the drop of a hat, while she runs out to do some errands in town. She doesn’t realize you have clients to attend to and spreadsheets to fill in before your afternoon conference call! Smile and inform neighbors who drop by unannounced that you are actually working now but would love to catch up over the weekend, such as when you are going to be outside gardening. The same goes for personal phone calls. Some people are not as busy as you and will not realize that you simply don’t have time to chitchat. You might want to start screening your calls to avoid such interruptions. Or, when personal calls come in, answer that you only have a minute to talk because you are about to begin a conference call with clients. 4. Set a Finish Time It might change daily depending on your timetable, but set a finish time to ensure you switch off and transition into family/personal time. When you have a definite finish time on your schedule, it tends to help you concentrate on the most pressing tasks. You’ll also have a sense of anticipation as the clock nears closer to quitting time, which is a powerful motivator to work more efficiently. Many business owners become proud of how well they are able to begin their day with a clear list of goals and then accomplish their tasks with enough time to unwind after hours with friends or family. We understand how running a home business can start to feel overwhelming for people, especially when you are first starting out and are still building up your support network. For help in keeping your efforts on track, click here to download our free printable to-do lists to get organized for work.

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  • Our Brand New She Takes on the World Website is Here!Our Brand New She Takes on the World Website is Here!

    Pop the kombucha! It finally happened: the new She Takes on The World rebrand has officially arrived! The virtual red ribbon has been cut, and we’re so excited to welcome you with new free gifts, reimagined offerings like 1-on-1 packages with me, and much more. Get all the gorgeous details in this little welcome video: We’re also celebrating 10 years of She Takes on the World this month — so this feels like divine timing to be unveiling our brand new look and feel.

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  • Stop Doing. (AKA Detangling, Liberating, and Facing Some Gnarly Terror.) Your next FREE & CLEAR exercise is here.Stop Doing. (AKA Detangling, Liberating, and Facing Some Gnarly Terror.) Your next FREE & CLEAR exercise is here.

    Hello Loves, Let’s jump right in. You’re going to do a STOP DOING list. I do this two or three times a year for myself and I always feel like I’ve just taken a cold plunge (or had a good colonic — is that TMI?). In terms of being successful (meaning YOUR definition of personal “success”), what you stop doing is just as important as what you start doing. Full stop. I know this to be true in my own life, over and over again. INSPIRATION FOR STOPPING, LETTING GO and ENLIGHTENED QUITTING: I asked Seth Godin what he’d put on his Stop Doing List. As ever, he was profound and…clear: Keeping score in games I don’t need to win. Keeping score in games I can’t win. Wasting time on people I can’t please. Ignoring the side effects of my personal choices. Giving into the resistance without realizing, I was. Reading my Amazon reviews. Letting other people decide if I was doing a good job. Trying so hard when it came to persuading other people to change their minds. Making lists like this one. Except now. Cleaning industrial dough mixers. Walking into glass doors. Biking without a helmet. Cutting large blocks of Styrofoam while barefoot. Working for jerks. ENCOURAGEMENT FOR STOPPING, LETTING GO and ENLIGHTENED QUITTING: No new age sugar-coating. Letting go can be tough. (The range: from mildly inconvenient to nerve wrackingly brutal.) Just face it and you’ll free up some energy to do what needs to be done. Fewer illusions = more courage. Stopping can be so easy. I’ve always loved this perspective from Ralph Blum (he wrote a great book on The Runes) “We are not doer’s we are deciders. And once we decide, the doing becomes easy.” Boom. Close your eyes and imagine this: A kind of liberation that borders on orgasmic. Yep, letting go of what’s been weighing you down can be that good. Letting go and/or quitting can radically increase your odds for being happier. Out of, say, 334 people* I’ve talked to about letting go — of both material and emotional things, 97% of them have no regrets, 88% of them wished they’d done it sooner, and only a mere 3% are still confused. (*Random, intuitive and inconclusive data, but still immensely inspiring, don’t you think?) Dramatic decisions don’t have to be high-drama. You may need a good cry in the bathtub when you decide to call it quits on something big, but the resolve and the relief that pours into your nervous system will help you steer steady. The future is always more exciting than the past. Enter: THE STOP DOING LIST. Prepare for massive relief. I tend to stay away from big self-help claims, but this is potentially life changing. Or at least sanity-saving. I’m excited for you. Get out your journal to do the exercises below. Or download your STOP DOING worksheet HERE. This is the time to re-group. The other Free & Clear exercises have been building on one another, to get you to this point. So, recall: Your year’s retrospective (the highlights) + Letting go of expectations + What you want to change. So then… What are you going to Stop Doing? In that beautiful heap of highlights and lowlights and pain points and desires…what do you need to knock off for you to be free & clear? The courage will come. For now: Get clear. Be sane. Tell yourself that you will Love and protect yourself at all times. And…stop it. We’re going to jam on this together. Live TODAY! HERE on Facebook at [12pm PST/ 3pm EST]. This concept could change everything for you — if you let it. The STOP DOING LIST is one of my favourite things to do for myself every year. It’s a total rush. Prepare for liberation. Stopping what’s distracting, draining, or aggravating doesn’t require any heavy lifting or extra stamina — just love and self-respect. All Love,         Before you go… More+: I’ve written a lot about stopping, quitting, saying good-bye. May it be of service in your own STOP DOING declarations: Stop giving 100% to what you don’t really want. Eventually, you have to stop blaming your parents. Super hero syndrome + the practical response to crazy ambition. Tunes: Some tunes for clearing it OUT… Shake It Out, Florence Shake Me Down, Cage The Elephant Shake It Up, The Cars Shake Your Body (Down To The Ground), The Jacksons Shake Shake Shake, Majid Jordan Shake It Off, Mariah Carey Shake It Off, Ryan Adams Shake It On, Jamiroquai Shake Your Groove Thing, Peaches & Herb LISTEN ON SPOTIFY HERE: STOP AND SHAKE IT OUT    The post Stop Doing. (AKA Detangling, Liberating, and Facing Some Gnarly Terror.) Your next FREE & CLEAR exercise is here. appeared first on Danielle LaPorte: white hot truth + sermons on life.

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  • We’re back–ish?We’re back–ish?

    So, turns out my site was inaccessible for…some period of time? Months? Weeks? Who knows. And no one really noticed, myself included, because who reads/writes personal blogs anyway right? :shrug: And then I got (most of) it back, but still didn’t write anything. And then I lost my password, and had some other tech issues, and finally figured out how to get those missing blog posts back, which I want to do for many reasons, not the least of which is the last post that’s been up is from right after the election & ugh, NO THANK YOU PLEASE. Anyway, hi, don’t be surprised if you see some old posts pop up (if you still follow in RSS–:waves: hi!) while I try to clean things up around here, and at least get all those old posts back so that the blog is “complete”. I’m not sure, right now, what I’m going to do with this space, but at least I can make it accurately up to date (as far as published posts go) while I ponder what my next steps here are.

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  • Benefits Of Drinking Aloe Vera JuiceBenefits Of Drinking Aloe Vera Juice

    Benefits Of Drinking Aloe Vera Juice The benefits of drinking aloe vera juice are something I like to indulge in now and then. However, the juice I like to drink is made with the inner pulp only and not the leaf. What is the difference? I hear you asking. Well, nutritionally I think drinking aloe vera with the inner leaf only... [Read More] The post Benefits Of Drinking Aloe Vera Juice appeared first on Aging Naturally.

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  • #MeToo#MeToo

    This week was one I won’t soon forget. It was a simple hashtag that swept the internet – it could be seen on every social media platform, across a huge span of women and some men: #Metoo. The movement was started by Alyssa Milano, who asked women on Twitter to tweet “Me too” if they’d ever been sexually assaulted or harassed to show how prevalent it is in our society. As soon I clicked the hashtag and began readings some of the stories, my eyes began welling up. Not just because of the deluge of dark, truly raw, and often inspiring stories — but because of how many there were. As women, we know the problem is widespread to the point it seems completely impossible to heal. But seeing those stories and experiences being shared in real time threw a spotlight on the issue in a way I’d never experienced before. “Me too” we were saying, against the stigma and against the fear and the shame. “Me too.” Watching as tens of thousands of women crack their hearts open inspired me to share my experience too — and it felt like medicine. Most of my #metoo stories come from my years representing Canada in pageants in my late teens and early twenties. (If you never knew I did pageants, there’s a reason for that… and it has nothing to do with the gowns I’d wear, or the size of my hair, or the trophies I won.) I was sexually assaulted by men who believed I existed for their entertainment. I do not. I have been groped and inappropriately touched by men who abuse their positions of power, men like Harvey Weinstein — and even men who didn’t have the wealth and influence that supposedly color male perception of the world. Business associates. An in-law. Strangers, and even a law enforcement officer in uniform on a trip to Europe. I’ve talked about these experiences with friends behind closed doors but never publicly. In my post-pageant life as a young woman building a business, I continued to endure sexual harassment often. Why did I stay silent? Because I worried that speaking up, especially against men who had a lot of power, would only lead to them assert more power over me, and I’ve been taught by the experiences of others that nothing usually happens to the perpetrators. Because I was afraid it would cost me opportunities. I even had a couple female mentors affirm that for me. I’ll never forget one of them saying to me, “Well, it’s still a man’s world. You’re going to have to be tough.” Because the thought of naming any names as I write this is something that makes me shudder. There were times I wanted to, especially during the election last year when beauty queens were coming forward and talking about being sexually assaulted and shamed by Donald Trump. Their experiences sounded like my own. But I couldn’t find the courage to be brave enough. I was afraid; of the trolls, of the shame. I had a following and readers, and I speak at events, and I didn’t want it to come up in a media interview. There were a million reasons, and I wish I’d used my platform sooner — but as I honor survivors who decide to stay quiet, I am doing my best not to feel ashamed of my silence. Sexual harassment is so pervasive because it’s been so normalized. It feels “customary” and something we have to deal with regularly as women. I can’t count the number of times I’ve been sexually harassed, and I know this is the truth for so many of my friends and colleagues. Also, it’s not lost on me how fortunate we are when there are women around the world who suffer extreme acts of violence daily. At a training I was at earlier this year, my mentor Steve was condemning sexual assault and harassment and asked the women in the room if they had felt unsafe in the past week in a meeting or walking down the street or in any situation. Almost every woman’s hand went up. He asked the men in the room to look around. A few had tears in their eyes. One said, “Whoa. I had no idea.” But here’s the rub: as women entrepreneurs? We have the power to shift the paradigm. Our voices are stronger together, and by naming this, and uniting to spread our shared experience, we give ourselves the power to heal it. Movements like this, and sharing stories like these, can be powerful catalysts for women, and men too. (Because for every #metoo woman, let’s not forget there are men suffering under the pressure of toxic masculinity.) I once called the rising tide of women in entrepreneurship “the new women’s movement”, and that feels more true for me today than ever. Entrepreneurship is not just a way for women to take back control of their fate professionally, financially, and spiritually, but the experience of leading in that capacity, and “branding” ourselves, is also a testing ground for us to beat back that “be small” conditioning society impresses on us. Over and over, I see women worrying about being too much. Too loud, too rich, too successful, too in-your-face, too bold, too funny, too shy, trying too hard. When in reality? The only line exists in our own minds — and in our own patriarchal cultural conditioning. Women entrepreneurs live and breathe the reality that women have a CHOICE. There may not be as many of us as there are male entrepreneurs, but our numbers are growing. More and more women are finally getting a seat at the table and a platform in their industries. Our time is now. And I hope you’ll step forward, refreshed and ready to fight with me. But in the interim: If #metoo awakened things in you? If it made you want to hide in the quiet, instead of running back into the battle? It’s OK. Your stories are yours to share, or keep close to you. #Metoo. Your voice matters. Your work matters. You too? I’m sorry. You are not alone. I believe you. It was not your fault. I acknowledge you. I love you. I see you. *** If you have been sexually assaulted and need support, there is a 24/7 hotline available via phone and live chat through RAINN. ***

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  • Top 10 Thoughts About Kindness And Why It Is TIME To Be KINDTop 10 Thoughts About Kindness And Why It Is TIME To Be KIND

    After the recent article, Become The Light, I began thinking about what it actually means in terms of actions we can each take to become the light that will change the world (that article was sadly prompted by yet ANOTHER evil tragedy [that took place in Las Vegas]). While there are broad, complex issues that cannot be solved by a simple act, they also cannot continue to go unchecked. Since common decency and civility are eroding before our eyes, it is time to believe that we each have to individually do something, and then do it. If enough people act in small scale ways to effect greater change, then those acts can collectively shift the status from negative to at least neutral, and maybe all the way to a positive state. Wishful thinking, perhaps? But then don't all things begin with a wish and a thought? It is TIME to be KIND. Let's get to it... As a primer to my top 10 thoughts about kindness, I realized in drafting this article that I have previously written and spoken quite a lot about kindness on Here We Are. Please check out these earlier posts for a more expanded view on this topic: Planting Kindness ➡️ Tips on how to do this The Butterfly Effect ➡️ A single act can have a large impact Kindred Comments: Think Before You Type (Podcast) ➡️ The lack of kindness on the web Chick Flick Chat: Cinderella (Podcast) ➡️ A story about the importance of kindness Be The Person You Want To Be, #19, Live Your Life Out Loud Series ➡️ Kindness to oneself & other tips on how to live fully on your own terms and be good to yourself while doing it   Below is the list in no particular order of importance. Any and all of them can be applied to anyone you encounter: friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, and strangers alike (and don't forget about the animals - the birds and the bees can always use extra seeds and flowers). And if you are wondering what defines an act of kindness, it is too varied, vast, and intangible to describe BUT you will know it when you are doing it, and you will feel it when it is bestowed on you. 10 Thoughts On Kindness Being kind is FREE Being kind is EASY Being kind doesn't mean you are weak When you are kind, you feel the good energy you put out People remember your kindness, thereby remembering you A simple act of kindness can defuse a bad situation or mood When you proceed with kindness, it is returned to you in ways you can't imagine, especially when you need it most An easy, free act of kindness by you can have an important, significant effect on someone's day or life Kindness breeds kindness You don't have to go out of your way, opportunities to be kind show up IF you are open to them and willing to act So there you have it, I hope that these better, brighter, easier ideas and thoughts about kindness will prompt you to act in a way that begins to change today's societal woes. In the words of Aesop, "No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted." ~ Luci  

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  • Treating PCOS with Spearmint TeaTreating PCOS with Spearmint Tea

    Inspiring Pretty In my previous post on treating PCOS with inositol, I mentioned in the comments that I use spearmint tea to treat PCOS. Since then, I have received questions about treatingPCOS with spearmint tea from a few readers. I began using spearmint tea to treat my PCOS after an acupuncturist recommended trying it out.I had had a lot of success in treating my PCOS with juicing and inositol and I was open to expanding my treatment to include spearmint tea. Since being diagnosed with PCOS, I have learned that it is better to treat illnesses and disorders naturally first with diet and exercise when possible. What is PCOS? Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is the most common endocrine disorder affecting up to 20% of women of reproductive age. PCOS occurs when there is a an imbalance of female and androgen (male) hormones and a surplus of insulin in the blood stream. Insulin resistance causes elevated levels of female and male hormones. Vice versa, elevated levels of estrogen and androgen hormones cause insulin resistance. High hormone levels lead to high insulin levels and the syndrome perpetuates itself. In this cycle, a woman’s body becomes overloaded with both male and female hormones, glucose and insulin. Due to these imbalances, a woman can experience irregular menstrual periods, the absence of menstrual periods, hirsutism, painful hormonal acne, brittle hair and nails, difficulty losing weight and obesity.  Women with PCOS also have an increased risk of developing hypertension, dyslipidemia, type 2 diabetes and heart disease due to the related obesity. It also causes more than 75% of cases of anovulatory infertility (infertility caused by hormonal imbalance). Issues with Metformin At the time, I was treating my PCOS with juicing, inositol and Metformin prescribed by my doctor. Meformin was prescribed by my doctor to increase sensitivity to insulin and ultimately insulin absorption. But, I could no longer take Metformin, because I was experiencing arrhythmia, a known side effect of the medicine, which was made worse with caffeine. However, I have to admit that I should not have been drinking caffeine, because most caffeine is generally bad for PCOS, with the exception of green tea. Nonetheless, the longer that I was taking Metformin, the more frequent my arrhythmia became. Overall, I needed to find an alternative quickly. I had began taking inositol, a natural insulin sensitizer, about four months prior to improve my insulin sensitivity. I was not sure if taking myo-inositol (in conjunction with D-chiro inositol and folic acid) would provide enough glucose sensitivity for absorption to replace Metformin. In order to transition from Metformin to inositol completely, I thought that it would be best to lower my androgen levels in order to reduce the level of glucose absorption that my body needed. This is where spearmint tea came in. Speaking with My Doctor On a side note, I had spoken to my doctor before I stopped taking Metformin to discuss alternatives. As mentioned in a previous post, my case of PCOS is not very severe. Since my change in diet and exercise, I have experienced regular periods, and less cystic acne. But, I still suffered from some cystic acne, brittle hair and nails, hirsutism and stubborn body weight. My doctor told me that there was no other medication that I could take to improve my insulin sensitivity or lower my hormone levels. There was mixed clinical evidence in the effectiveness of inositol as an insulin sensitizer, but as someone experiencing arrhythmia, I had no other choice but to try it. Some women suffering from PCOS are prescribed birth control in an effort to overwhelm their bodies with female hormones to outweigh the imbalance of male hormones. Unfortunately, most women in the PCOS forums online reported mostly or only negative results from this treatment, including little or improvement with their PCOS. They also mostly reported increased weight gain, which introduces more glucose and insulin into your blood stream, exacerbating PCOS. With this, I was not willing to try this treatment for my less severe case of PCOS. My doctor offered to prescribe spironolactone to treat hirsutism. While it can help reduce facial hair, it’s a purely cosmetic treatment that does not address the underlying testosterone causing it. I did a trial prescription of spironolactone and experienced menstrual bleeding for 14 days before I stopped taking it. Afterward, I learned that 80% of women taking spironolactone experience irregular periods – sometimes for several months – a side effect that my doctor had not disclosed. For a purely cosmetic treatment, I decided that an immensely irregular period was not worth the potential results. It would be better to treat the source of the problem naturally rather than the symptom with medication. Treating PCOS with Spearmint Tea Multiple studies have shown that drinking spearmint tea on a daily basis produces an anti-androgenic (anti-male hormone) effect in women. This means that it lowers testosterone levels and related issues, including hirsutism and hormonal acne in women (whether or not they have PCOS). It can also stimulate female hormones that can become depleted due to PCOS. Scientific research has not determined what in spearmint tea lowers testosterone levels, but its effectiveness has been demonstrated in multiple studies. However, spearmint tea is not for everyone. Men should not use spearmint tea to treat hormonal acne, because it affects men differently. Spearmint tea does lower testosterone in men, which reduces libido, sperm count and can damage testicular tissue. Also, a study in 2004 found that consumption of spearmint tea interferes with iron absorption, and those with iron deficiencies should not drink it on a regular basis. The first study was performed in Turkey in 2007 where the native plant was believed to reduce libido in men. 21 hirsute women — one group suffering from PCOS and the other not — were given spearmint tea to drink twice a day for a five-day span. Every women experienced a reduction in free testosterone levels and an increase in luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) (both of which help regulate the menstrual cycle and ovulation), as well as estradiol (a form of estrogen). There are two forms of testosterone: free testosterone and total testosterone. Free testosterone is the form that contributes to the hirsutism and hormonal acne that PCOS sufferers experience. In 2010, a second study was performed to determine the long-lasting effectiveness of results found in the first study. The second study was performed in the UK and lasted for 30 days. This time, 42 women were split into two groups, where one group was given spearmint tea and the other was given a placebo herbal tea. Women in the spearmint tea group experienced a reduction in both free and total testosterone and increase of LH and FSH. In both studies, the participants did not experience a reduction in hair growth, because the timeframe for each study was too short for a change in hair follicle growth to occur. Neither study noted a change in acne, either. But, that does not diminish the antiandrogenic effects of spearmint demonstrated in each study. Many women who have drank spearmint tea on a long-term basis have reported success in treating hirsutism and hormonal acne related to PCOS. I personally drink spearmint tea daily on an ongoing for the past two years and have experienced a reduction in both and hirsutism and hormonal acne. My facial hair has become softer and slowed in growth. I no longer experience hormonal acne around my mouth. I only experience hormonal acne now during my menstrual cycle, which is normal. At my last appointment with my endocrinologist, my hormones were in balance. Previously, my free and total testosterone levels were elevated out of the normal range for women. This caused painful hormonal acne formed around my mouth, and continuous facial hair growth. A reduction in testosterone due to the antiandrogenic properties of spearmint tea helps to bring hormones of PCOS sufferers into better balance. While my PCOS treatment regimen (including drinking spearmint tea daily) has eliminated my hormonal acne, it has only reduced my hirsutism. My current Regimen I am happy to say that today, my hormones are in balance. I have regular periods and no longer experience hormonal acne outside of my menstrual cycle. However, I do still struggle with hirsutism and some stubborn body weight, although it is not as severe as it was once was. I use a daily regimen of fresh homemade juice a low-glycemic diet, inositol supplements and spearmint tea to treat PCOS naturally. You can read about the doses of juice and inositol that I take in those posts. As for spearmint tea, I usually drink one to two cups daily. Two cups (one cup twice daily) was the amount of spearmint tea that study participants, who experienced dramatic a dramatic reduction in testosterone, were given. Plus, given the iron absorption-blocking properties of spearmint tea, I would not drink more than two cups of spearmint tea to treat PCOS a day. When buying tea, be sure to buy pure spearmint tea. Oftentimes, spearmint tea is mixed with peppermint tea, which dilutes its effectiveness in treating PCOS. I personally buy this one-pound bag of organic spearmint tea on Amazon, which lasts me for around a year (when stored properly). Treating PCOS with Spearmint Tea

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  • Outfit Inspiration Bomber JacketOutfit Inspiration Bomber Jacket

    Fall is here and the weather is cooling off.  FINALLY!!! (I’ll be ready for warmer weather after February.  But, for now…….) It’s time for jackets, layers, and transitional pieces.  Depending on what part of the country you live in, a lightweight jacket is more functional than a heavy coat. Here in TN, we have very few occasions for a heavy coat or parka.  Our winters are generally pretty mild.  We do get snow, but nothing like our friends up North.  When we do get snow and ice, the temperatures are usually back in the mid to upper 30’s in 3 days. I don’t even own a really heavy coat.  I have boots of course.  Because, well, I’m always looking for an excuse for boots!! For “cooler” (but not frigid) areas like ours, a Bomber Jacket can be exactly what you need to keep the chill away. This jacket is from my closet.  But, I found several at different price points for you to look at. Velvet Floral Bomber ~ This Bomber Jacket gives you 3 fashion trends in one piece.  It’s a bomber jacket.  It’s velvet.  And, it has floral embroidery.  Score!!!  The best part of all is it’s from Target which means it’s very inexpensive!!  That’s a winner in my book!! Blush Velvet Bomber ~ This option is so pretty.  The color isn’t too bright and everyone looks pretty in pink.  Plus, it’s velvet.  Again, you’ll be rocking 2 trends. Satin Bomber Jacket ~ This Bomber Jacket is in another trendy color for Fall.  Very pretty. Basic Ruffle Bomber Jacket ~ If you want to rock the trend but don’t want to invest much money, this is a great option.  Very inexpensive and it’s not flashy.  If you like the idea of being on trend but not too showy, this one is for you. I’m wearing my jacket with jeans, low boots, and a graphic T-shirt.  Most of my favorite graphic T’s come from either here or here.  For great boots for Fall, here’s my post. Depending on your Bomber Jacket, you can dress some of them up a little more.  But, I love this casual look. A fun jacket completes the look when you’re going to dinner, the movies, Fall activities or just running errands. I’m a big fan of completing a look by adding a great jacket.  These Bombers are perfect for your Fall look. For more outfit inspiration, join me on Facebook.  Be sure to tag me in your Bomber Jacket pics so I can see how beautiful you look. Be blessed!!           *This post contains affiliate links.  That means it’s possible that I could receive some compensation from these links.  I only show items I love and use myself.  Thank you for your support. The post Outfit Inspiration Bomber Jacket appeared first on justdoingmybest.

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  • What needs to change? (And how to look at what sucks in your life without criticizing yourself.)What needs to change? (And how to look at what sucks in your life without criticizing yourself.)

    Heyyyy. Freedom Fighters. Actually, I don’t love the term “Fighter”. Maybe “Crusaders” is better. Or “Lovers”. Let’s go With Freedom Lovers… Dear Freedom Lovers, This week’s Free and Clear exercise could be a bit of a downer, especially on top of all of the tragic things happening on the planet. But we need to see the muck we’re in so we can resolve to find a way out of it. Or through it. You’re going to look at what you want to change in your life. That typically implies dissatisfaction. Sometimes, it’s been a long term, exhausting dissatisfaction. Serious fugh-ness. Or maybe it’s something that side-swept you and now you need to clean up the wreckage. Doing this kind of work is the difference between suffering and relief, mediocrity and real pleasure. Looking at this stuff directly is how you go from stuck and befughled (new word) to…Free and Clear. There’s a layer of psychological refinement that we’re adding to this. You’re going to look at what needs to change WITHOUT laying a guilt or judgement trip on yourself (or anyone else). You’re observing, not criticizing. Criticism clouds your clarity. Resist that destructive impulse and simply name what you’d like to change. It’s incredibly empowering to come from that “observer” position. One more layer to this: Don’t concern yourself with how you’re going to fix what’s bothering you. That kind of thinking can come later. FIRST: get clarity around what sucks and what you want to shift. Here we go… Get out your journal to do the exercises below. Or download your WANT TO CHANGE worksheet HERE.   Note: Don’t concern yourself here with being respectable or responsible. This is not the time for adulting. Just let it rip. AND…You can include personal AND world issues on this list. Whatever comes up for you. This is a good time to recall what came up for you in the RETROSPECTION exercise from the first installment of Free and Clear. You’ve run through the HIGHLIGHTS of your last year. Now consider the LOWLIGHTS. That will point to what you want to change. Answer any or all of these in any order: In your life, what’s heavy, weighing you down, burdensome? What do you fantasize about leaving or radically changing? What have you bitched about on more than three occasions? What would you love to never do again? What are you tired of feeling, and what makes you feel that way? There is no STEP 2 to “do”. Just sit with all of this for the next few days. Be with the discomfort, the muck, the frustration (and sometimes frustration can be a really invigorating emotion). We’re not rushing in with a quickie little process on how to quickly change everything so you can quickly make everything better. Because that quickie shit never works. But more importantly…you might need to feel the power of your declaration. Maybe it’s the first time you articulated what and why something in particular needs to change. Great, hang out with that and let your psyche and your cells get the message. It’s likely that whatever you want to shift has been bothering you for a while. It’s an annoying repetition. In which case, the impulse to FINALLY fix it is strong. In that case, hang out with the dissatisfaction for a bit longer and start having a good-bye conversation with it. Dear Situation, I’m getting ready to let you go. Thanks for teaching me a few things. I’m not sure how I’m going to fix this, but I’ve opened myself up for answers. Prepare for transformation. Love and Clarity, Powerful Me We’re going to jam on this together. Live TODAY! HERE on Facebook at [12pm PST/ 3pm EST]. We’ll dive into the “Want To Change” exercise. This innerwork could be how you go from stuck and suffering to…Free and Clear. With this kind of gorgeous clarity, manifestation becomes a super-charged process. And you can really put your Soul into your goals. All Love,       Before you go… Tunes: Some tunes for your contemplations…  Ship to wreck, Florence Iron Sky, Paolo Nutini Speak Out, Marle Thomson (Live Acoustic) Time After Time, Cyndi Lauper Traces of You, Anoushka Shankar River, Leon Bridges Blessed To Be Witness, Ben Harper Revolution, Simrit Only Love, Ben Howard LISTEN ON SPOTIFY HERE: RIVERS TO REVOLUTIONS PLAYLIST Even more: In case you’re slipping into self-judgment, I hope this helps: Make changes without criticizing the past — your future will thank you for it.   The post What needs to change? (And how to look at what sucks in your life without criticizing yourself.) appeared first on Danielle LaPorte: white hot truth + sermons on life.

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  • Stop Distracting Me! The Challenge in Running Your Home BusinessStop Distracting Me! The Challenge in Running Your Home Business

    Studies have shown that home office workers can improve their productivity up to 13.5 percent over in-office workers. But it can certainly feel as though you can’t get anything done when you work from home. Working from home is often filled with distractions and this can ultimately lead to a loss of efficiency. Working at Home Doesn’t Mean Being at Home It’s easy for people to assume that because you’re “at home,” you aren’t working. Most spouses would never think of stopping by work to ask you to do the dishes, but they might not think twice about popping into your home office to ask you to mow the lawn. Because of this, it’s important to draw clear lines between your work life and your home life. Maintain your “business hours.” If you can’t keep when you’re working straight, neither will anyone else. Make sure you have set hours to work — you don’t always have to adhere to them (most small business owners can’t), but they will serve as guidelines for when you’re definitely working. Let your family and friends know: “between these hours of time, I’m not to be disturbed.“ Keep your door closed. Having a physical barrier is often enough to send a signal: “I’m at work!” It’s not rude and it’s not just for you; most people want to know when you’re busy and can’t be interrupted. Try not to compromise. When things do come up during your “business day,” create a To Do list of things to do once you’re off work rather than immediately going off to do them. Remember, switching gears takes time; even if something seems simple to do, it can distract you. Above all, getting everyone else on board is extremely important. For most people who run a business from home, the primary distractions are often friends and family members – even those who mean well. Invest in the Technology You Need to Get the Job Done Sometimes distractions also come from within. When you’re at home, you’re surrounded by all the creature comforts – and that means it can easily become a distracting task finding the right work music, organizing your personal files, or simply reading your work email. For these problems, there are technological solutions. Consider blocking problem sites. Certain productivity suites can block your browsing during work hours, so you won’t find yourself idly reading the news or catching up on entertainment magazines. When you’re sitting down at a computer, it can be too easy to “go into automatic” and start doing familiar tasks. Get a productivity tracker. Productivity trackers will give you a complete list of your tasks and make sure you’re meeting your deadlines. These timers can be set to time you at intervals, so you work a certain amount of time before taking a break – and they can also chart your time, to identify any potential gaps in your productivity. Separate your work life. Don’t forget to separate your work emails and your home emails, in addition to any other accounts you might have. Otherwise it’s too easy to get distracted with a personal task when you’re supposed to be working on a work-related one. There are many advanced productivity suites available that give you dozens of tools designed to enhance your work. Some people work better with simple tools (even an egg timer); others want a complete, cloud-based suite. It all depends on your working style. Take Control Over Your Working Space Sometimes closing your door isn’t enough. You can also find yourself distracted by the things that are around you; this is especially true if your home office doubles as something else, such as your personal office or an entertainment room. It’s important to take some time to organize your space. Out of Sight, Out of Mind Place everything that you don’t need neatly in drawers or filing cabinets; your working space should be as free of clutter as possible. But also make sure you don’t put away anything that is necessary, as that could lead to becoming distracted and forgetting it. Invest in a Filing System If you have documents that do need to be filed, make sure they are organized and sorted. A filing system will make it faster and easier for you to find things — and that means that there will be less time to be distracted. Create The Right Atmosphere Don’t forget about relaxation. Stress is one of the major reasons people seek to distract themselves. Make sure your working space is relaxing, by filling it with natural light, getting some plants, and decorating it with pictures that are calming. Less is more! Your work space should be clean, minimalist, and focused. The more things that are around you, the less likely you will be to be able to concentrate. You can even consider painting your room a bright or friendly color that will calm you down and inspire you. Running a home business is a challenge for these reasons and more. That means you don’t need any additional distractions. Through a combination of habits, technology, and environment, you should be able to sit down and focus on your work day after day. But getting started isn’t always easy. If you want help organizing your home life and your work life join our 7 Days To An Organized Home Office Program. We’ll help you clear clutter and get more done!

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  • Weinstein and Women: Women, Are We Our Own Worst Enemies?Weinstein and Women: Women, Are We Our Own Worst Enemies?

    More than ten women to date have accused yet another powerful man of sexual harassment, assault and/or rape (https://www.nytimes.com/2017/10/05/us/harvey-weinstein-harassment-allegations.html). Harvey Weinstein, a well-known Hollywood producer, has been accused of sexually violating several actresses, models and/or employees over the span of three decades. In addition, Weinstein has settled financially in at least eight different cases over […] The post Weinstein and Women: Women, Are We Our Own Worst Enemies? appeared first on Lisa Merlo-Booth.

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  • Health Benefits Of Cauliflower Why It Is Good For YouHealth Benefits Of Cauliflower Why It Is Good For You

    Health Benefits Of Cauliflower Why It Is Good For You I enjoy the health benefits of cauliflower in any way I can, it is such a versatile vegetable. It belongs to a group of vegetables known as cruciferous or the cabbage family.   If you are not in the habit of eating this vegetable often, I hope I can enlighten you some and give you... [Read More] The post Health Benefits Of Cauliflower Why It Is Good For You appeared first on Aging Naturally.

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  • Girl Data & An Inconvenient TruthGirl Data & An Inconvenient Truth

    This blog was cross-posted from Medium. Empowering girls before, during, and after crisis. That’s this year’s theme for International Day of the Girl. At the Women’s Refugee Commission (WRC), it’s far more than a theme; it’s what we dedicate ourselves to achieving, every day. Part of that commitment means identifying where we — the international community — are failing and where we need to get it right.

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  • The Travel Seven: Kamerin ChambersThe Travel Seven: Kamerin Chambers

    Name: Kamerin Chambers Home City/Country: Chicago, IL / USA Occupation: Marketing & Communications Professional Website/Social: www.wheresshegoing.com, IG:@wheresshegoing – Passport Stamps Include: Virgin Islands, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Canada, Mexico – 1. My best travel memory so far is… I have so many great travel memories! Each of them are unique in their own way,… Read the rest

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  • 9 Ways to Create Minimalism In Your Office Decor9 Ways to Create Minimalism In Your Office Decor

    This is a guest post by Modern Garden Rooms Minimalism and decluttering are quite literally best friends, soul mates and lifelong partners. It’s all about the mindset of eliminating the unnecessary things, being conscious of the things we consume but most importantly how it influences the way we decorate our living and working space. According to a white paper released by Haworth – millennials are blending their work and personal life so the need for well-thought out special design is imperative. This can easily be applied to business owners who work from home and typically adapt the same behaviour. We believe an office space with minimalist decor is a journey to an open mind, increased productivity and calmness –all of which are necessities for running a successful business. Here are 9 Easy Ways to Create Minimalism 1. Ditch Ornaments and Buy Low-Maintenance Plants It’s all good and well having neutrality in your office colour scheme – however, we’ve discovered that a touch of nature is proven to increase your productivity. Try these classic and easy to care for plants in your work space.   9 Low Maintenance Plants For the Office 2. Pick Your Colours and Textures Wisely We previously shared how colour choices boost our mood which should certainly help attain the feel for your dream office. However, minimalism within an office is easily achieved through accents or neutral colours. Try incorporating your wall colours into cushions, pens, storage and other smaller items to add little details and accents to your space – remember that minimalism doesn’t have to be boring, don’t be afraid to play with textured pieces to further accentuate areas of your office. Home Office Paint Colour Ideas 3. Invest in Quality Products Over Lots of Quantity Products Do you have 10 shirts in your wardrobe but only really wear half of them? This mentality can be easily applied to decorating your home office in a minimalist style. Joshua Becker reinforces how buying fewer things and investing in higher quality items wasn’t a conscious decision, this goes hand in hand when incorporating a minimalist decor and lifestyle. With all the tips on this list, ensure the pieces you do decide to invest in are of high quality and have a purpose – whether that be daily use or assisting with the mood of your overall home office. 4. Make Use of Mirrors to Open Up Small Spaces If your office is on the small side, don’t let this put you off designing your space to the fullest. Carefully placed mirrors are a great way of opening up small spaces as they reflect light, ‘opening up’ your office and are a great way to incorporate decoration if you’re not into installing art pieces. Still struggling to open up your space? Read how we deal with small home office space 10 Design And Storage Tips To Make The Most Of Your Small Office 5. Pick Storage That is Practical and Functional With minimalism you want little-to-no clutter – this means your storage choices need to tuck away a vast majority of your office supplies as a must. If you’re going for clean lines, simplicity and rigidity in your storage furniture can compliment your space amazingly. However, if you’re after a touch of personality or something a little different in addition to your clean lines and simple space – invest in an antique as a statement piece within your office.   Creating A Minimalist Work Environment – It’s Easier Than You Think 6. Install Minimal Art at Eye Level  Don’t be put off installing art for the sake of minimalism –  consider proportion and ease of view. This is actually a great, simple way to accent your space in place of other furniture and accessories. Keep in mind that your office is a space to work in, but a small personal touch can go miles in terms of minimalist decor. Styling A Minimalist Home Office 7. Incorporate Wooden Furniture Joyce Bromberg over at Convene states that materials such as wood and other textiles are associated with a ‘warm, cozy feeling’. This is something that demolishes all stereotype of minimalism being cold and boring. Natural materials such as wood is another way to incorporate nature and work in harmony with placing plants on top of too. Go With Wood For The Happy Home Office 8. Make Time a Statement An incredibly easy way to incorporate minimalism beyond anything else is having a minimalist statement piece. This can be something as easy as a big clock on your wall to easily keep your tasks on track instead of rummaging for your phone. 9. Most Importantly – Work With What You’ve Got Already have some furniture from other rooms in your house to move into your office? What about designing your office in line with the textures and colours your home already has – Remember that simplicity and minimalism go hand in hand and it’s very likely you already have items in your household to use as decor and practical items in your home office. Author Bio: John Stuart works on behalf of Modern Garden Room in outreach and content creation. He creates engaging content that help businesses connect with their audience and stand out from the crowd.  

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  • Examining our expectations and what it means to deeply let go.Examining our expectations and what it means to deeply let go.

    Sweet Seekers! (As in, fellow humans looking for lightness and direction-refinement…) Here’s your second installment of Free & Clear. (Last week was RETROSPECTION). This week’s theme: LETTING GO AND EXPECTATIONS. Sometimes the letting-go process feels really sexy and empowering. Burn it! Nix it! Bye! And sometimes, we want to hold on (grip, cuddle, cling) to things. What if I need it? If I polish it up, then can I keep it? But I worked so hard on this… There are times to get amped up and “just let that shit go.” But letting go usually involves other people, or hopes that we’ve carried a long time, and letting go can be connected to our livelihood. If you’re a loving, mindful creature (which you are, because you’re reading this), then letting go is typically entangled with some considerations. Because you care — about others, and your mental health. Whether you need to perform major surgery on your commitments, or you need to just blow some shit up and walk away. Healthy letting go requires mindfulness. So let’s really feel and think this through to get you free and clear. THIS EXERCISE…goes deeper. This week we’re going to open a door that’s easy to miss when we want to clean out what’s holding us back. We’re going to examine what it FEELS like to let go of stuff. Not WHAT we’re getting rid of or changing, but the sensation (ecstasy? terror?) of releasing and changing. And it turns out that those emotions are very wrapped up in expectations.  This exercise is not about making fast, high-pressure decisions about overhauling your entire life in five steps. This is much more fluid and abstract. I’m just asking you to consider how some behaviours feel. We want to point light on our subconscious so that our decisions — when it comes time to make them — are much more conscious. We’re going to go at this from two directions. One: Your Expectations. Two: What you hold dear to you. Get out your journal to do the exercises below. Or download your LETTING GO worksheet HERE.    We need to work from the inside, out. So let’s start with the hugely emotional, proudly powerful, often tragically unexamined territory of expectations. Shall we?! STEP 1: WORD WARM UP What’s your definition of the term “expectations”? What do you associate it with? STEP 2: YOUR EXPECTATIONS (Go with the first thought that comes to mind.) What expectations do you currently have of… Yourself: Your important relationship #1: Your important relationship #2: Your community (work or societal or both): Life (your Creator, God, support system): STEP 3: A WILD CONSIDERATION How would you feel if you let those expectations go? I’m not suggesting that you do. Just explore it. What would shift for you? Something to consider: It’s incredibly hard to NOT have expectations. Expectations are part of human desire. And… excessive expectations will block your fulfillment because life will never be able to meet your demands or fantasies that come from scarcity. And…holding on to expectations with desperate or demanding energy will drain the sweet fuck out of you. And then you end up too brittle and tired to magnetize anything to you — or enjoy it if you do get what you want. STEP 1: STUFF + LIFESTYLE In terms of your stuff (material possessions) and your lifestyle (adventure, freedom, education, time, interests) what do you hold most precious? Scan your home, all that you own, etc. Then, review your schedule, your hobbies, your career, your favourite activities and the perks of your life and identify your Most Precious Things. (i.e. your phone, car, heirlooms, favourite boots, most expensive sweater, art work, your house, your vacations, all of your air mile points, your stellar reputation, your free time, your network of amazing professionals, your summer, the money in your rainy day account, your highly curated music collection, your make-up, your purse, your best winter coat, your bed, your website…) What would give you acute panic to part with? What are you loath to let go of? What do you think that you could not live without? STEP 2: GIVE IT AWAY Imagine giving away your Most Precious Thing(s). Not just going without it for a little while, but actually giving it away to other people — for them to enjoy and benefit from. How do you feel? Imagine giving away hundreds of your Most Precious Thing(s). They would have it and you wouldn’t. Imagine giving it away freely. With a smile. To anyone and everyone. How does that feel? Terrifying? Heavy with guilt? Panicky? Pissed right off? Energizing? Relieved? This could bring up a dozen different intense emotions. There’s no right or wrong “result” with this contemplation. Maybe it touches on your longing, your wounds of inadequacy, addictions. Maybe it fills you with gratitude or a feeling that so much more is possible. You may rifle through the list of “precious things” and see what you would NEVER part with. You might realize that what’s most important to you has never been named. Without all the stuff, and the perks, and the things that you’ve worked for…what’s your most Precious Thing? (Hint: You, and what only you can give to the world.) We’re going to jam on this together. Live TODAY! HERE on Facebook at [12pm PST/ 3pm EST]. We’ll analyze what needs to stay and what needs to go, and get you closer to… Free & Clear. Let Go. Because in the chaos-crazy times, we need to question what’s worked, what hasn’t, and how we’re going to create something better — for ourselves and each other. Clarity is power. All Love,       Before you go… Book recos: Start Where You Are, Pema Chodron Tunes: Some tunes for your contemplations…  Kingdom Come, Raury Coming Home, Leon Bridges Sisters of Mercy, Serena Ryder Landslide, Antony Ascension, Maxwell For You, Angus & Julia Stone You Can’t Always Get What You Want, The Rolling Stones LISTEN ON SPOTIFY HERE: SWEET LETTING GO PLAYLIST   The post Examining our expectations and what it means to deeply let go. appeared first on Danielle LaPorte: white hot truth + sermons on life.

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  • Interview with Sen. Al Franken of MinnesotaInterview with Sen. Al Franken of Minnesota

    This is a Moms Clean Air Force exclusive interview Moms Clean Air Force did their annual action in Washington, D.C. during

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  • Environmental JusticeEnvironmental Justice

    Lately I've been thinking a lot about the zero waste movement's association with privilege. Recently I visited my old neighborhood and entered an old factory full of carcinogenic asbestos, stuffed to the rafters with trash. You have to climb a pile of garbage three stories high, with trees shooting up out of it, to even enter the building. One level was covered exclusively in e-waste, chemicals from which leached into the ground. Another housed treated wood, needles, and other biohazards. Sadly, illegal dumping wasn't limited to a single factory, threatening the nearby community's water supply and putting residents at risk for low level lead poisoning. Some were seriously injured stripping abandoned buildings of scrap metal and other materials for resale. The surrounding area appears post apocalyptic- bombed out-looking roads, homes with collapsing roofs and porches, deserted cars lining the block. A man slowly pushed a broken shopping cart full of aluminum cans down the street, picking up smashed ones rolling by. One lady shouted to be careful and make sure I didn't take my phone out around others.The trash comes from affluent suburbs within the greater metropolitan area, and waste removal companies were allowed to dump as they pleased- but if local residents were caught tossing anything, they faced fines among other, often more severe, penalties. This is but one example of severe racial disparity in proximity to hazardous waste sites and enforced environmental laws. Cleaning up these sites is difficult because some of the owners are now in jail, or they owe back taxes, making them hard to track down. When you finally do reach them, liability provisions make owners unwilling to relinquish or assess contaminated land. Then there's the trouble of funding. Land use regulations limit prospective developers' flexibility. Discriminatory real estate, lending, and insurance practices put secure housing out of reach for most. Decaying urban areas with shrunken tax bases have no money for necessary municipal services like trash collection and disposal. Who wants to invest in an area literally overflowing with waste? How do you rezone a place like that? And how do you get residents to trust developers after decades of disinvestment, broken promises, and disappointment?People talk a lot about how sustainable living is too expensive or impractical for the general population. But when I see people living like this- and there are a lot of illegal dumping sites and makeshift landfills in my area- it makes me think discarding trash and having it carted away is really a function of privilege. If I throw out packaging from a Daiya pumpkin spice cheesecake, I don't ever have to deal with it again. My trash gets shipped off to a lower income neighborhood, or a so-called developing country, where somebody my age, with probably the same aspirations and desires as me, literally gets buried alive in it. Their children will suffer from asthma and other low level chronic health threats caused by industrial chemicals I use and purchase- not mine (speaking hypothetically, I still don't want children). So it bothers me that the zero waste movement is associated with environmental racism, when garbage is so widely used as a tool of oppression.I worked in sustainability for almost ten years, primarily with urban communities, and saw many ideas to improve living conditions shut down by bureaucracy or political barriers. Zero waste is the only professional arena where I actually saw concrete change, where people actually told me they felt healthier and happier, like their lives were better. Almost anyone, regardless of income, can say no to a plastic straw or a paper napkin. Everyone benefits when they buy primarily because they need something, not simply because they want something new. The underlying causes of environmental racism are systemic and deeply entrenched. They are not going to be fixed with a social media post. They're not even going to be fixed by government! I was at COP21. The throwaway mentality causing humans to view things- and people- as disposable is essentially a spiritual problem requiring a spiritual solution, and you can't legislate people's attitudes. But you can influence them.When you vote, you're accountable for whatever that politician does, because you put them in office. Shopping is voting, and we're accountable for everything we put in the trash. Corporations frequently ignore governments, but they can't ignore consumers. Force their hand, and things happen. Raw materials are cheap right now, but the costs associated with recycling, repair, and biodegradable goods are high. Anyone can use social media to demand better materials, and more recycling and repair options. Anyone can stop buying unnecessary items. If those who have access to unpackaged products take advantage of it, or use their means to repair instead of buying new, we can lower the cost of raw materials and increase accessibility to durable goods. That's why I think zero waste is a real way to mitigate the environmental evils people face now. And I KNOW zero waste isn't just an elite concern.Eight years ago I did a guerrilla gardening program with kids from an urban housing project. Recently, one of the girls, who at the time wasn't even a teenager and had already been shot and worse, told me she was upset I wrote here that some people are so poor, and struggling so much, that they can't afford to care about zero waste. That was the most disenfranchising thing I could have said, because, believe it or not, struggling people do think about things beyond mere survival. They imagine more beautiful, greener lives too, and assuming they can't do anything for the zero waste movement strips them of agency same as speculation and displacement. Historically a lot of urban programs fail when they focus only on housing, legislation, and zoning, but don't account for things like beauty and culture, which everyone- yes, even poor people and minorities- need. And zero waste is beauty and culture.Sunday I went to an urban garden in an adjacent neighborhood. My sister and I rototilled that land, which was once an abandoned lot, and neighborhood kids took ownership of it. Now, seven years later, they have fresh berries and currants and lettuce and the most delicious ugly carrots and tomatoes in what was once a food desert. My friend Stacie, who started speaking to classes in inner city schools about racism after her son's friend was shot to death by a white police officer in 2014, met me there. She pointed out the upcycled bird feeder her son made out of plastic bottles, the rain barrel kids painted, and compost they turned themselves. She also introduced me to four boys sitting on a bench laughing. She caught one trying to break into her car and literally dragged him by the ear to pull weeds. "They weren't up to any good, so I gave them something good to do," she explained. "If anyone thinks zero waste is equivalent to victimization, tell them to come to Forest Hills and see real victimization. Put that in your blog post." For every person that says zero waste is only for the privileged, the white, and the affluent, I have an email from someone who associates the behavior with cheapskates, ascetism, or Depression-era thinking. I mentioned this to a friend who suffered extreme racism growing up (she did not grow up in the US). At one point, as a direct result of prejudice and exclusionary legal practices, she scavenged streets for spare change just to afford enough for a single meal. To this day she saves every little scrap and wastes nothing. She thinks it's funny zero waste is perceived as an elitist trend, because, as she put it, "I was zero waste before blogging was even a thing, only we didn't call it that. It was called desperation then." I've mentioned my elderly neighbor in the 7eme before, who is wealthy and white and reused little confiture and yogurt jars and produced maybe one tiny bag of trash per month. I told her I had an objectif zero dechet, because of a French woman named Bea Johnson. She said she had one too, because of the Nazis. She was a child when they occupied Paris, and she's Jewish, so she learned to save and reuse everything back then, when she was suffering. The point of this all is, dismissing zero waste as a marker of affluence won't contribute to environmental justice. And drawing dividing lines between the privileged and not (who's the judge of that anyway? I once called a coworker privileged but she'd worked in Atlanta inner city schools for fifteen years and did amazing things- I felt so stupid) won't help, either. Based on case studies and my (admittedly limited) working knowledge of sustainability in urban communities, here are some things that can bring about workable solutions now:Follow the money. To tackle deeply entrenched problems, I'm sorry, but you have to move rich people, if success stories like Dudley Street are any indicator. Show investors brownfields and abandoned industrial sites aren't liabilities, they're assets. Get them to see these places, not as health threatening eyesores, but as potential playgrounds and parks and spaces for homes and businesses. You can do this by eliciting stories from local residents and being strategic about use of media. Overcoming legal hurdles heavily depends on gaining clout with officials, and they're not going to do anything unless they think it'll benefit business and wealthy people, so highlighting inspirational stories from the local community can help them see reinvestment as a benefit to cultural and institutional arrangements.Organize massive cleanups. It has to be extreme- my mistake in the past has been planning small scale cleanups when in reality you have to tow away tons of cars, scrap a bunch of shopping carts, literally strain rivers of cigarettes and plastic bottles, etc. Like decluttering or dieting, little steps won't help much, because it's just enough to make you feel deprived, but not enough for immediate gratification, i.e. visible results. Social media is a good way of mobilizing people- especially youth- to take part, but for long term sustainability, you need to get people off social media and away from their phones so they can actually work and help.Involve everyone. Planning committees, trustee boards, and community leadership must equally, not proportionally, represent all races and income levels to prevent infighting. Plus if you want tackle problems like absentee landlords or unfair zoning, if you want government to delegate eminent domain to low income communities, if you want development without displacement, you need all the lawyers and developers with all the cultural inputs and sensitivity you can get.  When building and institutionalizing civic capacity, it's especially important to get youth involved- in the long term, this ensures a well-developed economic base so longtime residents, not just incoming hipsters, benefit equally. This is why places like the Flats in Cleveland failed in the past. If the businesses and housing are too expensive for the existing community, you have gangs coming back, and it's going to go downhill again, same as it did when I was a kid, and again when my mom was younger... but places like Fairmont Creamery or businesses like Dave's Supermarket and Perfectly Imperfect, which reinvest in the community and provide fresh produce and healthy food to people in food deserts, will sustain growth in the long run.Enable low income residents. This might mean teaching kids to propagate their own plants from clippings, food scraps, and donated seeds; or establishing free classes and counseling on everything from zero waste to finance assembly (which a lot of zero wasters are already doing). Prospective homebuyers, and hopefully future zero wasters (I don't really like that term but whatever), need confidence, skills, and knowledge to overcome long-established obstacles.Landscape open space. A garden can fix any problem, be it societal or environmental, and it's a proven way to stabilize a community, restore unbuildable (is that a word?) land, and contain hazardous waste. A lot about a half acre large, depending on what you plant, can remediate lead-containing soil so it's clean enough to grow crops in as little as three years. Eventually these plots can be redeveloped for food production or value added food enterprises. In the meantime, urban gardens mitigate pollution and allow residents to affirm cultural identities. Public art (see The Heidelberg Project, House Poem) is similarly helpful in that it nurtures culture and fosters creativity, which is a hallmark of successful initiatives that transformed unlivable areas into vibrant ones.Focus on what you can do, not what you can't. I know not everyone can afford fancy jars or has the luxury of driving all over the place to bulk shops. I've been there. Not everyone even has access to real fruits and vegetables- this summer I gave a toddler his first raspberry and it broke my heart. He'd never had a piece of fruit that hadn't come in a can or plastic cup before. But everyone can say no to some disposables. Most people can use, say, knotted t-shirts or pillowcases instead of plastic bags. Use a rag instead of paper towel, or collect dishwater to flush the toilet, or turn the water off while brushing teeth, or use baking soda and bar soap instead of packaged toiletries. Everyone can make personal choices to consume as little of earth's resources and produce as little waste as possible according to their unique circumstances, and challenge their lifestyle to ensure future sustainability.One of the women I mentioned just used a menstrual cup for the first time, and it was lifechanging for her, but she never had enough money at one time to invest in one- it was gifted. Right now, because everyone automatically assumes durable goods are too expensive without actually thinking about it, there's limited demand for loans for circular economy solutions. The infrastructure necessary for extended producer responsibility, recollection, and recycling can change business classification to include waste management, bringing a host of requirements and regulations many companies can't afford to take on until more consumers demand them. Instead of writing off the zero waste movement entirely, why don't we take practical steps to get reusables into the hands of people who could not otherwise afford them? I already know women who are using the money they've saved by going zero waste (or the money they've made from blogging about it) to donate to womens' shelters, or provide reusable feminine hygiene products, or purchase seeds for inner city school gardens. There's a lot of sacrifice and hard work going on behind the scenes that people aren't seeing on social media. If you have an idea- a concrete, specific idea, not just an abstraction- about how the zero waste community can help victims of environmental racism, tell me! I want to hear if there's a school or an organization you know of that needs reusables or a garden or a business that needs crowdfunding or something. I want to know how to do better. But don't just say zero waste is too expensive or unrealistic. I'm sick of hearing that from people who haven't tried it or who are too prejudiced to really look at the movement closely. And while I'm ranting, people can stop trying to guess my ethnicity too. You'll never get it right! I'm every color of the rainbow. I'm basically a Doug character!

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  • Become The LightBecome The Light

    After the horrific events that took place this week in Las Vegas, like everyone else I find myself speechless and heartbroken. I've been struggling all week to figure out what I can say, write, or do to help. When I looked at the Here We Are editorial calendar for ideas, every item of better, brighter, easier content seemed disrespectful and trivial during this sad time.  In looking for a quote to share with you, I researched Mother Teresa and found one that is often misattributed to her, although the sentiment could easily be hers.  There is a LIGHT in this world. A healing spirit more powerful than any darkness we may encounter. We sometimes lose sight of this force when there is suffering, and too much pain. Then suddenly, the spirit will emerge through the lives of ordinary people who hear a call and answer in extraordinary ways. ~ Richard Attenborough It's past time for this nonsense to stop. An obvious statement that leaves us all with an indefinite answer of how to obtain that result. I suppose we can each start becoming the light and answer the call in whatever way it manifests. Until we find a solution, perhaps these words will lend some comfort and inspiration, even in a small way. ~ Luci    

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  • On Superhuman SurrenderOn Superhuman Surrender

    Last week I had the wildest experience of my life at the beach — and I wanted to make sure I shared it with you right away. With our big launch edging ever-closer, I’ve spent the past month or so stuck inside and glued to my laptop, and last week I was officially worn out. I was feeling restless after countless hours in my inbox and proofing web pages, I decided to take my work with me down to the shore and answer a few emails with the wind in my hair and the sand between my toes… … But let’s be real: No one really gets that much work done by the ocean (no matter how many ultra-glam photos we see of women in flowing white dresses happily working on their Macbooks from a beach chair.) It was in the middle of a workday. I could have been sending emails and scheduling calls. But instead, I decided I needed a break — like, really needed one. I jumped into the Pacific and swam out, as I always do, as far as I can get beyond the reaches of the shore. Once my feet can’t touch the bottom and the people on the shore look tiny, I feel truly free. It was just the sky, the water, and me. That’s when I heard it. Shark! A man was shouting. Treading water, I turned around to face the beach. What?! To my genuine shock, he was pointing at me and waving frantically. There’s a shark! Right behind you! There’s a fin! For a split second my blood ran cold, and I frantically started kicking backwards and searching the water for the fin in a panic. Until I noticed… …It wasn’t a shark at all. It was a dolphin. A whole pod of them actually. And they were swimming all around me. A pod of dolphins came to visit at the beach today. ❤️ A post shared by Natalie MacNeil (@nataliemacneil) on Sep 17, 2017 at 4:10pm PDT I’m not ashamed to say, amazing reader, that my panic immediately slipped from my body and was replaced with an unadulterated childlike joy. I started to laugh, and cry out in surprise, and watch them swimming underneath and around me. Not everyone is an ultra wellness nerd like me, so you may not know this: but dolphin sounds actually have some really incredible therapeutic side effects. Swimming with dolphins can create physiological cell and tissue change in the body, and “echolocation” sounds from dolphins are so intense that they can even modify human brainwave activity. And in that moment? I really felt it. The dolphins swam back and forth for an hour or so, with me laughing and splashing along with them and potentially looking like a bit of a loon to anyone watching from the beach. But in that moment I felt so free — from the stress, from the obstacles in my way, and from the work that has yet to be done. I stayed in the water until night fell and took the warm sunshine with it, and I walked back up the chilly beach, still illuminated and laughing in shock. Did that really just happen? Did I just have a Disney Princess moment off the California coast? Here’s the reason I’m telling you this story: Because when the dolphins came? I could have been chained to my desk. I could have forced myself (and my adrenals) to stay answering every single email and reading and re-reading pages on the new site until I wore myself out. But instead? I chose to surrender. I chose to listen to my body when it told me that I needed a break, and go to the ocean where my new dolphin friends were waiting for me. And as a result, I could get back to my work refreshed, raring to go, and feeling — dare I say it — superhuman. If you’ve read my books The Conquer Kit or Conquer Your Year, you’ll know I’m a huge supporter of the idea of “balanced ambition”. Inside my Conquer Kit, I even help you plan out each month’s goals for money, career & learning, giving back, health, and relationships — as well as business goals. And this right here? This playtime with the dolphins? This is why — and why this exercise is the last section of our Superhuman September series. Because there’s more to life — and sanity, let’s be real — than micromanaging your business and making sure everything’s absolutely perfect. It’s so important to balance our ambition with our lives — our real lives. While it can feel instinctive to work around the clock as entrepreneurs, especially when things get tough, we truly owe it to ourselves to take time and space to grow more of ourselves. To deepen our relationships. To improve our health. To learn. To master our money. And to give back. So for today, I challenge you to give my Balanced Ambition Month Mapping technique a shot. Here’s how to do it: Take out a sheet of paper and make two columns. First, mark the right-hand column “Business goals”. Underneath that header, write in what you want to achieve this month in your business (whether that’s posting more on social media, outlining a new product, or starting your next book). Then in the left-hand column, I want you to make a category called “Balanced Ambition”. In that column, write out: Money Career & Learning Giving back Health Relationships Then, write in a small goal for each category; like drinking more water, putting 10% of your earnings away into savings, or calling your bestie once a week. Finally, pull your brand new Month Map out of your journal or notebook, or print it off your computer, and post it somewhere you can see it clearly, and do your best to hit all of your goals — especially your Balanced Ambition ones. It might shock you how much more you can create — and get done!

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  • Outfit Inspiration Denim Dress Styled 2 WaysOutfit Inspiration Denim Dress Styled 2 Ways

    It’s finally Fall and finally time to start my  Fall Capsule Wardrobe Challenge. It seems like I’ve been planning for it FOREVER. Fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on how you look it, our weather is still very warm.  On one hand, it’s fantastic because we can open the windows and still enjoy time outside.  Especially during Fall Break.  The bad part is it’s hard to create (and work with a capsule wardrobe) when it’s 40 degrees higher than it will be 2 months from now. I will undoubtedly have to make a few adjustments to my capsule in a week or two. However warm or cold it gets, putting this denim dress in my capsule was a no-brainer.   A denim dress can be worn in so many ways. Booties     I found this one at White House Black Mark on a sale rack and loved it immediately.  Unfortunately, it’s now sold out.  But there are always other options out there for you.  I found 2 for you to consider. Button Down Denim Dress Fun Denim Dress Here, I’m showing my dress paired with peep-toe booties and then again with leggings, short booties, and a scarf. Similiar Booties ~ Scarf Later, I plan to wear this denim dress with tall boots and tights.  You could easily put on a cute pair of sneakers and just run errands in this and be perfectly cute and comfortable. Whether you choose to go bare legged in the warmer months or add tights or leggings in winter, a denim dress can be a staple and take you through several months and many seasons. With a denim dress that buttons down the front, I would add a belt if I were wearing it to church or to dinner. I don’t know about you, but it seems church is one of the only “dressed up” occasions my life offers these days.  Haha.  Since we spend a lot of time there, that’s usually where my mind goes when I think of “dressing something up”.  That’s not a bad thing!! I noticed a lot of denim dresses are a little longer in the back than the front.  That makes happy.  It definitely makes me feel a little more comfortable when I’m moving around.  Showing everyone my business is not a fun surprise (especially at church).  If you find great denim dresses, be sure to let me know.  I may be ready for a new one soon!! Be sure to say Hello on Facebook.  I can’t wait to meet you. God Bless you!!!           *This post contains affiliate links.  If you click on them, it’s possible I could receive some compensation.  I don’t recommend anything I don’t love and use myself.  I appreciate your support. The post Outfit Inspiration Denim Dress Styled 2 Ways appeared first on justdoingmybest.

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  • Organic Free Range Eggs Are They Good For You?Organic Free Range Eggs Are They Good For You?

    Organic Free Range Eggs Are They Good For You? Lately, I have been eating a lot of organic free range eggs. The other day, as I sat down to eat yet another boiled egg I thought about writing an article on them. And then I thought I don’t really know much about eggs and maybe I am eating too many of them? So, my... [Read More] The post Organic Free Range Eggs Are They Good For You? appeared first on Aging Naturally.

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  • Prison for SurvivorsPrison for Survivors

    This blog was cross-posted from Medium. Earlier this year, a woman named Clara arrived at the United States border seeking protection from gender-based harm she faced in West Africa. She had endured an arduous journey trying to reach the U.S. border, where officials registered her claim for asylum. Rather than release her to pursue her case, however, officials sent Clara into the vast network of immigration detention facilities across the U.S. Since arriving in this country, she has been treated like a criminal, shackled and transferred multiple times between different detention facilities, awaiting a final decision on her request for protection that will determine her fate.

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  • Color Code Your Way To An Organized Workspace – InfographicColor Code Your Way To An Organized Workspace – Infographic

    Color code your way to an organized space with this great infographic from our friends at Quill.com! Color code your way to an organized workspace with office productsInfographic by Quill

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  • Chia Seed Oil Does It Really Make Your Skin Soft?Chia Seed Oil Does It Really Make Your Skin Soft?

    Chia Seed Oil Does It Really Make Your Skin Soft? Recently I bought some chia seed oil and I have to say, it is absolutely lovely on the skin. I actually went to buy some facial serum and grabbed the chia oil by mistake. When I got home and realised my blunder, I decided to keep the oil and have used it as I would a... [Read More] The post Chia Seed Oil Does It Really Make Your Skin Soft? appeared first on Aging Naturally.

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  • Why I Went Zero WasteWhy I Went Zero Waste

    I'm writing this because Bea Johnson's Zero Waste Home changed my life. Because I'm a narcissist, I assume it will change yours too.Zero waste is an industrial term applied to a consumer movement towards a circular economy where, much like Amy Schumer’s comedy, material is reused and recycled infinitely. This means reimagining design, manufacturing, and recovery to divert or recapture as much as possible from the waste stream. It involves using only biodegradable or reclaimable technical nutrients that nourish, rather than harm, the environment. More importantly, it requires changing habits: buying less, choosing quality over quantity, and demanding durable, not disposable, goods. Zero waste is the way our grandparents lived, a lifestyle we rejected because we were too busy swiping left to cook anything but shrink wrapped meals.The zero waste movement grew partly because of increased awareness of the dangers of climate change. According to a 2016 EPA report, municipal solid waste landfills were the third largest contribution of any methane source in the United States. Convenience comes at a cost, and we live with the consequences of having everything precut, prewashed, air conditioned, and delivered. Mostly, however, the movement’s increased popularity can be attributed to inspiring women like Johnson, who drew attention to the lifestyle via social media. The story of an empowered French woman forging environmental change in America resonated with me, though my background couldn’t be more different.I grew up really far from the Gallic countryside, in an economically depressed suburb of Cleveland. My family composted, had a vegetable garden, upcycled everything from paper bags to twist ties, and owned Ferngully on VHS. We lived in a small, 200 year old farmhouse, where we climbed trees in thrift store clothing, picking apples and pears off the branches (we also played a lot by the creek out back, which was filled with sewage). My mom, despite working full time and raising us alone, sewed our clothes and cooked homemade gluten-free meals every day. Most people think I’m an only child, which should probably bother me. I’m the oldest of six.This upbringing- at the intersection of post-Occupation Korean frugality and third-generation American conspicuous consumption- turned me into sort of a Beyonce / Sasha Fierce, ecologically speaking, minus the talent, money, and beauty. Anybody can be a good little planeteer until they hit puberty and start caring about what other people think. I went from scavenging $0.50 secondhand Comme des Garçons jeans to spending my whole allowance at Wet Seal. My curly hair, which I once wore long, like a Stevie Nicks dress, became frizzy and brittle under the eurocentric rigors of ceramic straighteners. I was trapped in a vicious cycle requiring more products, more chemicals, more time spent fighting my sister for the bathroom every morning, all so I could fit into a typically Midwestern thermos of jocks, cheerleaders, sk8r bois, and AP nerds whose names I don't remember.They were different times, those dark days when my AIM buddy list looked like a Hollister catalog and I barely knew what a carbon sink was. I graduated high school and bought a ticket to Paris, my first trip outside the country alone, indulging in every mini disposable product and travel gadget Target had to offer. I went to Zara and spent graduation money on stuff I’d wear once, then toss as soon as photos appeared on Facebook. Back then, I pretended I didn’t derive unparalleled joy from identifying wildlife habitats listed in Janine Benyus’ field guides, or secretly extol Arne Naess’ ideas of all-encompassing natural relationships as I applied glitter lotion to my forearms every night.Everything changed in college, when, confronted with the fact my family could never be proud of any major not requiring a semester of organic chemistry, I ditched plans to become a teacher. My mom suggested taking a sustainability course. The class opened my eyes to the absurdities of resource mismanagement, industrialized food production, and my own personal overconsumption. I suddenly understood why Morrissey preferred animals to people. The more I read, the more helpless and hypocritical I felt. I drove everywhere, drank bottled water, and ate too many Snickers. Frustrated with the disconnect between what I learned and how I lived, I asked a professor for guidance.She sent me an article about the Johnsons, a family of four trying to live trash-free in California. Looking at pictures of their organized cabinets gave me the sensation of clean, crisp mountain air caressing my face while biting into a York Peppermint Patty. Unpackaged bulk items rested beautifully in the pantry, unencumbered by labels. Non-toxic, non-polluting bar soap surrounded by air plants lent a minimalist appeal to the bathroom. The zero waste home, in all its white, plastic-free purity, was the domestic manifestation of Tilda Swinton, better than any Nancy Meyer movie house.Even more striking was what Bea Johnson herself represented. Here was someone living her values and inspiring others to do the same. Next semester, I tested the zero waste lifestyle for a school project. At first I tried a week, then a month. The experiment gradually slipped into a year. My allergies disappeared. Instead of buying paper towels and plastic wrap, I saved money by switching to cloth for cleaning or carrying sandwiches. I started eating vegan. I walked to class, and for the first time in my life, noticed a hint of Kardashian-like posterior tautness. Grocers quizzed me about my package-free objectives. I found this oddly gratifying, probably because I love attention. Once I saw how rewarding zero waste living was, I didn’t want to stop. It was kind of like seeing Kim and Kanye together for the first time- it just made sense.That zero waste project showed me how basic I was. I chose to go from a simple, contented upbringing where I freely experienced culture and nature to letting others tell me it wasn’t enough- there was a ton of stuff I needed instead. The magazines I read and people I hung around influenced what I thought I should wear (fast fashion), or buy (pumpkin spice lattes), or look like (any of the original Laguna Beach cast members). As is the case for so many from my generation, I’d lost my sense of direction, becoming fully dependent on peers and marketers to shape my identity. Zero waste gave me my independence back, however dramatic that sounds.It also helped me start a new life in another country. That year, I met a Frenchman in a speakeasy in the Marais. We married a few weeks later. I’d basically only ever lived in Cleveland, and suddenly found myself in an unfamiliar place, with a different language, and a culture surprisingly alien to me. Want a surefire conversation starter with Parisians? Tell vendors at farmer’s markets you want fresh produce or bread in your own cloth bags. Curious neighbors inquired about the glass jars and wicker shopping cart I wheeled around everyday. They learned my name, and I learned their stories. I asked about their kids, and they asked about my cats. I arrived a shy, scared foreigner, but zero waste broke the ice, making me feel at home right away.It all went full circle, I guess, from the Cleveland girl reading about Bea Johnson’s zero waste activism stateside to the Cleveland girl composting on a little balcony in Montmartre. Critics argue, however, that zero waste isn’t practical for everybody. Can millennials, who are so obligation-averse they can barely commit to a Netflix series, go zero waste while still having enough time and money to cultivate their personal brand? I think so. I’ve seen firsthand how zero waste helps others achieve happier, healthier lives, and it’s not as difficult or extreme as one might think. That, along with my near pathological need for affirmation, is the reason I started this blog: to provide busy people a flexible means of transitioning to a simpler, more sustainable lifestyle. Not everyone lives in a city with bulk shopping, or has the spare time and resources to make everything from scratch. I wrote this for those who might not realize they have the circumstances to go zero waste yet.To see Bea Johnson speak in Toronto for the first time, purchase tickets here. This was supposed to be the introduction to a book I couldn't finish because, well, I'm not a good writer. I don't have the creativity required for a coherent Instagram message, let alone a blog post, let alone an entire book.  I meant to publish it as my first blog post but it was too annoying. By now you must be used to me so I figure this is as good a time as any, it's the spiritual sequel to this post. I took the photos in Amber and Dylan's beautiful Rooke's Nest.

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  • Women’s Financial PlanningWomen’s Financial Planning

    If you spend any time at all on my website, you’ll quickly discover that I focus on serving widows, divorcees, and other independent women. One of the primary reasons for my deliberate focus on helping women is based largely on my Mom’s story and her financial experience after she and my Dad divorced many years ago. But there are other, more subtle reasons why, and I’d like to share a couple with you today . . . Wealthcare – my financial planning and advice process – isn’t designed to be gender specific. In fact, it works equally well for men, couples, young, old, and pretty much anyone else. In fact, while my focus is on serving women, I have some couples I’ve worked with for many years. If you continue to come back to Wealthcare, then you will see a lot of posts that are targeted towards single women, but even if you’re married, I would love to work with you. A lot of women that are married or are in relationships that don’t have the financial knowledge that they need. It’s important that even if you’re married, that you keep up with your finances. But I think Wealthcare is particularly well-suited to women, and it’s because my approach to financial planning for women involves first getting the money out of the way so we can talk about what’s really important in your life and the lives of those that you care about. Certainly not all, but most guys just want to talk about the money and investing and returns and track records and things like that. Values, go, ls and priorities are an afterthought if they’re thought of at all. The true value of my work with women is spending the important and necessary time up-front to learn about and understand what’s most important in your life. What makes you tick. What brings a smile to your face and warmth to your heart. Some of these things will require money to achieve, but not necessarily all of them. And it’s not just an initial exercise that is soon forgotten as we turn our attention to your money and savings and investments and other financial matters. Just the opposite. Your values, goals, and priorities are the foundation for the plan we create for you and they permeate all the work we do and conversations we have together. In fact, whenever we sit down to review your financial strategy or address any questions you may have, we’ll always go back to your goals (ideal and acceptable) and make sure they’re still aligned with your values and what’s important in your life. Money is just one way to keep score. I think the better way is to work towards checking off your goals and dreams as you focus on living your best possible life. Love it or hate it, money is what makes the world go around. There is nothing that we can do about that, but it’s important that you have the resources and knowledge that you need to make the best decisions for you and your family. When you’re managing your finances, there are dozens and dozens of different factors that you will need to look at to ensure that you’re managing your recourses wisely. If you don’t manage your finances well, then that’s going to keep you from reaching your goals, regardless of what they are. If you want to open up your own business, or retire to a tropical island, then it’s vital that you take hold of your money as soon as possible. It all starts with a phone call, and I’d love to hear from you. If you have any questions about finances or need any specific advice, please contact me today. I would love to answer any questions that you have, and ensure that you’re getting the financial guidance that you deserve. This website is going to cover everything from life insurance to investments methods. It’s my goal to cover everything from A-Z. I hope this website becomes your one-stop-shop for everything that you need for your wealth. If you want to take advantage of all my resources and to get some personalized advance and guidance, it’s very easy to do. The first thing that you should do is request a call (which is very easy to do. All that you have to do is click the green button in the top-right corner and then pick an available date). After you’ve scheduled your call, we will talk and complete a discovery session. During this call, we will look at what your goals and dreams are. This is going to be the foundation of your financial map. If we don’t know where we are going, how can we know how to get there? The next part will be building your action plan. This is going to be the different steps that you will need to take to achieve your goals and have financial peace of mind. To get started with your financial journey, all that you have to do is request a call. Regardless of what your relationship status is, or what kind of financial background that you have, please request a call today. I would love to talk to you and help you build a map that will lead you directly to all of your dreams. One of the worst things that you can do is let your finances run themselves. The post Women’s Financial Planning appeared first on Wealthcare For Women.

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  • Outfit Inspiration Floral SkirtOutfit Inspiration Floral Skirt

    I’m just about to start the Fall Capsule Wardrobe Challenge.  Of course, while I pick out 30 clothing items that are supposed to last me through Thanksgiving and Christmas, it’s currently 90 degrees.  Not helpful at all!! I hate to complain about the heat.  I really do.  I know in February, it will be freezing cold, windy, and schools will be canceling left and right.  When we are in the middle of the brutal cold, I’ll be ready for sunshine, flowers, and warmer temps.  But for now………………. For some people Fall is their favorite season.  Some people love Spring the best.  My favorite season is the one that allows me to open the windows.  I live for days when I can have the windows open all day and night.  Bliss!!  It drives my husband bananas!!! Right now, I’m hoping that when Fall finally does come to Tennessee, it will stay cool.  Otherwise, I might have to alter my capsule wardrobe slightly.  I really don’t want to do that. As I pick items that will be in my capsule, versatility is so important.  Everything has to be able to be worn with several other items. Two of the core items from my capsule will be this pretty floral skirt and this bright blue sweater. Florals are very big this fall.  That’s so exciting.  We usually only see dark and dull colors for Fall and Winter.  Floral prints are so cheerful.  And this season flowers are everywhere.  We are seeing flowers on sweaters, pants, jeans, skirts, dresses, and even shoes.  Everything is coming up roses (literally) this winter. This particular floral skirt is from my closet (from Stitch Fix) but I found a few great options to help you put together a similar look. I love a skirt that hits right at the knee.  That’s a really safe length for any occasion.  Too much below the knee and it can look dowdy and aging.  Too much above the knee and it can be difficult to move around, get in and out of the car, etc. without the skirt creeping up too far when you least expect it. Here a few pretty options of floral skirts.  Dark floral Skirt.   Velvet floral skirt.  Pencil floral skirt.  Stretchy floral skirt. I paired my floral skirt with a lovely sweater from Banana Republic.  It comes in several colors.  I chose Royal Blue.  It’s a little out of my comfort zone, but I wanted something bright and cheerful for winter. It’s a crew neck which makes it perfect for jewelry, a scarf or under a jacket.  My favorite thing about this sweater is the ruffle cuff detail.  It makes it a little different but not too WOW that it can’t be worn with a 100 different bottoms. I love a WOW piece, but if it can only be worn one or two ways, then it seems like a waste of money to me. The care label says dry clean.  I don’t mind occasionally dry cleaning.  But, normally sweaters don’t need to dry cleaned every time they are worn.  Air them out (hanging by themselves out in the open for a day or two) after each wearing and you can stretch out the dry cleaning to only a couple of times over the winter. You can find my boots here.  Tall boots are perfect for this look and for winter, but heels, flats, or short boots would work too. There are so many floral options out there for you to be right on trend this Fall and Winter!! If you like this look, here is another of my favorite combinations from my capsule wardrobe. For more outfit inspiration and positivity, be sure to say Hi on Facebook and Instagram. God Bless you!!           *This post contains affiliate links.  That means it’s possible I could receive some compensation if you click on the links.  I don’t recommend anything I don’t love and use myself.  Thanks so much for your support. The post Outfit Inspiration Floral Skirt appeared first on justdoingmybest.

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  • Celebrating Ten Years of Disability Work at WRCCelebrating Ten Years of Disability Work at WRC

    “I think it is important to share with you that I am a woman who has a disability. This doesn’t stop me though... I feel I have a very important job to do. I am working to make women and girls safer… those who are not always included in activities, those who are often forgotten about. I can remember times when that was me... Now, I am very active, I am a leader in our community… and I work as a social worker. I feel I have valuable things to add and that I can advocate for [them] because I understand their needs.” (Mieraf, My’ani Camp)

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  • What Is The Difference Between Legal Separation And Divorce?What Is The Difference Between Legal Separation And Divorce?

    The dissolution of a marriage can be a difficult and time-consuming process. There are many legal and ethical considerations that must be handled. Legally speaking, there are two options when a married couple decides that they can no longer live together – a legal separation or a divorce. When you’re talking to most people, they use the terms “separated” and “divorced” interchangeably, but these two things are not the same. In fact, they are pretty different and it’s important that you understand the distinctions between them. There are several key differences between the two options. Before you decide on any course of action it is important that you check the laws in your state or residence as family law varies from state to state. Some states do not even allow for a legal separation, although the two spouses can still draw up a legally binding separation agreement on their own, while other states require a legal separation of at least one year before a divorce can be filed for. Legal Separation A legal separation is a contract drawn up by the courts that allow both parties in a marriage to live separately while still maintaining the rights and responsibilities of marriage. Often it is considered a trial separation, allowing both spouses some room to step away from the anger and fighting of the relationship and cool down before deciding whether they want to remain married or not. The details of a separation may vary, but here are the basics: Spouses agree to live separately but remain married. A court order is drawn up defining each parties’ rights and responsibilities, including child custody and if relevant, child and/or spousal support. May keep joint property and bank accounts and each spouse may claim a legal right to assets acquired after the separation unless expressly forbidden in court documents. The parties are still legally married so they may keep health and other benefits coverage. They are still considered next of kin – can still make medical or financial decisions for each other. Each spouse still has a legal right to the property or benefits upon the death of the other. Each may still be held responsible for the debt of the other. They can not remarry. With a legal separation, this can give you time away from each other without having to go through the whole divorce process. If you and your spouse are going through a very difficult time, this separation can give you some space and a cooling down period. There have been countless marriages that have been fixed, just by taking a time of separation. Another advantage of separation versus divorce is that you will be able to receive the benefits of your spouse. If you are a stay-at-home mom, and you don’t have a health insurance plan, and you receive your coverage through your spouse’s work, then you would lose that coverage if you were to be divorced. If you’re worried about losing those insurance benefits, then a separation might be a better option for you. Divorce Divorce is the final step in the dissolution of a marriage, whether or not you first had a legal separation. Once the divorce papers have been signed by both parties and delivered to the court the marriage no longer exists.The parties no longer have any legal rights or responsibilities to each other except those expressly set in the divorce decree. Divorce basics: The marriage is dissolved. The former spouses are not responsible for, or to, each other in any way except those agreed upon and filed with the courts. The divorce decree is a legal document in all states and all details as far as children and support must be adhered to. All joint assets are divided and spouses have no legal right to any property or assets acquired by their former spouse after the divorce. In most cases, the former spouses may no longer provide health coverage for the other. They are no longer considered next of kin – they have no legal right to make medical or financial decisions for each other. They are not responsible for any debt acquired by the other after the divorce. They can legally remarry. Keep in mind that the main difference between a legal separation and a divorce is that a divorce can not be undone. If you are considering leaving your husband, seek the counsel of a family law attorney that is familiar with the domestic laws of your state. Once you know the details, you can make an informed decision about whether a divorce or a legal separation is the right choice for you. Bottom Line I know that going through the divorce process or the separation process can be confusing and difficult. There are dozens of different factors that you will need to consider and it’s an emotional time that will make everything much more difficult. It’s important that you look at all of your options to decide which one is going to be best for you and your family. If you have any questions about either divorce, separation, or which one might be best for you, please contact me today. I would love to answer those questions and give you the information that you need to make educated decisions about your marriage. If you’d like to discuss your situation or would like me to introduce you to a qualified family law attorney that can discuss your legal options with you, please contact me and let’s have a conversation. Image: Smith Debnam The post What Is The Difference Between Legal Separation And Divorce? appeared first on Wealthcare For Women.

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  • The Tricks to Talking Politics from Opposite SidesThe Tricks to Talking Politics from Opposite Sides

    Talking politics with loved ones (and strangers, too) can be a difficult feat even in the best of times. Politics today, however, is far from the best of times. We are in some of the more divisive times I can remember in my lifetime and it’s wreaking havoc in many families. In my office, clients […] The post The Tricks to Talking Politics from Opposite Sides appeared first on Lisa Merlo-Booth.

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  • Four Great Tools For A Productive Home-Based BusinessFour Great Tools For A Productive Home-Based Business

    Anyone running a home-based business knows that setting your own hours and eliminating commute times are two benefits that make it all worthwhile. In addition, in order to make home-based business run effectively, you must be: Self-disciplined Well-organized Eager to learn. Productive workers are always on the lookout for ways to streamline their workload and make every minute count. Below we’ve identified four tools you can use to help you operate a more productive home-based business. If you’re not using them yet, check them out and see how you can make the most of these available technologies. Four Tools For A Productive Home-Based Business 1. Evernote Evernote is an amazing program that easily allows you to create “notes” and access them as needed. Whether the note is typed into the program or a screenshot of a web page, Evernote helps you save and access pertinent information that is needed to run your company successfully. Evernote enables you to organize your business’ data and information into separate notebooks, which enhances organization to the max. Take for example you are a writer and you have five primary clients you are working with. You can create a separate notebook for each client outlining expenses, works produced, invoices, expenses, etc. One of the most notable features of Evernote is that you download the Evernote camera on a mobile device and use it to scan and save documents, such as receipts and business cards. In doing this, you are able to shred paper documentation and decrease clutter in your office. YES! Isn’t that amazing. I’m going to repeat that for you! You are able to shred paper documentation and decrease clutter in your office Saving information and notes in Evernote makes tax time a cinch and gives you a simple way to access paper documents via an electronic method. “Anytime I take a client out to dinner, I scan the receipt with my Evernote camera and it automatically uploads to Evernote; this makes tracking expenses very simple.” 2. WordPress WordPress is an extremely powerful blogging and content management system. Why does a home-based business need a content management system? Because you need to reach your customers in the most effective manner possible. WordPress allows you to reach them via an assortment of content distributed across a variety of platforms. Essentially, WordPress is the home base of your marketing playing field. When sharing content across platforms, WordPress keeps all of it organized and allows you to share it via the click of a single button. More so, this program helps you gain market intelligence because you can easily access readers’ comments and questions regarding the content that you share. “WordPress is my go-to content management system. I have increased my brand awareness by more than 60 percent over the past 12 months, and it’s all thanks to the simplification that WordPress gives me when creating and sharing content across Twitter, Google+, Facebook, and LinkedIn.” 3. Canva As a home-based business, you need to make sure you keep your company looking professional to the public. With Canva, you can keep up with the big boys when it comes to digital and print marketing. Canva is your go-to source for all things related to professional image building and editing. Whether your home-based company is creating a new website or hosting a conference at a local agency, you need to make sure you market yourself professionally. Canva enables you to do this. The program allows you to create stunning marketing items, which helps boost your brand awareness and leaves a lasting impression on consumers and clients. Canva was designed specifically in mind for those who don’t know much about the professional graphic design industry. And since the program is online, all of your designs are saved via the cloud, allowing you to access them from anywhere. What’s the most valuable benefit of Canva? That’s simple — it’s free. That’s right! You can download and use Canva completely free of charge. Even if you have other employees working for you out of your home-based business, Canva allows up to 10 users per account; this means sharing your graphic design ideas and creations with one another is really easy. “Canva allowed my home-based business team to create and share graphic design ideas with each other. We created business cards, graphics for our website, and even printed out brochures. All of this led to our company growing by 20 percent over the past six month.” 4. QuickBooks When it comes to keeping your payroll organized, it is imperative that you don’t make any mistakes. In fact, a single mistake can cost you thousands of dollars (possibly even millions). QuickBooks is a software solution that helps you organize and manage your payroll. It also provides training solutions, marketing tools, and a variety of merchant services. No matter the industry that your home-based business operates in, QuickBooks can help you stay on top of your income and expenses. This program is highly recommended because it easily allows you to send customized invoices and helps you perform instant payment acceptance online; this leads to greater cash flow. You can access which invoices have been paid and even send reminders to clients who have yet to make their payments. Some of the most notable features of QuickBooks are: Multi-currency capabilities Track mileage Automatic backup Invoices Expenses Secure data Payroll Payments Send quotes “QuickBooks helped take my home-based company to the next level of success. I honestly don’t even know how I ran my business before I started using QuickBooks. Now I can go to bed at night resting assured all of my expenses are accounted for and that each client is being billed correctly.” Know Other Tools? These four tools are a small selection of hundreds of productive and efficient tools available on the market. Comment below and share what tools you’re using and what works best for you.  

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  • On Shame and the Healing Power of HonestyOn Shame and the Healing Power of Honesty

    For this installment of Superhuman September, I want to share something that’s been on my heart: Aiming to be “superhuman” isn’t all about green juice and planning for your goals. It also includes being honest with yourself about what’s not working, what’s frustrating you, and what’s not so great. I’ve shared a lot in recent months about the challenges I’ve faced over the last year; about my move, and ending my relationship, and the challenges of bringing an entire life and business to a whole other country. I’m currently also facing some obstacles I can’t talk about quite yet — the biggest I’ve ever faced due to some unexpected events. And on top of all that? I’m also a bit shamefaced to admit: everything I had planned as part of our rebrand (our new website, my series with Entrepreneur Magazine, and more) has been delayed. The hardest part? There’s no real reason why besides “It’s just taking longer than it needs to.” I have an excellent team who are working hard around the clock. But technology and timelines haven’t been where we need them to be. These things happen. It’s part of the journey of entrepreneurship, and the lesson I keep learning is that sometimes we just can’t force the universe to pan out the way we want it to. It doesn’t feel great. It’s definitely not fun. But sometimes things have to fall apart to fall into place, even if it doesn’t seem as if they will. I think a lot of us carry guilt and shame about something, especially as entrepreneurs — we worry that our website isn’t good enough, that our ideas aren’t good enough, or that we’re not good enough. But part of being superhuman involves being able to face the darker stuff. Right now, I know you might be harboring some frustrations. Maybe you’re trying to launch too, or develop a new concept, or switch up your business model. And maybe it’s not going as well as you hoped. There’s no instant solution. But in my experience, the best thing you can do is…? … Talk about it. Share about it. And be open. #NameYourShame and I promise it will lose its power. They say “sunlight is the best disinfectant”, and that’s especially true for digital entrepreneurship. When we’re open about our difficulties, we give ourselves space to learn, and teach others the lessons we absorb along the way. The more clandestine and quiet we are? The harder it is to hurdle over our challenges and love ourselves. It would amaze you how much can happen when you choose to be vulnerable and open about whatever it is you’re facing. It’s all part of the journey. Our transparency allows us to shine in the light of our self-love and acceptance, and turn our challenges into even greater teachers. That’s why being superhuman isn’t just about health or productivity. It’s about being vulnerable, and allowing ourselves to be exactly who we are, in the experiences we’re having. Make no mistake! We’ll jump back into planning and more “technical” superhuman stuff. But I wanted to share this with you first. If you find yourself in a hole of “entrepreneur shame” feeling like nothing’s going right, and nothing will get done? There are two things I love to do: First: Write down all the things that are making you feel ashamed on a sheet of paper. Allow yourself to feel and acknowledge them. My @#$% site still hasn’t launched… I haven’t had a day off in months… My signature program I worked so hard on isn’t selling well… Then, head outside (emphasis on this part!) with your favorite candle and a lighter, and set the piece of paper on fire. As you watch your shame burn, repeat positive reminders to yourself: The site will launch when it’s ready. I commit to taking off this Saturday. I’ll take a breath from marketing my program, then come back and revisit my strategy. Then the second part: Share about it. Head to Facebook, or Twitter, or Instagram, or your blog, and be open. Talk as openly as you wish about what you learned, and what’s ahead for you. Share what’s on your mind and heart. Then… watch what happens. Be vulnerable. Be true to your journey. Be superhuman. And before you go, I’d love to know: Do you have a favorite way to overcome frustrations when everything seems to be going wrong? A ritual or method that helps to heal your heart? I invite you to share it with me and your fellow readers in the comments below. I’ll see you next week!

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  • Stop Chasing: Leave Space for Others to Come ForthStop Chasing: Leave Space for Others to Come Forth

    The worst move you can make in response to someone not showing up in your relationship is to chase him/her. Chasing, nine times out of ten, leads to the other person running further away. It’s a losing game of cat and mouse almost every time. The more you go after the person by begging, pleading, […] The post Stop Chasing: Leave Space for Others to Come Forth appeared first on Lisa Merlo-Booth.

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  • Outfit Inspiration Fabulous Target Fall FashionOutfit Inspiration Fabulous Target Fall Fashion

    I don’t know about you, but I can get lost in Target. For hours!!  I go in there for a handful of things and the next thing I know my husband is calling me to see if I’m ok. Now that Joanna Gaines is starting a line for Target, OH MY!!!  My husband, may not see me for weeks!! Last week, I went into to Target for a minute (like that was ever going to happen) and noticed their cute Fall fashion. Target seems to really be upping their game when it comes to fashion. They have a new clothing line called “A New Day”.  It’s very fashion forward without making you looking like a teenager.  Which is good because my goal is always, to be trendy, look my age, but NOT dress like my mother.  This line is terrific and, bonus, it’s affordable. While I was at Target, I found some really fun, fall fashion items that won’t break the bank. This dress is so pretty and comes in 3 prints.  If you like dresses a little longer this will be perfect with either tall boots or heels. Jacket here/ Jeans here/ Boots here   If you’re looking for fun, affordable shoes for Fall, these are super cute for running around town.  Velvet – yes!!!!! I don’t mind spending good money on good core pieces for my wardrobe.  Especially if I will use them quite a bit.  But, for trendy items that may or may not be in fashion next year, inexpensive is the way to go.  That way if a shirt or dress doesn’t last until next year, it’s OK, I don’t have to feel guilty about spending the money. On this Target trip, I found this awesome embroidered sleeve utility jacket. This jacket will be perfect for running around town, taking my daughter to her activities, errands, and my favorite activity – antiquing.  It’s light but not too light.  It’s not lined, so you can bulk up with layers underneath on colder days. It can get super cold here in TN, but usually not until Jan or Feb and we don’t normally get much in the way of snow.  So, I need to stay warm, but I don’t need a down parka with a hood. I’ve paired the jacket with a simple shirt, skinny jeans, and booties.  It would be really cute with a denim shirt and winter white jeans. You’re probably not going to launder a jacket very often, but when you do, I would turn this one inside out and wash it on a gentle cycle.  Dry on a light cycle for about 15 mins and then hang dry.  This is how I wash my jeans as well. Since things like this tend to sell out, I found a few more jackets for you to check out, just in case!!  First choice.   Second choice.  Third Choice.   Target fall fashion is so fun and on point.  Do you have any favorites from Target?  Find me on Facebook and Instagram and show me. In case you missed it, here are my favorite boots for this Fall. God bless you,           *This post contains affiliate links.  If you click on them, it’s possible I could receive some compensation.  I don’t recommend anything I don’t use or love myself.  Thanks so much for your support. The post Outfit Inspiration Fabulous Target Fall Fashion appeared first on justdoingmybest.

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  • Set Intentions (TwoWords #24)Set Intentions (TwoWords #24)

    As the new autumn season falls into our lives with promises of sweet apple pie, spooky pumpkins, cozy sweaters, and crisp cool breezes, it's time to reset our focus. Everyone is busy checking off one list after another, but being busy should not be an excuse to miss out on wonderful autumnal experiences. That pesky "to-do" list, if not well managed, is the proverbial bad apple that spoils the whole barrel of fun you want and NEED to have. When that happens our energy is sapped, and the next day feels like the one before it. You can avoid this by making sure to SET INTENTIONS, these #TwoWords can have a big influence on how much, how often, and how present you are when it comes to enjoying life's fun.  If you are a regular reader of Here We Are, you'll remember that - in the beginning of summer 2017 - I wrote Summer Fun: What's On Your List?. Unlike the obligatory business, family, household to-do list, this one reflects your personal desires to make yourself happy during this particular time of year. In other words, only write down the fun stuff! Do NOT include work goals, deadlines, or chores. Do express things you love, like, enjoy, want to try, have dreamed about doing, think would be fun, and desire to discover (or in some cases re-discover). List the big and small pleasures that fill your heart and soul. Take some time this weekend to sit down quietly and write up your list. Now that the summer has past, I can report back to you that I listed 32 items of which I thoroughly enjoyed 18 summertime, good old-fashioned fun activities {I'll carry over a few non-seasonal items into my "Fall 2017" list}. Some of my initial ideas morphed a bit, and some dates got switched up, a few were nixed due to bad weather, but the gist of the list remained the same... It made me do the things I desired! LESSON: Stick to your list and make time for it (i.e., YOU). Throughout the summer, I found myself referring to my list again and again, and getting annoyed when I didn't plan for something. What I learned through this process is that it really is just about setting the intention to do 1, 2, 3 items on a particular day and then DOING them. It sounds so simple, but we all know how the day can get away from us, then the weeks slip by, and suddenly summer turns into fall.  Last time, I put the article under TV, Film, And Pop Culture because it seemed to fit with summer fun... When the livin' is better, brighter, and easier (ok, I couldn't resist that one). This article is going under the category of Health and Wellness because fall is the season that sets the tone for the upcoming holiday rush, winter, flu season, etc. A little fun can put a lot of pressure and stress into perspective.  Happy Autumn! And remember these #TwoWords as you SET INTENTIONS to make this fall season one you will remember! ~ Luci P.S. Share one thing from your list in the comments below. You might give someone else a great idea!  

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  • Post Hurricane Harvey: Interview with Dr. Robert BullardPost Hurricane Harvey: Interview with Dr. Robert Bullard

    This is a Moms Clean Air Force exclusive interview with Dr. Robert D. Bullard. Dr. Bullard is known as the “Father of  Environmental

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  • Overnight Vanilla Chia Seed Pudding with Greek YogurtOvernight Vanilla Chia Seed Pudding with Greek Yogurt

    Inspiring Pretty The main struggle with any diet is sticking to it. The same goes when you overhaul with changing your eating habit altogether. It’s easy (and very tempting) to fall back to your old, convenient habits before getting the new habits to stick. Changing habits takes effort and in terms of food, healthier meals seldom require less preparation than unhealthy options. This overnight chia seed pudding recipe is how I’m changing my morning habits. For me, the biggest struggle is taking the time to plan out and prepare meals in advance during the week. I can make a delicious riced cauliflower for a Sunday dinner, but I struggle to find a healthy and filling breakfast on Tuesday morning when I have ten minutes before I am out the door. Then I am left either with a less than ideal breakfast or a growling stomach at 11 AM. I have made a lot of improvements to my nutrition adding more vegetables to my low-glycemic diet and juicing to treat my PCOS, but daily meal prep requires a lot of effort and discipline and I am still working toward to permanent changes. My diet philosophy is to add healthy foods that you enjoy and stick to them. If you continue to add delicious and healthy foods to your diet, then unhealthy ones will fall eventually out without any extraneous depravation or effort. Part of my attempt to transform my diet is to find delicious foods that I can make easily and quickly. This chia seed pudding recipe makes a quick and delicious breakfast and dessert that fits my needs. It is low-calorie, low-carb and low-glycemic. The Greek yogurt provides protein and the chia seeds provide fat to keep you full for hours. It’s surprisingly low-calorie and low-carb with less than 200 calories and 15 carbs. I love that the ingredients are relatively cheap, easy to find and natural, so I do not have many excuses as to why I can’t make it. I use homemade vanilla following Smitten Kitchen’s recipe. Given my baking habits, homemade vanilla made from vanilla beans and bourbon or vodka turned out to be cheaper than buying vanilla. If you are not a fan of vanilla, you can try other flavors such as matcha, honey or cinnamon. I’ve tried them all and I love them all. Switching up flavors has helped me stay on a routine without getting nauseated from eating it over and over. For this chia seed pudding recipe, first combine the Greek yogurt, vanilla, almond milk and stevia (or other sweetener) in a bowl. The pudding should be somewhat soupy. You need this moisture for the chia seeds that come next. Add the chia seeds and combine thoroughly. Place the bowl into the fridge (covered or uncovered) and let it sit overnight. In the morning, the chia seeds will have sucked up some of the moisture and the pudding will be more solid. Enjoy the filling meal at under 200 calories! Overnight Vanilla Chia Seed Pudding CuisineBreakfast, Dessert, Gluten-Free, Low-Glycemic Servings1 serving Prep Time10 minutes Passive Time10 hours Ingredients 1cup Greek yogurt 1tbsp chia seeds 1tbsp vanilla extract 1-2tbsp almond milk steviato taste, or other sweetener Instructions Combine the Greek yogurt, vanilla extract, almond milk and stevia (or other sweetener) in a bowl. Add the chia seeds and combine thoroughly. Place the bowl into the fridge (covered or uncovered) and let it sit overnight. Enjoy the chia seed pudding in the morning! If you are looking for chia seed comparison tool, try this out. Overnight Vanilla Chia Seed Pudding with Greek Yogurt

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  • Declutter Clinic: Should I Sell, Donate, Or Throw It Out?Declutter Clinic: Should I Sell, Donate, Or Throw It Out?

        One of my mottoes is: Have what you love; use what you have.  Anything that doesn’t serve you, doesn’t earn a place in your life. But an obstacle to decluttering that many people face is deciding what to do with the stuff they get rid of. Unfortunately, this dilemma can be so confusing that some people get completely immobilized – they end up unable to part with their stuff because they can’t decide where it should go. Don’t let confusion stop you from releasing unloved, unused things from your home and your life. Instead, use this guide. 1. When To Sell Your Clutter If it’s worth good money, you should sell it, right? Well, not necessarily. When you’re decluttering, only allocate something to the ‘Sell’ pile if: 1. It’s worth more than it would cost to organize the sale (list online, hold a garage sale, etc), and 2. You can be bothered to do the work to organize the sale. The second point is crucial. If you know you’re unlikely to ever get around to doing what’s needed to sell your items, then save yourself time and guilt and don’t tell yourself you’ll sell. If you’re looking for ways to make cash, then that’s a different matter. But if your top priority is to declutter your home and your life, then don’t create unnecessary hurdles. Skip the ‘Sell’ pile. 2. When To Donate Your Clutter You should donate everything you can, shouldn’t you? Again, not so simple. Everyone has their own sense of what’s donate-able. I have a pretty high threshold for donation and will only give stuff to charity that: Looks appealing – nothing tatty, rusty, etc Is in working condition – nothing in need of repair Is decent quality – nothing that’s basically junk. I figure that donating questionable stuff only makes more work for the charity, so I toss anything that doesn’t meet these criteria. You may be more or less strict with your standards. But if in doubt, throw it out! Only allocate something to the ‘Donate’ pile if: It’s in good condition and/or It’s sell-worthy, but you can’t be bothered to sell it. 3. When To Throw Away Your Clutter If you’re a seasoned declutterer, then by all means sell or donate your heart out. And if it doesn’t meet selling or donating standards, then toss it. But what if you simply can’t decide? If you’re fighting years of hoarding, or deep-seated procrastination, or a profound sense of overwhelm, then don’t let indecision about what to sell or donate stop you from clearing the clutter. Instead, simply put everything into a bag and let it go. Yes you’re wasting it, but having it in your home when you don’t love or use it is wasting it too, and it’s also costing you stress and clutter and quite possibly happiness. Now let me be clear: I’m not suggesting you throw stuff away out of laziness or disregard for landfills, or cluelessness about poverty. If you can navigate these issues then I think you should. But if you’re in such a state that you need to start somewhere very simple (and many people are; we all get overwhelmed sometimes), then I think it’s okay to start where you are and do what you can. Once you begin the decluttering habit, you’ll gain confidence and can donate many future bags to worthy causes. But until you make a start, your stuff isn’t doing anyone any good. Declutter Clinic Summary To sum up: Sell it if: It’s worth more than the cost of selling and You’re motivated enough to organize the sale. Donate it if: It’s in good condition and The question of donating versing tossing won’t immobilize you. For everything else, throw it away! And enjoy the time, space, and mental clarity you’ll gain. Note: This article originally appeared in my Get Organized Newsletter. It has updated in September 2017 with the video.

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  • 30 Piece Year Round Wardrobe30 Piece Year Round Wardrobe

     I'm grateful for everyone who has followed my journey from tenuous grip on reality to brink of sanity, so it seems only fair to give you an update now that I've descended into complete madness. And thank you so much for your lovely messages of concern. I promise I'm ok. Yesterday I drank kombucha that I did not brew, so life is pretty good right now. As you know, I finally ended the Khloe Lamar relationship I had with cardigans, taking the advice of Genevieve Antoine Dariaux and wearing coats instead of a separate sweater or jacket, which Jane Birkin still does. I gave away my espadrilles because one of my French friends- actually, friend is a strong term- hated them, comparing them to ballerines. It seemed unreasonable to have so many pairs of shoes in such a small wardrobe, and white sneakers are just as breathable and summery, but more versatile, less cliche American girl pretending to be French anyway.A little context: Now I work in an office with a business casual dress code (I still need formal business attire 2+ days a week), hike on lunch breaks, commute by car to work, garden, swim, clean, etc. These secondhand clothes withstand everything, and since weather doesn't vary much from season to season, I don't need a separate capsule every few months. There's enough that my clothes and shoes rest between wears, and I don't think I've mended anything once this year (Paris was a lot rougher on clothes). I can wash everything in a single laundry load with castile soap and hang dry- even woolens dry overnight.Levi's Wedgie high rise, Coyote DesertClassic tint Levi'sLevi's Wedgie cuff shortsEquipment cotton shirt (heavily tailored)L'ecole des Femmes Oui shirtPlaid Isabel Marant Etoile shirtBlack H&M tank topBlack American Apparel crop top and circle skirtBlack H&M ribbed topReformation Piper topReformation Axel bodysuitAmerican Apparel ponte foil dressDior black dressDior navy dressDior gray dressLouis Vuitton black wool skirtAmerican Apparel grey dressLouis Vuitton raincoatCamel Dior coatA Wool Story socks, hat, and mittensMerino wool turtleneckPact Organic socks and leggingsChristian Louboutin simple pumpsFerragamo VaraStuart Weitzman bootsNike Wedge Sky Hi'sNike Air Force 1'sLongchamp PliageAmerican Apparel swimsuitFour bras, ten bottoms, four garter belts, one pair Swedish StockingsThat's it! I promise, I'm not demanding that everyone reduce their wardrobe to this point. Because I'm self-absorbed, I was under the impression these posts were about me, not you. Plus I have very little control over my own life right now, and what I wear is one of the few things I can control, so I'm taking these rigors to an extreme. But I don't think my life is very different from the average twenty something working person. I go to work and have fun and hang out with friends and travel with only these clothes, so it's definitely possible to exist in today's modern society without needing a different outfit for every single occasion. I detailed costs in this post. I budgeted comparatively more for things like shoes because, at the time of purchase, my feet were my main mode of transportation. Along with lingerie, they form the basis for everything else, so it makes sense to spend a little. Coats are another important investment piece, at least if you live in the city, since everyone sees you in them most days of the year. I prefer lightweight, natural, temperature regulating fibers, like linen, camel, or merino wool, but wear a small percentage of synthetics. Anyway, even when my life and emotions are unstable, my wardrobe remains constant, enduring. Each garment has survived unspeakable abuse, and I cherish them more each day, probably because they don't constantly disappoint me like humans do.

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  • 4 Life Lessons From Wonder Woman Every Woman Can Take To Heart4 Life Lessons From Wonder Woman Every Woman Can Take To Heart

    We don’t typically stray too far into entertainment here, but we happen to be approaching the end of a summer during which one of the most important films for young women in recent memory came out. Wonder Woman was an inspired effort by director Patty Jenkins and star actress Gal Gadot, and one that earned a great deal of acclaim across the world of cinematic review. In part, it was a relief simply because it was a very fun, very well made movie. But it was also a major film for female empowerment, and not just in a superficial sense. We see this as an important event not just in film or entertainment, but for women in general. So with that said, here are four life lessons women can learn from Wonder Woman. 1.  Natural Bodies Are Beautiful We’ve written before about body shaming, and it’s something that’s done in a subtle way in films all the time. Women are often digitally retouched or edited to look unrealistic, thus reinforcing harmful perceptions about what the “ideal” woman looks like. Similarly, overweight women (or men, to be fair) are often mocked on screen as if it’s a joke we’re all okay with. Well, Wonder Woman takes a more natural and realistic approach. Sure, Gadot has clearly worked hard on her body to get into superhero shape, but she wasn’t retouched or enhanced to be so fit or curvy as to be unrealistic. In fact, Twitter celebrated her thigh jiggle at one point in the film, and it’s also been pointed out that other powerful women in the film displayed aging skin and other imperfections. These are small but important messages that should teach young women to be okay with their bodies. 2. Women Can Lead Men By 2017 this ought to be obvious, and yet young women still look at a world in which men constantly try to assert themselves as superior leaders. Men are in charge of more high profile companies, men are the most prominent coaches and athletes, and men dominate politics for the most part. In the U.S., in particular, this has been emphasized, as a deeply experienced female candidate lost the presidential election to a man with a history of misogynist comments. But Wonder Woman teaches us in no uncertain terms that a strong and capable woman can absolutely inspire a following and lead men. Logically, this should be no surprise, but it’s wonderful to see an example played out on screen. 3. Women Can Be Mentors This is similar to the second point, but it’s something worth noting specifically with regard to cinematic examples. From Good Will Hunting to Batman Begins, we’re used to seeing not only male leads, but male mentors for those leads. Wonder Woman took a different approach, with its lead character raised and taught by a full community of goddess-like women. It’s actually interesting that they tapped into ancient Greek culture, as the ancients seemed to have a healthier idea regarding female role models. Even now when we celebrate their mythology we give equal attention to women. There’s a prominent series of arcade games online called “Age of the Gods,” featuring slot reels devoted to different characters. And among them, entire games are modeled after the likes of Athena, goddess of wisdom, and the Fate Sisters of mythology. The ancient world celebrated such characters, and Wonder Woman echoed that world with its female leaders and mentors. Young women may be inspired now to seek out similar figures in their own lives. 4.  Action Beats Hesitation It’s sad to say so, but a lot of women in today’s business world are hesitant to assert themselves because of the prevailing culture of male dominance and authority. Women can be uncertain about speaking up or taking action independently, for fear of rebuke or disappointment. But the actual character of Wonder Woman should teach a powerful example in the other direction. Another article looking at lessons to learn from the character, specifically for teachers, stated that Diana (Wonder Woman’s real name) conquers “No Man’s Land” in the film because she’s willing to act. The not-so-subtle message there is that a woman can do what no man ever has; but the more valuable life lesson is to take action when you know you’re capable. Related articles across the web Wonder Woman’s Patty Jenkins to become highest-paid female director in history Gal Gadot dishes out a harsh reality check to people who are body-shaming the new Wonder Woman Wonder Woman Won Comic-Con ‘Wonder Woman 2’ Finally, Officially Lassos Director Patty Jenkins The post 4 Life Lessons From Wonder Woman Every Woman Can Take To Heart appeared first on Naaree.com - Women At Work | Indian Woman's Magazine.

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  • Crushed Egg Shells Makes The Perfect SupplementCrushed Egg Shells Makes The Perfect Supplement

    Crushed Egg Shells Makes The Perfect Supplement Crushed egg shells are now on my anti aging list of things to do. If you are in the habit of throwing away your shells, now you can use them for all sorts of great reasons. The best reason of all, the shells of an egg are a great source of minerals and some amino... [Read More] The post Crushed Egg Shells Makes The Perfect Supplement appeared first on Aging Naturally.

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  • Superhuman September Part 3: Out With The OldSuperhuman September Part 3: Out With The Old

    Filled-up journals. Clothes and shoes I don’t wear anymore. Old files on my laptop. Half-finished ideas that never took shape. Habits that no longer serve me. Those are just a few of the things I’ll be donating, recycling, deleting, and throwing away this month. Why’s that? Because in my mind: September is the new January! (Or at least it should be. It’s my favorite time of year to check in with myself and my goals, and set myself up to finish out the year strong.) If you’ve caught the last two posts, you know we’re in the middle of a Superhuman September series, and we’re helping you take stock of how the past year has gone, and what’s ahead. So far we’ve reviewed some fantastic goal setting techniques, and some tips for checking in on your health, current mindset, and more. And now? It’s time to use that beautiful foundation you’ve built so far and make room. Room for more possibilities. Room for new ideas and beauty to flow. Room for shaping the next phase of your year — and your life. That’s right! Today you’re going to be clearing out some of the old stuff — so you can welcome in all the goodness that’s to come. Remember when you’d get new clothes and school supplies just before the start of a new school year? That was my favorite way to end the summer — tossing my old binders and folders, and heading to the store with my Mom to buy crisp new books, pens, and paper. This “making room” piece is especially poignant for me this year, as we’re gearing up to launch the brand new She Takes on the World website too. (How’s that for “out with the old”? We’re ditching an entire website and brand!) So for today, I’m sharing 3 of my favorite clutter-clearing strategies, and the ways I create space for future brilliance to flow in: Clutter-clearing strategy #1: When you make a new purchase, make sure to donate or throw away 1-2 similar items. This is how I keep my closet organized! Every time I buy a new outfit, I always get rid of at least two pieces of clothing to create more space. You can do this with stuff like books, shoes, old kitchenware, furniture, and more. It’s a great way to welcome in new things to serve you, while keeping your sacred space from becoming too cluttered, or jam-packed with items. Clutter-clearing strategy #2: Review your current online presence. Is there anything that doesn’t align with where you are right now in your business and brand? If you have a website, or social media presence, now is a great time to go through old posts and delete anything that may not be a fit for your current trajectory I found this to be an incredible nourishing process as I worked on my rebrand. It forced me to look at the way I act and share online and ask myself: “Who am I right now? How do I want to see, and be seen by my audience?” (I think you’re going to love the end result, by the way — so stay tuned for that. ) Clutter-clearing strategy #3: Create a consistent decluttering habit. It doesn’t have to involve a total closet overhaul every Sunday night! You can and should start small with this. For example, the last Friday of every month I organize files, review the month ahead, and typically clear any clutter. I find it makes space not just in my home and office, but also in my brain. I’m more focused, energized and excited to work when I know I’m well organized. I talk quite a bit about clearing clutter in my book The Conquer Kit! So to help you along, here’s a snippet of the exercise, pulled right from the book: Pick one day this week to clear out a frequently used area of your home – a desk, a bedroom closet, a kitchen utility drawer, or a cabinet. Give your day a fun name like Tackle Tuesday or Weed-Out Wednesday. You’ll need marketers, sticky notes, and one or more “donate” boxes. Group similar items together as you sort. For items you’re not sure about, attach a sticky note and come back to them in a week. The longer they sit unused, the more obvious it wil be that they need to go. If something doesn’t simplify your life, consider removing it. You might sense resistance to letting go. Recognize your internal clutter for what it is and kiss it goodbye. You’ll feel fantastically light after. So now I’m wondering… How about you? Are you a bit of a clutterbug? (No shame in that – it’s so easy to do when you work from home too!) If so, will you be taking any of the three ways mentioned above this week? Let me know in the comments below. And if you tend to be tidier: Do you have any anti-clutter strategies you implement when the seasons are shifting? If you are I’d love to hear them in the comments and add a few ideas to my own list! Happy clutter-clearing — and I’ll see you next week.

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  • Must Have Boots For FallMust Have Boots For Fall

    How was your Summer?  Ours was the usual, hot and steamy.  I’m so ready for cooler weather and all that it brings.  Hot chai tea or hot chocolate. Cozy sweaters, fuzzy socks, and lots of boots. Tall boots, short boots, rain boots, snow boots, I don’t care.  I love (and want) them all!!! I’m getting ready for the Capsule Wardrobe Challenge.  So, I’m dusting off last year’s boots and looking at what needs to be replaced and maybe adding a new pair or two. There are always new colors, new styles, and a few brands every season.  I’m almost giddy just thinking about the possibilities. Let’s face it though, normally one pair of boots isn’t enough.  Stylish boots aren’t always practical.  Practical, weather resistant boots aren’t always stylish. Today, I have a list of a few of my favorite must have boots for Fall and Winter.   I hope you find a few new options for your Fall wardrobe. When you’re considering new boots, I recommend buying leather as often as possible.  I know that can mean spending a little more.  But, genuine leather generally lasts 2-3 times longer and stands up better to rain, sleet, and snow better than vegan/faux leather.  Protecting your real leather and suede with a spray like this one  can also extend their life and keep them looking nice for a long time.  A shoe brush for brushing tired suede back to life and removing dried on dirt is another inexpensive way to keep you and your footwear looking fabulous. Here are a few of my Must Have Boots for Fall ~ Ugg Rain Boots ~ I see a lot of people wearing a pricier brand of rain boots which I’m sure are very nice.  But………  These rain boots are half the price and the soft wool in the bottom is so comfy and warm.  The leg opening is fairly wide, which makes them easy to wear with your pants tucked in.  Check them out in a Leopard Print.  The boots socks they make for these are super cute. Suede Wedge Boots ~  These have been in my closet for 2 years now and I love them!!!  Wedge heels are terrific if you are like me and have a hard time handling regular heels.  Tall suede wedge boots are beautiful with skirts and dresses in the winter. There’s a side zip on these boots to make it easy to get a comfortable fit and adjust your pants if you want to tuck. Leather All Weather Boots ~ When it comes to must have boots for Fall, it’s important to be prepared for bad weather.  These are great for bad weather and are sooooooo comfortable right out of the box.  I chose the wine color.  The black seemed too much like a work boot to me.  The wine or navy make them a little more fashionable while still being very functional.  You’ll be so sporty and still ready for whatever Mother Nature throws at you this season. Ugg Short Boots ~ I’ll be honest with you.  When Ugg boots first came out I thought “Oh My Goodness.  Those are so ugly.” Then, during an incredibly cold winter, I got a pair as a Christmas present from my husband.  And, they were covered in sparkles!!!! Let me just say, if it gets cold where you live, these are AMAZING!!!  If you don’t like the way they look, try to look past that and give them a try.  They are like wearing slippers and keep your feet sooooooooo toasty warm.  You can’t even believe it.  I might have to talk to Santa about these or maybe these.  Ugg tend to run a touch small.  You might want to size up just a little. Leather Riding Boots ~  These tall boots are only a one-inch heel but still wonderful with jeans or a skirt.  Sofft brand is very comfortable with a great tread on the bottom for the weather.  The lace detailing on the back makes them so trendy. Tip For Helping Boots Maintain Their Shape – When you take your boots off at the end of the day, take a rolled up magazine and stuff it inside each boot.  This will help the boot stand up and keep the leather from “breaking” at the ankle. Suede Ankle Booties ~ Whether you wear these dressed up or down, the wider heel will provide a little stability and you’ll be gorgeous in these booties.  Try them with opaque tights and a dress! Buckle Ankle Booties ~ Another stylish option in ankle booties (with a wider heel).  I LOVE these.  I’m a jeans girl and these can certainly be worn dressed up but would be absolutely perfect for jeans.  Both colors are great for Fall and Winter. Colder and wetter weather requires good footwear.  That doesn’t have to mean ugly and boring.  You can look fabulous and still be prepared for whatever the Mother Nature throws your way. Are you taking the Fall Capsule Wardrobe Challenge with me?  Join me on Instagram and Facebook and say Hello and get more outfit inspiration.           *This post contains affiliate links.  If you click on them, it’s possible I could receive some compensation.  I don’t recommend anything I don’t love and/or use myself.  Thanks so much for your support. The post Must Have Boots For Fall appeared first on justdoingmybest.

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  • Drink Up and Say AHHHH To Spa Water At HOMEDrink Up and Say "AHHHH" To Spa Water At HOME

    There are those of us who are either water drinkers or not... If you are, spa water will entice you to drink more water, and if you aren't, you'll be pleasantly surprised how quickly sweetened beverages lose their sparkle. Spa water, AKA water infused with fruit, vegetables, and herbs, is a wonderful, refreshing, less than low calorie treat. Once you try it, you will want to experiment with all kinds of combinations. In the last few years, spa water has made its way from the spa into our kitchens, and as well it should. While it seems so cosmopolitan, it is super easy to make a great tasting pitcher any time of the year. The best thing is that you can't mess it up. After you find a blend you enjoy, its simplicity makes you think, "Why weren't we drinking this all of our lives?" Anyway, you'll be glad to add this to your "recipe" list. Speaking of recipes, there isn't one and that's the beauty of spa water. It can be a blend of whatever ingredients you like. Besides the flavor and ease, there are health benefits, too. First and foremost, you will likely drink more water, keeping you hydrated; and water intake helps flush toxins from the body, which is always a good thing. Depending on your ingredient choices, if you use the ever popular cucumber as a mainstay, your skin can benefit from the nutrients in the cucumber; lemons and limes are said to aid in digestion, and fruit can add vitamins into the mix. The EASY How-To on making the pitcher pictured above: I like to use spring water (or at least filtered water). Peel and slice a cucumber, about a half of a cucumber for a 48 oz. pitcher should be more than enough. Add lime slices and fresh mint leaves (try crushing the mint to release even more flavor). Cover and refrigerate to chill. TIP: Fill an ice cube tray after the blend has melded for ice that has flavor and won't dilute your mixture.  To Serve: Add ice to a glass, stir the mixture, straining it as you pour, then garnish with a dry wedge of lime (so it doesn't drip all over), and enjoy! TIP: Refill the pitcher with water after pouring glasses to use the same ingredients for a second batch. NOTE: Wash all ingredients well before use, especially if they are not organically grown.  Here are some other combos you might like to try:

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  • 10 Ways Women Give Their Power Away (Part II)10 Ways Women Give Their Power Away (Part II)

    Several weeks ago, I wrote the first part of this post (http://lisamerlobooth.com/10-ways-women-give-power-away-part/); here is part II and the remaining five ways women give their power away. These ten ways are some of the most common ways we give our power away; there are many other smaller ways. As a woman, I encourage you to keep […] The post 10 Ways Women Give Their Power Away (Part II) appeared first on Lisa Merlo-Booth.

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  • Foods High In Phytic Acid Will Affect Your TeethFoods High In Phytic Acid Will Affect Your Teeth

    Foods High In Phytic Acid Will Affect Your Teeth For a time I avoided eating foods high in phytic acid (also called Phytate). Why? I hear you ask. Well, it all started with a visit to the Dentist and I was startled when informed, I needed a filling. I also had a chipped tooth from stupidly crunching on one of my son’s hard lollies,... [Read More] The post Foods High In Phytic Acid Will Affect Your Teeth appeared first on Aging Naturally.

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  • 5 Scenic Drives From The Land Down Under5 Scenic Drives From The Land Down Under

    So you’ve always wanted to visit the land down under, and with the weather beginning to warm up, it’s the perfect time to finally start planning the trip! Of course, you’ll want to check out Australia’s more iconic landmarks like the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge, but this country has so much more to offer. If you’ve got the time, hire yourself car and take an Australian road trip. Taking a road trip is a truly unique experience every time. You’ll be able to get up close and personal with the Aussie environment and outback and really immerse yourself in the country! Additionally, you’ll be able to catch a glimpse of the wildlife in their natural habitats—think kangaroos, koalas, and wombats! A road trip is the perfect way to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. In this picturesque country, with truly endless beauty, you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing where to go. Here are 5 scenic drives we recommend when you are in Aussie land: GRAND PACIFIC DRIVE, NEW SOUTH WALES The Grand Pacific Drive is the perfect day drive if you’re looking for a short, beach weekend getaway. Although it’s a relatively short drive, there are plenty of things to do and see on this scenic drive, taking you along the national park and through coastal towns. The Sea Cliff Bridge is a stand out of the drive, as the bridge follows the curves of the coast giving uninterrupted views of the ocean. A great stop on this drive is Stanwell Tops; from here you’ll be able to park your car and watch as hang gliders run off the mountain. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can also take a tandem hang glide with an instructor. GREAT OCEAN ROAD, VICTORIA Arguably Australia’s most scenic drive, the Great Ocean Road is a 243km stretch that takes you past stunning beaches, rain forests, coastal towns, the famous Twelve Apostles, and also allows you to see native wildlife. What more could you ask for?! Like the Grand Pacific drive, it’s the perfect day drive for the weekend and is short and sweet. Alternatively, if you’ve got a few more miles on you, you can take the long drive and it’ll take you to Adelaide. THE RED CENTRE WAY, NORTHERN TERRITORY Also known as the Mereenie Loop Road, this drive on the Red Centre Way takes you on a loop from Alice Springs to the famed Uluru and Kata Tjuta. If you’re looking to experience the real Aussie outback, this is definitely the drive for you. During the day you’ll see endless plains of the red Australian outback placed on a backdrop of vast mountains and blue skies. At night, you’ll see more stars than some people will ever see in a lifetime! THE GREAT TROPICAL DRIVE, QUEENSLAND If you have the luxury of having a few extra days, the Great Tropical Drive is for you. The drive will take you from the scenic city of Cairns through to the quiet seaside towns of Port Douglas and Townsville. But more importantly, you’ll be seeing two world heritage sites: the Daintree Rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef. Be sure to stop by to take in the sites or even explore some of the activities like snorkeling and scuba diving to catch glimpses of the infinite fish and coral. KARIJINI NATIONAL PARK For those of you who like the land more than the ocean, the drive to and in Karijini National Park is for you. You’ll need to take the three-day 1,400km drive from Perth to Karijini with the most popular route through New Norcia, Wongan Hills, Dalwallinu, and Meekatharra. It’s a long drive, but when you get to Karijini it will be breathtaking—the rugged, natural scenery filled with hidden rock pools, falls, and fantastic gorges. This trip is the perfect combination for those that love a long drive, but also hiking and adventuring. There are roads in the national park, but you’ll want to get out on the trails to get up close and personal with the environment and the sights.   **Olivia Bourke, a travel blogger at Great Lost, describes herself as an adventure seeker who simply wants to explore this incredible world we call our home. Originally from the United States, she is currently residing in Australia and is loving every minute exploring the ever so scenic country, one city at a time!

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  • 6 Ways To Create A Productive Morning Routine6 Ways To Create A Productive Morning Routine

    Making a little change in your morning routine will help bring big changes in your life. Imagine how great you’ll feel being more organized. Or how successful you’ll feel when your work and home life balances. We’re going to help you get started and establishing your own routine. We’ve taken advice from all over the web and put it here for you to help you carve out your new life! This article has been republished with additions. The original article appeared in March 2017. 6 Ways To Create A Productive Morning Routine 1. Learn How To Habit Stack A successful morning routine will: Create good habits that lead to achieving your goals faster Eliminate the feeling of being overwhelmed when facing a new day. Learn more about habit stacking as a way to build habits over something you are currently doing already. Why Creating A Meaningful Morning Routine Will Make You More Successful 2. Choose The Right Routine For You The trick to a successful morning routine is to choose tasks that set you up for success. This article 22 Habits to Add to Your Morning Routine Today from Develop Good Habits discusses various tasks to choose from that can help get your day off to the right start. Habits include making the bed, sorting laundry, rebounding and drinking lemon water. Each tip is complete with minutes you can spend on each task. 3. Make Productivity High On The List If you’ve ever wondered what highly productive people do every morning then you’ll love this article; The 5 Productive Morning Routines of Highly Effective People. It’s packed with tips from waking up on time, practicing elimination of decision-making tasks in the morning and a sample of structured routines. 4. Nourish Your Soul 14 Ideas to Create a Soul-nourishing Morning Routine will let you in on the secret to an unhurried morning. You’ll learn how to create a routine, spend the morning in a quiet, relaxed and thoughtful mood, and be able to carry this through the day. Great tips for people who want to be focused and energized through yoga, meditation, good music and exercise. 5. Establish Structure Entrepreneur.com outlined a 24-minute and a six-step process which creates structure. Not just for entrepreneurs, the process will make you look forward to what lies ahead. It comes with a video too. Check it out here: The 24 Minute Morning Routine that will Make You an Entrepreneur 6. Use Technology Why not take advantage of technology to help you get up and going. These apps for both iOS and Android will help make your mornings less stressful. 9 Apps That’ll Make Your Morning Less Stressful Use these findings to help you get up on the right side of bed and make your day a good day, everyday. PS: If you’re also interested in creating an evening routine, you can find our blog here. BONUS: 14 Things Successful People Do Before Breakfast According to a report from the World Economic Forum, here are 14 things successful people do before breakfast. Wake up early Drink water instead of coffee Exercise Work on a top-priority business project Work on a personal-passion project Invest in family time, like reading stories to the kids or cooking a big breakfast together Connect with spouses before you are tired from the day’s activities Make your bed – this leads to a happier and more productive day Network over coffee Meditate to clear your mind Write down things you’re grateful for Plan and strategise for the day ahead Check your email Read the news  

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  • Hotel Love: Quebec City’s Le Château FrontenacHotel Love: Quebec City’s Le Château Frontenac

    Quebec City, Canada is one of the most stunning cities in the Americas. Settled in 1535 by the French, the city retains most of its old European charm, as well as the French language. With its romantic atmosphere, world class festivals and deep-rooted history, this destination has something for every visitor and it’s just a… Read the rest

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  • Days Per Dollar EarnedDays Per Dollar Earned

    I’d like to suggest a different way to think about your income versus your expenses. I call it “days per dollar earned.” When I recently wrote about the Tim Ferriss Financial Plan and shared his concepts of Target Monthly Income and Target Daily Income, I included a note about how it didn’t account for taxes. And as you know, taxes are important. After giving it some more thought as well as considering how to include the impact of taxes, I’ve arrived at dollars per day earned. And while I don’t expect this to become part of the personal finance lexicon, my hope is that you might find it helpful in managing your own finances. First, let’s start with an assumption. Let’s say you earn take-home (after-tax) pay of $2,500 every two weeks. In other words, your after-tax, after-401k-contribution spendable income is $5,000 per month. But rather than thinking in terms of months or your two-week pay period, let’s break down your after-tax earnings into a daily figure. $2,500 divided by 14 days = $178.57. That means $178.57 is your dollars earned per day on an after-tax basis. But I want to flip this around a bit and look at it from a different angle. Let’s say that your lifestyle and all its associated expenses cost you $2,000 every two weeks. Given your after-tax earnings above, that means your “days per dollar earned” quantifies the relationship between what you bring home in after-tax earnings and your lifestyle expenses. In this example, if your lifestyle, on average, costs $2,000 to maintain for two weeks, we can do some simple math to calculate your days per dollar earned. If you can comfortably live on $2,000 for 14 days, that equals $142.86 per day. ($2,000 divided by 14 days) If you earn $2,500 after-tax every two weeks, this means that if we divide $2,500 by $142.86, we get 17.5 days. This means that based on your current lifestyle, each paycheck will last you 17.5 days before you run out of money. Now clearly this isn’t rocket science, but I think it might prove helpful as a tool to reconcile your income with your ongoing expenses. And for some of you, perhaps it makes more sense to think of this on a monthly basis. To do this, simply divide your monthly after-tax income of $5,000 by $142.84 to get 35 days. This means that your bi-weekly paycheck, based on the numbers above, will last you 17.5 days, or 3.5 days into the 3rd week of each month. Or, on a monthly basis, your after-tax income will carry you through the month and 5 days into the next month. This indicates that you’re living within your means. Or in budgeting terms, you’re operating at a surplus because your income is greater than your expenses. But what if your days per dollar earned were under 14 (biweekly) or under 30 (monthly)? Let’s flip the numbers and assume that you earn $2,000 after-tax every two weeks, but your lifestyle costs $2,500 every two weeks. Based on lifestyle expenses of $2,500 for a two week period, if we divide by 14 days, we see your lifestyle costs you $178.57 per day. But your income of $2,000 equals $142.86 per day. If we divide your 2-week income of $2,000 by your average expenses per day of $178.57, we get 11.2 days. On a monthly basis, if we divide $4,000 monthly income by your average daily expenses, we find your income only covers 22.4 days of your monthly expenses. Obviously, if your income isn’t enough to cover your expenses, then you’re operating at a deficit. Your lifestyle costs more than your income can support. If you read about the soaring levels of consumer debt, it seems that most folks are living beyond their means. And I’ve had conversations with some folks about their “fake it til you make it” mentality where they expect their earnings to eventually catch up and surpass the cost of their lifestyle. All I can say is good luck with that strategy. So what’s the big deal with this idea of “days per dollar earned”? How will it transform your budgeting and finances? Frankly, I doubt it will lead to any earth-shattering realizations for any of you, but I’m hopeful that by introducing you to a different way of looking at your income versus your expenses, it will provide some better self-awareness of which way your finances are heading. No one likes budgeting. I’m no exception. But instead of budgeting and looking at every bill and every paycheck down to the penny, I suggest instead that you first look at things from more of a bird’s eye view. And whether that’s using something like monthly discretionary income, target daily income, or days per dollar earned, find what works best for you to first build awareness and ultimately measure and manage your finances on an ongoing basis. As the well-known management consultant Peter Drucker once said, If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. The post Days Per Dollar Earned appeared first on Wealthcare For Women.

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  • Best Way To Get Rid Of Cellulite Doing It My WayBest Way To Get Rid Of Cellulite Doing It My Way

    Best Way To Get Rid Of Cellulite Doing It My Way The best way to get rid of cellulite can be a lot of diverse strategies for different people. Having lived with the idea that something like cellulite cannot be got rid of. I just lived with it and didn’t bother even trying to eliminate this skin condition. There are so many products out there, all claiming... [Read More] The post Best Way To Get Rid Of Cellulite Doing It My Way appeared first on Aging Naturally.

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  • Is Zero Waste More Expensive?Is Zero Waste More Expensive?

    At my lowest point this year, I lived out of my car. I don't want to spend much time discussing it, especially in light of what's happening today, because I know I had it really good. Everybody helped me and was nice to me and in between nights in a national park I enjoyed travel to amazing places. So, for the record, I know my life is privileged and ridiculous and not anywhere near the realm of reality for most, even when I was sleeping in a car. Before reaching that point, I sold off most possessions flaunted on this blog- my wedding ring, computer, and flatware, surprisingly, were hard to part with, and I didn't even like my wedding ring! Turns out even with like twelve secondhand things a person can be materialistic (I still worked more than 40 hours a week and needed business attire, so I kept some clothes, sold others. I didn't want people to realize I lived out of my car, and having few possessions made this easier. I could hide everything I owned in a suitcase in the trunk). My mom used to joke that someday I'd live in a cardboard box but wear Versace. It's funny now that I look back on it. I'd never wear Versace.The point of me mentioning this is, I know zero waste is not more expensive because I couldn't afford bottled water, chemical-laden personal products, or Kleenex, but I could refill a mason jar I found on the street at parks or libraries and use handkerchiefs I got for next to nothing at a thrift shop and washed in a waterfall with a multitasking bar of soap that was free from Whole Foods thanks to digital coupons. I can't eat gluten, so a lot of packaged options most people rely on when they live in cars were impossible for me. Citrus and carrots and bulk nuts and other long-lasting fresh produce (including organic rescued produce) kept me healthy and satisfied instead. I still eat a lot of rescued and homegrown food even now, and a lot more raw foods without sauces or preservatives, since I couldn't cook in the car. This style of eating results in natural savings (note: this post is not directed at people who live in food deserts or who, because of environmental racism, do not have access to fresh fruits and vegetables).Anyway, now that, like Britney Spears, who keeps popping up after you think she’s ceased being relevant, I've bounced back with a nice job at a great company and a nice home, I'm back to my fantasy life of tufting my own organic mattresses and grinding my own organic nut flours. That means I can write entitled posts like this again. Note these cost comparisons are not intended to reflect the typical expenses of the average middle-class young professional, just my own personal ones (back when I had a 401k and savings- when I was selling off possessions, I was not buying makeup or nonessentials). These lists are partial, and do not include everything I bought in pre-zero waste days (it was too much... I got sick of typing). I got a lot of zero waste items for free or secondhand, but assumed highest possible costs, whereas for conventional items, I assumed lowest possible costs without coupons. Please remember: my version of zero waste does not have to be your version. If I have one sweater, I'm not saying you should have only one too. In fact, if I do something, that's a clue you should absolutely not do it! As Alden says, please take everything with a grain of Himalayan pink salt. BeautyPre-Zero WasteZero wasteMakeup For Ever HD foundation$43W3ll People mascara$21.99Nars blush / bronzer$42Elate cosmetics blush / bronzer and compacts (compacts are one time purchases)$68Dior mascara$29.50Ecotools brushes (one time purchase)$9.72Mac pressed powder$29Eyelash curler (purchased pre zero waste)$20Smashbox eyeliner pen$22Eyeliner$18Mac lipstick$17.50Urb Apothecary lip balm (four per year)$48Clinique toner$15Washcloths$7St. Ives Apricot Scrub$3Coconut oil (enough to fill a pint jar)$3Clean and Clear acne kit$17Castile soap (12 bars a year, and that's for everything- dishwashing, laundry, etc.)$41.88Neutrogena makeup remover wipes$7.99Essential oils (I usually make or get these for free, so I only buy three a year)$17.85Clinique makeup remover$19Brush with Bamboo Toothbrush (4 pack) and Dental Lace dispenser + four refills$26.72Cotton rounds$5.99Baking soda (I spend $29 per year on this on average, for everything)$29Toilet paper (assuming a 12 pack)$15.59Safety razor and blades (one time purchase)$32Philosophy body wash$18Mooncup (one time purchase)$25Jergens tanning lotion (which smells like garbage)$8.69Sugaring (yearly estimated)$36Shampoo and conditioner$7.33Total yearly cost$404.64Hair straightening serum$9.99Hair straightening protectant$10.99Tampons (three months worth)$15.25Razor and blades$23.99Total three month cost:$361Total yearly cost:$1,444CleaningPre zero wasteZero wasteWindex$45.78Castile soap$41.88Clorox$12.06Vinegar$12Laundry detergent$41Lemons$5Pine sol$14Water$0Wood cleaner$3.49Baking soda$29Dryer sheets$11Flour sack towels$16Dishwashing liquid$15.54Dishwashing brush and heads$9Dishwasher detergent$15Yearly total$112.88Sponges$15Gloves$8Toilet cleaner$12Paper towels$36.40Yearly total$229.27ClothingNavy dress$108.00White camisole$0.99Grey dress$98.00Jeans$25Black dress$36Jeans$40AA dresses (total)$38Shorts$5Black tank top$4.00Coat$19Black ss shirt$7Trench coat$70Reformation top$38.00Purse$40Reformation bodysuit$35Mittens and hat$100Crop top$15Socks$30Black skirt$15Heels$119Wool skirt$95Pumps$40White shirt$12.00Sneakers$80White t-shirt$20Sneakers$89White tank top$3Boots$3Leggings$10.00Sweater$2.00Total:$1,196.99Other expensesSnow brush$24.95Cloth napkins (8)$20Bamboo scraper$3.00Linen bath towels$24EcoLunchbox$35Cloth bags (6)$5Mason jars (10)$12Handkerchiefs (15)$4Growlers / oil jars$3.00Total:$130.95I'm not going to buy a computer again, so these charts aren't totally complete and accurate, only estimates based on what receipts I do have / purchases I remember. But I hope this is illustrative of things that can be simplified and reduced by going zero waste, even in small ways. I spend about $20 or less a week on groceries. Not eating meat and cheese saves money, as does packing lunches or cooking instead of eating takeout or convenience meals. It doesn't take much longer to wash or cut produce, and it's quicker for me to make my own cauliflower pizza at home than drive and wait in line for a vegan pizza at Pizzafire. A lot of items are more expensive in bulk, but even out with things like tea or nut butter, and in reusing one time purchases vs. rebuying disposables. For instance, the average person spends around $69 per year on Kleenex, but handkerchiefs are a one time purchase that might last a lifetime.As for electronics, I have a gifted iPad and a secondhand iPhone with a secondhand bamboo case. I think the case was $2 and my solar charger was my only other expense ($49), since I don't purchase other items and saved included headphones. I surprisingly saved a lot of time and money on snow brushes, windshield wiper fluid, and deicer with my homemade concoctions and wooden snow brush- before, I replaced them yearly, since they kept breaking. Perhaps the biggest areas people reduce are cleaning and clothing expenses. In 2011, the average American spent $504 on cleaning supplies annually. According to Alliance Data, the average American woman's closet is worth about $2000. Generally, secondhand costs less than fast fashion, yet yields a greater net worth. My Zara trench coat in 2008 cost 120 euro and barely lasted a season, but my camel Dior coat was $19 and survived Kanye West's Pablo period. I think when some balk at the prices of durable goods, they don't take into consideration the embedded costs associated with disposables, which are subsidized by other people. I get that everyone can't afford $80 secondhand shoes, or even a $2 mason jar. Some people are just struggling to afford dinner. I don't expect them to start buying organic or fair trade or anything. I don't expect anything from anybody. I present these because hopefully they give people ideas of what's possible within the realms of zero waste. You can make changes even if you don't sit at home all day, even if you have a real job or real problems. Not so long ago, I didn't think I could give up shampoo or weekly blowouts or clothes shopping or makeup (I don't wear makeup anymore). Then I thought, people survived for thousands of years without these things and were just fine. What makes me think I'm so special that I can't live without them either? Don't sell yourself short- you don't need a ton of stuff to be a productive, contributing member of society, or to be a good parent, or have an active social life, or whatever. Happy zero waste week. I hope everyone is okay.

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  • Superhuman September Part 2: Your 5×5 PlanSuperhuman September Part 2: Your 5×5 Plan

    Welcome back! I want to start this blog post by addressing something: I know it might feel like the world is spiraling further and further into turmoil right now. Between storms, political motions here in the U.S. turning the clock backwards on equality and our understanding of our shared humanity, and dark clouds of conflict overhead, it can be hard to focus on life — namely, your life, your dreams, and your future. It is so easy to feel locked down by our grief, and shrink with our fear. But this, my wonderful readers, is our time to rise up. Yes, we must take time to be mindful to connect with each other, and to pray. However, what is most important is that we take action — for ourselves, and the state of the world. If you’re feeling called to take action about the devastation from Harvey or Irma, here are a few ways to help: Texas Diaper Bank is creating relief kits The city of Houston has launched a disaster relief fund Portlight prioritizes disaster relief for people with disabilities Houston Area Women’s Shelter provides domestic violence aid w/ hotlines open Harvey relief fund, managed by the Texas Organizing Project, SEIU, TRLA, and other groups is focused on assisting the most marginalized Texans Houston Interfaith Ministries is also supporting seniors Lists of reputable resources to help those affected by Hurricane Irma are still being organized, but this list from Refinery29 may point you in the right direction so you can choose the effort(s) that feel best for you. I also invite you to revisit this list of action steps to counter the heightened tensions raised in the United States after Charlottesville. Through it all, I encourage you to take care of yourself. It can be tempting to retreat into ourselves in times like these, but we must keep moving toward the future we want to create for ourselves, our businesses, and the planet. I will be striving to do the same — and I hope you will join me. Which brings us to today’s post… September has officially begun — which means it’s time for the second round of the Superhuman September series. If you didn’t check it out last week, I reviewed some ways you can turn the start of September into your second “New Year”. That means if you had some of your New Year’s Resolutions slip, or get lost in the busyness of life? This is your chance to regroup, refocus, and get yourself (and your business!) back on track. I always love to look at September as my new January, and one of my favorite things to do this time of year is set big, beautiful new goals for the quarter, and the end of the year. What’s my #1 way to do that? With what I call my 5×5 plan. Keep in mind — while this process is for 5 “big picture” goals, if you decide you want to focus on fewer big milestones (like 2 or 3 goals) then you can shape this process to suit your needs. It’s my absolute favorite business planning tool, and a technique I teach to all my students in The Conquer Club. Here we go! Step 1: Set 5 big picture goals. (You can select fewer goals if you have very specific focuses for the end of the year. But choose no more than 5 goals!) When I say “big picture” I mean big! Bigger than building up your Facebook following, or making a certain amount of money. Turn your attention to your ideal future and passions. What does your perfect work day look like, and which goals could help you get there? What do you love doing? What ideas and causes light you up? Asking yourself those questions is the key to ideas and causes worth pursuing. Need some examples? Here are a few ideas: I’ll finally write a book proposal; I’ll improve my iPhone photography for a more appealing Instagram; I’ll hire a virtual assistant and hand off some of my day-to-day tasks; I’ll create content upgrades for my blog posts and grow my list. Step 2: Once you have your goals, break them down into 5 smaller steps. Having a clear “big picture” is all well and good, but you want to make sure they feel doable, or you’ll lose momentum! You’re much more likely to stay centered and motivated if those big, audacious goals are broken down into little steps. Here’s what I mean: Instead of writing “redesign website” on your calendar, break it down into steps like: Create a Pinterest board of websites and design elements I like, or Find out who designed my favorite websites, or Check out pricing and availability of those designers. You get the idea! Step 3: Add those 5 small steps to your calendar. Don’t skip this part! Now you’ve got your fantastic, momentum-maintaining baby steps, write them down somewhere you can’t miss them. Pop them into your Google calendar with reminders, set alarms on your phone on specific dates, use a Trello account to track your progress, print out a checklist and hang it by your computer so you’ll see it every day and be reminded of what’s coming up. (It’s also so satisfying to cross items off your list when they’ve been on your radar for a while!) Step 4: Pair your baby steps with a visual reminder. Let’s be real with ourselves here: Most of us need more motivation than a Google calendar reminder. So I encourage you to create a mini vision board for each goal, or print out images and words that will help you envision what your life will look like when you reach this goal. Is your name at the top of the New York Times Bestseller list? Are you relaxing by your pool because you made your first million? Are you working from a café in gorgeous Paris because your business has taken off, and you can live the digital nomad life? A combination of baby steps + visual inspiration will make you unstoppable. Step 5: Create your own 5×5 plan. Now you’ve got your steps, it’s time to get moving! Here’s a video to help you round out the process: I hang my 5×5 plan near my desk so every single day so I’m reminded of the 25 milestones I’m working towards. It’s also a great way to ground myself along the way. If a “shiny object” (like a new opportunity or idea arrives), I reference my 5×5 plan to see if it makes sense with my schedule, or if I should table it for my next 5×5 round. And that’s it! Now, before I go, I’d love to hear about some goals you have for the next year. If you can, break them down into 5 steps right here in the comments so I can cheer you along! There’s so much greatness ahead for you. I can’t wait to witness it.

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  • shockingly hard.shockingly hard.

    I’ve talked about a lot of things over the year that have resulted in people responding “I thought I was the only one!” or “Wait, this is normal?” It’s generally been about Brazilian wax farts, my uterus, chin hairs, nipple hairs, orgasms on the treadmill, and those weird stinky things that get caught up in the back of your throat. I’ve also covered crummier stuff: secondary infertility, antenatal depression, regular ol’ depression, endometriosis, and a marriage attempting to survive graduate school. However sexual assault, rape, PTSD, multi-diagnosed mental illnesses, sociopathy, triggers, shock…well those are things I’m still navigating. I can’t say a whole lot about them with certainty because I have yet to come out of the other side of them, and while I’ve made it awfully far, I still have a very long way to go. Good news? I have a therapist who can sit across from me every week and give a name to what I’m experiencing. I never considered my experience worthy of being called PTSD. PTSD is what happens to people who have been in war. Shot at. Lost limbs. Watched friends die. Not for girls who got raped. Girls who got raped did something to deserve it, right? Wrong. Someday when I’m strong enough there will be many, many words on rape culture and raising girls in this mess we’re currently in. There have been several instances in the last year that have left me in shock. Literal shock, not just figurative shock. Have you ever experienced something that wasn’t quite traumatic, but was incredibly upsetting? For me, I am able go about my daily tasks feeling as though I am floating above myself, “Clearly this can’t be real. Maybe it isn’t that big of a deal? This feels like it should be a big deal. But look at me functioning! (Kind of? I think?)” only to completely and unexpectedly fall apart several days or weeks later. That’s shock! It’s not very elegant or obvious, it’s simply a clever way our brains protect ourselves until we’re able to deal with whatever happened. Knowing that at some point I’m going to fall apart after something really stressful happens makes it much easier to be patient with myself when it does happen. (And much easier for those around me to understand. I also try to stay out of public because my let down from stress generally comes in the form of the ugliest, loudest, most guttural sobbing requiring no less than half a roll of double ply toilet paper or one small box of tissues. So far nothing I’ve been through has been completely solo. Someone has been able to relate to every part, just not all of them collectively. Blech. This has been really hard to write and it’s getting harder. So I’m just going to stop right here. Grace. In the meantime, someday I will do something like this.         Copyright © 2017 moosh in indy.. This Feed is for personal non-commercial use only. If you are not reading this material in your news aggregator, the site you are looking at is guilty of copyright infringement. Please contact mooshinindy (at) gmail (dot) com so we can take legal action immediately.Plugin by Taragana

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  • September Stitch Fix RevealSeptember Stitch Fix Reveal

    It’s finally Fall.  Unofficially, of course.  But, we are starting to feel it.   Lower temps and less humidity.  Can I get an Amen for lower humidity? Here in Tennessee, the beginning of Fall means we go directly from the Air Conditioning to the Heat and back, over and over and over again.  But, if it means the beginning of Boot season, I say bring it on. Today, I’m sharing my September Stitch Fix box. With Fall in mind, I asked my stylist to send items I could potentially add to my Fall Capsule Wardrobe.  She did not disappoint. She sent booties, a vest, a cardigan, a sweatshirt and a peplum top. First, let me start by saying, if you have never used the subscription service Stitch Fix, you can read how it works here. You can visit my Pinterest Board to get an idea of some of the items I’ve received in the past. Since I’m putting my Fall Capsule Wardrobe together, I’m thinking ahead to the weather in Oct, Nov, and Dec.  We don’t traditionally get a lot of snow, but our Fall is usually cold and wet. I really needed a sweatshirt for those wet days.  Every year, it seems like a switch gets flipped here on November 1st and every other day is 45 degrees and rainy.  This Soaked in Luxury Sweatshirt will be perfect.  It’s a nice weight.  Not flimsy at all.  The embroidery is down both sleeves, great quality stitching and done in vibrant colors. Laju Vest, DV8 Booties, Soaked in Luxury Sweatshirt I will definitely wash this inside out to protect the embroidery. The sweatshirt pairs perfectly with the Laju Vest.  If you can’t tell in the pictures, the color is a little more on the olive side but leaning toward gray.  This vest is light enough that it can easily be worn with more solid colored tops as well.  Maybe with a scarf too. One great feature of the vest is it cinches in at the waist inside.  It can help give you more of an hourglass look.  It’s a drawstring, so you can cinch it up or let it out if you choose. Fate Bell Sleeve Cardigan and DV8 Booties I’m in love with this Fate Bell Sleeve Cardigan.  OH. MY. GOODNESS.  I think I squealed when I took it out of the box.  Not only are the sleeves FABULOUS but it has a full sleeve underneath. Noe Heights Top and DV8 Booties There was really no good way to take a picture.  But, imagine a full cardigan with plain sleeves to the wrist.  The bell sleeves are over the top of that.  Sleeve inside a sleeve.  Such a fantastic detail.  And no annoying Winter wind blowing up my sleeve!!! I can’t wait to wear this to dinner, church, movies, everywhere!!!  Perfection.  I can easily wear a long necklace, short necklace, scarf, etc.  This cardigan can be worn with a skirt, nice pants, jeans, or a dress. Normally, I don’t take many things to the cleaners, I hand wash and steam most of my items that need special care.  Because of the drape of this sweater and the sleeves, I will probably take this to the dry cleaners.  I just want to make sure it doesn’t lose its shape.  I suppose one trip to the cleaners every few months won’t hurt me.  LOL. The Noe Heights top is really fun.  The main body of the top is a lightweight sweater and the sleeves and peplum bottom are poplin knit.  The bell sleeves and tie detail are so cute. It’s adorable.  Perfect for a meeting, dinner, or church if you like to wear jeans or a jean skirt and boots occasionally.  It’s not too heavy and a long necklace with be perfect draped down the front. My September Stitch Fix was definitely a winner.  I don’t always keep all 5 items.  This time I did!!  Getting my Stitch Fix box each month is such fun.  Even if I only keep one or two things, I love seeing what my stylist pics for me. Be sure to follow me on Facebook and Instagram.  Grab some chai and say Hi.   I can’t wait to see you over there!!           *This article contains affiliate links.  That means it’s possible I could receive some compensation.  I don’t ever recommend anything I don’t love and use myself.  Thank you!!   The post September Stitch Fix Reveal appeared first on justdoingmybest.

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  • The Tim Ferriss Financial PlanThe Tim Ferriss Financial Plan

    For those of you who aren’t familiar with him, Tim Ferriss is an author, speaker, podcaster and more. He burst onto the scene back in April 2007, with his first book, The 4-Hour Workweek. He’s since written other “4-hour” books including The 4-Hour Chef and The 4-Hour Body. And while his latest book, Tools of Titans, breaks away from his signature “4-hour” theme, you might think an article with the title “The Tim Ferriss Financial Plan” would involve some sort of 4-hour prescription. But that’s not what I want to write about today. Instead, I’d like to focus on a concept Ferriss introduced in his first book over 10 years ago. He refers to it as lifestyle costing, dreamlining or lifestyle design. As he explains here, rather than thinking of your annual income and then trying to squeeze as many of your needs, wants and wishes from it each year, think instead in terms of your monthly cash flow. In other words, how much does your ideal lifestyle cost each month? Before we dig into this concept further, I think we should first pause and consider your ideal lifestyle. For this exercise to be valuable to you, you must first determine, in as much detail as possible, what a truly ideal lifestyle is for you. I would encourage you to adopt the Ferriss “lifestyle design” model and think of your ideal lifestyle in terms of what you want to have, who you want to be and what you want to do. If you’re married or have a significant other, this is a great conversation to have with them. And much like I do in my financial planning work with clients when we explore their ideal goals, this is an opportunity to really have some fun and think “what if.” There’s no right or wrong here. It’s your life. Once you’ve spent some time thinking about and writing down the specifics of your very own ideal lifestyle, then it’s time to figure out how to make the money work. We now need to figure out how much your ideal lifestyle costs each month. To do that, I’ll again refer to what Ferriss calls “TMI” or “Target Monthly Income.” (not to be confused with MDI, which I’ve written about before) Let’s say your ideal lifestyle corresponds with a TMI of $6,000. The next step, in order to break this figure into a more manageable number, is to divide your TMI by 30 to come up with your TDI. Yep, you guessed it. TDI is your target daily income. $6,000 divided by 30 = $200 per day. Of course, your ideal lifestyle and your TMI and TDI will vary. But once you have your TDI, I think it can fuel some interesting ideas. In the example of above, with a TDI of $200, it may be worthwhile exploring the different ways you could earn this amount. $200 TDI equals an 8 hour work day at $25 per hour. Or a 4 hour work day at $50 per hour. Or a 2 hour work day at $100 per hour. But it also could also be you starting a business and selling goods or services to hit your $200 TDI. Maybe the best way to pursue your ideal lifestyle is in your current work situation. But maybe it’s not. Maybe the best way to pursue your ideal lifestyle is where you live now. Then again . . . Do you need to go back to school to pursue your ideal lifestyle? It’s possible. Perhaps you can move closer to your ideal lifestyle by removing some things and expenses from your current lifestyle. Think about the concept of time in the context of your ideal lifestyle. Perhaps you can meet your TDI while only working 5 hours a day. Or maybe it takes 8 hours a day, but only 3 days a week. What would you do with all that extra time? In my opinion, the true value in this exercise comes from asking yourself questions and exploring what your life could really be like. All too often, I meet people who don’t have a plan, financial or otherwise. They make good money, but don’t think in terms of their TMI or TDI. It seems to me like they’re mostly winging it and hoping for the best in the future. And as I’ve written before, hope isn’t a good strategy. You don’t need to wait until you’re in your 60s and retired to start living your ideal life. Why not start now, regardless of your age? If you could create your ideal lifestyle today, maybe you won’t want to retire in the future. Or at least not in the traditional sense of retirement. So here’s a little homework . . . Think about your ideal lifestyle. Get specific. Ask yourself what if and see where the answers take you. Then apply the concept of TMI and TDI to your detailed ideal lifestyle. You may be surprised by how much or how little TDI you need to really live life on your terms. But either way, knowing the TDI for your ideal lifestyle is an important data point. Finally, challenge yourself and your thinking. If you’re not currently living your ideal lifestyle, why not? When will you start? What has to happen first? What are you waiting for? Remember, you only get one shot at life. It’s up to you to make the best of it. And I think the “Tim Ferriss Financial Plan” offers an interesting perspective on helping you do just that. Note: the figures above ignore taxes, and while the tax implications are beyond the scope of this article, be sure that you consider what you need to earn pre-tax in order to reach your TMI and TDI, which are after-tax figures. The post The Tim Ferriss Financial Plan appeared first on Wealthcare For Women.

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  • the big sensitive strawberry.the big sensitive strawberry.

    For decades my mom has said  I grew up in an entirely different world than everyone else and she was never quite sure what to do with me. I spent most of my childhood and well into my adulthood wondering what was wrong with me, why was I so different from my family? Why was I so odd and why didn’t they seem to like me very much? I often felt like the heart-shaped, hulked out strawberry with three humps on the bottom that makes all the other strawberries look dainty and normal. Earlier this year my therapist asked me if anyone had ever talked to me about being a highly sensitive person (HSP.) Sensitivity has such a negative connotation anymore, so to be highly sensitive sounded awful. But as she asked me questions about my childhood and current reality it became very clear that I most certainly fall into the category of highly sensitive. It turns out my mom wasn’t completely wrong, while my sister and I grew up in the same house with the same experiences — the way I experienced the world was, and continues to be, entirely different than those closest to me. Perhaps the easiest way to explain is with a football game. Cody at a football game: Watches the players play the game. Is happy when his team scores, is unhappy when something bad happens. Me at a football game: LOOK AT ALL THE PEOPLE! LOOK AT THE SEA OF COLORS AND ALL THE DIFFERENT SHIRTS PEOPLE ARE WEARING. Look at all the relationships and friendships and interactions! THEY LOOK SO HAPPY TOGETHER! OH! The must be in a fight. LOOK STRONG PEOPLE ON THE FIELD PLAYING A GAME! Wait, what are all those lines for? What is that guy doing over there in the corner with that stick? CHEERLEADERS! I smell popcorn! SOMEONE IS SMOKING BY ME I WILL END THEM. I wonder where the cameras are. These benches really do make your rear go numb. Wait, where did we park? Look at the shadows on the field! I hope it will be a good sunset. When is my next dentist appointment? THEY SCORED! EVERYONE IS SO HAPPY AND LOUD! Look at that cute baby coming up the stairs, I wouldn’t bring a baby to a football game. When was my last period anyway? Is Cody having a good time? I really like that girl’s hair. Did I go to high school with that kid? OMG COTTON CANDY! I always forget which is offense and which is defense. I wish football season lasted longer, it’s so much more entertaining than baseball. Do I correct the people behind me who think the stadium was built in 1998 or do I keep listening to the couple in front of me talking about where they’re going to eat after the show? OH! That guy over there brought a flask! I CAUGHT YOU! I wonder what it would be like in a suite. I wonder if we’ll ever be in a suite. Is football the same everywhere you go? That player has nice arms. WAIT WHERE DID THE BALL GO? Why is it called ‘seeding’ or is it ‘seating?’ Neither one makes much sense. OOH BAND! AND CHEERLEADERS! Wait, who’s that guy with the flag? He looks out of place. How much longer? I do love how cozy this sweatshirt is, I’m glad I brought it. Cody smells good. Whoops, forgot to watch the actual game again and now everyone is cheering so I’ll just go along with it. FOCUS ON THE GAME! Oooh, but look at her hot dog, I could go for a hot dog. I wonder if they have dill relish. Sweet relish is the pits. Should I go to the restroom now or wait until halftime when everyone else goes? Maybe I don’t even need to go? What if there was an earthquake? Would we make it? If there were a stampede where would I go? How would I find Cody? *check pockets for ID and cash just in case*  IT’S SO LOUD. THERE’S SO MANY SOUNDS. A CACOPHONY OF FOOTBALL NOISES! But wait, wow, it’s getting really loud. I’m kind of overwhelmed. Whoa, I’m exhausted. And that’s just the first five minutes. So take this example and apply it to any number of situations. Concerts, holiday shopping, church, backyard BBQs, road trips, the DMV, watching TV or even getting a pap smear. All five senses are on all the time, which is rich and wondrous in many settings, but absolutely exhausting in others. Sometimes even scary. You see, up until a few years ago I didn’t see the worst case scenario in every situation. PTSD will really eff with you in that regard, anxiety will turn up the volume, and sensitivity will have a person completely and constantly on edge and high alert. Fight or flight all. the. time. I’ve never known anything else. I’ve only found two others in my orbit who score higher than me on the HSP test, and both of them practice reiki. So I’m just sensitive enough to know when you’re having a shitty day, but not sensitive enough to heal your life energy. It’s probably a good thing too, as I’m the only extroverted HSP I’ve come across as well. If you give an extrovert the power to heal through energy they’ll likely crumble in a heap in an attempt to save the world. (Or at least that seems like what would happen.) Most of the time I like being the giant strawberry. Means I can show the other strawberries what they’re missing out on (when I feel like sharing, that is.) tl;dr: If you’ve always felt like a hacky sack in a world full of tennis balls, you may be highly sensitive. And if you are? Cool. Me too.   Copyright © 2017 moosh in indy.. This Feed is for personal non-commercial use only. If you are not reading this material in your news aggregator, the site you are looking at is guilty of copyright infringement. Please contact mooshinindy (at) gmail (dot) com so we can take legal action immediately.Plugin by Taragana

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  • just start somehwere.just start somehwere.

    Here’s what I’ve learned about mental illness over the last eight months: 1. If you really want to get better, mental illness needs to be treated aggressively and constantly maintained. If you know anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer you know there’s no “casual” way to treat cancer. Treatment is fast, aggressive, and constantly monitored. I’ve had therapy in the past, I’ve been on medication under the care of my regular doctor for ages, but the truth is I had slipped so far these treatments could barely be considered bandages on a shark bite. Since January I have been relentless in trying to get better. I have added, changed, and upped different medications more than a half dozen times under the care of a psychiatrist. I have appointments scheduled with both my psych and therapist through the end of the year with a treatment plan that ends no sooner than next summer. It’s been a holy damn marathon, and I’m exhausted — but I can finally start to feel the pieces falling back into the places they’re supposed to be. 2. Healthy coping mechanisms can be pretty boring. However, after awhile, the unhealthy ones have become less and less appealing. For the first year or so after the terrible thing happened, I drank. And drank and drank and drank and drank. Today I told Cody that over the last three years I had felt so uncomfortable with my own existence that anything that changed my state of mind was a welcome escape, dumb and drunk was better than sitting in my own emotional mess. One of the first things my doctors and therapists told me to do was stop drinking and stop sleeping my life away, there was a time I would cry and cry every night because I had no immediate escape from how miserable I was — I just had to sit in it — and it was awful. Little by little I recognized little things I could do that made me feel better. There were still times I drank, or crawled back into bed when no one was looking. I learned to give myself some grace in these situations, and as I’ve become stronger the ability to resist feels less like a burden and more like a conscious choice to take care of myself. 3. The brain has a magnificent way of protecting itself from things that hurt. Mine has developed emotional and mental cushioning around the really hurty parts that has kept me going (albeit not very well.) When I read about my diagnosis now, I don’t feel overwhelmed and broken. I realize my brain has done exactly what a million brains before mine has done in an attempt to survive. Unfortunately, to really heal I’ve had to go back into those tender places and poke until the blisters pop and take very good care of myself while it heals properly. Only two of my diagnoses are actual chemical imbalances. the others are a result of trauma — they have all done this magnificent little dance together in a desperate attempt to protect me from getting hurt again. Final count is major depressive disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, complex post traumatic stress disorder, and borderline personality disorder. 4. When I first started receiving treatment, a therapist told me that there would come a day when the terrible thing wasn’t my story, it was only part of my story. Over the last several weeks I can finally feel this becoming a reality. I could have come here plenty of times and declared “I’M BETTER!” and I hesitate to even claim I’m doing better now because I have fallen back down a dozen times throughout this entire process, but I’ve gotten up at least one more time than I’ve ever fallen down — and that’s a big deal. Back in January I gave myself a year to notice a difference, and now that I’m coming up on 8 months I don’t have a problem adding another 6 months to that year to really make sure I’ve given myself sufficient grace to not only get better, but also stronger. 5. If I could pick one thing for people to realize from what I’ve been through it’s that trauma of any sort sucks and there’s no way to know how it will affect you, and there’s no one way or even a timeline for getting better. It doesn’t matter what your trauma was, trauma is trauma and trying to compare them is useless. My life fell apart in 2014, it may have not been obvious to anyone watching from the outside, but the evidence is there. The pattern is present. I don’t know what’s next. There are  so many options, places where I could attempt to pick up the pieces of my old life and begin building upon them again. New opportunities that never existed or occurred to me before. The scariest part is simply getting started. These 830 words are my attempt to do just that.   Copyright © 2017 moosh in indy.. This Feed is for personal non-commercial use only. If you are not reading this material in your news aggregator, the site you are looking at is guilty of copyright infringement. Please contact mooshinindy (at) gmail (dot) com so we can take legal action immediately.Plugin by Taragana

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  • Rosemary Essential Oil Benefits For A Healthy BodyRosemary Essential Oil Benefits For A Healthy Body

    Rosemary Essential Oil Benefits For A Healthy Body Discovering rosemary essential oil benefits for the first time? Or, rediscovering a wonderful, multi-purpose oil? If you are going to have one essential oil in the house, then let it be this one. It is actually the most popular oil to have as it is very versatile. And used for so many health reasons. Over... [Read More] The post Rosemary Essential Oil Benefits For A Healthy Body appeared first on Aging Naturally.

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  • Columbus Citizens Foundation Committed to the Preservation of the Columbus Monument Columbus Citizens Foundation Committed to the Preservation of the Columbus Monument

     The Columbus Citizens Foundation is committed to the preservation of the Columbus Monument at Columbus Circle.Over the years, Columbus Day and the Columbus Monument have played a vital role in Italian-American acceptance and the celebration of Italian culture. The statue itself was created by renowned Italian sculptor Gaetano Rosso in 1892 and funded by Italian-American immigrants through newspaper sales. At the request of the city, the Columbus Citizens Foundation is proud to have played a significant role in the statue’s restoration, which was completed in 1992.Every year we are asked the question, “Why is the celebration of Columbus important to the Italian- American community?” The legacy of Columbus was essential in truly legitimizing our transition from Italians to Americans. Our Italian-American ancestors, facing bigotry and discrimination, identified Columbus as an Italian celebrated greatly across America for establishing a lasting bridge between the Old and New World. Lear more: https://www.columbuscitizensfd.org/announcements/the-columbus-citizens-foundation-is-committed-to-the-preservation-of-the-columbus-monument-at-columbControversial topic - Saving Columbus Circle Monument in New York City, -- CF statement "Every year we are asked the...Posted by Italian American Girl on Sunday, September 3, 2017

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  • Italian American Girl T-Shirts Italian American Girl T-Shirts

    Yes! #tshirt #italianamericangirl #italo A post shared by Margaret Fontana (@italianamericangirl) on Aug 27, 2017 at 4:25pm PDT Click here to visit the store: http://www.italianamericangirl.com/p/italian-american-girl-t-shirts.html

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  • 5 Steps To Recover From A Serious Heartbreak5 Steps To Recover From A Serious Heartbreak

    By reading this very first sentence of this post, you basically admit that you’re in a big trouble. You’re probably hurting a lot, and you’d do anything to stop or maybe even reduce the pain for just a little bit. First off, let me tell you that I’m writing this article from a posture of a “healed” woman.  I want to assure you that even if I don’t exactly know your situation, I might understand the intensity of the feelings you’re experiencing right now. I have already felt the intensity of a heartbreak and I know what it can do to you in case you’re not ready. Unfortunately – we’re never ready. Yet, I’m right here, smiling. That means I’ve gotten out of that mess, and I’m going to try to help you do the same. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, a famous psychiatrist, and author, suggests that the grief a person feels after a heartbreak is made up of more processes: Denial When caught in a disturbing situation such as a terrible breakup, the first impulse of a human being is to deny everything that’s happening. You will get thoughts such as “he/she will turn back” or “I’m sure this is not the end”. Ignoring the truth is less painful than accepting it, but that’s never a proper solution. Anger Once the denial stage is over, people become angry. They often feel hurt by the circumstances or by the other person, and they start having thoughts like “I hate him/her” or “I wish he/she never finds anyone else”. This anger is absolutely normal. Bargaining The bargaining process is extremely confusing. After your feelings of anger are gone, you start to wonder whether something is still possible between you two. The word “maybe” pops into your head every day, and you keep going like that until you are reassured that everything is over. Depression The moment you see that the bargaining process is done and you haven’t obtained what you wished for, you start to become anxious and depressed. Negativity fills your life, and you believe that you’ll never find love again. No one around you makes you happy anymore, except that special person who does no longer want you nearby his/her side. Acceptance Now here’s the stage everyone expects – consciously or subconsciously. Acceptance is the stage that sets you free from the pain. When you finally understand that what was, was and what is, life will no longer be a pain. Waking up every day with feelings of sorrow and pain will soon become history, and you’ll be able to finally move on. It is important for you to be aware of the stages because only then you can perceive them objectively. And when you’re suffering from heartbreak, objective thoughts are very limited resources that carry a lot of weight. When I was going through my first heartbreak, I used to perceive my conscious and objective thoughts as the only thing that can save me. Unfortunately, back then, I didn’t know how to deal with my breakup. I learned it the hard way, and I’m committed to doing something about it now. This post is all about helping you get better. Here are some straightforward tips that I would like to share with you. I am very confident that by the end of this article, you will feel better and you’ll have new hope for the future. Let’s begin: 1. Accept All the Feelings that Flow Through You At first, it’s all about acceptance. When you encounter heartbreak, your emotions go wild and you can no longer stop them. In other words, you become emotionally unstable. That’s okay. Really. It is. You have invested a lot of feelings into your relationship with your significant one and now it’s all gone. Now is the time to experience other types of feelings, feelings which are not necessarily bad yet most people perceive it that way. You might feel disappointment, anger, frustration, sorrow, lack of hope, and so on. If you try to block or ignore these feelings, they’ll keep coming back until you accept them. Keep in mind that they’re emotions. Not negative emotions, just emotions. If you can keep it that way, you’ll find out that accepting them is easier than ever. Once you accept how you feel, you can consciously start changing your life for the better. 2. Accept Your New Reality Now that “the love of your life” is no longer present, you might feel that your reality is no longer satisfying. You cannot feel positive anymore, you don’t enjoy the things that you used to enjoy, and everything seems different. When you hold very tight to your past, it’s quite obvious that what’s happening now, in the present moment, is not going to make you happy. In order to enjoy your days again, you need to accept that you’re going to experience a different reality. You’ll experience new feelings, you’ll meet new people, you’ll do different things, and you’ll eventually learn to be happy again. 3. Cut Off All Contact With Your Ex After you experience heartbreak, keeping in touch with your ex-lover means sabotaging yourself big time. Listen to me. Seeing, talking, or even stalking your significant one is not going to make things better. In fact, you’re going to be stuck in the denial or bargaining process. As explained before, these are never good places to be in, so bear with me. In order to create space for clear thinking, you need to let go of any contact with your ex. By no contact, I mean no social media, no phone, no watching of movies or pictures with you two, and no nothing. This is really good for you, and if you take my advice, you’ll notice it shortly. 4. Learn to Love Yourself Instead Before your heartbreak, all the love and appreciation you were offering was for someone else. That is no longer possible now, so you must switch the focus towards yourself. You see, whenever we fall in love with someone, we focus on their feelings instead of ours. We learn to love them, and we forget about loving ourselves. It’s time for you to learn how to love yourself again. Perceive yourself as a different entity that needs a lot of nurturing and care. Give yourself the best of everything. That means that you can use various strategies such as periodic rewards. Moreover, you need to step out of your normal perception boundaries and understand one important thing: If you place all of your love and happiness in the hands of someone else, you’ll eventually end up broken hearted. Instead, love yourself first. By doing so, no one will ever have control over your feelings again. If you break up with someone, it will hurt, yes. But, you’re not losing everything – you still have yourself. 5. Give It Time Time and patience. These are two very important aspects that you need to grasp while going through heartbreak. They say that time heals everything. Have you heard of this saying? I did countless times during my breakups. Yet, people say it because it’s something that’s not arguable. Time really heals everything. By healing, I’m not referring to forgetting. I’m talking about reaching a state of mind in which you no longer feel that terrible pain and sorrow. And yet, very few people are patient when it comes to breakups and heartbreaks. Victor Nelson is a professional writer at Aussie writings. A few years ago, when I was going through the most terrible breakup, he was the first to make me understand the importance of time and patience. I still remember his words: “As time goes on, life still “happens”. You still have to go out, you still have to study, work, or do whatever you were doing before. The difference lies in the fact that you now have to do it on your own. The more you live your life “alone” (without your ex) the more you’ll adapt to your new circumstances. In a while, you’ll soon feel less and less pain, and that’s all because of the passing of time. Allow time to heal you – you’re in good hands.” Conclusion Recovering from a heartbreak is a not simple thing to do. Yet, it is far away from impossible. Even though you’ve heard it countless times before, that’s how life is. It comes with good and with bad, and we’re the only ones in power to adapt. If we strengthen our perception and mindset, we can accomplish anything we want, and that includes moving away from a painful state of being that suddenly popped into our lives. Stay positive, and remember that…everything is going to be alright. About the author: Olivia is a journalist, content-writer and a bookworm. She loves to teach, read and write. Her second biggest love after books is her cat called Patty, who usually kindly assists her while writing. Follow Olivia on Facebook and Twitter.   The post 5 Steps To Recover From A Serious Heartbreak appeared first on Naaree.com - Women At Work | Indian Woman's Magazine.

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  • Outfit Inspiration Camo PantsOutfit Inspiration Camo Pants

    After 9 years in the military, I would never have imagined I would be caught dead wearing camo pants of my own personal choosing. Out in public! And with heels!! I’m laughing at my younger self right now.  I hated wearing camo and now (several years later) I can’t get enough.  I want camo pants, shirts, and jackets.  Well, maybe not a jacket.  That brings back memories of way too early mornings and combat boots. For now, I’ll just stick with these cute camo pants that I can jazz up and make FABULOUS. These pants are from one of my favorites stores White House Black Market. I’m wearing a size 4.  White House Black Market has just a touch of stretch in their pants.  Which is awesome.  They usually run true to size.  Do not size up. There is a zipper accent at the ankle that makes them even cuter. I’ve paired them with a cute ruffle top and burgundy peep-toe booties from Stitch Fix.  You might also be able to find the booties or something similar here. When the weather gets colder I will wear these pants with boots, both short and tall in black, brown, tan or burgundy.  I will also wear them with a great black jacket. When I tried these on in the store they gave me a beautiful lace cami and a cute black jacket with gold buttons to try on for an outfit idea.  WOW. The lace cami looked amazing with the black jacket.  I didn’t buy the lace cami because I had something similar but it definitely looked great all put together. Of course, if ruffles and lace aren’t your thing, these camo pants will be terrific with a chunky sweater or turtleneck, your boots, and a great long necklace. If these pants sell out, there are a lot of other options out there.  These are little more casual. These are also cute. Don’t let the camo intimidate you.  One pair of pants or one shirt can be dressed up and look great.  Camo on top and bottom, however, might require a hunting license. Are you taking the Capsule Wardrobe Challenge?  If you are, be sure to tag me in your photos on Instagram and Facebook.  I can’t wait to see how great you look.           *This post contains affiliate links.  That means if you click on them it’s possible I could receive some compensation.  I don’t recommend anything I don’t love and or use myself.  Thank so much. The post Outfit Inspiration Camo Pants appeared first on justdoingmybest.

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  • The Downside of Chasing Financial IndependenceThe Downside of Chasing Financial Independence

    For those not familiar, there’s a corner of the internet for which FIRE is an acronym. FIRE stands for “Financially Independent, Retire Early.” There’s a thriving community around this idea of FIRE which you can find on Reddit here. But there’s a downside of chasing financial independence above everything else. While most of my clients are in their 50s and 60s, many (not all) of them eagerly look forward to their retirement. But here’s the thing . . . are you looking forward to retiring “from” something or retiring “to” something? In other words, is your job a grind and you’re literally just going through the motions until you have accumulated enough savings or pension credits so you can escape the rat race? Or do you have big plans for retirement? Many of my clients plan to travel more in retirement. Or spend a lot more time with their children and grandchildren. Or get more involved in their church or community. Or volunteer. Or learn. Or work in a part-time role that provides some degree of fun or fulfillment. Or, a seldom discussed third option is to find work you love, where you can make some kind of impact in the lives of a few or the lives of many while also earning some level of income. You’ve probably heard the saying, “Choose a job you love, and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.” Now please don’t confuse this concept with the “follow your passion” advice that is often thrown about. It’s typically the shortest path to starving artist status. Sure there are those who fall into their dream career right out of college or grad school. But these are the exception and not the rule. And I’m not discounting the hard work that many of you have put in over a decades-long career. But maybe once you have achieved some degree of financial security and comfort, maybe even financial independence, it creates an opportunity to explore what’s possible. Let’s say you’re 58 years old and have been working in a corporate position and are currently earning $180,000 a year. Perhaps your plan is to work until 60 or 62 or 65 and just grind it out until you limp across the career finish line. But what about retiring in the next 12 to 18 months and finding work, or creating your own career or company, and working full- or part-time for the next 10 to 15 years? I get it. Maybe you’re tired and just want to relax. No more meetings. No more company bureaucracy. But how long do you need or want to relax? A few weeks? A few months? Then what? I have plenty of clients who’ve transitioned beautifully into retirement and often make comments like “I’m not sure how I ever found time to go to work.” But my concern is for those of you who might reach retirement and live it up for a few weeks or months, and then ask yourself, “Is this all there is?” If you explore the Reddit link above, you’ll see some folks honest enough to share their own experience that once they’ve achieved their FIRE goal that they’re not sure it’s the goal they really wanted. Here’s an example from a recent Ramit Sethi article on this very topic : Now what? I’m mid 30s, very frugal, unmarried, no kids, virtually no hobbies, high salary, low expenses, work in finance/tech, and can [retire] whenever.… I thought when I got to this point I’d be happier, more relaxed, but it’s yet to happen. Reading the Ramit Sethi article and seeing the quote above is what prompted me to write the article you’re reading. Many of my clients are very happy and living their lives on their terms, whether they’re still working or retired. And whether you’re in your 20s or 30s or in your 40s, 50s, or 60s, be sure that the goal you’re working toward, whether early retirement or something else, is truly the goal you want to achieve. In fact, I suggest you go through some exercises and imagine what your typical day will be like once you retire or reach a net worth of $3 million or whatever your goal is. What time will you get out of bed? What will you eat? What will you do? Who will you spend time with? Where will you live? How often will you travel? Where will you travel? Will you work at all? And the list goes on . . . I’ve found this to be a helpful and revealing exercise, and perhaps it can help you make sure you’re pursuing the right goal for you and prevent you from being burned by FIRE. If you’d like to discuss this further or would like some assistance with the exercise above, please let me know. The post The Downside of Chasing Financial Independence appeared first on Wealthcare For Women.

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  • Secrets of a Superhuman September Part 1Secrets of a Superhuman September Part 1

    About six years ago, I hit on a concept that still feels totally true for me: September is the new January. I was so excited about it at the time I named a workshop after it, and while I’ve seen it  used a few other places since, it still holds water. … But what does it mean exactly? By September, you’re more than halfway through the year. The weather’s about to get chilly, the holidays are just around the corner, and (especially for entrepreneurs) the “slow” summer season is coming to an end, and it’s time to launch, tackle new goals, and get ready to finish the year strong. See what I mean? It basically has all the elements of January 1st… but it’s just not quite as sexy because no one’s calling for champagne or a ball drop in Times Square. In the back end of She Takes on the World, I’m currently doing house cleaning, getting ready for the launch of our new website and re-launch of The Conquer Club, and wrapping up some awesome new courses we have in the pipeline. So as we enter September, I wanted to invite you to do a little New Year’s Eve tune-up for your mindset, health, systems, and organization! Here’s a peek at a few action steps you can take right now to have an amazing end of your year: Action step 1: Check in with your body. How are you feeling? If you haven’t checked out our Superhuman Entrepreneur series, now’s a great time to do that. I’ve included Video 1 below! I created this series after the launch of my book The Conquer Kit, which was published at the tail end of a 6-month period of massive growth in my business. I was feeling more drained and burnt out than I had ever felt before, and was having a hard time getting out of bed and starting my day — and it freaked me out! In this 5-part “Superhuman Entrepreneur” series, I share the behind-the-scenes of working with my team of doctors to optimize my health, so as you get ready to take on the end of the year, you’ll be able to make some changes to boost your energy and overall well-being too. Action step 2: Set up your sprint in Conquer Your Year (More on this in a future post!) Don’t have the book yet? You can grab it right here from Amazon. It’s my yearly planner for entrepreneurs — and you can start at any time. Conquer Your Year won’t just help you get clear on your goals for your business, but the full spectrum of your life: including health, relationships, and more. Each “sprint” inside Conquer Your Year stretches over 90 days to help you tackle one BIG milestone over 3 months. This makes the process manageable, digestible, and even fun! Action step 3: Get your mindset in check, and start a new habit! (More on this in a future post, too.) In my opinion, habits are the backbone of a life well-lived. Our habits can determine our success, quality of health, life, relationships, and workload. The more good habits we have? The better off we’ll be. So consider incorporating one small habit into your routine this month. A few ideas: Drinking more water Saying no more often Turning off all screens an hour before you go to sleep Following up with potential clients more often Spending more time away from your desk, and with friends I’ll be back in your inbox next week with some more ways to make September your new January, but in the meantime: Are you ready to get set up for fall? I want to hear all about it! What’s your goal for the end of the year, and what will you start doing today to achieve it? Drop your ideas in the comments below — and let’s finish out strong.

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  • What Women Need To Know About Spousal SupportWhat Women Need To Know About Spousal Support

    Divorce can be very difficult. It’s emotional and depressing and can sometimes turn once loving couples bitter and acrimonious. There are assets to divide, child custody and support to be agreed on and, sometimes, spousal support will become part of the terms of divorce. Spousal support, also widely known and referred to as alimony, is traditionally an amount of money that a person pays to support his or her former spouse. This is not a new concept – the earliest records of alimony laws appeared in Babylonian texts written about 1772 BC. These spousal support payments were legally created as a means of livelihood for former wives as women were not usually allowed in the workplace. Though alimony used to be perceived as payments made to housewives, this stigma has largely been forgotten over time. If you are a woman considering suing for spousal support, then there are some things that you should know. There are a few different types of support you may be entitled to. Temporary support is awarded for the period of time between separation and/or filing for divorce until the proceedings are finalized. You may also receive alimony until you find gainful employment if you are not currently working. You can also be reimbursed for money you have spent to help your spouse, such as business expenses or education. Permanent alimony, which is paid for a specified length of time, is the most common form of spousal support. There are factors that will affect the types and amounts of spousal support you may be eligible to receive. Locality What and how much you are entitled to in the way of alimony may be determined by the area in which you live. Some states have strict wording in their laws and some are considerably more relaxed as far as the terms are concerned. Marriage Length In some states in the US, a couple must have been legally married for a period of not less than ten years before alimony becomes availability as a term included in the divorce. Age Your age at the time of your divorce can also affect the amount of spousal support you will receive – ultimately, the older you are the more you are likely to be paid. Divorce Terms Your alimony may be determined by the wording of your request to obtain a divorce. Some states will not allow alimony based on certain reasons, such as irreconcilable differences. A no-fault divorce may hinder your chances of receiving support. Prenuptial Agreements These days, many people draw up and sign prenuptial agreements, otherwise known as a “prenup.”This legally binding document will spell out the terms under which alimony will be paid, such as if the divorce is due to infidelity on the part of your spouse. Should your spouse’s finances increase substantially during your marriage, you may be able to challenge the prenup. Gender Equality Though alimony was originally adopted as a way to help divorced women support themselves, these days it’s fairly frequent for men to sue for support. If you are the primary earner in your marriage, this could easily be possible for you. Length of Support How long you can receive alimony depends on several factors. In some US states, spousal support cannot be paid for a period longer than the couple was legally married. This may also fall back to the legal date of separation. You most definitely will lose your alimony payments should you remarry. As always, work closely with your attorney and make sure you divulge all possible information. This will help you immensely as your divorce proceeds. If you have any questions about the process, your attorney will walk you through those questions and give you a clearer picture about what you’ll be facing as you continue the divorce process. Final Thoughts It’s important that you find the best attorney to work with you through the divorce. There are dozens of attorneys that you can choose from, regardless of where you live. There is no “perfect attorney,” but it’s vital that you find one that you’re comfortable with and that is going to work hard in your favor to ensure the best outcome for you and your family. And if I can help with anything or there’s something you’d like to discuss, please feel welcome to contact me. I know that going through a divorce is never going to be an easy task, but that’s why I’m here to help. It’s my mission to ensure that you have all of the information that you need to make informed decisions. No two divorce situations are going to be identical. Each circumstance is going to be different, but regardless, it’s important that you have all of the resources and tools that you need. Not only can divorces be emotionally draining, but they can also be financially straining as well if you don’t get the support that you need from your spouse. As you can see from this post, there are dozens of different factors that you will need to consider, but hopefully, this article has given you some insight to ensure that you get the financial support that you need. I hear a lot of stories about women that wanted to get through the process as quickly as possible, and they sacrificed a lot of support to do that. In some cases, they filed for a no fault divorce, which means that they got little to no support. This is one of the worst mistakes that you can do. Don’t make any decisions based on emotions. Spend some time weighing all of your options before you decide which one is going to work best for you. Image: Cornwell-Law.com The post What Women Need To Know About Spousal Support appeared first on Wealthcare For Women.

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  • Unhealthy Relationships: Why in the World Are You Staying?Unhealthy Relationships: Why in the World Are You Staying?

    I cannot tell you how many people, women in particular, stay in ridiculously unhealthy relationships. This pattern is due, in part, to the unhealthy socialization messages we give females. The messages to women and young girls are all about being attractive enough to find a man who somehow is going to make their life perfect. […] The post Unhealthy Relationships: Why in the World Are You Staying? appeared first on Lisa Merlo-Booth.

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  • Tips for Hiring A Divorce AttorneyTips for Hiring A Divorce Attorney

    If you’re beginning the divorce process or considering getting a divorce, it’s important that you spend the necessary time and ask the right questions so you’ll increase your chances of hiring a divorce attorney who will best represent you. Your attorney is going to be your key partner as you go through the process, and having a good attorney can make all of the difference. There are hundreds and hundreds of attorneys that you can choose from, how are you supposed to decide which one is going to work well for you? The following is some information that will help you in interviewing and hiring a divorce attorney. Divorce is such an emotional experience, it can be hard to know how to determine which attorney has the potential to help you achieve the best outcome with divorce and custody issues. With that in mind, I spoke to Melody Richardson and Rachel Miller, experienced family law attorneys with Richardson Bloom & Lines in Atlanta, about the best questions to ask attorneys that you might select to represent you in your divorce. Their answers are below. 1. Is Your Practice Limited to Family Law? Hiring a divorce attorney who has a full-time practice in family law will guarantee that you’ll have a specialist on your side rather than a generalist. All too often, attorneys who practice family law part time also practice criminal law. Those criminal law cases tend to take priority, which will mean that your case may sit on the back burner and you won’t receive the attention you deserve. Also, practices that specialize in family law don’t rely on high volume to generate revenue. Practices that rely on volume use Google search results and charge a low retainer ($3,000); unfortunately, service and response time is poor and your case can easily get lost in the shuffle. If an attorney is responsible for more than 25 cases at any one time, you may be waiting days for a phone call to be returned. 2. What is Your Background and Experience? An attorney’s experience is one of the most important factors involved in the outcome of your case. While no attorney can guarantee a particular outcome, an experienced family law attorney will understand the details of your case, the divorce and custody process and what facts are relevant. By choosing an experienced attorney, you’ll have an improved chance of a favorable outcome for your case. With competition increasing within the legal market, many young lawyers are setting up practices in family law because it seems an easy entry into the profession. These attorneys tend to charge low rates, which can seem attractive when you are pressed for money, as tends to be the case in a separation that is leading to divorce. However, in this case, the cliché “you get what you pay for” tends to ring true when hiring a divorce attorney. 3. What does the divorce process involve and what are the first steps of working with your firm? During a consultation, an attorney should take the time to outline for you what the overall divorce process involves and what the most immediate next steps are so that you have a clear understanding of what is likely to occur in the short and long term. Usually, one of the first steps is collecting documents related to you and your spouse’s current and past financial situation, including tax returns, bank statements, investment account statements and loan statements. That is part of the financial discovery process by which both parties disclose financial information and attorneys gain an understanding of the income and assets available. One of scariest aspects of the initial decision to divorce is the lack of information about and understanding of the divorce process. When you have sufficient information and understand what is happening and what you need to do to move the process along, it can help dispel some of the feelings of anxiety and confusion. You should leave the attorney’s office that you’ve decided to work with feeling much better than when you walked in. A Final Word on Hiring a Divorce Attorney Finally, Richardson advises not to ask a prospective attorney how many cases he or she has won. “In a divorce case, there are really no winners or losers. And if you go to trial, no one wins; the attorney is the only winner because of the time necessary to prepare a case for trial and the resulting fees that are charged for a trial. Keep your due diligence process when investigating attorneys based on facts and remember, no two cases are alike. “It’s possible to win a battle and lose the war – for example if you fight like crazy to win an extra day a week of custody, what have you really won? Have you damaged your relationship with your children in the process?” One important thing to take note of when you’re hiring a divorce attorney is to go off your gut instinct. If you walk in to meet with an attorney, and you don’t have a “good feeling” about that lawyer, trust your gut. Don’t let them fast talk you into using them. There is no scientific research that backs this up, but you need to work with someone that you’re comfortable with and that you know is going to work hard for you. At WealthCareForWomen.com, we know that divorces can be both emotionally and financially draining. It’s easy to make a rash decision based on your emotions, but it’s vital that you’re making the best choices for you and for your family. That’s why we are here to help. It’s our mission to ensure that you’re getting the best divorce advice possible. If you have any questions about the divorce process or about anything else featured on the site, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. We would be happy to answer any questions that you have and insurance that you have all of the information that you need to make informed choices. Richardson and Miller, whose practices are limited to family law, can be reached at 404.888.3730. All consultations are confidential. You can also email them by filling out a form on their website. Their offices are located inside the Four Seasons in downtown Atlanta at 75 14th St., Suite 2840, Atlanta, GA 30309. Learn more about our Divorce Financial Planning services. The post Tips for Hiring A Divorce Attorney appeared first on Wealthcare For Women.

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  • Financial Sleight of HandFinancial Sleight of Hand

    Sleight of hand is commonly associated with magic, especially those involving card tricks. Common definitions of “sleight of hand” describe it as being primarily used for entertainment or deception. And based on my 24 years serving as a personal financial advisor, I believe many advisors are performing financial sleight of hand and either intentionally or, more likely, unintentionally attempting to deceive rather than entertain. For example, I often encounter client portfolios with dozens of tax-free municipal bonds in them. You would think the advisor and their client are tax sensitive and want to avoid unnecessary tax liabilities. But in the same client portfolio, I’ll see a ridiculous amount of transaction activity in their equity allocation (comprised of stocks and/or funds) that’s generating a ton of unnecessary tax liabilities due to short- and long-term realized gains. Or let’s say you RSVP to one of those “financial education” dinners you’re always getting invited to. You sit down to a plate of grilled chicken, green beans, and mashed taters, complimented by a glass of iced tea and a fire and brimstone presentation deliberately designed to scare the living hell out of you. The market’s going to crash. The economy’s days are numbered. The dollar is going to hell. And all this is going to happen in the next few years. When you’d planned to retire. But never fear, these same soothsayers of doom destruction have the answer: equity indexed annuities. You’ve probably heard of these things. They promise to give you the upside of the stock market but protect against any losses. Interestingly, these annuities aren’t technically registered as investment securities, so it can be quite the wild goose chase trying to get all the details and read the fine print. I suspect many of the people selling these things haven’t even read the fine print. They are definitely aware of the 8-10% sales commissions you get if you buy these things. But back to the financial sleight of hand . . . If you weren’t already worried about your financial future, that chicken dinner certainly put you over the edge. And while these equity indexed annuities sound like the perfect solution, that hard-to-find fine print is important. For instance, your money is typically locked up in these annuities for at least 6-8 years. Sometimes 10 or more. They’re expensive. With the cost of insurance and everything else, the internal fees can and often will exceed 2.5% per year. The way these contracts “credit” your market participation doesn’t include dividends. And dividends have historically played a significant role in the return available from the investment markets. And your market upside is “capped.” This means you can participate in the market upside to a fixed ceiling each year. If your cap is 12%, for example, and the market goes up more than 12% in a year, you forfeit any return above 12%. Again, I suspect many of these annuity sales people don’t even understand these things themselves, so while they may not intentionally be deceiving you, it’s still your money on the line. How about those “let’s just be conservative” assumptions in your financial plan? While you certainly don’t want to be unnecessarily aggressive, being too conservative can come at a cost. Both to your money and your lifestyle. Too conservative financial planning could mean you’re working longer and deferring retirement longer than you need to. You might be taking more investment risk than you need to. You might be saving more money than you need to. You might be planning to spend less in retirement or on other goals than you could actually afford. If you’re going to err in any direction, it’s probably best to err on the side of conservatism, but not at the cost of making the most of your one shot at life. I can think of at least 2 or 3 other examples of financial sleight of hand. Maybe you can too. Just remember when it comes to your money, you shouldn’t be looking to be entertained, and I know you’re not looking to be deceived. But it happens, and I see it all too often, especially with a lot of the women I work with. Here’s one of the worst examples. Many advisors use complexity as a way to justify their existence and their fees. But simple beats complexity any day. And the more simple the solution, the less chance that you’ll be an unwitting victim of financial sleight of hand. The post Financial Sleight of Hand appeared first on Wealthcare For Women.

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  • Divorcing in Georgia: What Women Need to KnowDivorcing in Georgia: What Women Need to Know

    A divorce is hard, in any state. But each state has different quirks to its family law system, and each state has different requirements. If you’re a woman who is divorcing in Georgia, here’s what you need to know. If you’re going through the divorce process, or you’re considering it, then it’s important that you understand all of the different factors and complications that you may run into when you’re filing for divorce. Start Collecting Documentation Now You’re going to need a realistic view of the family budget and what it costs to keep everyone clothed, fed, and with a roof over their head. Get that lined up now. Take photographs of any receipts. Document the status of any joint accounts. Download as long a history from your credit cards and debit cards for household expenses as you can find. Find and make copies of anything having to do with your joint finances: Tax returns, mortgage documents, deeds, bankruptcy petitions, and so on should be fully documented. Similarly, document, save, and back up any proof of misbehavior, such as infidelity, if that’s the reason for your divorce. Keep all of this information in a safe place, not to mention securely backed up in cloud storage online if possible. Resident Requirements for Filing for Divorce in Georgia If you plan on filing for divorce in the state of Georgia, then either you or your spouse will need to have been a legal resident of the state for at least 6 months. If neither of you meet these requirements, then you’ll have to wait until one of you has reached that threshold, and then you will be allowed to start the divorce process. Additionally, Georgia also has a 31-day wait period that will start when you file the papers for the divorce. 31 days is the shortest amount of time that the divorce could take, but more than likely, it’s going to take longer than that. Georgia has one of the shortest waiting periods of the states. You Don’t Need Proof of Wrong-Doing to Divorce In Georgia Georgia allows “no-fault” divorce, which essentially allows one spouse or another to claim that the marriage is irretrievably broken and there’s no hope of salvaging it. You can also engage in a divorce where a party is at fault, but consider both options carefully before choosing one or the other. There are 12 different situations that Georgia has decided are grounds for divorce. While there is a somewhat defined list, every marriage and situation is different. Just because you may fall under one of these categories, doesn’t necessarily mean that a court rule in your favor. No-fault divorce can be an excellent option depending on your situation. It’s important that you understand the differences between the two types of divorce to help you decide which one is going to work best for you. Your attorney can explain the differences, or you can look at our no fault divorce article which outlines the characteristics. Divorcing Someone Can Be a Long and Difficult Legal Process If a divorce is mutually agreed upon and you and your spouse can work out all the difficult parts, such as custody, outside of a courtroom, a divorce can be a fairly quick process. If you can’t agree on something, it will have to be settled through mediation or by the court. Remember, the court’s ruling will depend heavily on what it perceives to be fair to both parties, not just you, so don’t expect everything to go your way. You’ll Need a Lawyer Divorce, in Georgia, is generally covered under family law. Find an attorney who specializes in family law in Georgia and take some time to speak to them before filing for divorce. Often they’ll be able to show you problem areas of the law that you might not be aware of. They’ll also be able to help you write a complaint, or petition, that most effectively communicates your desires to the court. You Don’t Need to Put Your Life Story Into Your Divorce Petition A petition should include the following: What your current situation is (i.e. Do both of you work? Just one? If so, who?); any arrangements you may have made for the children if you have any; the status of all shared assets and debts, such as your mortgage and credit cards; and an overall summary of why you’re seeking divorce. You Can Get a Temporary Court Order If you’re concerned about assets being sold without your knowledge, or your spouse disappearing with your children, you can ask the court for a temporary court order. Essentially, you and your spouse come to court, make your arguments, and the judge issues an order one way or the other that stands until the final settlement hearing or trial verdict. Keep in mind that you both have to abide by the order. Divorce is a difficult time for everyone. Keep your head and stick by your convictions. Divorce is a test of character, and if you stay on an even keel, you’ll get through it no matter how tough it is. Going through divorce will never be an easy task. It can be both emotionally and financially challenging, but it’s important that everything is handled correctly and you get all of the assistance that you need. If you’d like to discuss your situation or would be interested in exploring the financial impact of divorce, please contact me. To better understand the nature and scope of the advisory services and business practices of Wealthcare Capital Management, Inc., please review our SEC Form ADV Part 2a, which is available here. Past performance is not a guide to future returns. Before acting on any analysis, advice or recommendation in the above content, you should seek the personalized advice of legal, tax or investment professionals. By selecting the links in the above email, you may be redirected to third party websites not under the supervision of Wealthcare who may have different privacy policies than Wealthcare. The post Divorcing in Georgia: What Women Need to Know appeared first on Wealthcare For Women.

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  • Outfit Inspiration The Perfect White ShirtOutfit Inspiration The Perfect White Shirt

    With Fall and Winter approaching, it’s time for pieces in our wardrobe that are versatile and can go anywhere. I may have found the perfect white shirt that meets those requirements.  This shirt is from White House Black Market.  One of my favorite stores.  The sales people are so friendly.  They have a 60-day return policy and great sales!!!  I’m always checking their website for good deals. I’m calling this the perfect white shirt because first and foremost, it’s tunic length.  That means it covers A LOT.  Plus, it ties in the front, so it’s not Plane Jane.  It’s also not too much if you don’t like a lot going on in your shirts.  It’s just enough.  You can easily wear this shirt casually or dressed up for work. I wear a 4 and this runs true to size.  The fabric is about 75% cotton.  That means this perfect white shirt is also breathable and a little stretchy.  Bonus. You can see I’ve worn this with jeans, but in the colder months, I plan to add a short jacket with the shirt sticking out of the bottom.  I also plan to wear it with a pretty skirt and boots too. Since this shirt has a collar I will wear necklaces that can be seen close to the neck.  A long necklace might take away from the knotted detail in the front. Another great feature of this shirt is the longer cuff.  It’s just one more detail that keeps this shirt from being boring. This shirt also comes in a pretty blue that would be perfect with jeans.  I may have to go back and get that one too.  Maybe.  If nothing else I will be watching the website for a great clearance sale.  As I usually do!! The boots and jeans are both from Stitch Fix.  You might also be able to find the boots here. For more outfit inspiration, fun and positivity, join me on Instagram and Facebook.  Be sure to say Hi.             *This post contains affiliate links.  That means if you click on a link, I could receive compensation.  I don’t recommend anything that I haven’t used and love myself.  Thanks so much. The post Outfit Inspiration The Perfect White Shirt appeared first on justdoingmybest.

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  • I Escaped Captivity in 2006I Escaped Captivity in 2006

    As many of you know, I resigned from a large, well known Wall Street brokerage firm in 2006. I had a positive experience at this firm and have nothing disparaging to say about them. However, I do want to touch on an aspect of working for a large brokerage firm. I was a captive. Not in the sense that I was hindered from serving my clients or living my life outside of the office, but in the sense that I was a captive “agent” of that firm. Despite my title of financial advisor at the time, most people considered me a stock broker, or “broker” for short. However, this isn’t entirely accurate. Yes, I could access and utilize thousands of investments and investment products while serving my clients, but the thousands of investments and investment products didn’t represent ALL the available investments and investment products. For instance, I couldn’t recommend a stock unless our firm had an analyst actively researching and following the stock. And thankfully, I got out of the stock recommending business long before 2006. If I wanted to recommend many no-load mutual funds, including Vanguard, there was a time earlier in my career where these weren’t available at all. Later, many of these became available through a fee-based brokerage or wrap-fee mutual fund accounts. Let’s look at it from another perspective. If you own a car or a home, you have to have insurance coverage. Is your insurance coverage sold by a “captive” agent or a broker? Captive agents can typically only sell insurance policies from the company that employs them, while brokers can shop around among different insurance underwriters and access different policies from different companies. I always recommend that you utilize the services of a broker when it comes to your insurance coverage whether it’s on your home, your car, your life or your long-term care. Otherwise, by using a captive agent, you’re limiting your choice, both in terms of coverage and in terms of price. I think the same concept holds true when you’re dealing with a financial advisor. Now let me be clear, your financial advisor is a person, and a person can be trustworthy and put your interests first no matter where they work or whether or not they’re “captive.” However, in the absence of a long-standing, trusted advisor relationship, I think it would be in your best interests to seek advice from an independent financial advisor. There was a story a few months back covering the decision by Morgan Stanley to no longer offer Vanguard funds to its clients. Make of that what you will, but it highlights how some advisors and their clients are subject to the decisions of the organization despite what may or may not be in the best interests of that organization’s clients. And if you want to take things a step further, not only do you want to establish a relationship with an independent advisor, but you may also want to be sure you’re working with a financial advisor who is a fiduciary. But even then, all financial advisors who are fiduciaries are not the same. Some advisors serve their clients as fiduciaries at all times, while other dually-registered advisors serve either as a fiduciary or not depending on whether they’re working with you on a brokerage account or a managed account. And ultimately the responsibility falls to you to understand these distinctions among advisors. Most consumers believe all advisors must put their clients’ interests first all the time. Sadly, this isn’t the case. Again, a trusted relationship transcends all this terminology, but these are some important considerations especially when you consider the importance and potential impact a financial advisor can have on your life. I’m happy to have “escaped” captivity back in 2006 when I left the large Wall Street firm. While I had a good experience there and met a lot of great folks, I’m happy to now be both independent and serving my clients as a fiduciary at all times so I can always put my clients’ interests first and have access to the full universe of solutions available. At a large firm, the clients’ interests are often competing with those of employees and shareholders. With an independent advisor serving as a fiduciary, there are few, if any, instances where your interests are competing with those of shareholders or employees. So whether it’s your home or auto insurance or your financial planning, I suggest you consider the benefits of working with an independent financial advisor working as a fiduciary who is only captive to your best interests. The post I Escaped Captivity in 2006 appeared first on Wealthcare For Women.

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  • DIY: Minimalist Copper Clothes RackDIY: Minimalist Copper Clothes Rack

    Being from Cleveland, I'm interested in repurposing forgotten but valuable industrial materials. It's as much a part of my heritage as kimchi and compulsive cleaning. I want most of what I consume- from plywood project boards and hairpin legs to organic produce- to be diverted from landfills (but more on that later). I guess that's the same as secondhand. The only difference now is, I don't want to have to pay for things. I've wanted a garment rack as long as I've had a Pinterest account, but I could never justify getting one because I had closets. Then I was given two ten foot copper pipes by the owners association of an old building, stamped "Chase Brass & Copper Co.," from the tube mill on E. 260th in Cleveland. They originally wanted to throw them away. Instead I took them to Home Depot for cutting (it's easy to cut copper, just twist the clamp thing or use a hacksaw. I don't have a cutter and didn't want to buy one, though). Technically Home Depot is supposed to charge $3 and up per cut, but they were nice and did everything for free. One girl even complimented my hair! Eventually my goal is to have a complete set of nomadic furniture that transports easily and assembles / disassembles quickly without tools or screws, using minimal material with the least environmental impact.To prevent wasted tubing, I had them cut one 10' pipe in half and the other into two 42" pieces and four 9" pieces. I bought four unpackaged 3/4 inch x 3/4 inch 90 degree elbows, two 3/4 inch pressure tees, and two 3/4" tube caps. There was gum, grease, and some unidentifiable animal fur stuck to the pipes, which I cleaned with lemon and salt. Put salt on a lemon slice and rub directly- you could also use vinegar, though it's less acidic and won't clean copper as well. Attach elbows to the top of the 5' foot pieces, connecting them with a 42" pipe. Insert 5' pieces in the tees, then 9" pieces with caps. On the other side of each tee, attach 9" pieces with elbow joints, and connect with the final 42" piece. I was going to make a gif showing how I assembled it but I thought that would be patronizing so I ate a pizza instead.I've never done a DIY here before because frankly, if I can avoid doing something myself, I will. This is so easy, though- a child could do it, and they'd probably do a better job than I did. I want to DIY a copper Le Corbusier sofa like Jorge Pardo next! This project cost me $8, $10 if you count gas money, lemons and salt. Buying new material would cost about $55, more if you wanted 1" pipes. But I see a lot of people throw away copper and other valuable materials like they're nothing, because they don't have the time to take them to the scrap yard or in some cases don't even think to.

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  • Charlottesville, White Supremacy, and the Action We Must TakeCharlottesville, White Supremacy, and the Action We Must Take

    I’m hitting “publish” on this later than I intended to. I have been writing, reading, and rewriting this post over the past week before finally letting go of “getting the words right” and instead letting them flow, unfiltered, from my heart. After the horror that unfolded in Charlottesville, I’m reminded of the lesson I learn over and over: It’s OUR responsibility to create the healing, change, and progress we claim we want. Our responsibility. Our duty. Our moral obligation. As women (and I’m speaking more specifically to white women), as business owners, and as brands with our own platforms — we owe it to our communities, our tribes, our clients and customers, and the planet to step forward, speak up, and take action and contribute in a way that is meaningful during these tumultuous times. I’ve been contemplating what meaningful contribution looks like as I’ve been seeing many posts and emails from my peers, leaders, and brands in our industry that have left me thinking, “What. the. actual. fuck?” For example, emails I’ve received mentioning Charlottesville (briefly) and a link to the person’s blog post or video about being loving, carving out more time for joy and rest, how-to advice, or a “helpful interview.” Yes, I’m being serious. #notappropriate Or an author expressing sadness at what’s happening and recommending her book and event with multiple links to purchase. #notappropriate Don’t even get me started on social media comments and threads. I’ve seen everything from, “Well let me tell you about my upbringing, in which I did not live a privileged life even though I’m white…” to “I didn’t create this and I’m angry I get blamed for it.” #icantbelievethisshit If you’ve done any of the things I mentioned above, take note so you can do better next time rather than be defensive. I’ve seen a lot of defensiveness and that isn’t helpful. (I acknowledge there have been some amazing discussions too, discussions that we need to be having.) The truth is, I’m still learning and making mistakes too. For a long time I thought it was better to take action offline and quite honestly, I looked at online conversations as a waste of time when I could be doing something. That was wrong and I see that both are valuable. Being Canadian, it was also easy to look at this as an issue for Americans to figure out. I’m sorry for not using my online platform to speak out when I had something to say and contribute. So yes, over the last week I have been navigating what meaningful contribution looks like, but one thing’s for sure: I’m quickly feeling what it’s not. It’s not spouting empty words that do nothing to move the conversation forward. It’s not calling for love and light, but then defending your privilege. It’s not saying you want to change the world, but then staying silent after witnessing injustice. Meaningful contribution starts with listening, but doesn’t end there. We must listen to our sisters and brothers who are targets of white supremacy and racism in order to learn how to better ourselves. After we’ve listened, we can’t just hide behind our computers hoping someone else will take care of hate in the world. That moment passed a long time ago, and as activist L’Erin Alta powerfully states in this post on her Instagram: Silence will not make us safer. And simple outrage on social media and our websites is not enough. Action is what counts. I hear countless entrepreneurs say, “I’m here to serve” all. the. time. I want to ask you this: Are you really here to be of service or is that lip service? If you want to make an impact on the world with our work and our brilliance, how specifically are you taking action to make an impact? Other words and phrases I hear more and more: I am a queen/goddess/light. Embrace your inner queen. Tune into your inner goddess. Change the world. We need goddesses, queens, and warriors more than ever. You don’t embody the goddess by putting on a long, flowing dress and flower crown. Many of the queens and goddesses I invoke and celebrate are fierce, strong, powerful. They wield swords and fight for love and truth and justice. Durga, Nzinga, Boudica, Kali. Look ‘em up. Let their stories seep into your bones. And while we’re on the topic, it’s worth bringing to your attention the white-washing of goddesses today. That’s just another example of white supremacy. Each of us has a role to play in this, and each of us must go beyond social media posts and find our way to step into it. I know many people just don’t know how to take action and make a difference. I assure you, you can, and the rest of this post is dedicated to helping you do just that. Ericka Hines (follow her as she shares so many resources for staying informed!) has compiled an ever-expanding, incredibly useful list of action steps you can take to combat racism and hate. The complete list can be found behind this link. While I’d love to include it all, I’m sharing some of the most instantly actionable items below, the things you can do today no matter where you are. Here are 5 steps you can take right now to start playing your part, and make a powerful difference on the planet. 1. Use Your Voice Speak out against white supremacist marches. ACT for America is planning a nationwide series of at least 50 rallies on September 9th. Get more information here. “Post on social media that you are anti-white supremacy and that you denounce white supremacists. Do the same in your actual not-online interactions (even more important).” “Talk to your racist parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins about why their racism affects you, others, and people you care about. Help them fix their racism. It’s your job. (See list of articles/pieces at the end of the full document)” 2) Attend a Charlottesville Solidarity rally in your town The complete list is here. Details about solitary actions you can take to combat racism are also included in that article. 3) Donate money to… Charlottesville-based anti-racist organizations: Beloved Community Charlottesville, a direct response to the Unite the Right rally: http://belovedcommunitycville.com/ Charlottesville Solidarity Legal Fund, an independent community resource available to all anti-racist activists: https://fundly.com/solidarity-c-ville-7-8-anti-racist-legal-fund Congregation Beth Israel, the only synagogue in Albemarle County, could likely use support as well since this was also a blatantly anti-Semitic incident and the Jewish community down there is already tiny and under-supported: https://cbicville.org/content/congregationbethisrael_mission Medical funds of folks who were injured by Nazis and Alt-Right protesters: Dre Harris’s medical expenses fund: https://www.gofundme.com/i-was-beaten-by-white-supremacists Natalie Romero medical expenses fund: https://www.gofundme.com/natalie-romero-medical-fund Fund for medical expenses for comrades in Charlottesville: https://www.gofundme.com/medical-fund-for-comrades-in-cville Fund for medical and recovery expenses for Alexis and Natalie Morris: https://www.youcaring.com/alexismorrisnoellemorris-903027 Political candidates: Brandy Brooks: Progressive Power for the People of Montgomery County, MD: https://www.crowdpac.com/campaigns/225597/brandy-h-m-brooks-progressive-power-for-the-people-of-montgomery-county 4) Prioritize educating yourself Find your local NAACP chapter at http://www.naacp.org/find-local-unit/. NAACP is a multi-racial organization working to eliminate race-based discrimination. Look into POWER, an initiative focused on educating and empowering those involved, or wish to be involved, in anti-racist movements and organizations. People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond is a New Orleans based organization providing quality anti-racist training to understand what racism is, where it comes from, how it functions, why it persists and how it can be undone. They hold workshops all over the US. 5) Get out and march, and call your elected officials Righteous Resistance is keeping an open-source platform of events going on and actions that you can take. I challenge you to complete at least one of these actionables today — but the most important thing to keep in mind is that we must push, donate, raise our voices, and create the change we wish to see. Godspeed.  

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  • Fall Capsule Wardrobe ChallengeFall Capsule Wardrobe Challenge

    Are you ready to take the Fall Capsule Wardrobe Challenge with me? Fall is one of my favorite times of the year for many reasons. I’m ready for the crisp, cooler weather, and boots!!  Jeans, sweaters, boots.  Oh, My!! With the change in weather and the change in wardrobe, it’s a great time to rethink our approach to our closet. It can be so easy to buy and buy, more and more clothes when the new season starts.  All the great new styles and colors.  I can get sucked right in and over spend.  Resulting in too many choices and more clothes than I can wear. A Capsule Wardrobe is the perfect solution to the closet that’s spilling over with too many clothes. The idea of the challenge is to reduce your closet to a set number of pieces.   Wearing only those pieces for a specified amount of time. In the Fall Capsule Wardrobe Challenge, we will pick 30 pieces and length of the challenge is 90 days. Minimizing your closet and limiting spending will also reduce the time it takes to get dressed.  This should give you more time and energy to focus on more important things. When the challenge is over, it may be just the motivator you’re looking for to minimize other areas of your life as well! You can prepare for the Fall Capsule Wardrobe Challenge by taking these 6 steps.   Here is another great Closet Cleanout Article. Now, you’re ready to start picking out your pieces and get the challenge underway. Print your guide here. This is a Capsule Wardrobe with Forgiveness. Before picking your 30 items for Fall, try to donate any clothing you’re not using at all, doesn’t fit, or you don’t like.  This will make choosing a little easier. When choosing your 30 items, here are a few things to keep in mind: Think about your real life.  Your items will be different than mine depending on what your normal days look like (work, play, church, etc.). Don’t count items no one will see (or should see).  I work out but never go anywhere in my workout clothes.  I won’t count those items, as well as under garments, socks, pajamas, “lazy day at home clothes”, etc. Don’t count jewelry.  Switching out your jewelry makes the outfits more fun and keeps you from getting bored. The items you choose should be able to be mixed and matched with several other items.  A plain shirt can be worn alone or with a jacket or sweater.  A nice top can be worn with a skirt, dress pants or jeans.  A great pair of shoes or boots can be worn with jeans as well as a skirt or dress.  Versatility is key. This Capsule Wardrobe is designed to simplify your life.  The guide is not meant to be closet jail!! Here is where the Forgiveness comes in.    If you have an item in your Capsule Wardrobe that just doesn’t work (maybe because the weather has taken a turn) switch it out.  Try not to make more than 3 switches over the course of the 90-day challenge. If you absolutely, positively, have to shop, limit yourself to NO MORE than 3 new pieces over the 90 days and try to keep those purchases around $30 a piece.  That way you’re not completely derailing your spending efforts. If you have a one-time event that your Capsule Wardrobe can’t cover like a wedding or a funeral, give yourself a break and dig into your regular closet for this one day if you have to. When you print the guide, you’ll see a Wild Card category.  This is your opportunity to beef up an area where you want more items.  I wear mostly jeans and I love shoes.  Plus, my weather doesn’t get as cold as other areas of the country until January.  I plan to keep my layers a little lighter and add in more jeans and shoes (still sticking to the 30 items). Once you choose your capsule wardrobe, take everything else out of your closet that doesn’t belong in the challenge.  Remove temptation!!!  Move the items you’re not using to the attic, basement, or a spare closet.  Out of sight, out of mind. Your wardrobe should be reduced down to 30 pieces you love and look forward to wearing.  Now getting dressed in the morning should be a breeze!! The start date for your Capsule Wardrobe Challenge is completely up to you.  I will be taking the Challenge in Oct, Nov, and Dec. Let the fun begin!! Be sure to follow me on Instagram and Facebook to see all my outfits for the 90-day challenge.  Tag me in your social media posts so I can see your outfits too!! I can’t wait to see your creativity!!   The post Fall Capsule Wardrobe Challenge appeared first on justdoingmybest.

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  • 3 Crucial Laws Against Domestic Violence In India: Know Them, Protect Yourself3 Crucial Laws Against Domestic Violence In India: Know Them, Protect Yourself

    Widespread and rampant violence against women is one of the most pressing problems India struggles with as a society. It is estimated that around 37 percent of Indian women have experienced either physical or sexual violence in their lifetime. In 2013 alone, there were nearly a hundred and twenty thousand reports of domestic violence against women, according to India’s National Crime Records Bureau. Furthermore, a 2015 study conducted by the Planning Commission of India surmised that a whopping 84 percent of women have been abused in their homes at least once. However, a majority of these women are far too afraid of social stigma to reveal that they are victims of abuse. This is due to women’s poor social standing in Indian society, where beating a woman for even the smallest things is seen as a justified act. In turn, this leads to a lack of support, even from close friends, when domestic violence victims seek help in escaping their situation. Thankfully, the Indian government has already put into place a number of rules and regulations that are designed to protect Indian women from domestic violence. If the following laws are properly enforced, women in India may be able to hope for safer, more peaceful homes within the near future. The Indian Penal Code Amendment in 1983 A special section, numbered 498-A, that officially made domestic violence a criminal offense was added to the Indian Penal Code in 1983. This section of the law specifically covers cruelty towards married women by their husbands or their husbands’ families. A helpful clause in this section allows women’s relatives to make the complaint for them. This is extremely beneficial in cases where the woman is too afraid to speak up for herself, for reasons such as she could get caught by her husband or simply cannot leave the house. One kind of cruelty that can be punished is behavior that causes a woman’s death or serious injury, or pushes her to commit suicide. Another kind is the type of harassment relating to intimidating the woman or her relatives to give up her property. Under the policy, acts of cruelty include, but are not limited to, the following: physical abuse; mental torture through threats to her or her loved ones (such as children); denying the woman food; locking her in or out of the house as punishment; and demanding perverse sexual acts against the woman’s will. Convicted offenders will be charged with up to three years of prison, as well as a hefty fine. The 2005 Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act Created in 2005 and enacted over a year later, the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act is exactly what the title proclaims. This is the first law in India to specifically acknowledge every woman’s right to be in a home without violence. In fact, it was seen as a major step forward in securing women’s rights and more effective protection. It is a long and comprehensive law that details several important policies and procedures meant to help women. First, it gives a specific definition of domestic violence: actual or threats of physical, mental, emotional, sexual, or verbal abuse, as well as harassment regarding dowry or property. Women are given the right to seek protection against such acts, and their relatives can file a complaint for them against husbands who break the law. Second, a woman’s right to reside in their “matrimonial household” is clearly recognized. She cannot be evicted from it as she rightfully shares it with her husband. If she is evicted, she has the right to seek monetary compensation and safe shelter, as well as free legal and medical aid. Lastly, both NGOs and divisions of the Indian Government – such as the National Commission for Women – took the initiative to organize awareness seminars that could be easily attended by women who are affected by this act, e.g., women in high risk areas. Violators of this law will either be mandated to compensate the woman financially, or will be served a restraining order to keep them away from the complainant. The 2013 Criminal Law Amendment As a response to the requests made by the Justice Verma Committee, a small commission named after and headed by one of India’s most highly regarded jurists, a lengthy list of amendments to the Indian Penal Code, Code of Criminal Procedure, and the Indian Evidence Act were introduced in this 2013 act. The aim of the amendment was to provide harsher and swifter punishment for those criminals who committed abuse against women. Details regarding sexual assault and rape were clarified and added onto. For instance, “rape” was given a better and more exhaustive legal definition, to include non-consensual penetration using non-sexual objects, as well as non-penetrative sexual acts. Penalties for offenses such as rape, assault, and sexual harassment were increased. In particular, heavier sentences were declared for rapists, even including the death sentence for particularly disturbing cases, such as gang rape where the victim was left in a vegetative state after the crime. New offenses that are punishable by law were introduced by the amendment as well. These include, but are not limited to: acid attacks (the act of throwing acid upon a woman with the intention of disfiguring, maiming, or outright killing her); stalking; voyeurism (spying with prurient or indecent interest); and publicly and forcefully disrobing a woman However, despite the commission’s recommendations, the amendment failed to address the issue of marital rape. This exception basically assumes that marriage automatically means the woman will always consent to her husband’s sexual desires. This ridiculous notion implies that rape cannot happen within a marriage, when in fact it does, and even happens quite frequently to Indian women. Crime Against Women Cells This is an initiative of the Indian government to better help female victims of domestic abuse. In every district’s police station, a Crime Against Women (CAW) cell was put in place. Women suffering from domestic violence may approach these specialized help desks for direct assistance from the police, whether to file an official complaint or follow up on one. Each one is headed by an assistant commissioner. This program begun in 2010, as the Indian government’s answer to steadily growing numbers of abuse that targeted women. In Summary While the Indian government has made significant efforts in reducing the largely unchecked epidemic of violence against women, there is still a long way to go. Merely passing laws meant to protect women from abuse is obviously not enough to achieve success. Even after the 2013 amendment, horrific crimes such as gang rapes continue to happen, and happen publicly. The numbers have even continued to rise, though this may be because of increased awareness among women, resulting in greater reporting of domestic violence overall. A necessary step in moving forward lies in changing the overall mindset of society towards women. There needs to be more education on how to treat women as equals, instead of as lesser beings that deserve to be punished for the tiniest mistakes. If the Indian government can combine proper enforcement of their existing laws with thoughtful gender education programs, we could be looking at a safer and brighter future for Indian women in the next few decades. About the Author: Jon works in marketing team at Loch Employment Law – The Employment Law Lawyers in the UK. He is fond of reading, writing & meeting people. In a former life, Jon worked as a content specialist and has good knowledge about employment policies & law. You can catch up with Jon at Loch Employment Law London office for any advice related to employment laws. The post 3 Crucial Laws Against Domestic Violence In India: Know Them, Protect Yourself appeared first on Naaree.com - Women At Work | Indian Woman's Magazine.

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  • My Trip to Italy ~ The Amalfi CoastMy Trip to Italy ~ The Amalfi Coast

    Inspiring Pretty We arrived in Salerno after our lovely time in Naples, and took a bus ride along the Tyrrhenian Sea cost to the small town of Minori on the Amalfi coast. After the long and winding bus ride not for the faint of stomach, we arrived at the picturesque beach town of Minori. We checked into our rental and went exploring the meandering streets searching for grocery stores that may still be open and restaurants that weren’t tourist traps. We had no luck with grocery stores, but we stopped by the beach and found interesting things along the way. Minori Right next to our apartment sat an old Roman villa. Dating from the first century AD, the 8,000 square foot residence was most likely a home of an Roman aristocrat. The Roman aristocracy also liked to spend their summers on the Amalfi coast. The home is centered around a viridarium, a portico of rooms lining gardens and a central swimming pool. There is also one of the best-preserved Roman bath systems in Italy, including all rooms and floor mosaics. We walked by and through some of the apodyterium (changing room), tepidarium (warm room), caldarium (hot room), and frigidarium (cool room) just a Roman would have in the bathing ritual. On one wall sat a series of empty wall recesses where statues undoubtably once sat. We were able to walk through the arcades and take the stairs of a Roman home, both of which are rare to be able to do. The beautiful and formerly-imposing structure was entertaining to walk through. Totally unroped off and with no entrance fee, it was a wonderful surprise to stumble upon.   Adjacent to the the villa is a museum of villa and maritime artifacts. The villa sits on where the coast forms a natural harbor and also where the Regina Minor flows into the Tyrrhenian sea. Naturally, this makes the villa and its surrounding area a trove for fishing hooks, shells, pottery, transported amphora and beautifully-preserved wall frescoes of the Pompeian third style. Next, we stumbled upon a church, whose name I cannot remember. Its striking art at the entrance and entryway drew us in. I’ve experienced harsh, somewhat physical entry rejections to Catholic churches and compounds in Rome, so I was somewhat timid to approach this church with decorations that jumped out at you as you walked down the street. Fortunately, it seems that Italian Catholics are more calm outside of Rome. The priest welcomed us in and used whatever English he had to tell us the history of the chapel and the entire church itself. We listened to the majority of the history retelling in Italian out of respect for his effort and enthusiasm. Afterward, we found a passable and affordable restaurant nearby, Ristorante La Botte. We ate pasta and wine as we watched kittens beg for food in sync. After dinner, we strolled to beach getting a first glimpse of the beach where we would finally get the chance to swim in Italy. We had not seen the sea while in Rome and we could only look at it at the bay of Naples. Finally, we’d get to go swim in it! We sat on the pier listening to the waves hit the shoreline and looking at the lights along the mountainside. We were surprised with a sudden fireworks show. We had no idea what the occasion was, but we took it as a celebration of our arrival, because we did not get any fireworks again. Maiori The next day we slept in late waking up day sun warming up the morning. We opened the shutters to a beautiful day and were happy to finally take it slow and easy on our trip. In Rome, Naples, and Pompeii, we rushed off each day to see and do as many things as we could. We purposely ended our trip here where we could drift through small towns, laze on the beaches and eat all of food that we could afford. We walked through alley out back to Pasticceria Gambardella where we enjoyed strong wifi, cappuccinos and four pastries each. After nearly two years of leisurely watching people walk pebble streets, we finally joined them and to make our way to Maiori. We walked by the Minori shoreline on our way to Maiori, with my desire for a beach growing more by the second. We walked along a narrow two-way mountain road with a blind curve and no sidewalk. There’s also no line demarcating where the roadside begins or ends. Unfortunately, the most spectacular view of the Minori beach is at the crest of the blind curve. The dangerous one-mile walk was well worth the views of both Minori and Maiori. I practically sprinted to the beach. Unfortunately, here you have to pay a stand owner for the right to use his section of the beach, which comes with an obligatory beach chair and umbrella. It does not matter if you just want to swim and lay on your towel. You have to pay €6 – €10 for something for which you did not ask. This marred the immediacy of my ability to jump in the water. Because, if we chose the wrong spot, we couldn’t simply pick up our stuff and move. We would have to pay another €12 – €20 to go swimming 20 feet down the beach. After surveying options, we settled on a spot where we could hold down the fort for a few hours. I jumped into the cool water, which was less than translucent, but  nonetheless welcomed. I spent the early afternoon floating in the water and snorkeling through schools of fish. My boyfriend was less amphibious and instead sat under an umbrella avoiding the sun and reading. We stopped by a sandwich shop for quick lunch and then made our way into the town. We perused the shops, bought a few souvenirs and tasted varieties of limoncello. It was September and in the town the leaves were just starting to turn creating an unexpectedly colorful scene in the Mediterranean climate. We stopped by the thirteenth century church, Chiesa Collegiata Santa Maria A Mare. The church itself was closed, so we just admired the hilltop church from the courtyard. After seeing photos of the church, we regretted not being able to see the inside. We walked back home at dusk, which made the windy road even scarier. The next day, we woke up to a rumbling thunderstorm. Once the lightning and thunder abated, we ran through the rain to Pasticceria Gambardella for our now usual morning ritual of internet, coffee and pastries. After our two-hour meal, the rain cleared up and with blue skies we took the bus west to Amalfi. We headed straight for the famous Duomo di Amalfi, the Cathedral of Saint Andrew. Amalfi A church has stood on the site of the current cathedral since the sixth century. The current cathedral dates to the thirteenth century and adjoined to a basilica dating to the ninth century. Today, it is the seat of the archbishop of the Archdiocese of Salerno-Campagna-Acerno. Walking into the town, the cathedral appears before you to the right sitting on top of over 60 stairs nestled between large buildings. It is known as the heart of Amalfi for good reason. It rightfully holds its place as the center of town. Most visitors, myself included, love the cathedral’s novel design. An Arab influence is seen in the broad stripes of the building’s facade and arches. The inside of the cathedral is Baroque in design and bell tower is Romanesque. At first, we met the oversized bronze doors cast in Constantinople in the eleventh century. The bronze doors were the first to appear in Europe after the fall of the Roman empire. Then we moved to the Cloister of Paradise, which has a peristyle of pure white marble columns. Built in the thirteenth century, it housed the remains of wealthy merchants. Today it houses Roman sarcophagoi, art and Catholic artifacts. From there, we moved into the Basilica of the Crucifix, the ninth century basilica sitting on top of the site of the original church. More catholic antiquities and frescoes are found in here. We then descended into the Crypt of Saint Andrew, where the bones of the saint are allegedly housed. The relics of the saint were reportedly brought to the Amalfi cathedral in the thirteenth century during the Fourth Crusade. The room is lavishly decorated in the Baroque style. A statue of Saint Peter stands over his relics flanked by statues of deacons of the church. From the crypt, we finally moved into the cathedral itself. It is possibly the most beautiful cathedral that I have ever seen in person. The coffered ceilings boast a beautiful mixture of green and gold designs. The intermittent frescoes portray scenes of the life of the fisherman Saint Andrew. The high altar contains the relics of Cardinal Peter of Papua, the one reputed to have brought the remains of Saint Andrew to Amalfi. The apse flanking the altar comprises columns from ancient Paestum and frescoes of the lives of the twelve apostles. After touring the cathedral, we went into the streets. We stopped in the piazza del duomo to see the fountain of Saint Andrew, the Fontana di Sant Andrea as well as a nativity scene characteristic of Naples and the Amalfi coast. The main street is narrow and was frenzied with tourists from multiple tour busses. Rather than fight the crowds, we chose to explore the smaller town of nearby Atrani until the crowds died down. Luckily for us, this road had a pedestrian tunnel for at least part of the way there. The scenic town has a charming beach that is unfortunately more appealing for small boats rather than swimmers. Even with a natural breakwater, the waves still brought in debris. Instead of satiating my desire to swim, we descended the long stairway into deep and narrow old staircase to the quaint town hidden behind the SS163 highway and got some gelato. With sparse shops and no open public buildings, we quickly saw all that we could and headed back to Amalfi. We stopped by a few shops and bought some souvenirs for family and gifts for ourselves. Then, we took a quick dive in the water as it started to hit dusk. I could not resist having found a beach that did not charge admission. Near dusk, we went into the town and explored the more empty streets. We walked through smaller walkways leading to homes and founds lovely nativity scenes and charming, weathered homes. Just before closing, we hopped into the Museum of Paper, and admired the bambagina paper characteristic of Amalfi since the thirteenth century. We ate dinner at the only restaurant in town that had space. Thankfully, as we walked back further into town the more we encountered homes and locals, which generally bodes well for the food quality and prices. Unfortunately, Amalfi seems too famous to escape the money-making allure of tourist trap restaurants. Our dinner took place on Italian time and by the end it was night and the buses were now running infrequently. So, we had to wander through the now mostly-closed village and enjoyed the ancient sites lit up. The Amalfi cathedral was more striking at night. The bus ride was tranquil in the pitch dark – with no street lights on the roads we slowly passed little houselights here and there as we winded up and down the mountainside. Ravello The next day we made our daily run to Pasticceria Gambardella where after a few hours of exquisite pastries and coffee we decided to venture to Ravello. Until now, we had either walked and taken buses everywhere. With us now accustomed to starting the day late and the bus running late, we either had to take a taxi or arrive at Ravello after 3 PM. We took the expensive option and called a taxi, a mini van one actually, which is even more expensive. The road to Ravello has a few one-way portions where each lane can stop and wait for up to fifteen minutes. in a taxi where you are charged in fifteen-second increments, the charges add up quickly. We just missed our opportunity to make it past the one-way section and were the first car stopped. After ten minutes of waiting and over €30 racked up for those 10 minutes alone, we decided to call it quits on the cab option. Instead, we paid the current €50 bill and hoofed it not knowing how far away, or more importantly, how high in elevation, Ravello was. After walking two miles in the hot sun climbing at least a few hundred of feet in elevation, we questioned our decision to bail on what would have been a €100+ cab ride. We did not pass a single open store or home on the roadside. After a while, we stumbled upon a pedestrian stairway and hoped that it led to Ravello. Because we took the walking path, as we climbed the curving path, we were able to see more and more breathtaking views of the oldest town on the Amalfi coast, Scala. After a much-needed sweaty hike, we concluded that we deserved an indulgent meal. We went to a small trattoria run by a cute grandmother and her family, and ate roasted rabbit and ravioli. The friendly grandmother restaraunteur came over to our table and with only two dishes on our table took pity on my boyfriend. She patted his cheek and said, “That’s it? Aaww, I bring you pasta, big boy.” Because of her motherly love, we were given a complimentary plate of pasta and a new catchphrase. After the meal, we walked to the central piazza and paid the required visit to the town church, the Ravello cathedral, la basilica di Santa Maria Assunta e San Pantaleone. The cathedral dates back to the eleventh century and has been renovated several times throughout the centuries. It is dedicated to Saint Pantaleo and was founded by Niccolo Rufolo, Duke of Sora and grand admiral under Count Roger of Sicily. The villa of the family, the Villa Rufolo still stands in city. The large bronze doors dating to the twelfth century attract my eye. Although you make you want to enter, we were forced to the side door. We entered the church through the museum and were enthralled with the collections. We walked through and enjoyed many beautiful paintings, statues and other pieces telling the history of the church and the town. From the museum, we moved into the chapel. The chapel also boasts two pulpits, or ambos. The later is the Ambo of the Gospel, created by Nicola di Bartolomeo of Foggia in 1275, commissioned by another member of the Rufolo family also named Niccolo. It is exquisitely designed with peacocks, lions and geometric designs in polychrome mosaics.. It is an impressive structure containing an entrance with door and stairs. The pulpit itself is suspended on six twisting columns sitting on top of marble lion bases. The oldest pulpit is Ambo of the Epistle dating to 1130 and it is engraved with the name of Costantino Rogadeo, the second bishop of Ravello, who donated it to the church. The ambo mosaics depict the Biblical story of Jonah with a sea monster, which has been said to be a whale. One one side, he is swallowed and on the other side, he is expelled. After the church, we walked only a few steps to the home of the powerful family of Ravello, the Villa Rufolo. The villa belonged to the Rufolo family, who elevated the town in prominence through royal marriages and commerce during the twelfth and thirteenth century. The Villa Rufolo itself was built in the thirteenth century. After some missteps in backing the wrong royal players, the family fell out of power, reducing Ravello as well. The villa has passed through many hands since the Rufolo family undergoing restoration as well, but the villa still bears the name of the original owners. The Arab-Noman influence is seen in the peristyle designs. There are beautiful beds of flowers accented by now-freestanding columns. Many different varieties of trees are all over the property. The sweeping view of theTyrrhenian sea coastline genuinely made made my jaw drop in awe. I had seen some breathtaking views of the sea from a number of elevations and towns, but nothing had rivaled this view. The postcard view has overcome many visitors throughout the centuries, so I shouldn’t have been surprised that I wasn’t immune to its splendor. My boyfriend eventually pulled me away and we continued meandering through the rest of the the grounds. Around each corner, we found exquisite sights, like creeping vines, fountains, wells  pools, gazebos, and cloistered gardens. We wandered into a few open buildings and viewed a men’s fashion exhibition, which was heaven for my boyfriend. We also stumbled upon an interesting art exhibit full of screwed-infused wooden boats and chairs. After the Villa Rufolo, we made our way through the bending streets stopping here and there to explore. We pet cute kittens lounging on walls unafraid of strangers. We stopped by an open church, whose name we could not find. A little further down, we found a path arched with vines. At the end, we found the remnants of the Holy Trinity Benedictine Monastery from the ninth century and destroyed in 1812 by royal decree. Now, the site is remembered with a wooden cross overlooking the remains and cliffside. The further we went, the more grape vines and high brick walls we encountered. At the end of the road, we came to the Villa Cimbrone. The villa is named after the mountainous outcrop on which it sits, known as a Cimbronium. The villa dates back to the eleventh century belonging first to the Accongiogiocco family, then a myriad of others throughout the centuries. The property was most recently renovated in the early twentieth century. Today, a mix of Gothic, Moorish and Venetian styles are found on the villa turned hotel along with neoclassical garden constructions and statues. We stopped briefly by the courtyard admiring the Arab building facade and moved straight down the path to the cliffside. The Villa Rufolo was breathtaking, but the Villa Cimbrone outmatched it. It’s secluded spot and extensive gardens were reminiscent of a bygone time. The sky was gloomy and rain began to drizzle, but I could not be kept out of the gardens. We took the wide, welcoming path that led to a gazebo housing a statue of Ceres, and ultimately the belvedere, the Terrace of Infinity, Terrazzo dell’lnfinito. The terrace offers extensive views of the Tyrrhenian sea and coastline, including the steep cliffside below you. The terrace sits over 1200 feet above the Mediterranean waters. Apparently, Gore Vidal once called this the finest view in the world. I cannot deny how stunning the view is. As beautiful as the view from the Villa Rufolo was, the suspended view from the Villa Cimbrone was somehow ever better. The marble busts dotting the terrace balcony add to the charm of the vista. We left others hiding under the gazebo from the rain and followed the path to more statues, gazebos and panoramic views. We followed the path through bushes, archways and olive groves to the front of the property where the flower gardens and found. My boyfriend was fed up with the rain and my insistence in exploring despite it. I finally acquiesced now that we were near the front and we sought refuge in the arcades of the courtyard. Once, the rain abated, we set surveying the gardens, tea room and statues that we passed over. We found more views of the sea, but with autumn vines overlaying the railings. We went into open parts of the villa and found what used to be part of chapel, which was now open to nature. There were gorgeous views of the mountains as dusk arrived creating pink and purple skies. We were worn out from the day of weather of hiking and ready to go home. We ran back to the center of town to make the bus before the next rainstorm. We made it and enjoyed a ride through Scala and down the mountainside for less than €5 each. Maiori (Again) The next day we went through our daily ritual of late morning coffee and pastries. Today, we deserved a slow day of relaxation as a reward for the hard day of exploration the day before. Cloying ourselves at restaurants and lazing on the beach were the orders of the day. It was a splendid day for the beach. We took the winding road back to Maiori and went back to the patch of beach we picked out before. I swam with the fish while my boyfriend sat under an umbrella until it was time for food. Across from the beach, we ate pizza and pasta until we needed to move. My boyfriend could not go sit in the sun any longer, so we walked around the town again moving back further back into the mountains this time. We had heard of a castle sitting on top of the town, but we had not heard any specifics about it. To my boyfriend’s consternation, we followed the handmade signs up steep alleys leading to castles. We saw no people, only cats, which made us second guess the veracity of our directions. After a long, steep climb, we were above the line of homes and walking on noticeably older steps. Shortly after, we came to a mural of the castle, the Castello di San Nicola de Thoro-Plano, which made us (at least me) gratified with our trek. Construction of the castle dates back to the ninth century. The castle was built around the church dedicated to Saint Nicolas of Thoro-Plano. An old man came out of a room when we entered the castle and proceeded to coral us from one room into another yelling at us in Italian trying to coax us into understanding the louder he spoke. We walked through rooms of and gardens of relics with him before he let us go explore on our own. On our own, we looked through the battlements and surveyed the valley and town of Maiori from the mountaintop castle. We went into the highest building, which was furnished with a dining table and other older working pieces. We didn’t understand what we were seeing, so we just went outside and admired the view. We sat on the cistern and walked through the vines enjoying the view of the city as the sun started to set. After enough sun we descended into the town. The walk down was much more enjoyable than the walk up. We were greeted by the cats again as we made our way into Maiori. We said goodbye to the town stopping by some sights that we had missed. We enjoyed the beach with the white and black cobbled streets for one last time. We finally stopped by the Chiesa di San Francesco, which we had passed each day in Maiori. Then, we took the windy road home one final time and finally went inside the Basilica di Santa Trofimena in Minori. Afterward, we looked at the water and the lights from the roadside. We didn’t want to leave this town, because that meant we would be on our way out of Italy. The next morning we had to forgo the ritual of coffee and pastries and hop on the bus to Salerno. From Salerno, we took a train to Rome, where we spent our last night. We ate our final slices of diavola pizza and went to bed. The next we took a train to the airport and said our goodbyes to Italy, until next time. My Trip to Italy ~ The Amalfi Coast

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